Casey has a new look

Hello, I used to be Casey Anthony. Please tell me I am gorgeous. José wont let me look in a mirror. My new name is EIEIO MacDonald. Feed me some swill and I will kill. Have duct tape will travel. When I say stick ’em up, I mean it.

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  1. Redrelaxed says:

    Okay, I scared the hell outta my grand daughter when I burst out laughing! She was playing quietly with her Barbie house in the corner.
    That picture is P E R F E C T!
    Bawhahahahaha…omg…LOVE it!

  2. Frankie says:

    Good one Snoop. She can change her name but the eyes never change. I actually thought she looked more like an equine or royal but “that will do, pig” is good too after all she is a chameleon.

  3. snoopysleuth says:

    Red~~I laughed so hard when I put that pic up I could hardly see for tears in my eyes. It really is an insult to the pig.

  4. snoopysleuth says:

    Frankie~~Casey has a very evil look in her eyes at times. She is scarey. Lord knows who her next victim will be.

  5. Redrelaxed says:

    Thank you so much for the hardy harz tonight Snoopy! We’re snuggling in for America’s Got Talent. Good night, and God bless. xo

  6. margaret says:

    Perfect Snoop….I do hope she does something to those ears.. She’s ready for her old slop bucket.

  7. margaret says:

    It works people!!!!! The porn movie guy is on Dr. Drew and he is talking about the fallout they got when word got that they wanted a movie with piggy. He said he had never seen a backlash like it. Piggy lost that mud hole.

    OMG, Margaret, you are a nut. Now I can’t stop laughing again. LOL~ SS

  8. snoopysleuth says:

    Dorothy Sims she had a farm, E-I-E-I-O
    And on that farm she had a pig E-I-E-I-O
    With a Baez here and a Mason there
    And Dorothy sporting her new hair
    Calling for interviews everywhere

    The little pig ran off one day E-I-E-I-O
    And where she went, they did not know E-I-E-I-O
    She headed downtown and to a bar
    Mason yelled, “she can’t hoof it that far.”
    Baez yelled back, “go get my car.

    The pig wiggled her arse and danced all night E-I-E-I-O
    She had a few shots and got real tight E-I-E-I-O
    Nine- one- one was called to retrieve a pig
    Passed out on their floor after doing a jig
    Kathi heard the call, said, “oh this is big.”

    Kathi broke the news the very next day E-I-E-I-O
    A pig in a poke she did relay E-I-E-I-O
    Back to the jail the pig did go
    Baez and Mason were much too slow
    Praise the Lord and way to go!

  9. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, Very, very funny. My goodness you are multi- talented. Keep up the good work!
    Time for bed. Night, night all.

  10. snoopysleuth says:

    ‘Casey Anthony is in Palm Springs to discuss my $1million TV deal,’ claims producer
    Last updated at 10:50 PM on 19th July 2011

    This is like a Ripley’s Believe it or Not…

  11. margaret says:

    Just so we can keep the story of where is the piggy going, WCTV in Tallahassee is saying that Macalousa plane landed in St. George Island today after taking off from New Orleans. Dropped Casey off at beach .house in gated community. House is rental. Hope she takes a swim in high tide tonight. Love the poem Snoops now I am going to bet while I’m still picturing Kathie with piggy in a poke. Lol

  12. Hilde says:

    Very becoming new Look for Casey 😆

  13. Hilde says:

    hey snoopy, long time no see Girl!
    I was wondering how You have been doing.

  14. Laurali says:

    Love IT’s new look. The fact that IT is in hiding speaks volumes to me. A innocent person would hold their head high not being hiding out like the baby killing coward that she is. Hope her books is for sale in the fiction section. IT and the truth are strangers. jmo

    Just one more thing why will IT not do the lie detector? You mean the molestation and drowning was just more lies? I’m shocked. 🙂

  15. nika says:

    I love piggy – You especially caught the teeth – They and the eyes will always identify her. I don’t think she will have a new look until after her interview. We then will be able to identify her easily. Baez has now had to go the cheezy route for money since so many networks have turned him down. This will be her life from now on.
    I believe Casey is in Florida, probably with Simms. They do not have the money for hign-ended spa type treatment centers. Macalousa along with Baez are just playing games to keep her in the news since her stock is dropping rapidly. Macalousa and his buddies are just running around pllaying golf.
    I thought Casey was suppose to be getting mental health treatment rather than trying to get blood money. What a joke this whole DT is.

  16. snoopysleuth says:

    Hi Hilde~~I have been here hanging out as Jonathon the Seagull. The bashers kept using Snoopy’s name and gravatar so I kept a low profile until they tired of hounding me. It is good to see you too.

  17. conniefl says:

    Omg! Now HOW did you know what I was thinking when I saw that video on WFTV saying it was her and Macaluso (sp) with her head covered running across the tarmac at Orlando Executive Airport? lol.. I thought “she’s been out long enough for facial reconstruction and is all swollen and bruised”. lol… the pig face says it all.

    I have to believe what that man said about Casey being worth a million today but 100,000 down the road, and some of the statements she made seem to sound authentic. Will just have to wait and see..but… really.. someone told him it would be a bust in the US and I semi believe that too. Baez, Macaluso (however you spel it!) and others aren’t contract lawyers, or agents, and for them to still be hanging around and shuffling her and keeping her in hiding makes me think they’re just protecting their little cash cow.

    And on another note.. one of my friends posted something on facebook that brought a smile:

    Breaking News: “Casey Anthony places a call to 911 in fear of her life”… (Dispatcher) What is your emergency? Please help me,I have a bunch of people trying to kill me. Okay ma’am, calm down. What is your name? Casey Anthony. Okay Miss Anthony try to stay calm, an officer will be there in 31 days

  18. Laurali says:

    conniefl~ LOL! I hope they make it 32 days just to make her sweat. 🙂

  19. Hilde says:

    snoopy, pulling a Casey, hiding out, 😆
    they might use Your name and gravatar but any one who knows You, knows Your writing style, no one can copy that one! You are One of a Kind 😉

  20. snoopysleuth says:

    Facebook Post Prompts Casey Attorney Threats

    Wife Of Cheney Mason Calls 911

    ORLANDO, Fla. — The wife of one of Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys made a tearful call to 911 Tuesday night to report she’s been receiving continual threatening phone calls at her family’s home in Seminole County.
    Shirley Mason is married to Cheney Mason. According to a report from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Shirley Mason called 911 Tuesday night and said, “I’m just getting a lot of threatening phone calls at my home. I would like an officer to respond so I can get something done tonight.”

