The Clucking Headless Chicken

(To avoid any controversy, this chicken is not an import. It is a genuine Canadian bird.)

We just can’t get away from it all. It is out there and no matter how we try to avoid it and put it all behind us, we always go back and take a peek. It is not easy to go cold turkey after three years of having it shoved down our throat every time we turned on the tv or searched our favorite news media on the internet. Now come on and let’s be honest with ourselves okay? How many of you have sworn it off, yet you still want more?

Well the Headless Chicken is going to keep the flame burning for all you die hards. If you are trying to kick the habit, just read the following with one eye closed. Don’t be embarassed because you are not alone.

Here goes for some clucking from the headless one.

It seems that José Baez is becoming more in demand than his little money maker. Yup, it seems that Baez is getting offers to become an on-air legal analyst. Is he starting to outshine the little lady or is this their (whoever they are) way of getting to Casey through her lawyer?

Baez said that Casey will be receiving mental therapy. I wonder if this is his way of trying to soften her image. Casey seems to be imprisioned wherever she is hiding out. Baez also says that there will be no interviews with
Casey until months down the road. José has taken on the role of Casey’s PR agent these days.

To become rich and famous, get charged with murder one, panel a brain dead jury and hire a Cousin Vinny to defend you. Or better still, be a grieving grandma, take an oath to tell the truth and lie on the witness stand. You can get an all paid trip to the Bahamas from a sympathic business man. Heck, you can retire in your fifties, salvage your home that went into foreclosure and have a lawyer at your beck and call. Am I missing out on the ‘world owes me a living’? All I want to know is who is footing all the bills?

I see that George and Cindy Anthony made a pathetic plea for more publicity. They met with the country group Rascal Flatts who recently released a new song titled “She’s Going Places.” So G & C requested a meet-and-greet with Flatts, a thank-you note would not have sufficed? Oh well…. I thought they wanted to get out of the limelite and get some R&R. I cannot figure these people out.

The old headless clucker cannot keep up with who is suing whom. Tim sues Casey. Kronk sues Padilla. Padilla sues Casey. Zenaida charged Casey and want some moola. The IRS wants their money from Casey and so does the prosecution and OCSD. The turnip will be in rehab and has asked JAC to fund her appeal on the 4 misdemeanors that she was found guilty of. Everyone wants to squeeze the turnip and, if you wish to know how much the turnip squeezed back, just ask the Florida tax payers. It was crushing believe me.

Will there be some good come out of this clucking three-ring-circus?

Lookey here….Do they finally have a guilty conscience?

After taking a public-relations hit in several high-profile cases, ABC will no longer be buying photos or video as a way of getting a news subject to cooperate—a process that had become a fig leaf for purchasing interviews.


The Headless Chicken welcomes your opinions. Let it all hang out because I know you really want to.

Cluck away and Enjoy!

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112 Responses to The Clucking Headless Chicken

  1. cali patti says:

    Cluck, cluck, up chucking!

  2. Sherry says:

    May I add:
    $250,000 not enough!

    I think if we want our fixes we will have to pay attention to gossip/entertainment news.

  3. Sherry says:

    Baez Close To Book Deal

    This doesn’t bother me as much as any Anthony making money off Caylee’s death.

  4. cali patti says:

    I’ve heard the talking heads saying ppl will watch her interview, if there is one. Maybe those who don’t know her and didn’t watch the trial will tune in. She will be delightfully sweet. I won’t be watching but not for the reasons I initially thought. Now I am bored with her. I want her to get her money and then I will be interested to watch the in-house fighting begin over the monies she owes.

    She has kept no long term friendships even before killing her daughter. Dideveryone notice there were no family or friends there? It is a matter of time when we will see the defense team putting as much distance away from her as possible.
    Baez has earned his monies from whatever deal he can make. I won’t watch because (childish reason) I hate the sound of his voice. It is true.
    I am done with these ppl other than to see fighting over what was important to them from start, money and winning. The winning is done now it is all about the cash.

    Lets start a poll on what type of luxury car she will first… Hummer/Land Rover/Mercedes?

  5. cali patti says:

    I d/l books on my Kindle & baez’s book will not be one of them

  6. snoopysleuth says:

    Sherry~~I wonder if Baez will get Casey to sign a waiver releasing him from their attorney/client privilege. If he writes a book, people will want to read about what Casey and Baez talked about. Maybe he should make it a tell all… those days Casey spent out on bond at his office.

  7. snoopysleuth says:

    Judge Perry will not be releasing the names of the jurors until some time in October.

  8. Laurali says:

    Life has been so busy lately planning for Hospice I completely forgot about the baby killer. Jose should take whatever is given to him. As far as I am concerned he sucks as an Attorney. He threw chit at the wall and it stuck because of the lazy jury, so take it and run. The alternative is for everyone to find out he is really an idiot.

    As far as IT goes, I hope she finds a beautiful rock to climb under. I do not believe for a minute counseling is going to help her. She will never admit what she did. It will never believe Caylee’s life was of importance. It will always think about itself.

    I too cannot wait for the fighting to begin over the money. I love my money. I love the fact I owe no one. I can spend my money however. IT will always have to hide hers in some illegal or legal (llc) way. Won’t be able to flash all her cash because she lied and now people are going to show her about consequences. Cindy and George still have many years left to live, they too will find away to make a living off of Caylee’s back. What a sad way to live. What a sad life Caylee had to live with all these worthless people.

    That is all I have for now, but I am sure I will have more. All of this is jmo.

  9. Sherry says:

    Snoopy~, I think the book might be about his (deceitful) defense strategy. I wouldn’t doubt we see his form of defense the norm now instead of the disgusting exception it once was.

