We, the jury…..


If the truth was made known, we may have found out that the 12 jurors and 5 alternates had built up resentment before they ever ventured to Orlando.

How would any of us like it if a Judge and lawyers descended upon the county we live in and forced us to serve on a jury in another county? The defendant lived in a wealthier county and the crime was committed there. Why should we have to leave our home and families and put up with being sequestered in hotels? How would you like to have a deputy waiting outside a cubicle when nature called? How about the long hours we spent at the courthouse during jury selection? We were herded in and out like cattle and stood for hours while a couple gray haired dudes, a mitigating dudess and an aggrevating dumb looking clown smiled at us while asking his stupid questions.

How about having to get permission from our place of employ to see if they would pay us in our absense?
Orange County gave us a pittance of $30, thirty dollars a day for serving on the jury. Big deal! It cost more than that to board out my pet hamster while I was away.

Why should we the jury have to decide the fate of someone who does not reside in our county?

The judge wanted to pick a jerked off county where he felt people did not hear about Casey Anthony? Did he figure that the people in Pinellas County were deaf, dumb and blind? Hey we have tv’s and running water.

Yes we will liberate us so we can get back home.

Well, we will show them. “not guilty, not guilty, not guilty. Surprise!”

Oops, I think we were supposed to deliberate. So that is what the fuss is all about now.

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  1. one4truth says:

    Well written article…………………it’s mindboggling to read this and then read all the senseless blogs stating that say our jury system works…………………..WHAT A JOKE!! And some wonder why the public outcry is so LOUD……………………… I watched Dateline tonight and heard mindless chatter (blah, blah, blah) from jurors. It was obvious they were frustrated and wanted to get home……….

  2. knight owl says:

    Doesn’t matter what county you live in, when a child has been murdered and your sequestered why would you not want to be a juror to fight for this dead child that cannot fight for herself and put away the one who murdered her? The 12 juror’s were in my opinion a total disgrace. They may have gotten paid only $30 a day pay, but they also got nice hotel, nice dinners, dessert cart coming around to accomodate them and Judge Perry made sure they got entertainment as he said more than once i think your gonna like the entertainment planned for you tonite. What did the juror’s do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING~~ They were too lazy and too busy wanting to just get back home and could have cared less about seeking out Justice for this baby as that would have meant doing some actual work. Now they will all eventually be coming out of the woodwork to get paid for being on media shows and so on, just like everyone else we have seen that have taken blood money from the back of Caylee Anthony, an innocent baby. Caylee Marie not only got murdered by her own Mother and throw away like trash but she got thrown away by the dumb selfish 12 juror’s that paid no attention to the actual facts in this case. Might have well all been knitting or reading while the trial was going on. These juror’s were dumber than a box of dirt.

  3. Annie says:

    Good Morning Jon: Just wondering if my family decides to see Canada in the fall, Can we meet someplace for lunch? Just bought a new computer last night and have not got my e-mail up yet, so I don’t have your personal e-mail back yet. You can use mine for now.

  4. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Thanks for the new post. Since the jury has led us into the rabbit hole that Mr. Ashton warned us about, a little humor might help to lead us out. Bless you for trying. 😉

    Here is a link to an absolutely brilliantly written article by Marcia Clark, whom I’ve discovered a new respect for. It is long and the piece I have quoted is from the end; however, it is worth taking the time to read.

    She doesn’t have the answers because; of course, there are none. But at the very least she validates the questions. 😕

    The Daily Beast: Casey Jury Brainwash
    Author: MARCIA CLARK
    And by the way, what about that duct tape? How did the jury get around that one? Here’s what Ms. Ford said:

    “In our country unfortunately we have to prove it…it smells bad, looks bad, yeah I get that. But it’s someone else’s life and if I’m wrong, I can’t live with that.”

    In other words: no answer. I said it early on in this case and I’ll say it again: that duct tape was the murder weapon. No innocent explanation—that is, any viable one—was ever produced. And the jury never found one either. Nevertheless, they bought the defense and acquitted Casey Anthony, who most surely killed that child.

    That’s what I can’t live with.
    End of Quote

    (There is only one relatively small picture of Miss Anthony and the attys to get through.)

  5. nan11 says:

    J: This link contains no pictures of the “A” clan or their attys. It’s just a few short words about and by a forensic science professor, the bug guy–who did his best for Caylee Marie Anthony.

