Judge shocked by Verdict

Strickland said he holds no ill will toward Baez, but insists he never had a relationship with blogger Dave Kneckel. He said he did nothing wrong when he talked to him in court after a hearing.

“I signaled him up and I said, ‘You know, I saw your blog. It’s very civilized. Keep up the good work,’ and that was it,” said Strickland.

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Judge Strickland shocked by Verdict

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  1. All that happened is that the defense used yet another excuse to try and stack the deck in their favor. Judge Strickland did nothing wrong and neither than Dave. All in all it made no difference.


  2. snoopysleuth says:

    I call it dirty defense tactics. Judge Strickland just happened to deny a few previous defense motions before the white bearded one went up to the bench and wanted a private meeting with the judge to talk about a motion to recuse. Old white beard knew that the judge was not allowed to have a private meeting with him. IMO, it was a form of blackmail. It was a message to the judge, be kind to the defense or we will see to it that you are gone.

    Old white beard fingered the media and grabbed at himself. Before he joined the defense team, he thought Casey was guilty. He certainly changed his tune when he entered the Casey camp. I call people like that hypocrits. I also call them cocky SOBs.

    I wonder if Jerry Lyons and Mortimer Smith will be investigated re Laura Buchanan and falsified TES documents also tampering with other TES searchers by trying to convince them to change their stories.

  3. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: This is an article from WESH that has a video of their interview with Judge Strickland. While it is nice to see and hear him speak, it is a little hard to watch because of all the clips of the MOTY that they insert. Anyway, I’ll link it for what it’s worth.

    His words are as always eloquent and worth absorbing. 😉

    WESH: Former Casey Judge: Verdict Throws Me For A Loop
    Quote from write-up:
    The foreman said he was sickened and disgusted to sign the not guilty verdict form knowing Anthony may have been responsible for Caylee’s death, but like other jurors said he felt the state did not prove how she died.
    Strickland said that attitude could reflect a fundamental misunderstanding.
    End of Quote

    Quote from Video:
    Judge Strickland: They don’t understand that circumstantial evidence is evidence; and I’m not sure they understand that just about every murder trial you do is circumstantial evidence. You know there are very seldom cameras running at the time someone kills somebody or a child is abused.
    End of Quote

    So if at least 80% of the free world understands this, why could not one member of a twelve panel jury cotton on?

    Ha–the white bearded one not only thinks the little lady is guilty he knows she is.

    All of the above is my opinion only, of course.

  4. snoopysleuth says:

    The defense filed a motion for a change of venue. In the motion they attached comments made at certain blogs. Judge Strickland went to the blogs to try and verify if what the defense was claiming was true. This is how he happened to see Marinade Dave’s blog. He was impressed and wanted to tell Dave how he felt. He didn’t sneak around and do it, the cameras were rolling. The defense then set out to use this against the judge. Strickland did not call Dave at the hospital!! The defense could not even get their facts straight. Stan noticed while reading Dave’s blog that he was in the hospital and we, his faithful contributors were very worried because one of the tests that Dave had to undergo was risky. Dave’s phone number was published on his blog. Stan decided to call Dave’s home to inquire about him and was surprised when Dave answered the phone. Why did the defense and even certain bloggers make this into some conspiracy? One blogger thinks her chit doesn’t stink and to get hits, allowed discussion of a phantom conspiracy. Some bloggers will do anything to get hits. This same blogger will set out to make others look stupid to build up her own self image. She often uses the phrase, “dumb it down.” Go to her blog and disagree with her and then you will see her true colors. I dare you!

    I was getting an average of 3 to 5 death threats per day. They were sent to me via anonymous email and some even phoned me. The army of bashers happened to be very very friendly with a certain blogger. They shared emails so I guess you could call that friendly. Why did they want to attack me? I was a regular contributor at a very successful blog, Marinade Dave’s. I was also a blog owner that was doing damn well. It was a vendetta to get rid of the competition.

  5. nan11 says:

    This, coupled with Red’s last link on the old thread, makes for an interesting look at how politicians are willing to manipulate the verdict of a jury gone wrong in order to suit their own needs.

    HUFFPOST POLITICS: Mitch McConnell Drafts Casey Anthony Into the War on Terror
    Daphne Eviatar, Senior Associate, Human Rights First’s Law and Security Program
    Citing the failed state prosecution of a disturbed mother in Florida as evidence for their cause only reinforces the impression that these lawmakers would rather grandstand than stand for the law.
    End of Quote

    If only they cared as much about a 34 month old baby who never received justice.

    In my humble opinion only, of course.

  6. cali patti says:

    The bearded one knows she/her is guilty, he is not an idiot. I am guessing the he can smell a liar before the liars lips stop moving. This trial was about winning. Not certain how the law works with defense atty’s and knowledge of guilt in regards to their clients, he may not legally be able to say what he thinks. I think he lost whatever moral character he may have once had years ago.

    I stlll can’t stand Cindy and Lee. Cindy is all about image and being right not substance and character. Lee is a game player who also lacks character. George handed his maleness over to Cindy years ago and is a weak man. George knows what he has become also. Probably why he pretends to be tough in the wrong places.

    This family did not have friends or family standing with them thru this ordeal. That lack shouts something to me.
    I know I would have friends there even if I told them not to come. They would be there no matter what the situation, for me, if no other reason. So where are the Anthony/her friends/family?

    all of this is MOO. ok, lol

  7. cali patti says:

    Snoop, You are right about a certain blogger trying to get rid of you.
    Jealous of your intelligence and quick wit.
    Evil people are every where it seems.

  8. nan11 says:

    J: I’d rather not go there if that is okay with you. I was a frequent visitor until I realized what was going on.

    After all you went through to see this case to it’s end; I don’t know how you can remain so calm about the outcome.

    However, as you said, the camera’s were rolling and Dave told the truth about it from the get go. I never understood how much more Dave could have ‘dumbed things down’ in order for them to grasp the concept of truth.

    Simply put, they were green with envy from the day Judge Strickland complimented Dave on his blog.

    But death threats? If envy makes them respond like that it almost makes me afraid for Casey. :mrgreen:


  9. knight owl says:

    Judge Stan Strickland is a good man and of course he is thrown for a loop like the rest of us over this verdict. All i can say is Beavis and Butthead cartoon character’s could have gotten this one right. what a shame for Caylee. Seems this baby was not meant to get any justice on earth. Casey Anthony in my opinion is another juron vandersloot and she will kill again. They are both alike, liars and psychopaths.

  10. cali patti says:

    No one will kill she/her, know one here wishes her/she that type of bad. From what I have been reading ppl are in a hurry to see how soon she/her fails.

    Hey Nan, are those coy fish up there on this page?

  11. snoopysleuth says:

    Nan11, cowards make death threats. George and Cindy are getting them, also some jurors and the defense team. I don’t know if the Anthonys are getting threats by phone or anonymous emails.

    Do you think the interview Greta is having tonight with the jury foreman will eventually be online?