  10. kas says:

    It will be interesting to watch the eventual and inevitable rift develop between Baez and Casey over money. His book cuts into her book. Much of what she has to say immediately becomes second hand. I wondered that too, Snoopy–about the Privilege. I’ll bet she won’t let him.

    If she isn’t willing to sit for a Deposition, how does she give an Interview? She’s literally gonna talk about nothing. I can see her giving a Morning Show type interview where they basically don’t ask her much of anything and are sympathetic towards her.

  11. snoopysleuth says:

    Laura and Kas ~~the old saying is, “there is no honesty among thieves.” There will be a lot of competition going on among Cindy, Casey and Baez. Who will get to tell it all first? Who owns the rights to what? Casey, regardless, is Caylee’s next of kin. She gets first dibs on everything. These people will end up trying to kill one another. I don’t know if Mason and Dorothy Sims is staying in the fray for their cut.

    Casey filed for indigency to appeal those four misdemeanors. She will be keeping a low profile unless she can make money and launder it. Baez and Casey are going to squeeze all they can from the taxpayer. It is known as greed. As far as Casey going to get mental therapy, that could just be another one of Baez’ whoppers.

  12. snoopysleuth says:

    Cali Patti~~I am not even thinking of what kind of car Casey will want. I suggest she get the biggest and fastest Harley Davidson. Assessories must include, helmet, goggles and a false beard. She can stick the beard on with duct tape.

  13. nan11 says:

    I am beginning to draw away from it. Last night when I saw the despicable Jean Cesaraz sitting in for Nancy Grace, I couldn’t switch the channel fast enough.

    When I watch any of the ones that I consider defense sympathizer’s, the wound that the outcome of the trial has left burns within. Even all the lawsuits aggravate me because all they will do is generate public interest in the turnip, and help to make her rich. (Turnip–Good one, Snoop.)

    If any of them write books, I hope the only copies sold are the ones they buy themselves. Then I hope the publishers of such trash follow-up with lawsuits of their own.

    My heart would allow an exception for Tim Miller, especially if the proceeds could go to Texas Equusearch.

    I’ll never forget that little beauty who was brutally murdered, thrown away, and left to rot by her own mother. However, I have to accept that the jury set the murderer free.

    My last hope for justice I will leave with God:

    Deuteronomy 32:35–“To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.

    It’s in his hands. May his will be done.

    My Opinion Only

  14. snoopysleuth says:

    Nan11, there you are, my friend! We got some heavy downpours in my neck of the woods. The garden needed a good drink. I have been pulling myself away from this blog more often now. Yesterday was spent in God’s great sunshine while giving some TLC to my perennial flower beds.

    Call me an old die hard but I have not given up that Caylee will have her justice. It just did not happen the way we thought and it was a hard pill to swallow. I think justice has taken another route and it may be more painful than one going to prison. Can you even begin to imagine having to live with your conscience when it is filled with haunting memories? Memories that you cannot get rid of. Casey will never have that freedom as I don’t think mental facilities administer shock treatment any more. I do not wear my religion on my sleeve but I do believe that God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. I have no right to wish harm upon Casey, Baez, the Anthonys or any of the money hungry vultures. I will just sit back and leave it up to Him, just as you will, Nan11.

  15. offthecuff says:

    I believe the turnip will sign anything Baez slips her way…attorney/client priviledge or anything else, unless someone else gets in her ear.

    I also agree that her therapy is meant to soften her image. I think it will work. So many people only half followed the case, and they are gullible to any spin. Anything out of Baez’ mouth will also be spin. To try to follow it will be like turning the manure. It will be another blow to hear him pat his back.

  16. Laurali says:

    Snoopy said: These people will end up trying to kill one another.

    Funny thing is we all know one already has killed, would you want to take a chance of being her next victim? IT’s life will never amount to anything. She will always wonder if people really like her, or will they think she is a baby killer. IMO she is hiding out now because she knows people see her for what she is. A unemployed, lying, thieving baby killer and let’s not forget felon. If I were Cindy I would be ashamed of my daughter. I would never give her a second thought. We all see how IT gets away with her murderous ways. She blames others. Caylee is so much better off, no more bed hopping and being chloroformed by her disgusting ugly mother.

    Nan ~ I am still angry with the laziness of this jury and just as irritated with the lying defense.

  17. margaret says:

    Amen and Amen, Snoopy and Nan11 ,my sentiments exactly I have given Casey and the anthonys more of my time and energy than they deserve. They have consumed more of my waking thoughts than I am happy to think about. Baby Kaylee will always be a part of my heart and thoughts, and justice for her has been one of the bigger disappointments of my life. I always thought That I was fairly smart but I just cannot fathom the idea that someone could do that to a child and the people are falling all over themselves to reward her.I just don’t get it. That is why I have to let God take care of it. I would donate to the Caylee walkway if I could be sure none of that family is involved……………….I have had so many laughs and good thoughts with the farm. Keep up the good work . Someday I’ll have to tell everyone about my little Deer named Rainy and how he loved Pepsi Colas.

  18. snoopysleuth says:

    OfftheCuff~~I often wonder just how honest Baez has been with Casey. Some of Casey’s mail was being delivered to the Baez Law Firm, for instance the official lien by the IRS was mailed there. I wonder if Baez ever informed her of her taxes owing or just told her that he would take care of it. He has a bad reputation for paying his own creditors, why would he bother paying Casey’s? I think Baez has portrayed himself to be her knight in shining armor and she is love struck. I wonder if Cheney Mason is keeping a close eye on Baez and his handling of Casey’s situation???

  19. snoopysleuth says:

    Law Enforcement said that, as registered owners of the Pontiac Sunfire, Cindy and George can pick the vehicle up at any time.