    It was not his best that fell short, in my opinion. 😦

    WLFI 18: Professor stands by his evidence in Casey Anthony trial
    Sub-Heading: Dr. Haskell “shocked” by verdict
    Updated: Saturday, 09 Jul 2011, 12:08 AM EDT
    “Based on my insect evidence, that that little girl’s dead body was in the trunk of the car for, two, three, four days. And that’s all I can say. But, if you’re driving the car around, might you have some connection with that death? Yeah,” said Haskell.
    End of Quote

  6. nan11 says:

    😳 Sorry, everyone. The link in my comment at 10:35 am does not seem to be working. Hoepfully the one below will–apologies for the inconvenience.

    Professor stands by his evidence in Casey Anthony trial
    Sub-Heading: Dr. Haskell “shocked” by verdict
    Updated: Saturday, 09 Jul 2011, 12:08 AM EDT

  7. Vicky says:

    J – I hope every judge in the country takes notice of this case, including the US Supreme Court. Obviously, pretrial publicity does not prejudice a jury, but sequestration for a long period does. If this case does not prove it, nothing will.
    I am now of the opinion that our system of education has failed miserably when it comes to providing a basic understanding of the Constitution, along with its history, and teaching people deductive reasoning.
    It is really sad to know that a child (one or the most vulnerable members of society) can disappear and if someone reports it, that the child’s fate whether it is found or not becomes secondary to the freedom of parent. No eye witness, no crime. No weapon, no crime. No cause of death (skeletal remains in a dump don’t count), no crime. No remorse, no crime. Our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves.
    We can only hope that this verdict will serve to teach potential jurors the true meaning of reasonable doubt, rather than providing a blueprint for murder to future parents who have grown tired of then responsibility of parenthood.

  8. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Here are links to two separate petitions, if anyone is looking for them. I’m not sure if you would appreciate me adding these links to you blog–so please feel free to delete them.

    Canadians can sign them, too; although I’m not sure if our signatures would be counted in the actual tally for action. 😉

    Petition: Jose Baez Needs To Be Held Accountable For His Actions

    Petition For The Federal Government To Prosecute Casey Anthony

    Also, I’ll stick this in here. It is from WESH and the write-up about the ‘young mother’ is offensive; however, if you just read the headline and my quote below you will will capture the message.

    My two cents: they should keep that tape sealed. That’s not the tape of an innocent little mother crying over her baby’s untimely death. If they want things to calm down and tolerance to set in–the media should back off this–MOO.
    WESH: Tape Of Casey’s Remains Reaction May Be Released
    Sub-Heading: Judge Previously Ordered Video Be Sealed
    The motion argues that although the video was originally ruled to be highly inflammatory if it was released, because the trial is completed there is no risk of prejudice to the defendant’s right to a fair trial.
    End of Quote

  9. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Nan

    Thank you so much for the pointers to the excellent articles on Marcia Clark and Neal Haskell. Both articles reaffirmed to me my belief that Casey had something to do with her daughter’s death. I am still not positive whether it was first degree murder or a tragic (and punishable) accident caused by her incredible lack of good judgement if she put a chloroformed baby in the trunk instead of finding a reliable babysitter or staying home however unpleasant her home life may have been. I can well believe everything Marcia said about the effects of sequestration on a jury but I don’t know if there were any viable alternatives. I think it is natural that we want to look for someone or something to blame because none of us agree with the verdict that the jury rendered. I can’t blame the jury because they did not have access to all of the evidence we saw before, during and after the trial and whether it was group dynamics or some other factor they didn’t look at things they saw and heard at trial the way we did. I can’t blame George and Cindy although I think that they both told lies which obviously influenced the jury to believe or disbelieve their testimony and although they were downright malicious and nasty in the way that they treated a lot of innocent people including Jesse Grund because they were in an impossible situation once they found and smelled the car. I can’t blame Roy Kronk because he was a good citizen who established the premise that no good deed goes unpunished. I can’t blame the prosecution because they did the best job they possibly could have done and they did an outstanding job.

    After again seeing Tracy McLoughlin on TV last night describing her days in the Anthony home I know even more surely than before that Casey was lying about George finding the body. However, George’s behavior, including the scornful way he laughed and refered to River Cruz during his trial testimony, might have been enough to make me discount all of his testimony if I only had the information about him that was presented to the jury at the trial. I certainly do not blame George for the defense victory because he did provide information to the poilce and grand jury. I think he was honest in the beginning when other members of the family were not. This was a horrible situation in which there were no winners.