    When deputies responded to the Mason’s home, Shirley told them the harassing phone calls appear to come from multiple callers and were so continuous Monday night that the Masons disconnected their phone.
    She said she was told her home phone number and address had been posted on Facebook and she believes that’s how the callers got her family’s contact information.
    Shirley Mason said the callers have asked if Casey Anthony is staying at their home and when she says no, the callers usually hang up but she said they’ve also received some voice mails.
    LISTEN: 911 Call
    Messages left include: •”She (Casey Anthony) can run but she can’t hide.”
    •”Your scumbag husband and Baez better sleep with one eye open.”
    •”I hope baby Caylee hunts you in your sleep.”

    The Major Crimes unit of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the calls.

  21. cali patti says:

    LOL Ladies, quite the entertainment and info here. I love the pig idea except years ago we raised a few and they were intelligent and clean animals, but whatever.
    Poor Mrs. Mason getting nasty phone calls. What did she think was going to happen?
    Simple, don’t answer your phone UNLESS you like the attention so you can call 911.

    That 911 joke with the 31 days is hilarious…
    Heat wave out here in Cali also. Rodeo in town and it going to be a hot day in the arena.

  22. Hilde says:

    cali patti, it’s hot here in Indiana, dangerous Heat Index of 108

  23. Hilde says:

    Maybe it would be a good Idea for Mason to lay low for a While and not to appear in the Media every Chance he has defending Casey Anthony.
    There are a lot of angry People out there!

  24. snoopysleuth says:

    I don’t think anyone will ever see Casey Anthony change her looks other than get a haircut and plaster on extra layers of mascara. Baez wants to make money off of Casey so he has to keep her looking the same. Regardless how they try and alter her image, underneath it all lurks a murderer with no conscience.

    I am not sure what to make of this Al Taylor. As a freelance promotor, he did line up interviews for Jerry Springer. Jerry said that he would not have a baby killer on his show. This Taylor reminds me of Leonard Padilla so I take anything he says with a grain of salt. Whether he really met with Casey and Baez in Palm Springs is iffy. I honestly don’t think that the news medias are falling all over Casey to get an interview so maybe Baez will settle for a cut on that million being offered by Taylor.

    Ahhh, maybe Shirley Mason should kick the white bearded one out the door so her phone will stop ringing. I understand that some of Shirley’s close women friends do not want to associate with her any more. That is the price one has to pay for being associated with an unethical attorney husband.

    Conniefl~~the following was priceless. Thanks for a good laugh.
    Breaking News: “Casey Anthony places a call to 911 in fear of her life”… (Dispatcher) What is your emergency? Please help me,I have a bunch of people trying to kill me. Okay ma’am, calm down. What is your name? Casey Anthony. Okay Miss Anthony try to stay calm, an officer will be there in 31 days

  25. snoopysleuth says:

    Hilde~~my daughter lives just outside Chicago. She said the thermometer was reading 117F and no let up in sight. I am so thankful to be living in NS right now. It was around 28C here today but generally cools off a bit at night. I am just a hop, skip and jump from a lake and not that far from the ocean.

  26. conniefl says:

    I have to agree.. if Mason was so concerned about Casey’s safety he wouldn’t be on tv giving interviews all the time. Not good with the phone calls though.. I mean there are such things as cell phones with private numbers.. there really is no reason for anyone to even have hers unless she’s in some kind of profession that requires it. If your phone number is public it leaves you wide open to all the crazies out there.

  27. snoopysleuth says:

    Here is the 911 call that Shirley Mason made… it is rather broken in parts…

  28. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I thought Mrs. Mason sounded near tears in parts of that phone call. I wonder where the “one finger salute, crotch grabbing” Cheney Mason was? Sharing a chuckle with the child murderer perhaps? Or defending the child murderer on national TV shows?

    Either way, double shame on him. His wife is a beautiful, elegant woman to whom he owes allegiance–not that two-bit skank who was just released from prison.

    Love the new post by-the-way–although I do feel that it’s a bit of an insult to the pig. 😉

  29. Laurali says:

    Why would they answer the phone if they don’t know the number calling? I never answer mine. Maybe they think it is more money pouring in for the baby killer. Seriously none of them expected her to get out of jail, they know what she did. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think people should be threatening anyone but what did they really expect? A fairy tale ending? Not so much. Mason knew she was guilty, he said so.

  30. Laurali says:

    With Casey’s pointed ears she would also make a great rat. Hi Nan! 🙂

  31. SageMom says:

    This made my day!! hahahahhahahahahaaaa!!! Life has been very busy the last couple of weeks, preparing for my sons surgery. I read here and on Marinade Dave every afternoon or morning, whenever I take my break, and when I opened this…………..well, ah hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!! This is just great!! The only thing is, I had a pet pig for some time and he was just too darn smart and cute to resemble that thing they call Casey Anthony!
    You know, I just don’t get it. Shirley Mason? You called 911?? What in the Sam He**? I really don’t think they’ve seen anything yet and the truth be known, as long as Todd Maccaluso and that crazy Baez keep playing games with the media on IT’S whereabouts, threats and crazies will still keep coming.Funny how that works isn’t it?

  32. snoopysleuth says:

    SageMom~~do you have the official date for your son’s surgery yet? The operation will help to alleviate the pain he is having or will have in the future. Be sure and keep us posted on his progress.

    Yes, I did insult that porker but when I ran across it, I could not resist the temptation of posting it. It was the toothy smile that made me think of Casey. If you noticed in the pics of Casey and Caylee, instead of Casey glancing at her daughter as a devoted mother would in the pics, Casey looked straight ahead and tried to be the center of attention. I notice a lot of people remark how pretty Casey is. To me, she is just plain looking. I guess I judge folks by how they are underneath the exterior.