    Well lookey here and cluck, cluck, cluck… Another foundation??

    The Kelley Blue Book lists the normal value on a used Sunfire at about $3,000, but Lipman said it could go to a collector for more than that. The money would be donated to the new foundation the Anthonys are establishing in memory of Caylee Anthony.


    Mr Mason, this really shows your clucking true colors… Shame on you!

    Weeks After Casey Verdict: Hotspot Faces Heat

  20. snoopysleuth says:

    Margaret~~I am running around here like a chicken with my head cut off. Oh what a clucking time I am having. Everytime I turn on the tv, it’s still making the headlines so, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. My farm only lasted for a short time and then we exhausted the paranormal so it’s back to the Anthonys.

    Margaret, the question is: Are people rewarding Casey or trying to fill their own pockets? Casey stole from Amy and now she may get a taste of just how it feels. Not too many lawyers do things out of the goodness of their hearts. It will be interesting to see how some of these big deals unfold. If Baez doesn’t strike while the iron is hot, he may very well face a cool reception. It is like he is playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker.

  21. Laurali says:

    Well dang now I am super excited. Can’t wait to see Casey get robbed blind. Oh the irony. Funny how irony keeps coming back in this ongoing saga. Kind of like the lies! Maybe instead of getting Jose to be a talking head people will email the “source” of employment and talk them into Snoopy’s man Stan being the talking head. J.S. could remove Jose from the “bench” lol.

  22. Laurali says:

    Snoopy I have a question for you. You know everything so this should be a easy one. Who in the hell collects automobiles that double as a temporary coffin for a toddler? I checked my local yellow pages and found zilch.

    Laura, check this out~SS

  23. snoopysleuth says:

    Laura~~for starters, stop reminding me of that gorgeous man in the black robe. Be still my heart. One little problem, Stan did not invite me to the WAFFLE house. That hurt me deeply but it sure put a smile on someone else’s mug. Do you think that José Baez will become a judge? I see him as a vagrant sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons. Do they have pigeons in Orlando? I know they have dead squirrels. There are also a lot of acorns out at Casselberry. Notice how nice I was to say ‘acorns.’

    What gave you the clucking notion that I was smart? You are right tho. I am.

  24. Vicky says:

    Snoopy – You know what I can’t figure out? How does one appeal a guilty plea? I thought one of the things about pleading guilty was that you forego your grounds for appeal. That is one of the things an attorney and judge explains to a defendant. I say there is no way she will get a public defender in her attempt to get a “do over” on charges, she knowingly plead guilty to. What’s she gonna say, You all know I’m a liar and I lied when I plead guilty? If you ask me, this is just an attempt to keep her name out there.

  25. snoopysleuth says:

    The Casey Anthony case puts me in mind of a malignant cancer that keeps spreading. Now this is something of interest. Will future jurors be more apt to find a person guilty for harming a child? In this way, they can make up for their disappointment in the Anthony verdict.

    Watch Video Here

    Defense Attorney Wants Potential Jurors’ Opinions on the Anthony Trial

  26. cali patti says:

    Okaaaaaaaaaaaay…Laura…WT* is Snoop talking about. Nipping at the chocolate flavored vodka?

  27. cali patti says:

    Larul, doesn’t Snoop know Stan could not invite her because of international laws concerning Canadians eating Florida waffles?

  28. snoopysleuth says:

    Vicky, at no time did I hear Casey plead guilty of lying to law enforcement. It may have been insinuated in Baez’ opening statement which was not admissable as evidence.

  29. Laurali says:

    Cali~ lol!

    Snoopy~ Jose a Judge? Lord no, spit water clean across room. No Stan needs to take any job from Jose as talking head. Much cuter and Jose don’t have a tenth of the brains your man Stan has. You are killing me with your comedy hour. Jose as a Judge…… wth

  30. snoopysleuth says:

    Vicky, it seems to me that Mason/Baez filed an appeal for those 4 misdemeanors so Casey could plead the fifth when it came time to take the deposition re the Zenaida civil case. Please don’t ask me to explain the reasoning behind it. I heard that is why the charges were appealed…. I read that somewhere in my travels.

  31. cali patti says:

    Snoopy, I heard the same thing. If she appeals her convictions then she doesn’t have to talk.

  32. snoopysleuth says:

    Cali Patti~~thank you! I am not sure how some of these laws work. I wish that somehow that it will go thru appeals and they tack on the 412 days that Casey was credited with in error. Maybe she will have to serve 9 more months in the Orange County jail. Remember that 3 independent psychologists, appointed by the court, evaluated Casey and found her competent. If that was the case, why is Baez saying she needs mental therapy? Things don’t seem to add up right in this case. Is he saying that Casey is nuts on the outside and sane in the jail? Casey has to be of sound mind if she signs any waivers releasing Baez of the attorney/client privilege. I expect Baez considers himself Casey’s legal guardian and adopted next of kin. I wonder when Lee Anthony will make an appearance. He and Mallory need some money for their upcoming wedding in October. I thought he was unemployed the last time he took the stand at the trial.

  33. Vicky says:

    You’re right Snoopy. Brain fart on my part.

  34. snoopysleuth says:

    Vicky~~Casey pled guilty to the check/fraud so it is easy to get them mixed up. How do you like my headless clucking wonder? Remind you of anyone in particular? LOL

  35. cali patti says:

    Harumpfffffffffffff, and what trait does said headless chicken possess that makes it uniquely Canadian? If you at one time could “borrow” a neighbors stick how do we/I know said headless chicken is not borrowed from across the border?
    I don’t believe Baez when he speaks. I just don’t.