    So Casey was found “not guilty.” None of us agree with the verdict. However, none of us would want to walk in Casey’s shoes for even one minute between now and the end of her life.

  10. nan11 says:

    Amber: I quote: “if she put a chloroformed baby in the trunk instead of finding a reliable babysitter”.

    I assume we agree the baby, Caylee Marie Anthony, died. I wish we had a right to see the pictures of her remains, which the jury did. Jeff Ashton said they leave no doubt as to the purpose of the duct tape.

    However, I digress. As death was the result of your above statement, I believe the crime is felony murder–child abuse. This is considered to be murder in the first degree and punishable with LWOP or the death penalty. No one is forced to vote for the death penalty.

    I agree that none of the Anthony’s assisted her in any way with the murder, only the cover-up.

    There are no winners?–I’m not so sure about that. Watch Baez’ career soar. (And Dorothy Sims and all the rest.) As for Casey, I think we kid ourselves. She has no conscience–she does not care what happened to her daughter. If she doesn’t reoffend, she will move forward and do just fine. (All my opinion only.)

  11. knight owl says:

    This was not a complicated case to figure out. Prosecutor’s couldn’t have laid it out better as they made sure in their closing arguments they covered it all again from start to finish in laymen’s terms that made it simple enough for anyone. These juror’s were just dense minded and i fully believe did not want to do the work going over evidence. Even though the State does not have to prove motive nor a murder weapon, they did so anyway, but that went straight over these juror’s heads as well. Murder weapon was clearly the duct tape considering where it was placed over the air ways so no breath was possible through the nose or mouth as Jeff Ashton told them. Motive was shown clearly through video tapes of Casey partying for 31 days, and Tony Lazarro’s testimony of Casey during that time laying up in the bed with him. Her getting the bella vita beautiful life tatoo while her baby was missing. No fingerprints, well did the jury not hear this child was out in this swamp for six months, through all kinds of bad weather and heat, and animals chewing on her bones and burying them. I guess not. Did the jury not hear that Cindy Anthony cleaned the car? She even told on the witness stand she sprayed a whole can of febreeze in the trunk. I guess that went right over the top of these juror’s heads too.

    What these juror’s only listened to was the BS Baez floated them in opening statement that made absolutely not a lick of sense. They listened to him accuse with no proof George Anthony and Lee Anthony of molestation, Notice how Baez jumped from Casey was molested at the age of 8 by her Father to now she was 13 and had her Father’s penis in her mouth and off to school to play with the kids like nothing had happened. Baez screwed up there as he forgot he said 8 years old before. shows a lie when you do this. Roy Kronk accused of moving this body and being morally bankrupt with no proof to provide these juror’s of that, they saw the defense lie and accuse Law enforcement of doing a shoddy job as well as accusing them of a conspiracy. The big photo the juror’s were shown of the back of a girl with her hand up on the sliding glass door and the door partially open, did they really look at that picture? No because had they, that child would be the age caylee would be today 6 years old or 7, way too tall for a two and a half year old toddler. Baez even said, now what are the odd’s we would have this photo to show you, the odds were this photo was photoshopped to appear to be Caylee but a bad photoshop job. The juror’s saw directly after this photo pictures of cindy and Caylee on the ladder and getting in the pool. Had the juror’s been paying attention, they could have clearly seen how small Caylee was in those photos compared to the one at the sliding glass door.

    The sunshine law needs to be thrown out. It is a ridiculous law as it put’s everything out for the public to see and the media to run with, and then the Judge has to sequester juror’s somewhere he thinks they have not paid attention to this case. So throw that law out NOW.

    A child killer is back on the streets because Baez and Mason were allowed to tell lies on anyone and everyone with no proof circumstantial or othewise and just invent a scenario of what happened verses one that should have not been allowed to float with not a single thread of proof shown to anyone during this whole trial. A child killer is back on the streets also due to in my opinion we had whiiney lazy juror’s that did not want to work. Judge Perry flew through this trial as fast as he could due to whiney juror’s, to get them out of there fast as possible and the fact he felt he had to do this speaks volumes of how selfish and ME, ME, ME our citizens have become. Remember the one guy had tickets to a game, judge perry had to promise to get him more tickets, i read one woman juror had cruise tickets for july 7th, so if that is true then she didn’t want to take time to deliberate because she most likely would have missed the cruise. Again ME, ME,. ME mentality instead of we have a dead baby here and we need to be sure we work hard to make the right decision for justice for the baby and the potential killer off the streets. sorry this is so long but it is my last vent on this case.