  12. Vicky says:

    I find it appalling that a juror would not think it reasonable to use circumstantial evidence to convict someone of a crime. Good grief, did it not occur to a single one of those idiots that circumstantial evidence was used to find Bin Laden. Did it not occur to a single one of them that Toilet paper stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe probably means they have ebb in a bathroom. Did it not occur to them

  13. Vicky says:

    Oops I hit submit too soon. Did it not occur to them that if you see a teen whispering to a friend, they are probably up to no good.
    .Did it not occur to them that that duct tape is not advertised to be used to tape a child’s mouth!

  14. snoopysleuth says:

    Knight Owl, I predict she will murder again. I would be very afraid if I caught her purchasing a sheet of heart stickers.

  15. snoopysleuth says:

    Let’s take advantage of the Coffee Cafe for the off topic. We have people who come in here just to read the information on post title. Let’s save them some scrolling time. Thank you.

  16. offthecuff says:


    I’m not so sure she will kill again. However, I’m still haunted by her comments to Amy about getting the house from her parents. Casey always built her lies bigger and bigger, but why lead Amy on? What did she need Amy for?

    Some have talked about rehabilitating Casey, but if something is missing upstairs, how can that something be inserted? Certain things cannot be learned or developed. Maybe they were referring to her learning how to pretend to act humanely and productive.

  17. snoopysleuth says:

    offthecuff ~~if I were George and Cindy, I would never invite Casey to stay overnite unless I could stay awake all nite with the ligthts on. The scary part is that Casey can appear quite normal on the outside and be lethal on the inside. Casey was the nanny and described herself almost to a T, with the exception of a couple things she threw in. Casey cannot be classified as insane but she certainly has deep rooted mental issues.

  18. snoopysleuth says:

    I noticed while Casey sat at the defense table, she would stare at the monitor in bewilderment. It was as if she was attending someone else’s trial. At times she could be flirtacious with Baez and even Mason or come across as being very childlike. I noticed Mason pass her a note after nudging her with his arm and promptly Casey picked up a kleenex and dabbed her nose. She had to be prompted to show emotion when pics of Caylee were shown. The only time her emotions came spontaneously is when someone was speaking favorably about her or saying ‘poor little girl blab blab blab.’
    I think Ann Finnell may have hit something right on the head and that was Casey blocked Caylee’s death completely out of her mind.

    How can a young woman be locked in a jail cell 23hrs out of every day for 3 years and not go batty? This tells me that Casey is almost in a zombie frame of mind. I don’t know if mental therapy will help her. If they hid Casey away in a cave with the bats, she would adjust to her new environment. I don’t think the best psychologists can ever figure Casey out. It would appear she has no conscience. JMO

  19. knight owl says:

    snoopy, i know that is what i am afraid of .Who will be Casey’s next victim? Did you see her showing her teeth mad as fire like a rabbid dog when the juror’s were gone. I think she was directing her anger to Linda and Jeff as they were walking in front of the defense desk. Then she leaned over and whispered to mason. She had a wild bizarre look on her face starring and straightening her blouse. It made me wonder how many times had perhaps Baby Caylee saw that rabbid look. I think your right on with your 11;58 p.m. post and your 12;25 a.m. one.

  20. cali patti says:

    I did not watch Greta’s interview with juror #12 but as I am a channel surfer I caught Mason say those people that are calling the jurors names (something similar) that there was a special place in Iran for people that. That man has little redeemimg qualities left IMO. He wants us to be understanding and accept what he blabs but never understood or accepted any ones elses point of view but his. night

  21. snoopysleuth says:

    Can you believe that this is the same woman that was passing bad checks last year? It is amazing what some lipstick, powder and a new hairdo can accomplish.

    Greta and Jennifer Ford

  22. offthecuff says:

    Jennifer Ford: the prosecution was good. They gave strong circumstantial evidence….

    the chloroform was meaningless…with that out of the way, there was nothing….

    31 days of bad behavior does not link someone to murder…

  23. nan11 says:

    So, below I have added a link to the transcript of Greta Van Susteren’s interview with the unidentified juror foreperson who was number eleven. Please note it is a three page transcript and more of this interview will be aired tonight. 😐

    I clicked on it only once and never clicked on the video.

    Ms. Van Susteren’s questions are probing and, imo, the foreperson shows that he understood what he was required to do. What he does not explain is why he chose to only follow the defense side. To him, and I suggest, to the the whole 12 member jury panel–it’s appears as if the state did not exist.

    Why??? But I suspect that we will never know the truth behind this answer.

    All of the above is my opinion only, of course.

    Fox News Exclusive: Casey Anthony Jury Foreman on Forensic Evidence and Suspicions of George Anthony
    Published July 11, 2011 | On the Record | On the Record
    Special Guests: Casey Anthony Jury Foreman, Juror No. 11
    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When — you know, when the defense got up, then that’s when they started throwing out things that we did not know. And that’s where it really kind of hit us. It was something that we had to kind of sit back and let soak in and just see where he went with from there. So it was shocking. It was very eye-opening. You know, it’s a situation — that’s a time I will never forget.
    VAN SUSTEREN: Did you actually see a picture of the remains on the ground and placement of the duct tape? I mean, is that something that you saw?
    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We did. Yes, we saw that numerous times. That was shown us to, the duct tape, the — you know, the skull — that was something that was a major focus at times. And you know, we were able to see, you know, all of that.
    VAN SUSTEREN: Was the duct tape on the skull or was it adjacent to the skull?
    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was — as far as on the skull, there was one area where it was connected, and that dealt with more the hair. It was not on actually a part of the bone. But it was right there in the vicinity of the nasal cavity and where the mouth would be.
    VAN SUSTEREN: So one interpretation would be that it — that the duct tape was over the mouth and nose.

  24. nan11 says:

    I cannot find mention of this news conference on the WFTV web site, or I would use that link.

    WESH: Investigators To Talk Casey Case Today
    Sub-Heading: Casey Anthony News Conference Planned
    Sgt. John Allen, Cpl. Yuri Melich and five other investigators are expected to attend a news conference at 1:30 p.m.
    End of Quote

  25. Karen C. says:

    Oh, Nan11, reading that snippet above of Idiot Jury Foreman (who clearly doesn’t think 1 + 1 = 2) drives me right around the bend- what the H&LL was wrong with those people? AAARRRGGGHHH!

    Jon, I’m so glad you’ve let Snoopy back into the coop! Can’t tell you the number of times I almost let that one slip…

  26. nan11 says:

    Sorry this got so long, but each little section can stand on it’s own so you don’t have to read the whole thing. 😉

    WFTV: Jury Foreman Speaks About Casey Anthony Verdict
    “With George with the can, with the selective memory the way that he handled the tow yard incident, River Cruz. It raised questions,” he said.
    End of Quote
    By Me: Exactly what questions would George’s actions raise in a reasonable person’s mind? A man blown away by the untimely murder of his 34 month old granddaughter who was found with matching duct tape covering her mouth and nose–of course he wanted to deny the existence of this duct tape. He did not want the state to place it the hands of his daughter.