  36. snoopysleuth says:

    Cali Patti~~Canadian chickens have brains in their gizzards. That is why they can communicate without a head. Now take an American bird, they ….oh never mind. Do you know what a Capon is? They are mostly Americans. Dave’s pet chicken, Fred, was a Capon.

  37. cali patti says:

    LOL, does Dave know he had a Capon chicken?
    I wonder if Dave and his chicken had any similar … ah, never mind!

  38. nika says:

    I just can’t imagine C and G selling the car to a collector. The collector can then open the trunk so we can all smell little Caylee in her coffin. It needs to be crushed! Maybe they can sell the pool she drowned in – all her clothes, blankets, duct tape, teddy bears This is terrible and the money will only go to the Anthony’s by way of the foundation. What horrible people they are. Poor Caylee – I can’t imagine she would have wanted all this to happen.

  39. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, Good post. I agree with most of what everyone has said except, Snoopy living with her conscience is not much of a punishment because I don’t believe that that Turnip has ever had a conscience. Also, Baez doesn’t know enough about the law and being a lawyer so I pray to God Goddess All That Is, that he never becomes a judge. Who would sit by his side and take his little hand and tell him what to do and say?
    If he becomes an analyst on TV I will not watch his goofy grinning face. Why would I give a chit what he thinks about anything anyway. He hasn’t had an original thought since he decided to defend a murdering mom. He acts so proud of himself for getting a killer off. He and others are giving him way too much credit. If the jury had been halfashed normal with some intelligence he would not be so lucky.
    I don’t feel any withdrawal from this circus because it’s not over til the fat lady sings. I’m waiting to see what happens next. I hope I get to see their new found joy and smiles wiped off of their ugly mugs. There, I feel better. How about you?

  40. snoopysleuth says:

    Nika~~remember when people did the Limbo? It reminds me of the Anthonys. Just how low will they go to make the almighty dollar? Blood money does not spend well. They may have to learn the hard way that it will not buy them love nor health. Did you happen to read Dr Glass’ last post? There is a pic of Cindy and George shopping in the Bahamas. Cindy needs to buy herself a nice supportive bra for her hanging mammmmmmories. Soon they will make great knee warmers.

    BTW, the smell of death will never leave that Pontiac. It is like a permanent fingerprint as a reminder to the accused.

  41. snoopysleuth says:

    Frankie~~that was some mighty fine clucking on your part. Casey does not have a conscience when it comes to other people’s feelings, just her own. Just prior to being arrested, she was whooping it up at Fusion and living the good life with her new found love. I wonder what she is doing now for entertainment besides hiding. Baez has a wife and family and I don’t know how he can find the time to babysit Casey. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mrs Baez is taking a back seat lately.

  42. Frankie says:

    I like Dr. Glass. She doesn’t hold anything back, she just tells it like it is.
    IMO we barely scratched the surface on the subject of the paranormal. I think I scared everyone away.
    Snoopy, whats wrong with knee warmers? She will have to be careful not to wear her dresses too short. LOL.

  43. snoopysleuth says:

    Frankie~~OMG, now I have a picture of Cindy in my mind. LOL It reminds me of a man that I saw in a parking lot one time. He had on short shorts. I couldn’t understand why he never felt the breeze on his manhood.

  44. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, That reminds me of an e-mail I got of an old guy sleeping in a waiting room with his jewels peeking out of his short shorts. No sense no feeling I guess.
    I have a friend that after a few drinks would ask the guys if they wanted to see her tits. Of course they would say yes and she would lift her slacks up to just above her ankles. What a hoot!

  45. cali patti says:

    Orange County police should deliver her car back to the Anthonys driveway.
    You know just to be nice. Along with everything else they may have.
    Just put it on the lawn. I am being mean.

  46. snoopysleuth says:

    Frankie~~you are on a roll tonight. Now I can’t stop laughing. That was a good one about the lady lifting her slacks. LOL

  47. snoopysleuth says:

    Frankie, feel free to post any info on the paranormal at that last post. I think Karen mentioned that she was going to leave a comment there when she had the time. I find the unknown is quite intriguing. Things got real quiet so I wrote up this post… there are still a lot of loose ends in the Anthony case so we may as well keep plugging away about it. Next month, we should find out how much Casey owes the prosecution and OCSD. There are also the civil suits against Casey and Padilla in the offing. I am also still waiting to see if Baez is held accountable for Laura Buchanan and her falsified TES document. Then there is the contempt of court charge against Baez and JAC may do an investigation of all the money coming and going in Casey’s account. I wonder if PI, Jerry Lyons will have to account for tampering with TES witnesses. So there is a lot of unfinished business yet.

  48. Frankie says:

    Cali Patti, I like the way you think. I asked our sheriff if I could do that with my tenants belongings and junk after I had evicted them. He liked my idea but said he didn’t think I should do it because I could get charged with littering or trespassing. I told him I was just being nice and thought it would help them by taking the stuff to their new house.

  49. Newbie says:

    Maybe someone will buy the Pontiac and then set it up as you would a tourist attraction. I personally think many people would take a gander and public outrage will only intensive. Hopefully this would end the talk of book deals and public appearances. hmmmm…..don’t I wish.

    I am wondering if talk of Casey getting therapy or hints of her being “in treatment” is a ruse. If Casey’s whereabouts if revealed she can be served with notice of her debts and law suits. If all of a sudden Casey’s “treatments” result in her being in a mental treatment center,all things go “on hold.” Stall, stall, stall. During the “stall” time, any attorney she has can have extended time to see how to try to fight any matter being filed against her. When judgments are finally issued by the Court, then appeals can be filed by the defense. You’re talking years of stall tactics. By the time all the stalling is done, it could be any monies she received from a book or from appearances, whatever, can be diverted resulting in Casey being without funds. Only a thought.