  33. cali patti says:

    Mason/Baez and their crew/familys should expect condemnation from the community. That group had their party, they won in court but for any one of them including Mrs. Mason to expect the remaining part of the country to just accept them or their lil’ darling pig, that will be a long time coming. Why did not Cheney phone?
    I was adding up piggy’s million dollar deal and if she pays what her bills will be there won’t be that much money left for her. That plane cost and rent on where she is staying will be deducted. That is when I think the Baez/piggy relationship will fall apart. She won’t be happy paying the monies she has already spent.

  34. margaret says:

    I think everything is just too funny!!!!!!!!!!! Baez and Mason will be begging George and Cindy to let her come home just so they can wash their hands of her. Wonder if she has a new phone yet.. Sure would love those texts. Mrs. Mason better get used to it, when you lay down with dogs, You are gonna get big old fleas.The fat lady has not sung yet………………..Caylee’s memorial site is growing. I hope she see’s it.

  35. Redrelaxed says:

    Hellooooo Everyone!

    Doesn’t sound like Al Taylor is giving Miss Piggy much time to make up her mind re the interview. He says she’ll only be worth $100,000. in 6 weeks. I say, oh Al if you really want to make a difference in this world and you really have a million dollars to spare, gift it to Tim Miller in Caylee’s name so he can go find other missing children who’s parents do want to find them cause they’re REALLY MISSING and NOT tossed away dead in a wooded swamp!

    I honestly can’t think of anything that would piss off the whole DT and Casey more than to have her potential big blood money windfall donated to a worthy cause in memory of Caylee Marie. She’ll never come clean anyway, so it’s a waste, huge waste of money.

    SageMom, how is your son? And how are you holding up? Nice to see you!

  36. Redrelaxed says:

    NOT tossed away…always leaving out the impotent words.

    I fixed your IMPOTENT word. LOL~SS

  37. Laurali says:

    Red that is a great idea. If he really wanted to pizz her off he could donate it to the tax payers of Florida. Seems like they are going to be supporting that trash for a while. I mean she is appealing her lying convictions after they already admitted to them. Or donate it to real single struggling mothers/fathers who take care of their young. You know the ones who do not murder their precious off spring. jmo

  38. snoopysleuth says:

    When they calculated the time Casey served in jail, they made an error and credited her with 412 days too many. The 412 days was time served for the check/fraud that Judge Strickland handed out. Once the court made their final ruling, they could not correct it. I am hoping the appeals court will pick up on the error and make her serve the nine months she should have received for the 4 charges of lying to LE.

  39. Newbie says:

    Good evening all. I have to say it’s hotter than hell here and I’m to the point where that is more important than any “Anthony” news. If people would let it go Baez and Mason wouldn’t be making deals and the market value would drop on “the Anthonys”.
    While some might disagree with my thoughts, I’m going to say the killer was not saved by Mason or Baez…..all that has happened is she has been thrown to the wolves. Did the defense tell the killer she would be sued by many people and that she owed taxes? Did the killer understand that more than likely her relationship with the family would be null and void? Did the defense tell her the risk of promoting her story, example: people would respond as they did to O J’s book “If I did it”? Did the defense let her know that most monies received from interviews or books or movies will line their pockets probably more than hers? Did the defense ever let her know that keeping this all going heightened her chances of being harmed? Did the defense let the killer know she was the most hated person in this world at this time? Have those “helping” the killer let her know what an airplane, private motorcade. temporary housing, time spent “making deals” will be billed to her at a rate more than likely higher than they are worth.
    Looks like what goes around comes around……..the killer will be left with a carcass. Oh, gee, she’s going to get taken just as she took from those who thought she was their friend. And since the killer is now the bait for profits, she may end up as Caylee did.

  40. Newbie says:

    Whew ! I feel somewhat better. But, what a fiasco .

    Sagemom, praying for your son and family…..starting early….like now !

  41. Laurali says:

    Oh Snoopy I know! She got to double dip on time served. I hope you are right and she goes back to jail, will serve her right screwing with real tax paying Floridians.

    Hi Newbie! I am glad you feel better. I don’t think many beating are beating down Casey’s door. I only know of one moron wanting to waste money on a baby killer.

  42. snoopysleuth says:

    Newbie~~wow lady, that’s the longest comment that you have made in quite some time and every word of it rings true. I doubt if Baez ever told Casey she owed the IRS almost $70,000. I wonder if he is still keeping the bill from her. It was mailed to his law office. I posted a copy of the lien against Casey at Dave’s blog and Casey’s address was listed the same as the Baez Law Firm.

  43. snoopysleuth says:

    Baez, Mason and Sims remind me of the three Stooges. They are trying to make the public believe that they care for Casey and want to see her rehabilitated and get back in society. To that I say Bill Sheaffer’s Bull Poopie. They all want to make money off her and, if that doesn’t happen , she may end up as trash on the side of the road. The Stooges are vultures and Casey is just their prey. Newbie’s comments summed things up nicely.

  44. Newbie says:

    lol….I guess it is Snoops. But, for crying out loud. I don’t want people watching any interviews or paying money for a tabloid or book. It just feels like “stop the madness”. It’s bad enough they got the killer off but now….chit. Media whores.

    Hey Laurali, It did help some…lol. I feel stronger about this total injustice than I did in the Simpson case.

  45. Newbie says:


  46. snoopysleuth says:

    Laura, you hit on a good idea. We all know how jealous Casey was of Caylee. I would like to see over a million donated to help find missing children in memory of Caylee. That would be the best punishment for Casey. Someone should send copies of all the donations to Casey and Baez.

  47. Newbie says:

    And I think Simms is about as shallow and attention grabbing as Casey. Watch her in the videos when she is ‘giving sympathy’.

  48. snoopysleuth says:

    Newbie, someone mentioned in here that the fellow who offered Casey the ‘porn’ deal for a million was on the Dr Drew show. He said that he never, in his lifetime, received such an outpouring of angry people contacting him. This Al Taylor is just a stupid idiot who wants to get in the limelight. He even said that he would change his mind about hooking Casey up to a lie detector, if she would grant him the interview. I for one will not watch it. Who wants to listen to her spin lies…hell, I heard enough of that from Cindy.

  49. Laurali says:

    Newbie~ Don’t you worry I won’t be watching, reading or listening to anything Casey can make a buck off of. I will gladly donate money to Tim Miller in Caylee’s name. IT should be banned from ever saying the name Caylee again. Not that she would, hell her life moved forward the day she threw Caylee in the swamp.