    And this one:
    “People were not going in the front door, they were going in and out of the garage and the car was right there. There was nobody who detected the sign of decomp. If it was something that obvious with law enforcement going in and out. The father said he smelled it, but didn’t say anything at that point,” he said.
    End of Quote
    By Me: Where did this come from that people were not going in the front door? It is a stated fact that Yuri Melich entered and left through the front door. Also, IIRC, the first responding officers entered through the front door. Also, (as soon as George had a little time to come to his senses,) Mr. Anthony flagged Cpl. Melich down when he dropped Casey off in the early morning hours of July 16, 2008 and told him about the smell.

    And this one:
    The foreman said the worst feeling was when George described picking up Casey’s car at the tow lot, smelling the trunk and not calling police.
    End of Quote
    By Me: I guess after swallowing the defense opening argument, (which was not to be taken as fact because it had yet to be proven and never was,) the jury decided that George was expecting the smell and tried to hide it. I guess none of them heard the state explain that George knew Casey to be a lying, conniving daughter who had been hiding out for the last month. Sure, he is a former cop–but his instincts that day were to protect his only daughter. I believe that his actions in this regard proves that he did not know–did not want to believe–that the smell was emanating from the decomposition fluid of his own granddaughter.

    And this one:
    The foreman is a gym teacher in his 30s who said there just wasn’t enough evidence to support the chloroform claims by the state.
    “How it could be concocted, how it could be purchased, it just wasn’t there,” he said.
    End of Quote
    By Me: Read this one carefully. The jury was most concerned with how chloroform could be concocted or purchased. Hello? Is anybody home? The state proved beyond a reasonable doubt that chloroform was present in the trunk of the Pontiac. Jeff Ashton said one could only pray that she used it on Caylee before she applied the duct tape. If you want to believe that the chloroform resulted from cleaning attempts–fine. But consider the alternatives, IYKWIM.

    And this one:
    He explained how much of the evidence was just not conclusive, like the photos of Caylee’s skull, pictures that have still not been seen outside the courtroom.
    “The duct tape, where and what part of the head and where it was attached to would have been hard to see because of all of the hair being there on the ground,” he said.
    End of Quote
    By Me: Here someone is careful to point out that we have not been allowed to see the pictures, (and we are not likely to ever see these pictures,) but it’s quite evident that they believed Dr. Spritz over Dr. Garavaglia–someone placed the hair and the duct tape in that position to frame the little miss. Bra Ha Ha, I say.

    This is as pathetic as it is unbelievable. A murderer capable of unusual, inhuman cruelty will walk free in a few days.

    I hope the ones responsible are proud. A 34 month old baby will never receive justice. The spoils from this round go to the devil, and those he controls.

    All of the above is my opinion oonly.

  27. Dave Knechel says:

    It’s good to hear from Judge Strickland. He did absolutely nothing wrong. Had the State not aimed for the sky by asking for the DP, I believe the defendant would now be sitting in jail for the rest of her life. Replacing Judge Strickland had nothing to do with it. There were two factors, as far as I’m concerned, that caused it: 1) asking for the DP, and 2) a lazy jury with no clear sense of direction. Was this case worthy of the DP? Probably, but only because Florida supports it. Personally, I’m against it, so I’m the wrong person to ask.

  28. nan11 says:

    Oh, Dave. I agree that Judge Strickland did absolutely nothing wrong. I never for one second thought that he did. Also, I always believed you.

    However, I don’t understand why you seem to blame the state for asking for the death penalty. After all, there were other opitions on Miss Anthony’s indictment, were there not? IIRC, there was one that would have netted her about 15 years with the possibility of early parole.

    I won’t lie, I believe it was a death penalty case–a 34 month old baby, missing for 31 days, found decomposed in a dump, with duct tape circling her skull and embeded in her hair. Which, imo, would point toward the child being suffocated while alive and I believe this was proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I thought no one had to vote for the death penalty if they felt it was unconstitutional or against their personal beliefs. LWOP was also an option.

  29. Karen C. says:

    Dave- A lazy jury (I would’ve been all over the pics and every other thing in that room! And so would you have! The others would’ve had to pull me out for lunch…) with a surprising number of criminal backgrounds on it to boot. I agree whole-heartedly with your opinion regarding DP in this case. Was just not strategically tenable- young, pretty white skank putting little knots in the back of her blouses almost every day to show off her chest, making doe eyes at the young male jurors, well, it just wasn’t going to happen.

  30. snoopysleuth says:

    Dave, I am right with you about the death penalty and that is why I was leery about the verdict, I never expected a verdict of Murder One for that very reason. She did deserve LWOP for the heinous crime. I was shocked when the state rested their case. I would liked to have had the cell phone pings come into play. They had the type of jury that you would have had to shove the evidence down their throat as they certainly were not qualified to examine all the evidence and connect the dots. It is too bad that Judge Perry had picked a time limit to panel a jury. More time was needed in that respect. Oh well the damage has been done so we have to live with their decision. Maybe some good will come out of this fiasco. One other thing, George’s lies on the stand did not help matters. It did appear that he was setting his daughter up.

  31. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I love having you back. You have a great avvy, btw. 😆

    Here are a couple of links to write-ups by Mr. Boedeker.

    Casey Anthony: Fox News did not pay jury foreman, Greta Van Susteren says
    — posted by halboedeker on July, 12 2011 10:41 AM
    On her blog posts, Van Susteren has told viewers: “I know everyone is very upset about the Casey Anthony verdict … but can we get one thing straight? Fox did NOT pay him for an interview.”
    End of Quote

    Casey Anthony: Investigators’ news conference to receive wide coverage
    — posted by halboedeker on July, 12 2011 11:24 AM
    The news conference starts at 1:30 p.m. Sgt. John Allen, Cpl. Yuri Melich and Cpl. Eric Edwards will take part. And so will crime scene investigator Gerardo Bloise and Deputy Jason Forgey.
    End of Quote

  32. kas says:

    I think the finding George “suspicious” is a tremendous cop-out. How do you find his behavior suspect, yet manage to “reason” your way out of Caseys’ every despicable action?

    Simon Birch didn’t call the cops either. I guess they summarily “duct taped” (i.e.discounted) him too.

  33. snoopysleuth says:

    Nan11, I am really looking forward to that news conference. When you think of all the man hours that went into this case. I always compared to José Baez to my Cousin Vinney and they both won their cases.

    This is just my opinion but it seems that the defense knew that the state was going to really stress those 31 days, the lies, cause of death etc. So what does the defense do, they set out to destroy all that in the opening statement. This was planned by the defense and I will have to admit that it was a good strategy. Casey wasn’t missing for 31 days. Casey did lie. The cause of death was accidental drowning. So there you go. The jury seemed to get confused that the opening statement was not evidence unless it was proven. The 31 days was proven, Casey lies were proven but the cause of death was not. There was speculation on how she Caylee died but not proven.