  50. Good thing you’re not addressing the overseas headless chicken. I’d tell her to go duck herself.

  51. snoopysleuth says:

    Dave, naw, but I did hear about a Capon trying to goose a pullet somewhere off the coast of the Emerald Isle. It is best not to tamper with a chicken who hasn’t had any head for some time.

  52. snoopysleuth says:

    Activist Gets 5 Months For Giving Out Pamphlets At Casey Anthony Trial

  53. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, re: 2:27 comment, you’re bad. I can’t stop laughing.

  54. snoopysleuth says:

    Frankie~~Dave has a phobia about a headless chicken attacking him so I just humor him now and then.

    I heard they have finished picking a jury for Warren Jeffs trial. He is being charged with having sex with girls as young as twelve. I think they were some of his many wives. He stands to spend the rest of his life in jail. He still has some pile of faithful followers who consider him a prophet. My gosh, the young men were run out of town so Jeffs could arrange marriages for very young girls with old men. I have been hearing horror stories of how those people treat tiny babies from the time of their birth. The babies are not allowed to cry.

  55. Frankie says:

    I heard that too Snoopy. Those dirty old men make me sick. It’s hard to blame the older mothers because they have to obey if they want to stay, like they had a choice. I think it is unfair that those people get government cheques. Here in Canada, we have to be available to work in order to get money for not being employed. I guess it is different there or they found a loop hole.

  56. Newbie says:

    Your 2:27 comment is one of your best…lol !!!!!

    I wonder if anyone took a swing or kick at the guy popping out of the toilet. Good prank.

    I’ve had c-span on for awhile. Sometimes debates or presentations by our lawmakers could also be considered pranks.

  57. snoopysleuth says:

    Newbie ~~I was just helping Dave get over his fear of headless chicks. That guy down the toilet hole would have felt crappy if the man had sat on his head. Me and Dave should team up and do a vaudeville act, “The Bald and the Beautiful.” I would never part with Dave. The poor man, he can’t part with anything. How in the heck does he know where to stop washing his face? I don’t know if Dave is really bald or just misplaced his toupeé.

    Do you think I may be in trouble? Like a blond eating cottage cheese on the expiry date, I like to live on the edge.

  58. Frankie says:

    Yay! Toilet humor. Dave’s got nothing on you. The guy in the toilet would have felt more than crappy if it was me cause I would have banged the lid down on his head. I think you might be in trouble but making up is fun. I’m sure you always living on the edge will get some to talking and exaggerating.

  59. Vicky says:

    Where is Laura She has personal experience with toilet humor IIRC.

  60. Newbie says:

    You’re on a roll tonight Snoops. I don’t see you living on the edge though. I think you went over it with your rope and spend your time swinging to and fro.

  61. snoopysleuth says:

    Newbie~~before this nite is over, I am going to be on a roll (of tissue that is)… It is easier to be crazy than straight laced sometimes.

    Yes, Laura had quite an experience with a toilet seat.

    Since I met Dave on his blog, almost 3 yrs ago, we’ve only had one fight. The problem is, it is still going on. I may even sue him if I can think of something to charge him with. He took down my Stan and that is grounds for pain and suffering. He also ate my waffle. That should come under grand larceny.

  62. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, I think you should put the handcuffs on him. Let me know if you need any help. I’ll send Laura and Newbie. HA HA!

  63. Cali Patti dont think casey will want another hummer car the last car she had was a hummer an it got her in big trouble.Everyone whom came near it said it was humming.

  64. cali patti says:

    Hi ecossie, I’ve been enjoying the humor. Seems ppl of “new” wealth buy these outrageously costly cars that the tune ups cost more than their entire previous cars. Soon they are broke.

    Laureli where art thou?

  65. cali patti says:

    The hand car wash on Kim Kardashians Bently costs $300.00 plus tip. True she can afford it but that is ridiculous.

  66. cali patti says:

    Ah Snoop, that was never really your waffle.
    Frankie, are you trying to put handcuffs on a chicken or Dave?

    Since when do chickens have hands?

  67. snoopysleuth says:

    Cali Patti~~of course chickens have hands. How are they going to hold a toothbrush?

    I think someone tried to lasso the chicken. T’was a loose noose and chicken not a goose.

  68. Vicky says:

    According to Snoopy’s old friend Nurse Rachet, Zip ties are a convenient and inexpensive substitute for traditional handcuffs. No hands or feet are too large or too small.

  69. cali patti says:

    Nurse Rachet, ah ha, I remember her, a know it all.

  70. snoopysleuth says:

    Ecossie~~how ya doing, Matey? Good to see you!

    Vicky~~Nurse Rachett makes me think of Sister Blister. I got so busy with the trial, I neglected keeping up with blogs that I loved to frequent.

  71. Frankie says:

    Cali Patti, I meant Dave. He’s the waffle thief. Zip ties are great. They aren’t noisy.

  72. Newbie says:

    Okay, Frankie, are you talking from experience regarding the zip ties not being noisy?

  73. Newbie says:

    Wait a minute, Vicky seems to know quite a bit about those zip ties. Same question to Vicky.

  74. Frankie says:

    Newbie, I never tie and tell. But yes it could be from experience. Ya that’s it, from experience.

  75. Newbie says:

    I think I see a typo….did you mean you never try and tell….lol.

    You suppose Snoop is off to Sister Blisters. We left the door wide open for her with our comments.
    By the way, what is Sister Blister?

  76. Newbie says:

    Guess I’ll catch up with you all later. The real world calls.