    Good night ladies. Stay cool. We are expecting temperatures of 100 tomorrow. Today with the heat index it was 113. I need to toilet train the Shih Tzu. :/

  50. Newbie says:

    Well, I might as well put my two cents in on Dr. Drew. Sheesh ! I was thinking his show wasn’t going to be so bad and then he jumped in on the gravy train. Integrity seems to be a thing of the past……just all about ratings.

    I’m also calling it a night. Spending the afternoon tomorrow with grand babies.

  51. cali patti says:

    WTG, ladies., letting a little steam off….

  52. SageMom says:

    My son’s surgery is August 11th. We have been going back and forth to the orthopedic center. It is 2 and a half hours away from our home. He has been very busy donating his own blood for the surgery, getting fitted for his brace for after the surgery, and just ekg’s and bloodwork and all those things you have to do ahead of time. I feel very good about everything though and full steam ahead. My son is as positive as could be about everything and looking forward to the fact his surgeon says he is going to gain a bit of height after the surgery!
    Thanks to all of you for asking and still want to tell you what a gem this site is to me!!! I am nervous as all get out but still will go into this as positive as could be. It isn’t as hard as I thought because my son keeps trudging on.
    As for miss Casey? You are riight Snoopy. Just average at best in the looks department. I don’t see what everyone else is seeing but I can’t get past the ugliness on the inside and in the end, that is what counts. I still pop in every day and catch up on my reading here at mainstreamfair. It will be the only reading or tv I view about her or her family. I feel no pity for any of them. I don’t know how anyone does. Believe me, I tried and tried. I just can’t. Seems to me, she just isn’t that interesting anymore. She makes me want to forget the last 3 years. By the way, she’ll pop up soon somewhere and if I had to place a bet, she never left Florida. Things will turn for her and she’ll finally know why she shouldn’t have murdered her child and thrown her in a swamp. It may take a bit but she’ll get it. That I am sure of.
    One more thing, I revealed that I had a pet pig in my last comment. My pig’s name was Wilbur. He was a very smart pig. What I did not tell you was……………………….he too, ended up laying on my Sunday morning dinner plate, right next to my pancakes. I think Casey will probably meet with the same type of fate.
    Hi to redrelaxed and Newbie too!! Thankyou ever so much for asking about my son! I will keep you all posted. Tomorrow we are headed back down to the hospital for ekg’s and bloodwork. He will get his cardiac clearance tomorrow. He has two regurgitations of the tricuspid and mitral valves. They are mild though and I am more than sure he will be cleared and good to go tomorrow! ♥

  53. snoopysleuth says:

    SageMom~~positive thoughts heading out over the miles for your son and you. You have every right to be worried, you would not be normal if you didn’t. Your son has his youth on his side and you mentioned he has a positive outlook. One’s mental state of mind is the best healer there is. Hugs and more hugs. SS

  54. snoopysleuth says:

    Nan11, Kyron Horman’s bio mom is on JVM.

    MEDFORD, Ore. — Kyron Horman’s mother isn’t giving up.

    This week marks one year since the little boy disappeared from his Portland school.

    Desiree Young recently put up several more billboards all across the state with the goal of keeping the case fresh in people’s minds.

    Young also says she’s aimed them at the conscience of Kyron’s stepmother Terri Moulton Horman.

    Young suspects that Moulton Horman is responsible and dangerous.

    Detectives and the FBI are still investigating the case.

  55. Redrelaxed says:

    Howdy Y’all!

    Popping in for just a sec. Hi SageMom, happy to hear your son is maintaining a positive attitude, must get that from his Mama! Huggz to you…ox

    Terri knows where Kyron is Snoop, and just like the pig she’s not telling. Why can’t we just take these types 100 miles up into the Mountains, strip em naked, tie a steak around their necks and tell em to find their way home? Guess that’s not constitutional, but in some cases it works for me.

    Check out this boycott site for our swinegal! Interesting info here!

  56. Laurali says:

    Sagemom~ Oh my gosh you ate your pet? Let me just say I will not be eating my shih tzu. 🙂 I hope all goes well on August 11 for your son.

    Red why not put them in the lions den with steak around their worthless necks and see if they talk? Forget the hike in the mountain. Not that I don’t like hiking but the jail is probably closer to the zoo.

  57. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Thanks for the link and the summary. I had heard Desiree was going to be on but my dish went out and I couldn’t watch anything.

    Prayers for that little guy, tonight and everynight.

    We had pouring rain for a while–but I didn’t hear any thunder.

    It’s really humid right now. We could get something nasty yet.

  58. nan11 says:

    SageMom: My positive thoughts and prayers are also with you and your son.

    I don’t mind a litle pork every now and then (I don’t like to know them first, though); however, Casey Anthony is one pig that I would not want on my dinner plate. 😉


  59. Casey spoted exiting exclusive gated comunity in Arizona onlooker said jt was definetely her had blanket covering her head.Reporter asked if her face was covered how did you know it was her?Onlooker replied well we dont see to many pigs in a blanket in thease parts,

  60. SageMom says:

    Let me explain the piggy story girls! On my 23rd birthday, I was gifted a baby pig. I named him Wilbur. Not being a farm gal, I figured he was so cute I should give him a name. I did teach that pig all kinds of tricks. He was smart and quite loving. One of his finer tricks was called a burnout. I would tell Wilbur, “do a burnout” and he would spin in circles, kicking his legs up into the air. As he grew he continued to do his tricks when I would go out to the barn after work and feed him. I might add that I did makeovers on ladies beautiful faces as my job by day so I would always have to head out to the barn in my dress and heels to feed him. His “burnouts” would become quite obnoxious with all the weight he put on and all. While at work one day, I was called by the local sherriff to report that Wilbur had broken out of the side of the barn and was running around the small rural town and I needed to come and collect him. He was really starting to get a little out of hand. As time went on I had less and less time for Wilbur. I worked up in the city and my father in law, who bought me the pig, was not happy with Wilbur’s antics. One weekend while I was away at work, my father in law took him to the butchers along with the one other pig we had brought in to raise for specifically that, SUNDAY DINNER. (I guess I should tell you all that I named that pig also) (her name was Wilhemina) I did not know Wilbur was the pig that was served to me that next Sunday. It took about 10 years for me to talk about it as I was so upset about the whole ordeal. I have never enjoyed bacon again.
    I guess there is a lesson in there somewhere. lol I just know that Casey, being a different kind of pig than Wilbur was, will somehow meet the same fate.