    Way back when I first learned about the duct tape, I thought the tape may have been used to patch up a hole in the garbage bag because decomp fluids started to leak out. Casey patched it with the layers of tape so she could put the remains in the laundry bag without making too much of a mess.
    When the animals tore at the bags, the tape was still sticky enough to get attached to the hair in the process of the bags being torn away by the animals. The plants (vines) and root growth could have held the mandible in place just by a fluke. I may have been way out in left field but this is what I thought may have happened.

    One other thing that struck me very strange and I voiced this on Dave’s blog. Why George opened that trunk at the tow yard is still beyone me. The trunk should have been dusted for fingerprints and George should never even started that car up. Apparently Cindy had contacted Casey but I believe it was only a text or voice mail. Caylee or Casey may have been in the trunk of that car.

    Another thing I found sneaky is that George made that visit to LE. He did not want Cindy to know he went there. He told things to LE that threw suspicion on Casey. As to that dreaded gas can with the tape on it, why was the can wiped clean of finger prints?

    During George’s interview with the FBI, he spent a lot of time talking about Casey stealing from Caylee’s piggy bank, her savings account, he didn’t feel Casey was working, Casey had nannie listed on her resumé. George went to Sports Authority to check and see if Casey really worked there. Did he really want to take his daughter to dinner?? Really? George followed Casey when she was using Cindy’s car but lost her in the traffic. Why??

    George had an affair with Krystal Holloway and took money from her. He was supposed to be working. He went to console her because Krystal had a brain tumor. He needed her in his life.

    George told FBI that he got mixed up in a Nigerian scam while all the time he was gambling online. George couldn’t hold down a job for any length of time.

    Now can someone tell me that George is not involved in this case?
    Can pigs fly?

  34. snoopysleuth says:

    I want to add that I believe Casey killed Caylee but do feel that somehow George was involved with the coverup and when guilt set in, he did everything to cover his own a**, including the fake suicide note.

  35. nan11 says:

    If anyone is interested, you can watch the presser live here.
    WATCH LIVE: Sheriff’s Press Conference On Casey Anthony
    Video Summary:
    Investigators from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office answer questions about the Casey Anthony case.(07/12/11)

  36. nan11 says:

    Here is the live link for WESH. I find the WFTV link is breaking up a lot; however, I’m not sure if this one will be better.


  37. nan11 says:

    Another live link. This one is suppose to work good. 😉

  38. offthecuff says:

    Jennifer Ford claimed that the different allegations about George did not come into play in considering their decision…

    I agree that George was involved especially initially with trying to determine the truth, whether it implicated his daughter or not. He was on Caylee’s side. He was also rather nervous with what the cops would find on their own about the family dynamics…the fights, etc, so he wanted to make his family as a whole look less suspicious through cooperation. He knew cooperation was important.

    George is not impeccable, but he ain’t stupid enough to hide an accident or try to set up his daughter as a murderer for an accident.

  39. Karen C. says:

    I’ve been thinking about these issues too, and honestly? I really do think that this family was made so crazy by dancing to Casey’s tunes that they just went along with whatever in the hopes that eventually the “truth” would emerge and somehow she would be innocent of at least the murder of her daughter. Hence, George walks to the trunk saying “I hope it’s not either of them, etc…”, and opens it- viola`! No body! Yay! And he just goes no further than that, and Mr. Burch says- “Oh! Here’s your problem…” (or whatever) reaches in for the garbage bag and everyone is mollified for the moment. You’d be surprised at how many people accept explanations at face value just to not deal with negative stuff. Loads of things never get reported to cops because it means an hour or two out of someone’s life dealing with a police interview and filling out a report. People often just don’t want to get involved, and in her family’s case they were already living with so much drama.

  40. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Somehow, the news conference cheered me up a bit. I believe in the work done by those guys and gals. I think they are as disappointed at the outcome as I am. They gave it their very best and that’s all anyone can ask really.

    As far as George goes, I just don’t know what to say honestly. To me, I think the Anthony’s–with the exception of their disturbed and ferral daughter–are as normal as the rest of us. We all take our turns at having life beat the poop out of us.

    I think they were fighting with Casey constantly for months about her lying and stealing and staying out all night with her baby. I don’t think they knew what way to turn even back then. I think they realized that their daughter was spiralling out of control but I don’t think they ever thought that it would end with her murdering Caylee. (MOO)

    When they smelled that car on July 15, 2008; I think it wacked them right into outerspace and they may not be back down to earth yet. All their boundries were shifted and everything they had worked so hard for was destroyed. That happened in an instant.

    George, I think, was more ‘intuned’ to Casey’s bad behaviour. Cindy had previously told him that if he didn’t back off Casey–he needed to leave. So, he tried to sneak away and talk to law enforcement. I think he may have really believed that the dead body in the Pontiac was not the body of his granddaughter, or maybe he just needed to believe that.

    I think his sucide attempt was real. A lot of people who attempt sucide, commit it in some manner that appears less that ‘authentic.’ It’s a cry for help–most of them don’t really want to die.

    I found his note moving and I believe it was truthful. One phrase that really struck me was when he said to Cindy that ‘it was the end of them’, or words to that effect. You see, he felt he had lost almost everything at that point–his granddaughter, his daughter, and his wife (to another man.) He is not the first one to attempt sucide when faced with these events coming closely–one after the other.

    I believe that the hands of Casey Marie Anthony were the murder weapon. Those ugly, strangely gnarled hands–how often I shivered at the sight of them. I think she bound Caylee’s hands and then placed duct tape over her mouth and nose right in the Anthony home. There is no doubt in my mind that Caylee was dead and in the trunk of that car. Because of the high levels of chloroform, I believe it was used to clean the car–maybe while law enforcement was at Universal with Casey on the 16th. This, in my opinion, was an attempt to cover-up for their daughter, not to deflect the blame from themselves.

    The state had eveyone to please. The judge needed the case to move forward and move forward quickly because he was faced with huge budget restraints. He was always so very conscious of an appeal issue that many times he appeared to favor the defense. (IMHO)

    I will always feel that the state did the best job that they could under the circumstances that they faced, and that they did prove their case well beyond a reasonable doubt and should have had a verdict in their favor. I will always wonder at the way it turned out.

    The defense–they put on a circus show. Baez had trouble understanding how to make an objection and when one was sustained against him, he struggled with how to rephrase it. The judge spent many hours tactfully instructing him on how to conduct a murder case. Jose is one man that just has no class and marginal intelligence when compared to Jeff Ashton. (IMO)

    So, mostly, this case has left a big gaping whole in my soul. It will scab over in time, I know. 😉

    All of the above is my opinion only, of course.

    Great comments, Nan11. *wink~S

  41. Karen C. says:

    I’m thinking the ONLY one of the bunch who may eventually tell the truth would be Lee. He’s the least-exposed to perjury charges for one. Cindy is thoroughly delusional- I don’t think Casey will ever see her or George again- Cindy will just have to mourn the “loss” of her daughter as she has her granddaughter, not very well at that.