  12. knight owl says:

    Well maybe not my last rant. lol.

  13. nan11 says:

    knight owl: Well, it’s a well said rant. I agree with every point, as I do with your comment at 2:45 am. 😆

    Here is a short video and a write-up that shows the beautiful resort Judge Perry arranged for them to stay in. We can all rest assured that they were very well treated.

    WKMG by Tony Pipitone: Casey Anthony Jurors Went To Dinner, Saw Movies
    Sub-Heading: Court Spokeswoman Gives Insight Into Lives Of Jurors

  14. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I’m not sure if we have any Linda Drane-Burdick fans (besides myself), but here are links to a couple of articles on her.

    This one also has a little video embedded in it that shows a few glimpses of a young and very beautiful Linda Drane:
    CBS Pittsburgh: Mother Of Casey Anthony Prosecutor Reacts To Verdict

    And this one is an article only with some quotes from other members and relatives of her family.
    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Prosecutor in Casey Anthony case makes A-K family proud
    By Tom Yerace
    But the attention was starting to be a distraction as the trial wound down, with people at the supermarket starting to recognize her from TV and publications.

    “I told her to put her hair in a pony tail , wear a hat and put on dark glasses,” Cindy Drane said.
    End of Quote

  15. Sherry says:

    Vicky sez:
    No eye witness, no crime. No weapon, no crime. No cause of death (skeletal remains in a dump don’t count), no crime. No remorse, no crime.

    No DNA, no conviction. Sadly, DNA evidence has become a two-edged sword.

    Knight Owl, that was a good rant. It said it all, imo.

    I believe we need to have jurors write out why they came to the verdict they did for the judge’s perusal before the verdict is read so that there is an understanding of the judge’s instructions and an understanding of what reasonable doubt is.

    The jurors came to their decision based on an unproven theory spewed by the defense.
    If alleged murderers can get acquitted based on theoretical fantasies, then our entire justice system has collapsed. It’s that simple. ~ Bill O’Reilly

    Good News and Bad news in the Anthony Verdict

  16. Frankie says:

    Jonathan, I see your point about the jury but as adults they should have realized how serious this was and deliberated longer. I think errors occurred right from the judge the lawyers and then the jury. It bothered me that the judge was more concerned about the jury than giving the case enough time to cover all that needed to be presented. He made the state accept jurors that they did not want. He made sure everyone knew that one of the jurors had a cruise to get to. He should have a schedule but he seemed to rush everything. The state didn’t use a lot of the witnesses that they could have. The defense I can’t even talk about without feeling like barfing. Same goes for the lying parents. You are right,the jury just wanted to go home the lazy tools.
    To Jon or anyone who might know. Did each juror have their own room in the hotel or did they double up? Did someone watch them 24-7 in each room? I’m just curious. I wonder if one of the jurors was more verbal and tried to convince the others in the jury room. Someone that might have been a plant to make sure everyone felt the same.

  17. nan11 says:

    Sherry: Here is another article in the same vein. Sadly, it makes one want to scream out the injustice that this jury called justice. 😦

    Casey Anthony prosecutor responds to juror remark
    “I did not say she was innocent,” said Ford, who had previously only been identified as juror number 3. “I just said there was not enough evidence. If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be.”