  61. Newbie says:

    ecossie possie. Read your post at Dave’s regarding Casey’s life in cilvilization vs prison. I so agree with your thoughts. Day late and dollar short in telling you.

  62. SageMom says:

    Hi Laurali and Nan11!! Sorry to have scared you guys about my pig story! I read back and thought maybe I owed you gals an explanation! Wilbur was a lovely pig. Casey was not. I was an unsuspecting victim. Unfortunately bacon still tasted pretty good to me……. but I still love Wilbur too. Go figure!

  63. Laurali says:

    Sagemom~ Okay now I got it. I can see Casey doing burn outs on a stripper pole. I guess I see the connection. Just seemed odd to eat your pet, but since you had a barn I guess that is part of the circle of life. 🙂

  64. Newbie says:

    Sagemom, the story Charlotte’s Web” comes to my mind for some reason when you talk about your pig….I believe the pig in that story was also named Wilbur…

  65. SageMom says:

    The thing is Newbie,
    Fern, Wilbur’s owner, did NOT EAT her pet for breakfast! And yes, when I saw this little pig on my birthday, the only name I could think of was Wilbur.from Charlottes web. I didnt grow up on a farm. Nor did my husband. When my husband’s father moved back to Illinois from Key West Florida, he went from being a policeman to a man who now owned a 17 acre farm with many outbuildings. He asked my husband and myself to move in with them and there we gave it our best shot at farming. I was none to good at the animal thing. I fell in love with them all and it was hard learning how to separate myself from all of them as obviously, they were going to end up on a dinner table. Did I mention that I had a goat too? Let me tell you something…there is a smart animal!!!!! We had a few sheep, miniature donkeys, and some chickens that looked like they were wearing Phyllis Diller’s wig! I think we referred to them as polish chickens. I am not sure why.
    I now own two Boston Terriers and that is about all I can handle these days.
    But I still loved that pig.

  66. Laurali says:

    SageMom~ Now I feel bad for you. You ate your pet and you really loved the little feller. Circle of life sucks. Obviously your pig was lovable. Unlike the pig at the top of this page.

  67. SageMom says:

    Yes Laurali, the pig at the top of the page was much more deserving of a trip to the butcher’s than my sweet li’l Wilbur. Wilbur met a terrible fate. I still have to believe Casey will too. If not in this life, then in the next.

  68. cali patti says:

    Our first pig was Matilda, after waltzing Matilda because it took us hours to catch her that first time. I loved that pig. She would get in and share the little wading pool with my youngest that was under age two at the time Actually very clean animals. I cried all the way home from the fair.

  69. SageMom says:

    Another thing,
    I do not believe Casey’s life will ever be a “beautiful life” or what she perceives as a beautiful life, again. She will grow frustrated with the “being in hiding” before long. I suspect we’ll be hearing alot about her in the coming weeks. It won’t be long before it wears off though and people lose their fascination with her. That is when we’ll be seeing her act out. I havent a doubt about it. If we could all just forget about her. Then there will be justice for little Caylee.

  70. SageMom says:

    Miss CaliPatti? You had a pet pig too? lol What with the two of us loving ribs and all I suppose Snoopy needs to put us both in a cage!! A rib cage that is!!!!

  71. cali patti says:

    Wilbur sounds like a lovely young man. I can only guess at how heart broken you were.
    I knew what was going to happen to Matilda so I did not have your shock.
    I was shocked at how hard I cried. It is strange how pigs are smart with different personalities.

  72. cali patti says:

    SageMom, My boys raised them in 4-H but I got really attached to them

  73. SageMom says:

    They ARE so very smart! I never thought of myself as a pig lover until the day he was handed to me. Very loving, he was..and clean! Very clean animals! I really was shocked to find out that he served me the meat from my very own animal. At the time, I was kind of in shock. It did take me a long time to get over it. I can laugh about everything that happened on our farm… now that a good 27 years have passed. Believe me, farming isn’t easy!!

  74. SageMom says:

    Well it has been a lovely conversation tonight and it gave me a chance to think back on farm life again and I thank you all for that. I have a very busy day tomorrow and I shall check back in with everyone tomorrow if time allows. CaliPatti? How did I know that you could have love for a pet pig as I did? I love that! Good night to all and have a great day tomorrow♥

  75. Laurali says:

    SageMom it is not so much Casey I can’t forget it is what she did to Caylee that I can’t forget. When I come here and comment it is all about a lost two year old. Casey is easy to forget. Caylee not so much.

  76. Newbie says:

    Sagemom, I am so sorry about your experience of eating Wilbur. Now any time I watch the movie of Charlettes Web or read the story to one of the grand kids, I will remember your eating your Wilbur. Yikes !

  77. snoopysleuth says:

    We had thunder and lightning here and I had to shut down for a bit.

    The thunder roared
    The lightning flashed
    The world was all a shakin’
    Little Wilbur curled up his tail
    And ran to save his bacon.

  78. Newbie says:

    Okay, where’s Vicky. For whatever reason I wonder if she lived on a farm in her youth and knows what good pets pigs can be.
    You know the pot belly pig has really grown in popularity as a pet. You’lls expressing how you felt about your pet pigs kind of explains the popularity of the pot belly pig.

    I was ranting on the other post with emotions quickly going from trying to be positive to switching midway to negative. Reading of your love for your pets is really soothing. I believe I will end my night with those thoughts. Good night ladies.

  79. Frankie says:

    Hi Snoopy,
    I wish we would get some thunder and lightning if it was followed by rain. We broke records today. It was 37.5 C with a humidex of 47. I stayed in the air conditioning most of the day. That is the hottest I have felt anywhere. Even the big trees are drooping. I’m not a fan of heatwaves.