    Anyone hear from ecossie lately?

  42. Laurali says:

    Karen~ Now see I expect Lee to be the last one to come forward and speak the truth. At trial I thought he tried to protect Casey. Had to have his memory refreshed constantly by the state. However his memory was great when Jose was up to bat. He shared secrets with the monster. The two of them against their parents. Nope I expect him to take it to his death bed. He had no attachment to Caylee because his family left him out. jmo

  43. kas says:

    Jeff Ashton said the only testimony that truly shocked him was Lee’s. The pregnancy/baby shower story he blubbered on about throughout his testimony, Jeff said he previously told casually and as if he couldn’t care less.

    I still find it fascinating that Baez tread so lightly on both Cindy and Lee. He knew who he could pick on. He knew who would take it and who wouldn’t.

  44. snoopysleuth says:

    If you have the opportunity, rewatch Lee’s testimony when he was blabbering about not being included in Casey pregnancy etc. Take note of him gouching his fingers into the corners of his eyes and notice how red his eyes became almost immediately, like they were smarting. Lee’s testimony was pure fake. He started crying because his eyes stung from the cayenne or chili pepper he rubbed in his eyes. He had it in his pocket on a kleenex. It’s an old trick. Lee and Baez planned this to show how damn dysfunctional all the family were. JMO

  45. cali patti says:

    Anyone else catch the question about Orange County Sheriffs investigating George on the abuse alligations? They replied Lt. ? contacted Baez (can’t talk to Her) for permission to speak to her about investigating the abuse and were told not to talk to her. LOL, Oh Really.
    At least O.C. S. covered their a** from later allegations they didn’t do their job.
    What a mess she has made of so many lives. Lady Karma will find her.

  46. snoopysleuth says:

    Cali Patti, yes I did catch that question. Baez kept Casey isolated from everyone as he was terrified that she may talk and mess up his plans. Baez will stay by Casey’s side when she gets out of jail. He will want to follow the money trail and figures Casey will be a good meal ticket.

  47. cali patti says:

    yes snoopy, then the day will come when he firmly tells her to back off. Or she realizes that he is not there for her and there is no relationship, not even a secret one. By that time there will be no reason for him to continue to protect her and won’t. There is no way they will support her forever. There is always the type of men that want women that are notorious.
    For a while she will do ok.
    I do believe she has a criminal mind and lives in a mental place of her own making. She got off once and will try something again. JMO

  48. nan11 says:

    Snoop: This is a short video from WFTV that sums up the most important points from the press conference; and also says that EquuSearch is moving forward with their lawsuit.

    Cpl. Melich makes the following statement which was not made at the presser this afternoon, but sometime before or shortly after: “How they treated this poor child, and how they let this child rot in the woods is inhuman.” Interesting–notice the use of ‘they’. Hmmm.

    Links to the whole pressure are also available at the WFTV website.
    WFTV Video: Investigators Talk About Casey Anthony Case
    Video Summary:
    At a press conference on Tuesday several investigators talked about the Casey Anthony case. (07/12/11)

  49. cali patti says:

    My oldest works for a company that trucks carry a sticker that says, “Character Matters.”
    When I have been alone and considered taking a short cut, for lack of a better word, I always asked myself, “If I was being watched what would I do?”
    It seems like image was important to the Anthonys but not character. That image they put out there is what I think has confused so many people and helped her get off.

  50. Redrelaxed says:

    Afternoon Folks!

    Haven’t had a chance to look at the LE team video yet, but will have a peek later. I adore Geraldo Bloise, he’s such a cutie pie, love his accent! Thank you for posting that Nan, will give me something substantial to watch when I can’t sleep later on tonight.

    The A’s are over the top, that’s a given. Family dynamics are really a fascinating study and the Anthony’s are in a class by themselves. I tend to think that over the years George grew to feel inferior to Cindy as he admitted in his suicide note, “she was always smarter, worked harder…” Cindy rubbed Jo Jo’s nose in it. George was walking on egg shells around those two women in that household, and he was ashamed of himself so he put up with it.

    Cindy met George in the hospital she was working in and wanted him right then and there because his family had big bucks. She had the expectation that her life would be far grander with George, not harder. Well George didn’t quite turn out to be what she imagined him to be. She pushed him to go into business with his father and to quit LE. They went bankrupt. I think instead of taking some responsibility for the mess, Cindy blamed George, and of course, George being a passive agressive personality, did what he did over the years to even the score, at least in his mind.

    Lee just tried to stay out the way, just like he did during the trial. He did his duty as a son and brother, but wasn’t all that emotionally invested like his OTT folks.

    George knew Casey was stealing from her mother, not working and morphing into a lying Florida Girl Gone Wild. I think Casey was THE big problem in that household for a host of reasons. She played George and Cindy off against the other for her own gain and best interest. Casey never put Caylee’s needs ahead of own, or anyone else’s for that matter.

    Caylee was Casey’s meal ticket. Period. Why work when you can pretend to?

    The tension in that household must have been unbearable. Cindy, the martyr working her butt off day in and day out supporting her disappointing dud husband and her sociopathic tramp daughter. Caught she was in a vicious cycle of criticizing/ enabling this daughter who she had desperately idealized to be just like her. This daughter who couldn’t stand her mother who used HER hard earned money as a club, the hypocrisy flowing and tasting bitter as she’s forced to take more responsibility of little Caylee Marie whom she never wanted. Dear ol’ Dad is merely tolerated as a has been who’s there to rotate the tires and mow the grass.

    Richard Grund has plenty to say about the Cindy factor in that household. “What Cindy wanted done, got done, and she ruled the roost”. I mean seriously the woman has a few screws loose… she’s got a 20 year old daughter who’s had a child and is engaged to Jesse and while her and George are trying to patch things up they get home from a dinner date to find Jesse, Casey and Caylee ON TOP of the bed, fully CLOTHED having a snuggle moment and she goes ballistic on Jesse. Really Cindy? She’s an out of control freak.

    One thing I believe is that George and Cindy thought that little Caylee would heal their miserable lives and give them a reason to put up with each other. By all appearances she was the light and love of their lives. They underestimated this new kind of monster living under their roof, growing more hateful and resentful minute by minute. Casey killed that child to spite her mother and get on with HER life. She never intended to get pregnant, Caylee was an accident, and as Cindy told her often, “Caylee was the best mistake you ever gave ME”.

    I think Jesse and Richard Grund will have the best book, and I’ll buy that one.


  51. nan11 says:

    Here is a link to the lawsuite filed by Texas EquuSearch. It states that they are ‘demanding’ a trial by jury.

    WFTV’s link for this wasn’t working, so I had to go over to CF News 13 to find it. 😕

    CF News 13 – Lawsuit: Texas EquuSearch Suing Casey
    Signed by: Marc A. Wites, Wites & Kapetan, P.A.

  52. snoopysleuth says:

    Nan11, that is interesting Yuri used the word, ‘they.’