  77. Frankie says:

    Thought I better explain. Experience is strictly recreational nothing to do with LE. I’m a good girl. LOL
    Sister has a really good blog. I forgot about it too.
    Good night ladies. See you tomorrow.

  78. Laurali says:

    Vicky~ keep it up and I will send my lovely prankster daughter your way! She can Vaseline your toilet seat.

    Frankie~ you want me to help tie up Dave? When, where and what time? LOL.

    Cali~ I am here. Right now. I have been bust with work. Plus I am working with Hospice to get my Grandfather home. 😦

    Snoopy, Newbie and Nan~ The toddler killing, lying, felon is trying to get a million and half for her first interview. Now imo I don’t think she is worth a dollar let alone a million and a half. Maybe it is time for her to consider getting a real job. Or go back to her old ways and steal from someone so she can go to prison.

  79. Laurali says:

    Cali~ man typos suck. My bust is fine (not saggy like felon and her mom, must run in theor family). Work has been busy though. 🙂

    LOL Casey’s Indian name can be Saggy boobs. Alright I will try to be nice the rest of the day.

  80. snoopysleuth says:

    This is informative and worth reading. I have included a couple paragraphs but the whole article is very well written.

    The Anthony trial was an intricate circumstantial evidence case, but it shouldn’t have flummoxed a jury of even borderline intelligence. Why did these jurors so lack the courage of their convictions (literally) that they were not willing to fight for their convictions for even one full calendar day? It seems to me that the jurors collectively certainly did not carefully evaluate the evidence in the manner that this circumstantial evidence required — when such careful examination could have resulted in a guilty verdict. None of the reported comments of the several jurors who have communicated, in one form or another, has said anything that inspires confidence that they knew what they were talking about, understood the difference between inferences that could be drawn from evidence as opposed to mere speculation or properly understood what the prosecution was required to prove.

    A juror initially inclined toward conviction who possessed the courage of his or her convictions would have pointed out, among other things, that Casey was last seen with Caylee. She inexplicably abandoned her car that reeked of decomposition. She hid and lied about Caylee’s whereabouts for more than a month, and then continued to lie to law enforcement so as to impede their investigation and ultimately delay for several months the recovery of her body. The unprecedented series of lies, coupled with her narcissistic, uncaring behavior, was strong circumstantial evidence of her consciousness of guilt and unrepentant state of mind. The prosecution proved — by excluding the possibility that anyone else searched the Anthony home computer for chloroform — that Casey undertook that search. Unusually high levels of chloroform were found in the trunk. And so it went. The point is not that every rational person had to conclude that everything happened the way the government theorized. The point was that one juror should have had the backbone to stand firm and require the necessary mosaic-like inquiry.

    Read More Here

  81. Laurali says:

    Wow Snoopy that is a very good read. My favorite part is “guilt is a matter of law, innocence is a matter of conscience.” Now we all know Felon has no conscience so it will not phase her but the rest of us do have a conscience so we know she is guilty.

    As far as the jury’s decision is concerned I took away from the article he thinks they are idiots too, just far to kind to flat out say it. Maybe even lazy idiots. 🙂 I guess I am not going to be nice the rest of the day! Sorry.

  82. cali patti says:

    Two things stand out in the article for me. First, had Baez lost the case it would have been more likely Baez would have been brought up before the Florida Bar Reveiw because of his opening statement. Winning probably changed the game.
    Also the last line, The case is so dull now. From what I understood his law class spent much of the summer following this case, so I understand him being so done with this verdict.

    Yes Laurel I also took away from the article that he felt the jury was not mentally equiped to think about or work at the evidence.
    Snoopy once wrote she thought the jury wanted to go home. I agree with her

  83. snoopysleuth says:

    Hi Laura and Cali~~I just skimmed over that article so I am going to read it again. I just heard on CNN Prime that Warren Jeffs has fired his attorney and is going to represent himself in his trial. I guess he feels he can sway the jury by preaching to them.

  84. cali patti says:

    I heard sometime ago that Warren Jeffs continually fires atty’s. He does this just before trials , I THINK, to prolong the process. In the past Jeffs has had a courtoom full of followers. This time he put out the word he did not want them attending. Like good sheep/children they do as told.

    Many of the young girls were brought down from his place in British Columbia to Colorada City.

  85. cali patti says:

    Hey Snoopy, Can I come stay with my Canadian cousin if they fail to pass our budget?

  86. snoopysleuth says:

    Cali ~~I am starting to learn more about the FLDS and it is hard to believe that these things go on in a civilized world. I guess Jeffs fired around 7 of his attorneys. They said Jeffs speaks so slow that the trial will take months. One sad thing, Jeffs will get to question the young girls and they will probably be too afraid of him to tell the truth.

    BTW, if your budget is not approved, you all may become Canadians or Chinese. It is not a good situation for folks living in the US. It will affect Canada too as the US is our major trading partner.

  87. Vicky says:

    I just read on that some idiot paid almost a million dollars for a mask of the evil one on eBay!

  88. cali patti says:

    Vicky, I do not understand the mask price. Wait until Halloween and they will be everywhere for under $30.oo. I have worked with paper mache’ and thou I am not an artist, given time I can make a decent mask. Maybe I am missing something.

    Snoop, I what I HATE, and that is word I never used with her, FDLS throws its boys out w/o an education or a place to go. How can any mother or father toss away a child, repeatly, and think it is ok? Because a prophet says so?
    Those moms should be held accountable for that.
    For not insisting your children be educated at least in the basic’s, Moms should be held accountable.
    To marry you daughters off to old men, Moms should be held accountable.
    My list goes on.
    yes men are just as accountable as women but I have always felt women hold the morality of our social circles. Women and Moms make new world trends and laws. The thought goes further than that but it is basically how I think. Women hold the morale compass for their families thus their generation.