  80. snoopysleuth says:

    Newbie~~you made some great contributions on that other post. I love all animals and grew up next to a farm. The farmer let me milk one of his cows. It took a while to get the hang of the pull and squeeze. My God, I was on cloud nine when I first got a nice squirt of the white stuff. The farmer also ran a grocery store and meat market. My brother and I worked for the farmer in the summer and after school. The farmer grew big fields of vegetables besides raising beef, pork chickens etc. K was only 10 and I was 12ys old and the farmer mostly paid us in fresh meats, eggs and milk. My family had their own veggie garden. When K an I used to work during haying season, we got paid in cash. You could do one heck of a lot with a couple of quarters back then.

  81. snoopysleuth says:

    Frankie~~I noticed on the weather channel that you folks are breaking all the records. My daughter in Chicago said it is unreal down there. I hope and pray that you people will get some rain. They are having quite a time with forest fires out of control in Ontario. We had a fast moving storm go through a while ago so the garden got a drink. You folks need a nice steady rain for a few days in a row.

  82. snoopysleuth says:

    We have a whole farming village in here tonight. I have to fess up. When I was around 3 or 4 yrs old, my pet was Henry. Henry was a chocolate colored hen and we were inseparable. I have a pic of me and Henry in the family album. I wonder if Dave will come in here and tell us who he had for a pet when he was growing up. It is uncanny. I wont give away his secret.

    BTW, to my knowledge, Henry died of old age but then again, come Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving… off came a head and then it was put in boiling water and defeathered.. in the roasting pan..OMG. Just maybe?

  83. Frankie says:

    Yes Snoopy, a nice steady rain for a few days would rejuvenate everything but not this weekend. My grandson is going to a two day rock concert in TO. There will be 20 or so bands and it is a really big deal. The guys have been counting down the days so I hope we don’t get any down pours that could ruin the good time. They get to party and I get a break.

  84. Frankie says:

    Talking about farms and pets. I was born and raised in the city but I was always a farm girl at heart. I used to daydream about owning little horses and now I have a mini horse farm. They aren’t as small as I imagined ( 6 to 12 inches tall ) but they are small compared to regular horses. We have had rabbits, pygmy goats, mini and full size donkeys and chickens. I do love animals of all kinds. Don’t care for snakes though. We have a wetland that is a major breeding ground for snapping turtles on our property. Lots of painted turtles too. Luckily nothing I had to eat except chickens and I didn’t get attached to any of them.

  85. nika says:

    .I love the fact everyone lives on a farm. I have a cattle ranch and while I don’t do much of the work I do like to sit on the sun porch and watch the cows/calves play in the pasture. When i was little my brother and i use to try and catch the little pigs. I can’t remember being successful. LOL
    I just heard tonight that Dorothy Sims is Director/President of Vision Farm Retreat and Meditation Center. It is suppose to be in McIntosh Fl. about 3 miles from me.{10 miles north of Ocala} This is a very small town and I have never heard of this group.. It is a Zen Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hahn and the order of Interbeing-(whatever that is.} The director/Tres. is Tobe Terrell who lives in McIntosh but I have not heard of him. I can’t imagine Casey lasting long here but who knows. When I get home from the mountains i will check this out. I do hope she is not here.

  86. Karen C. says:

    So, Snoopy, what shade of lipstick is on that pig?! HAH!

    I’ve been busy but so good to get back here and to Dave’s and see how folks are- what a sad story SageMom! A few years back I had a PT job at a farm with abuse/neglected and difficult animals. There were a bunch of abandoned pot-bellied pigs there- one was crippled from being so fat, and the others were headed that way too. That type just keeps getting larger until it falls over dead, becomes incapacitated or is butchered- pretty hopeless situation if you grow attached to them as pets. The ambulatory ones rolled balls around with their snouts, plotted on how to break my leg during feedings, or fixed to gore me. The crippled one listened to classical music all day, and appreciated small kindnesses. They were all fridge-sized when I left.

    Personally, I’d have a hard time forgiving someone who served me up my own former pet- that would be an issue. I had a hard time forgiving my mom who wouldn’t help me unhook a sunfish I caught when I was 6! I was strictly catch-and-release. Poor thing died while I was waiting for Dad to get back from getting fuel for the boat. He was a doc and would’ve unhooked the lil’ guy and set things to right promptly but Mom wanted me to learn some Life Lesson or other- at the expense unfortunately of the poor fish. She came from farm country, so….

    I like to visualize She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as spending the rest of her life hiding at her various lawyers offices, sneaking showers in where possible, sleeping curled up in a ball under a desk. Or doing something under a desk, as she owes Jose big time, but now I’m just being nasty! Hee hee…

  87. Frankie says:

    Good Morning Karen C,
    I thought I heard that IT had perhaps been prepaying Jose under or on top of his desk while locked in his office. It came from one of his office employees. Guess they aren’t talking now, Maybe they don’t want to lose their job. I think that we may be hearing a lot of info about IT and her escapades now that she is free and can not be tried again.
    I’m having trouble understanding why the state left out sooooo much evidence during the trial. I kept waiting for them to introduce some of the info that I had heard. I think that the state was too confident in what they did present.

  88. Karen C. says:

    Yeah, it’s like the OJ 1 jury not being told about the Bronco chase. But they were probably there at the freeway to watch it at the time, cheering him on!

  89. cali patti says:

    At night I can’t always be here. But yes SageMom I loved that pig…I never let myself get that attached again. I will never forget how gentle she was with my youngest in the wading pool.

  90. cali patti says:

    Niki, a cattle rancher, you hear of our Salinas Calif. Rodeo? Since you are in the business and NEVER heard of the Simms ranch/farm it could be for tax write offs. Its amazing how many NON-ranchers have been ranching for the write offs they get the first couple of years. Simms is an lawyer and would know how to do that.

  91. conniefl says:

    Oh wow, farm talk. I too was raised on a farm from birth to age 12. To this day I won’t do one lick of planting, canning or weeding! lol. But the mention of farms and pet pigs brought to mind one my brother had when he was around 3. That piglet would follow him around like a puppy and beg to be scratched. When my brother scratched him on his side all 4 legs gave out at once and he would collapse no matter where he was . It was hilarious.

    So Cindy and George are headed to the Bahamas for a rest after the trial. Good for them! I’m glad someone out there is giving something to them and we’re hearing nothing much of Casey’s ability to reap any benefits from her baby’s death so far.