    I heard something interesting on CNN Prime from a caller. She said that wherever Caylee went, she took her Mama doll. Caylee’s Mama was found in the car seat when the Pontiac was retrieved.
    Why would Casey drive around in the car with the doll still in the car seat until she abandoned the vehicle at Amscot? Tony’s room mate’s girlfriend testified that she and her boyfriend rode in the back seat of Casey’s car after June 16th and did not smell anything. Wouldn’t the car seat and doll have taken up room in the back? Did Casey take the car seat and doll out and then put it back in before she ditched the car. There are things that do not make any sense here.

  53. nan11 says:

    Red: I enjoyed some of the wonderful ‘insight’ you shared in your comment at 8:09 pm. 😉

    I’ll add the links for the whole news conference, in case you have time later on. It’s reassuring in that it reinforces the effort that these devoted professionals put forth for Caylee Marie Anthony, the tiny beauty. Somehow, it made me feel like the whole world hadn’t suddenly gone crazy.

    PRESS CONFERENCE: Sheriff Investigators On Casey Case Pt. 1
    Video Summary
    (Part 1) Investigators who worked on the Casey Anthony case held a press conference on Tuesday. (07/12/11)

    PRESS CONFERENCE: Sheriff Investigators On Casey Case Pt. 2″
    Video Summary
    (Part 2) Investigators who worked on the Casey Anthony case held a press conference on Tuesday. (07/12/11)

  54. snoopysleuth says:

    Nan11, I am not sure that Tim Miller will win that case. He should be suing Cindy. She is the one who called Tim to search for an alive Caylee. I notice that Mark NeJame is not representing Tim with this one. Tim wants a jury trial and I believe (it was some hard to read the print) he wants to charge Casey with fraud. I do not believe that Tim can use Baez’ opening statement as it is not classed as evidence and Baez had immunity when he made the statement. I would love to see Tim win this one but be may have a tough time doing it.

  55. nan11 says:

    Snoopy: I know. Yuri’s comment has my head spinning a bit. I’m sure he chose the word ‘they’ carefully. 😉

    Here are a couple of links for Maria Kissh. The first one I haven’t reviewed in a while, but the transcribed part is her actual trial testimony. I found most of these young people were no longer clear on the events of June 2008, but three years is a long time.

    Taped Transcript of Maria Kissh Interview on July 17, 2008

    WFTV RAW VIDEO: Day 13 In Casey Anthony Murder Trial, Part 6
    At about 12:26 minutes in:
    Frank George: The times that you knew, for the weeks that you spent acquainted with Miss Anthony; did you ever have the occasion to ride in her car?
    Maria Kissh: Yes, sir.
    Frank George: When was that?
    Maria Kissh: I can’t remember the exact date.
    Frank George: Was it while she was staying with Clint and those guys, or was it before?
    Maria Kissh: It was while she was staying there.

    Frank George: Other than that did you ever stay, ever go in the car?
    Maria Kissh: No.
    Frank George: When you were in the car, who were you with?
    Maria Kissh: I was with Casey, obviously: Tony, and Clint.
    Frank George: Okay. Thank you very much.
    Judge Perry: Cross examination.
    Jose Baez: Good morning, ma’am.
    Maria Kissh: Good morning.
    Jose Baez: Where did you go when you—in the car?
    Maria Kissh: I believe we just went to get something to eat.
    Jose Baez: And Casey drove?
    Maria Kissh: I can’t remember who drove. It was either Casey or Tony.
    Jose Baez: And you sat in the passenger side or in the back?
    Maria Kissh: I sat in the back seat.
    Jose Baez: And when you sat in the backseat, did you smell any foul odor?
    Maria Kissh: No, sir.
    Jose Baez: And Clint was with you in the backseat?
    Maria Kissh: Yes.
    Jose Baez: And did Clint say: “Boy something stinks back here!” or anything like that?
    Maria Kissh: No, sir.
    Jose Baez: And what about Tony, did he say: “Boy, this car stinks!”
    Maria Kissh: No, sir.
    End of Quote

    Your bring up an interesting point about where was that car seat. The Pontiac Sunfire, I am sure, has a very tiny backseat, IYKWIM. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the four of them were not even in Casey’s car.

    I think the woman from the tow yard testified that a naked ‘Momma’ doll was in the car seat and there was a red and black plaid blanket there as well. That blanket never did surface anywhere.

    I think we are about to get some thunder booms. It’s raining a pour, right now; and appears dark.

  56. nan11 says:

    Snoop: It surprised me as well to read that he was requesting a trial by jury; and also that Mr. NeJame is no longer representing him.

    I know there are a lot of people saying that his odds of winning aren’t great; but neither were Casey’s. 😆

    Seriously, I hope he isn’t just throwing good money after bad–but he seems like a cautious man. My prayers are with him.

    Sorry about that link. The one WFTV has up is not linking to the correct document–but they will probably fix that shortly.

    I can blow it up, but maybe you don’t have that option?

    One last thing, do you know if Dr. Drew actually had Dominic Casey on his show. I tried to watch it last night but they just seemed to be talking about Casey and moving on and forgiving and showing pictures of the wretch and bla, bla, bla. I couldn’t stand it so I switched channels.

  57. snoopysleuth says:

    FYI~~OMG, go over to Dave’s and check out his banner. The secret has been revealed…


  58. snoopysleuth says:

    Nan11, now that I have thought about it, Yuri used the word ‘they’ because he could not say ‘she’ or ‘he.’

  59. margaret says:

    IMO this trial was loss because the jury would not or could not take the time to cosider all the facts. For them to try to excuse their behavior is only making them sound worse than they already are. There is no excuse!!!!!!! Now I hear certain newsmen and lawyers saying Baez did such a remarkable job. Baez and Mason got lucky with the sloppiest jury I have ever heard of. They did nothing but lie as much as their lying client did. I don’t blame the jurors, I would not want anyone to know I let a killer go free either.Disgusting.

  60. Redrelaxed says:

    In George’s deposition with the FBI (the one he didn’t want Cindy to know about) he stated that Casey had borrowed her mother’s car during the 31 days Caylee was really missing and or drowned and or with Zanny, and left her Pontiac in the driveway so George could do some work on it, or he alluded to that. Also Casey was hanging with Tony at his place the week prior to June 16, as Cindy was home on vacation with Caylee. Maria Kissh isn’t sure of the date they were in Casey’s car. Could have been Cindy’s car? Okay, I vote we all write a chapter and compile our own book! Lol…What shall we call it?

    Thank you Nan for all the LE interview links in one spot! Mucho appreciated! Have I told you how wonderful you are today?

    After Casey’s verdict and trial anything is possible! Tim Miller might get his resources back for being bamboozled by the A’s! Looks like he’s got all the bases covered that’s for sure. Go Tim Miller, I’m rooting for you all the way.

  61. snoopysleuth says:

    Hello Margaret and Red! Take a look at the following. It seems that Casey was credited with 412 days served by mistake and the error is irreversible.