  89. snoopysleuth says:

    Vicky~~the one who bought the Casey mask may get his/her head blown off if they wear it out in public. Little children are starving in the third world countries and even here at home yet people will throw their money away on trash. This whole world needs a cleansing.

  90. snoopysleuth says:

    Cali~~I totally agree that the women should be held accountable for what happens to their children. The women dress in pastel colors and speak in monotones. We will probably hear of another ‘not guilty’ verdict. I hope the judge is not a follower of Jeffs. Jeffs is a pedofile and he has the consent of all these brain dead women.

  91. cali patti says:

    Yes snoop I so agree. Just think what that money could have done for those FDLS boys.

    I had always hoped someone with some would have stepped in and set up a place for boys to go to.
    A nice place with education, housing and love.

  92. snoopysleuth says:

    Maybe things are starting to take a turn for the better….

    ORLANDO, Fla. — If Casey Anthony does end up scoring money for her first interview since walking out of jail, NBC, ABC and CBS won’t be the ones writing the checks.
    The so-called “Big Three Networks” all say they’re not in the business of offering a payout to the woman who was acquitted of charges she killed her daughter, Caylee Anthony.
    Despite earlier reports that some networks were in a bidding war over Anthony’s first interview, several now say that’s not the case.
    An NBC spokesman told WESH on Thursday afternoon the network was never in a bidding war over Casey. The spokesman said the network hasn’t and doesn’t plan on offering her money for an interview or licensing.

    Big Three: We Won’t Pay For Casey

  93. SageMom says:
    I am not sure if I posted this right but………I had a little spare time to browse as I was finishing up some of my marketing work and I stumbled upon this. Baez and the Florida Bar.could it be??
    P.s. Hello to all of my friends here at Snoopys place!!!!

  94. Poor old SB can’t even get a seagull to stop by! Sniff, sniff.

  95. snoopysleuth says:

    SageMom~~it seems that an amateur wrote up that Inquiry/Complaint form. They spelled ‘trail’ instead of trial. They also used inappropriate grammar…eg: “Would any reasonably prudent and competent attorney have the chutzpah to assert ” and “In fact, anyone with an I.Q. just a tad north of the legal speed limit in a school zone would have so acted. ”

    Well I will give David Palmer an ‘E’ for his efforts.

    PS, he neglected to add that John Bradley came forward and said he had made an error. There was one search made for chloroform and not 84 as he had testified to.

  96. snoopysleuth says:

    Larry Flint has offered Casey one half million dollars if she will pose in her birthday suit for his mag.

  97. Vicky says:

    Ya gotta love Larry! I bet she is giving it serious consideration. Its not like she could damage her reputation, adn Larry doesn’t shive a git about his. LOL

    I don’t believe for one minute Jeffs will get away with this. Fredom of religion does not protect men who molest children. I hope the sorry SOB never sees the outside of a prison or courtroom for the rest of his life. The really sad things is that some of those women, have no idea that they have done anything wrong. It is multi-generational and they are clueless. Especially those who have had no contact with the “outside world”. I doubt they have any idea what their sons suffer when they are kicked out.
    I think those boys should find themselves a good attorney and file a class action law suit against the church and its leaders.

  98. snoopysleuth says:

    Sister~~ I paid a visit to you and the windows and doors were all boarded up. Wow, is it ever great to see you!!

  99. margaret says:

    Well, well, well, How low will she go? Maybe I should say how far will Mason and Baez push her? Are the offers drying up? I really hope so. I don’t really understand why anyone would want to see her naked, she would have to be airbrushed to even look presentable. Of course, I am not a man,but I thought they had better taste until they got drunk. She is really coming up in this world going from beer party plane rides to Larry Flint.. Funny. Wonder how proud Cindy is?. They must be getting worried about all the bills rolling in and nobody is buying………..I wish Cheney Mason would just shut his mouth, Everytime he opens it , he brings up Constitution. You would think he is the only one privvy to it and we are all idiots. The Constitution is about truth and justice and right and wrong. Cheney Mason is just a crook that has lived long enough to learn all the little tricks to do innocent people in , while protecting his behind. He needs to think about O.j. lawyers and how long they lasted after trial. I think deals are running out and they can’t even give her away. I just hope she will be forced to show up for all these suits against her. My other laughable thought for tonight is how funny these lawyers, and commentators switch sides, during trial Baez was the class clown and dummy, but now after the “so not there jury” has denied justice to Caylee, he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hilarious and sick……….. There is supposed to be a boyctt on NBC Monday morning, advertised on facebook.

  100. Laurali says:

    I am sure Casey and Jeffs will be in that special place in Hell together one day.Oh wonderful, Flint is going to pay Indian Saggyboobs a million and a half to display her saggy udders.

    Hi Sister!

  101. Vicky says:

    Hi Sister! So glad to see you out and about. You should visit more often. I too stopped by your place and was sad to find you had closed up shop.

    I am watching Joy Bahar right now and they are discussing the evil one’s image rehab. I really don’t care what she has to say. I don’t care if daddy abused her. I don’t care how Caylee died. Nothing changes the fact that that woman left her child to rot in a swampy, bug/animal infested refuse dump and partied down for a month. She can’t even begin to explain that away. There is no excuse for that. If society begins to feel sympathy for people like that, we have hit an all time low. Yes she needs to make a living. I sure as heck don’t want my tax dollars supporting the likes of her, but she needs to do so quietly and without fanfare. Ms Thang loves computers. She needs to sit quietly in front of one in a one room apartment and make a living online and out of the public eye. She deserves no compensation for her story. Her compensation has already been given to her on a tarnished silver platter, paid for by the people of Florida.