  92. margaret says:

    I read on Tmz that Baez is in New York talking to all of networks for highest bidder. Of course they won’t pay for interviews {yeah right} but they will pay a liscense fee for photos. Do they think we are all that stupid? It said he was meeting with Garagos,Scott Peterson, lawyer for information on getting top bid. How are they paying for all the private planes, body guards and hotels. They are probably trying to sue Cindy for the money she has spent. Where is she getting vacations, new cars and money manager paid for money? NBC is top bidder right now. Sick, Sick Sick.

  93. SageMom says:

    Yes Laurali, this whole story is about little Caylee. We must never forget this tragedy and keep fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves. I have a very hard time thinking of Casey at all. Just like the hard time I had after I was fed my pet pig! Casey Anthony makes my brain hurt terribly!
    Newbie, I hope you slept well last night thinking of the pet stories shared here. I, like CaliPatti, really did love that pig. I loved reading today about ConnieFl’s little brother and the pig following him everywhere just to get a scratch. They really are lovable animals. Nika even talked of her and her brother trying to catch the little pigs. It isn’t that easy catching them either.
    I made it down to the hospital today with my son and everything went as smoothly as ever. St. Francis hospital is so efficient. I was so impressed with each and every one of them today. My son was in the best of spirits. The nurse drawing blood asked him if he had an arm that he preferred to draw the blood from. He answered, “No, not really.” “They are both full of holes lately!” He sure knows how to make things easy for his nervous mother. I sure love that young man,

  94. SageMom says:

    I DID have a very hard time forgiving him for serving me my pig. We moved home to my parents home just after the incident. I was young and not sure of how to react. It was one of many terrible memories but as many bad memories I have had, I can replace them with double the good memories. Thank a higher power for that one!
    I have learned one thing in my life. I do alot better with laughter than I do the other way around. I still to this day. feel that being positive is what allowed me the life I have had with my son. I am such a lucky lady and I feel very privileged for the life I have had thus far. There hasn’t been one thing in my life that hasn’t happened for some reason or life’s lesson. The pig story? It’s hard for me to figure out what the lesson was. I guess that is why it popped into my head when I saw the picture.
    Snoopy, Henry the chocolate colored hen sounds like the perfect pet. Now you have me wondering just what kind of pet that Dave had? Being he likes marinading meat, it concerns me just a little. Although, who am I to talk. I absolutely love barbecued ribs and can truly eat anyone under the table if they are cooked just right!

  95. SageMom says:

    By the way Snoopy, I too am in a Southwest Chicago suburb. It is sooo very hot today. When we arrived home from the hospital, I went outside to water all of my plants a second time, I turned around and came in. My head hurts from that sun today. Ordinarily, I love the heat. Today, not so much.

  96. Newbie says:

    Sagemom, I sure did sleep well. The talk about pets put me into trying to remember the pets I had in my life. I think I will continue those thoughts tonight as I go to sleep as I didn’t make it thru all my years and what pets I had….lol.
    I was a city girl yet very lucky in that my dad and his wife had what we termed the “Mini Farm”. There was a calf which his wife had bottle fed from birth. The calf was named Maude for whatever reason and Maude thought she was “people”. Myself and my five children were visiting at the Mini farm one day and when I looked towards the pond, I saw the kids were in what I would call a stair-step line running the pond bank with Maude at the end of the line. Maude was kicking her heels and just enjoying being part of the “game.” She was being a kid also. I still see that picture in my head as clear as that day. IFrom that day on the kids didn’t ask if we were going to see Grandpa, it was “are we going to see Maude.”.

  97. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I did catch Desiree on JVM tonight.

    I can cry a million tears with that woman. Now, to me, that’s how you act when your baby’s missing.

    I wonder, though, why they (as in LE) aren’t doing more ground searches. It really doesn’t make sense. That little guy deserves to be found and have his mother lay him to rest.

    If they think anyone is just going to up and confess his whereabouts, I afraid they are wrong. jmho

    SageMom: Glad to hear everything went well today! 🙂

  98. SageMom says:

    Thanks Nan11, everything went good today. We should get the cardiac clearance ok’d now!
    Kyron Horman. Another little face that haunts me. Watching his mother cry…….I cry with her. How agonizing it is for her. I listened tonight as she said his stepmother hated Kyron. Way too much for my heart tonight! I look at that little boy with his glasses on his face and my eyes start to tear up immediately. Why can’t we just get her to talk? How come there isn’t something within that woman that would make her feel remorse? I just can’t take all of this sometimes and yet I think to myself, how could his mother take it? She needs to stay strong and how can you stay strong? I see desparation in her eyes. It hurts and ya just somehow wish you could take that pain away..

  99. SageMom says:

    Tonight, as I close my eyes, I am going to picture Maude and the kids and Wilbur .doing a burnout and happy to be in the parade line♥ Should be a great sleep night tonight for me too!!
    p.s……We need to add Fred and Henry to that line too!!

  100. SageMom says:

    And just so CaliPatti knows I didn’t forget Matilda..I shall add her to the menagerie also!!! I’m kinda partial to pigs!!! Just not the PIG at the top of this article!!

  101. Vicky says:

    Evening All – I had a pet rock, does that count?

    Newbie – I didn’t grow up on a farm either, but my great-grandmother had a farm in North Georgia, and I spent many summers staying there. She had no running hot and cold water. There was a pump at the kitchen sink and a well on the back porch. I never have forgotten how cold that water was when I would draw it from the well and dring from the ladle. Water was heated on a wood burning stove. Baths were taken in a large metal washtub filled by hand. It was also used to do laundry.
    Food was prepared on and in the wood burning stove. The house was heated with a fire place in the winter and Mama would heat the bed warmers and put them between the sheets before bedtime. We also used an outhouse. I remember when my great uncle finally decided he was going to update the farmhouse whether Mama liked it or not. Not a single time before her death did she use the indoor plumbing. LOL
    She had chickens, cows and hogs, a huge garden, and peach tree orchard. I would help milk the cows and gather eggs in the mornings and pick out which chicken would be prepared for dinner later in the day (if chicken was on the menu). I fed the pigs and the chickens each morning as well. It really is true that pigs will eat just about anything. Truth be told, chickens will too. My brother an I used to experiment. 🙂 I have plucked many a chicken I might add. I also sat on the fence and picked out which hog would become sausage and porkchops. My great uncle was a butcher and made the best sausage I have ever eaten. Mama had the meanest darn rooster in the county, and I found myself running for the front porch on many occasions. That sucker lived to be 12 years old before he finally gave up the farm.
    I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been afforded the experiences I had staying with her. Fortunately, I never had time to become too attached to the farm critters. Instead, I viewed tham as a source of income, since I was paid to do chores.