  62. Redrelaxed says:

    Hey Snoopy,
    I’ve missed you girl!
    Did you send the gull on a mission to Florida to chit on Casey when she’s released on Sunday?
    That’s supposed to be good luck, but she doesn’t need more.
    Doesn’t it just figure she’d get another break?!
    Just watched the LE interviews, and they are and were the consummate professionals in their areas of expertise. All of them. What a bitter pill for them to have to swallow after three years.

  63. nan11 says:

    J: This is totally off-topic, but it’s a brief update on baby Kate. New details have emerged concerning the young couple’s argument and it doesn’t makes things look hopeful.

    Ariel, Kate’s mom, said that Sean doesn’t yell. The argument was more like a ‘disagreement.’ Have you ever heard of people who never seem angry but fire burns deep within their souls? I hope I’m wrong.
    Mother of missing Ludington ‘Baby Kate’ says adoption discussed, paternity test planned on day baby disappeared

    By Heather Lynn Peters | The Muskegon Chronicle
    Updated: Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 11:04 PM
    “He was trying to convince me not to (get the paternity test and tell his parents). That’s what we were arguing about,” she said.
    …she decided she would take the baby to the DNA appointment, without Phillips.
    “I walked around [the vehicle] to get Kate at first and then thought I would get the stroller (from inside her apartment) first, ” she said. “It’s a block or two away. I was just going to take the stroller and walk up there with her.”
    As Courtland went to retrieve the stroller, Phillips drove off with the baby, she said.
    Courtland didn’t press Phillips during Sunday’s visit about the baby’s whereabouts because she says it’s never generated any information before.
    “Every time we talk about Kate, he wants to leave,” she said.
    End of Quote

  64. nan11 says:

    This is the 2nd part of Greta’s interview with the jury foreperson. It’s very hard for me to listen to or read, so I won’t comment except to say that if anyone wants to check it out–here is the link. 😐

    Fox News with Greta Van Susteren – Exclusive: ‘It Disgusted Us’ – Casey Anthony Foreman Reveals What Happened Inside the Deliberation Room, Part 2
    Published July 12, 2011 | On the Record | On the Record

  65. nan11 says:

    The little check forgin’; media luvin’ juror scores herself an interview on Anderson Cooper 360.

    VIDEO: CNN’s Gary Tuchman speaks with Jennifer Ford one of the juror’s in the Casey Anthony trial

  66. Amber from Maryland says:

    Thanks for all of the pointers. I really hope that Baby Kate can be found in good health. If Sean is in the military, why doesn’t his commanding officer check into what happened to Baby Kate? Surely this is not good publicity for his unit.

  67. Redrelaxed says:

    Morning Snoop & Everyone,

    Babies having babies. I’ve estimated that this mother had their first child Haley at 14.

    Only Baby Kate’s clothes found thus far. Blood on a tree trunk, tire tracks, foot print, lots of coyotes in the area. DNA tests on order recently for child support. Phillips wanted to give the child up for adoption. Afraid to tell his parents he was the father of yet another child. Not looking too positive since this father isn’t saying anything except the baby is alive. I’m thinking not so much.
    Fighting over whose turn it is to buy diapers?

  68. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I guess this is the price we pay for blogging. We helpd set that killer free. 😦

    Trial Consultants, Inc.
    For instance, when the blogs started attacking George Anthony, Singer and her team took notice and encouraged the defense to beef up their attacks on the defendant’s father.

    “We had to know how much to blame George,” she said. Similarly, bloggers “loved” Cindy Anthony until she took credit for the chloroform searches and then began to turn on the defendant’s mother. At that point, Singer’s team “distanced ourselves” from her and encouraged Baez to take a watered-down position in closing arguments that “at least she had some sort of maternal instinct.”
    End of Quote

    This post is my opinion only.

  69. kas says:

    I’m starting to get the impression Jennifer Ford feels an acute need to explain herself.

    Also, she doesn’t seem to grasp that every time she speaks, she merely underscores that she did not understand basic Juror Instructions. Not something I’d want to “just make sure everyone understood”. We do, Jen. We do.

  70. nan11 says:

    Snoop: The hearing for baby Kate’s father (possible kidnapper or worse) has been postponed until August 3, 2011.

    If you get a chance, listen to the video at the bottom of the link. I believe Sean’s lawyer even represented Ariel, Kate’s mom, in the past.

    Something really doesn’t add up. They quarreled over adoption/DNA issues around 1:00 pm. By 1:17 pm Ariel had call law enforcement. Sean was spotted alone at the ‘Wendy’s’ counter around 1:15 pm. and I think they arrested him at his parents home around 4:00 pm that same day.

    Even if baby Kate was in the car alone while he got something to eat, it still gives him a small window of opportunity. My understanding is that there has been massive ground searches in the area. Also, they are apparently searching for Ariel’s cell phone, which she left in the car when she went to get the stroller for Kate.

    Ariel goes to visit him in jail–he is refusing to see his parents. He refuses to answer any questions about Kate and will walk away if Ariel questions him. Yet, she stands by him and it seems like she has helped him get a lawyer.

    I don’t think she realizes that he may have harmed their baby.
    Preliminary hearing postponed until Aug. 3 in Ludington missing ‘Baby Kate’ case
    Updated: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 4:20 PM
    The preliminary hearing, scheduled for 11:15 a.m. Wednesday, was rescheduled after Phillips’ attorney, Annette Smedley, said she had not had time to review all police reports in the case.
    End of Quote

  71. nan11 says:

    Kas: I think Jennifer Ford loves, loves, loves all the media attention. Besides the bad checks, this appears to be something else she has in common with Miss Anthony.

    She can’t stop talking because she can’t get enough of herself.

  72. kas says:

    Nan11: Oh yes. Jennifer Ford: Jury Duty= Act of Heroism (so compensate me, damn it!!)

  73. nan11 says:

    They are trying to depos Miss Anthony before she leaves the state. Good luck to them.
    Attorney Wants Casey Anthony Deposed In Civil Suit
    The motion filed Wednesday asks that Anthony be required to attend a deposition on July 19 or sometime before Sunday’s scheduled release from the Orange County Jail. Anthony was acquitted last week of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. She was found guilty of four counts of lying to police, but with time served and good behavior credits, she won’t serve out her four-year sentence.
    End of Quote

  74. nan11 says:

    J: This write-up is more on the humorous side. But check out the video–do you suppose this is Mrs. Baez?
    Fleeting meeting with Casey Anthony counsel
    Article by: C.J. , Star Tribune – Updated: July 12, 2011 – 9:21 AM

  75. nan11 says:

    No worries for the foreperson and Ms. Ford–this will only come into effect after their lot has faded into the sunset. Such a fine example they have set. 😆

    After Anthony juror media shake-down, Randolph wants to ban pay-for-interviews
    — posted by aaron deslatte on July, 13 2011 2:14 PM
    The Orlando Democrat [state Rep. Scott Randolph] plans to hold a press conference about the legislation Thursday with local defense attorney Mark NeJame, and said in a release that the aim was “to prevent jurors from receiving compensation or monetary benefit in exchange for supplying information related to the trial after discharge.”
    End of Quote

  76. margaret says:

    Nan11, I agree with you, this juror is having the time of her life. Wonder how much she has been paid for her excuses. The big question today is What will Casey do when she is released. I think Casey future plans include Baez and when Baez has no more use for Casey, that is when the real Casey will emerge again. I wish those jurors had to take a polygraph. That Richard whoever, the jury consultant came out of the woodwork last night on one of the shows. He is connected to Linda Kenny Baden and she has suddenly disapeared off HLN. The two jurors who are talking so much must have been the leaders of the others. There is something not right here. Imo in a little time George will be gone and CINDY AND cASEY will be best buds again, because neither of them have anyone else. I wonder how Cindy brother Rick feels about this.