    I also agree that the moron who purchased her mask needs a good swift kick in the rear and the person who sold it should donate the $$ to charity. With people like them in the world, it is no wonder Ms. Thang is free to roam the countryside. I was completely disgusted when I read that article. Perhaps her attorneys will auction her off to the highest bidder as an eBay ordered bride.

  102. Vicky says:

    I’m loving it. What will Bias say? By the way, I lied in my opening statement. Caylee didn’t drown in the pool and my client didn’t lie to LE. And by they way, that stuff about George, I hope he didn’t take it personally.
    I hope she is ordered to pay back every dime, but I somehow doubt that will happen.

  103. snoopysleuth says:

    This is better coverage and there is also a video at the Source…

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Prosecutors filed a nearly 300-page report late Thursday detailing how much it cost them to prosecute Casey Anthony.

    Their grand total of more than $141,000 includes everything from court reporters for depositions to consultation time with experts and detectives.
    Hotel and travel expenses for out-of-state witnesses and court appearance fees are also included.

    The state’s forensic entomologist, Dr. Neal Haskell, who testified about bugs found in the trunk of Anthony’s car, charged more than $32,000. The bug expert claimed this case had the most samples he’s ever had to analyze in 25 years.
    The case’s costs are nearing a quarter million dollars.
    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation released their totals Wednesday, adding up to more than $71,000 and $10,000, respectively.
    The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has yet to release its final tally for the costs of the investigation.
    A hearing is scheduled for Aug. 25 to determine what costs Anthony will have to pay back. She is not expected to be present.


  104. Vicky says:

    I guess that explains why the defense wants the lying to LE conviction overturned. As long as that stands, there is a small chance the State of Florida will win the judgement.

  105. Laurali says:

    All that money spent looking for Caylee and all the while Casey knew exactly where she tossed Caylee. She should have to pay every penny back! In 2008 gas prices were over 4 dollars a gallon. States were losing money, people were losing jobs and Casey continued to steal. Steal money from the tax payers of Florida. Casey will always be a lying thief. Among other things (felon, baby killer, unfit mother etc).

  106. Laura~~I hope Casey’s bills add up to more than she can rake in. When she is penniless, Baez will throw her away. The state of Florida deserves to get something back for all their man hours. I hope Tim Miller wins his case too. I am very teed off that Cindy is starting up another foundation. There seems to be no end in sight for the vultures.

  107. Vicky says:

    Laura – Tell us how you really feel. LOL
    I hate the idea that that slimey twit will manage to make a living off “her story”. She might not be able to sale it in America, but if not here I’ll bet anything some overseas tabloid (tv or print) will pay whatever she asks to print/air it. They’ll probably do some Casey in hiding reality tv. And the same type of idiots who bought and sold her maks, will be glued to the tv, website, etc. to catch a glimpse. It’s sick, but I fear it is true. They only positive thing about her making a dime, is that she might have to pay back money she owes now and in the future.

    If there really are spirits of the dead among us, I hope they haunt her 24/7 and will continue to do so for the rest of her life, since we know her own conscience will never bother her in the least. The only way she will ever even begin to “rehab” her reputation will be to admit that she got away with murder. and that she cared more about her bella vida than she did her precious child. And we all know that aint gonna happen.

  108. snoopysleuth says:

    Margaret~~Baez did not get Casey off the murder rap, 12 brain dead jurors made it happen. Judge Perry kept instructing the jurors to not discuss the case among themselves. I have a strong feeling they did not heed his warning. They had their minds made up before they went out to deliberate. They put in some idle time to make it look like they were deliberating but their main interest was to get the heck out of Orlando and go home. Judge Perry catered to the jury’s every little whim and request. I fault the judge for not taking longer to panel a jury. He should never have set a time limit and made promises to some of the jurors that they would be home in time for their vacations. JMO

  109. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy, I’m glad to see that someone else thinks this way too- that Perry’s faith in the common sense of any random, barely qualified 12 people would guarantee a just verdict- wrong. There were at least three who should not have made the grade right off the bat. If you factor in time constraints, there are I figure another two. If he thought hurrying things along would focus their minds- wrong. Sequestration will surely be looked at in light of this disaster as maybe less desirable than has always been assumed. Baez remains a bumbler who lucked out with the idiot jurors they wound up with- he’s no smarter now than he started out. Look at his Opening again- that bit where he says the duct tape will lead to the “answers”- or Not! A giggle-fit producer, that.

  110. Laurali says:

    Casey can stick her story up her …… I could careless what her story is. Given time I am sure a new story will emerge. I only wanted to hear Caylee’s story.

    As far as JP and the jury is concerned all I can say is it sure did not take long to find 12 lazy idiots. Looks like I am going to be not so nice again today. 🙂

  111. cali patti says:

    With age I have learned that my feelings and opinions are not uniguely mine. I enjoy all of and your comments about her.
    I began to not care about her a few weeks ago. She lives in a mental land of her own making. With good attys she will make money and have it go to a overseas bank account and no one with judgements against her will be able to touch that money. If she lives in the West Indes, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Tortuga, etc. she can have a good life. I don’t care anymore. I will never buy, watch or buy products by advertisers that endorse her. That will be the extent of my caring. If she has become addicted to the limelight then life will be tougher for her.
    Most reasonable ppl know she killed and dumped her daughter in the swamp. That is a fact.

    Caylees death was the best thing that ever happened to her. It brought her everything in life that she had always wanted but had no way of getting. That is sick and that is her.

  112. cali patti says:

    Sister Blister, I also went to your site and found it closed…

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