  102. SageMom says:

    I could have read all night and was wishing your comment would have continued. Yes, most farms were really more of a source of food and or income. We really weren’t very experienced at farming but we sure gave it our best for awhile. I feel fortunate too for being afforded the opportunity. There are days now where I wish we could go back to those days. The work was hard but things just seemed a little simpler then. Although I have found that the internet has led me to some of the finest folk ever and that I would not trade for all the pigs in the world!

  103. snoopysleuth says:

  104. snoopysleuth says:

    It is good to see so many people who enjoy the animals. I am an animal lover and some of the things I hear about today in the way animals are housed and treated before they reach the supermarkets is deplorable. I can’t even go there as it breaks my heart. I can understand why some people become vegans. I will take fish over meat any day of the week.

  105. Laurali says:

    Snoopy now you know why I am a vegetarian. I can’t eat Wilbur!

    So Tuesday I have a meeting at the hospital. When my g-pa is released he will be coming home with hospice. I hope I am doing the right thing, I would rather him be with me than some unknown place. My mom has a new doctor and he has her hooked on Oxy for her pain! During the day when I talk to her I get so frustrated because she slurs her words and only worries about her pain medicine. Never ask how g-pa is doing.

    Vicky ~ I have got to agree with SageMom your comment left me wanting more. Your comment reminded me of Little House on the Prairie. LOL. Totally made me forget my worries for a few. Keep them coming I will be checking in off and on all weekend in between visits to ICU. Girls went to Lake with friends so it is just me and my old man. Old man is my shih tzu!

  106. SageMom says:

    As I head to bed I am humming to myself……Ilove my li’l rooster lalalalalalaaaa!!!!!
    You posted my dream before my head hit the pillow!!!!! You’re right you know………I would take fish over meat anytime, but then again, I soo love clams, scallops, oysters…….and then I get to thinking about the Walrus and the Carpenter..eek gads, I don’t know if the thought of the poem or the thought of the poet is worse!! OK, BACK TO MY DREAM..”i LOVE MY li’l Rooster……”
    Thanks Snoopy and Goodniite♥ I am tired tonight….the sun soaked it out of me!

  107. snoopysleuth says:

    Nite nite, SageMom. My Illinois daughter said they had some rain today but it only lasted about 30 minutes. Everything is parched and brown from all the heat and no rain. It is very hot and humid here tonight. We generally get a nice breeze and the fog rolls in early in the evening but not tonight.

    For the old die hards, here are a couple of tidbits I found while sleuthing for other info…….
    George, Cindy Leave US On Trip For ‘Rest’

    Attorney Offers Casey Whereabouts To Highest Bidder

  108. snoopysleuth says:

    Cindy and George want Casey’s car and Caylee’s bedspread, plus other items offered in evidence, returned to them. Cindy does not want some of these items ending up on eBay. She will keep some items as a memorial for Caylee and destroy the rest. I can see conflict among Cindy, Baez and Casey erupting over these items… More info here…

  109. Redrelaxed says:

    Snoop, regarding the A’s wanting the items taken from their home and entered in as evidence, an old red sentimental gas can comes to mind.

  110. Karen C. says:

    Well, I just want to have all the jurors taken to that d@mn car and forced to stay in that trunk for an hour or so.

    Just heard on NPR a bit ago that the gunman right-wing wackadoo bomber in Oslo might only be able to be given 21 years!!!!

  111. Newbie says:

    Well, Snoops, I’m giving up thoughts of the Anthonys and to do this, I am trying to revert to the “Lil’ Red Rooster” when I see, hear, read or think about this case or actions since. I’ll let you know how it works out…

  112. snoopysleuth says:

    Cheney Mason surprised by verdict

    Updated: 6:50 pm EDT July 22, 2011

    ORLANDO, Fla. — One of Casey Anthony’s attorneys offered up new information about his client, who has disappeared from the public eye.
    Cheney Mason says Casey is safe, and is being guarded while she’s in counseling. Mason also said, even he was surprised by her not guilty verdict.

    Friday, in his typical wry, sometimes sarcastic tone, Casey Anthony defense attorney Cheney Mason made a presentation and answered questions for members of the Tiger Bay Club of Central Florida. His topic was the case against Casey Anthony.
    “Casey has had her day in court, she’s not saying anything else. And by the way, who is going to believe her anyway,” Mason told the group.
    Even while taking a slight jab at his client, much of the focus was on the controversial verdict that cleared Casey of the most serious charges.
    Mason admitted, he didn’t expect the not guilty verdict.
    “Was I surprised? The answer is yes,” Mason said.
    Mason said he believes it was the right verdict, but was surprised because, he said, what the jury did took courage, given the public sentiment.
    “They don’t deserve to be criticized, they deserve to be memorialized,” Mason said.

    Read more here at Source…

  113. cali patti says:

    If this farm animal topic comes around again I will tell you about my times with my youngest sons chickens. No offense Snoopy but I grew to really really, did I say really dislike those da** chickens.

  114. Newbie says:

    Cali patti, maybe your story should be shared at the coffee bar ! I’ve never gotten a bad cup of coffee or story there.

  115. snoopysleuth says:

    Red~~thanks for posting that link re Oslo. I tuned into CNN last night right after I checked your link out. It is shocking the carnage one madman can do in a short time. Norway is a country that we seldom heard much about except when the Olympics were hosted there. I wonder why the madman picked on so many youths. He didn’t get a chance to turn the gun on himself. I don’t know it they have the death penalty in Norway but somehow, I doubt it.

  116. snoopysleuth says:

    Here is more info from Norway. It shows a picture of the gunman and they have dug up information on him. He had this all planned out.

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