  77. nan11 says:

    Ms. Fryer may stand tall and tell us that Casey Anthony is not a monster; but Ms. Fryer, who graduated top of her class, surely does not expect that her statement will be believed. 😉
    One more thing, notice during the trial it was said she was working for Cheney Mason, now apparently it is disclosed that she is an ‘intern’ to Judge Eaton, WESH legal analyst. 😐
    Casey Anthony: She’s not a monster, young attorney says
    — posted by halboedeker on July, 13 2011 6:36 PM
    And a hearing will be held at 10 a.m. Friday on attorney John Morgan’s motion to depose Anthony before she leaves jail on Sunday. “Morgan says they fear Anthony will disappear when she’s released,” WESH’s Kealing reported.
    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer predicted that Anthony either “will assert a Fifth Amendment privilege or she’s just going to say, ‘I’m not talking to you about this at all and good luck with getting a money damage and then super good luck on collecting.’ ”
    The Florida Bar Association also is looking into complaints against Anthony defense attorneys Jose Baez and Cheney Mason, WFTV reported. A former attorney in South Florida complained about Mason’s “flipping the bird” at a celebration of Anthony’s acquittal, anchor Salt said. The Bar is looking at at Chief Judge Belvin Perry’s allegations that Baez intentionally violated court orders.
    End of Quote

    If Tim does nothing but irritate that bunch, I’ll thank him. Go, Tim, Go. ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘
    Casey Anthony: Cheney Mason calls Texas EquuSearch lawsuit ‘frivolous’
    — posted by halboedeker on July, 13 2011 3:41 PM
    Charles Greene, Anthony’s civil attorney, told News 13’s Adam Longo: “This isn’t the first time that a group has come forward with its hand out.” Greene said he will file a motion to have the case dismissed quickly, Longo added.
    End of Quote

  78. nan11 says:

    Well, looky here folks. Ms. Sims managed to find time to get herself all gussied-up to appear on the national TV shows. I wonder if she fixed the dang flat spot that she had persistently in the back of her head during trial?
    Casey Anthony: Dorothy Clay Sims sports a new look
    — posted by halboedeker on July, 13 2011 9:31 AM
    Van Susteren said she was troubled by the word compassion in relation to Casey Anthony.
    End of Quote

    Now, I don’t know what to make of this. Those kids got the shock of their lives on July 15/16th, 2008; but their memories were sorely lacking during trial. I do suspect that this book may have some very interesting ‘details’ that they were saving. It may gain some sort of ‘cult’ following amongst the college crowd, though.
    Casey Anthony: Tony Lazzaro is shopping a book
    — posted by halboedeker on July, 13 2011 9:01 AM
    The focus? “The interaction that the roommates had with Casey around that 31-day period” after Caylee went missing, the source said. “It’s going to be a must-read. It’s going to be insane.”
    End of Quote

  79. nan11 says:

    Margaret: Yes, even Rick’s ex-wife came out of the woodwork for awhile. I hope they all mend their bridges and find some kind of peace.

    Casey-I hope the media lets her go far, far away and that her ugly face is not inflicted upon the general public day after day. This is a little lady that got away with a heinous, atrocious, and cruel murder, a murder in the first degree.

    A 34 month old baby named Caylee Marie will never receive justice–I hope the jury is proud. After all, they did their ‘civic’ duty. 😦

  80. margaret says:

    O.K. no more Joy Behar for me. It has just been announced that Mrs Simms will be on tonight. What are they doing ? Taking turns or Baez planning to debut miss anthony to the highest bidder.

  81. snoopysleuth says:

    Hi folks~just to let you now that I am taking a break for a couple days. Carry on and enjoy.

  82. Laurali says:

    Nan~ You said- Jonathon: I guess this is the price we pay for blogging. We helpd set that killer free. 😦

    IMO it is to bad Jose is not smart enough to come up with his own opening and closing statements. No wonder he had his phone in hand during the trial.

    George should be grateful for Caylee’s Law but I think it is time they all just shut up! They all have lied or aided Casey in the murder and cover up. jmo Oh and Tony Please don’t write a book! No one cares what Casey did in those 31 days. She did not mother her child or protect her child from the elements. Move on with your life.

  83. nan11 says:

    Snoop–Nice to see you, if even for a minute. 😉

    If anything important happens, I’ll link us up as soon as I hear.

  84. nan11 says:

    Laurali: I wasn’t surprised to read that. So many times during his opening statemnt, especially–I thought that he had implemented some of the ‘strategies’ that had been discussed on the various blogs/forums.

    I didn’t realize that he would have a slew of jury consultants out there doing it for the ‘team’, though.

    I guess they used us for ‘sounding boards’–can’t say I liked that too much. 😕

    Well said about Tony and his book idea.

  85. Newbie says:

    Well, I am still stuck on the fact that a person in the system for bad checks can serve on a jury. What kind of respect for the law has that person shown.
    AND, these statements from jurors that all they had was circumstantial……huh?
    As far as Tony, what a joke. During his testimony he was smug and flippant while stating that he and Casey just stayed in bed all day. Yuck, …..how immature…..I would say loser.

    I hope all of those who visit this blog boycott the shows that have appearances of jurors, defense team members and others associated with this case I hope all books or movies regarding this case are also boycotted.
    My thought right now is how I wish the Ms. (C M A) had broke her neck instead of her tooth.

  86. Newbie says:


    I think I will call Casey Ms. Graceful from now on.

    I hope I am not so nasty tomorrow.

  87. Laurali says:

    Margaret~ I watched a few minutes of Joy. Joy asked Ms. Simms if she would allow Casey to babysit her children. (roflmao) Of course Ms. Simms explained her children were grown. Said something about grandchildren so Joy asked her if she would allow Casey to babysit grandchildren (again roflmao). Ms. Simms never said yes or no but her body language said he!! no!

    Ms. Simms talked about how she got to know Casey and some other b.s. All the guards at the jail liked her and some more blah blah blah. My take on the jail guards who in the heck talks about jail guards and baby sitting in the same sentence? I do not want someone recommended by the county jail to baby sit for me. jmo

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