    Speaking to CNN, Ashton said the jury “shouldn’t have been even considering punishment during the guilt phase.”
    End of Quote

  18. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Here is a little positive news. It looks like “Caylee’s Law” will become a reality. 😀
    Orlando Sentinel: South Florida legislator crafts ‘Caylee’s Law’
    Hager’s proposal, which he said he would call “Caylee’s Law,” would apply in situations where the parent knew or should have known that the child was in likely danger. He said he is still working with staff to determine what punishment would be applied to the crime.
    End of Quote

  19. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I found his is a disturbing read, but I’ll link it in case others have stronger stomachs them I. 😆

    Also, consider the source.
    St. Petersburg Times: Casey Anthony juror #2 says the jury wanted to find her guilty, but the evidence ‘wasn’t there’
    By Jamal Thalji and Leonora LaPeter, Times Staff Writers
    In Print: Thursday, July 7, 2011
    The first vote was 10-2 against first-degree murder.
    The vote on Tuesday was 6-6 for manslaughter. The two sides hardened. They started talking over one another. The jury foreman calmed them all down.
    End of Quote

  20. knight owl says:

    Hi Nan, Thank you very much. I am a big fan of Linda Burdick and i am back to read all of yours and other’s post now. I was too tired from my rants to read after writing them all out. . lol. Poor little Caylee can’t seem to get a break on earth. Her mother of all people murders her and then the juror’s trample over her and let her killer mother off scott free. I will fight back with boycotting everything i find out about and no listening to shows that put the juror’s on or any movie nor book deals for the bad guys in this case.

  21. cali patti says:

    Your last pargraph says it all . I really dislike that I want Caseys life to go badly. I do believe in Karma and think my bad feelings can come back to haunt me. I am probably over thinking.

    The Jury…OMG, brains checked out and left at home, if they had one.
    I think that as Jon has said much of the defense was planned and played by Cheney Mason.
    Baez, yes he becoame well versed and educated during those three years but he lacked the polish of the prosecution. His opening became facts. Then all of his “objections” were denied leading the jury to think the Judge was not being fair to Baez. Baez even said many times that there is so much we can’t show or tell you.
    His client suddenly needed to be deemed fit for aiding the defense. IMO, that was a decoy for jury and a CYA game for attys if “fellow” attys asked about his opening. Baez can say that Casey was going to testify but changed her mind. With this group no one can decide who is lying.

    I think the jury voted in part for the poor mistreated defense team with the misunderstood client. Honestly.

  22. cali patti says:

    ps. Baez’s objections were mostly stupid ones that would not normally be said. The jury did not know that, they just saw poor Baez being shut down all the time and being picked on by the system.
    Poor new atty Baez, the old hard of hearing Mason and the women attys there to hold poor sad little Casey. Jury voted to support the defense team.
    Just throwing this out there for you all to think on.

  23. Nan11, thanks so much for all the links. I checked them all out. I noticed the jurors are trying to save face for their wrong decision. What shocks me is the average age of the jurors was around 40 to 50 years old. You would think that they had enough common sense to see that this was a murder. It was apparent that they had their heads in the sand and their main priority was wanting to make a quick decision and get back to their home. When I wrote the post for this thread, I honestly feel that a lot of truth went into it . I put the word (fiction) to cover my own butt. As a blog owner, I have to watch what I write as factual. That is why it is best to add that IMO or JMO or your MOO.

  24. knight owl says:

    Hi ya Sherry, Thank you very much. i like and agree with your post too.

  25. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: If you will tolerate a couple of more links, I will add these. :mrgreen:

    They are not videos from the Nancy Grace show, honest. They are write-ups from some interviews she gave. IMO, she does make some good points. I have quoted my favorites.

    Apparently, she was noticeably shocked after the verdict. I remember us all being frustrated with her before the trial because her news was always old. Now she is being blamed for leading the band wagon on the negative views we have on Miss Anthony. They underestimate the power of the internet.

    Well, it makes sense in a way I suppose–after all Miss Anthony’s own actions could never be the reason. (HaHaHa!)

    Also, I enjoyed Nancy’s opinion that the devil was dancing over this verdict. I had made a comment that the devil won the round–but Ms. Grace’s is much better. I don’t think we are name calling–we both mean the real McCoy.

    The Hollywood Reporter: Nancy Grace on Casey Anthony Trial: What I Should Have Done Differently
    “There were some obvious problem jurors: You had one on there with an arrest for DUI; another with an arrest for drug paraphernalia; one who, along with his sister, had beaten up their father; one juror who said she could not judge,” she told CNN. “Why the heck would you not want someone off the jury who cannot judge?”
    End of Quote

    Nancy Grace on Her Casey Anthony Coverage: ‘I Know That A Lot of People Hate Me’
    Sub-Heading: The HLN host talks to THR about her take on the trial, the public’s perception of her and what’s next.
    THR: Speaking of the jury, one of them appeared on ABC last night. She said she felt the murder was never proven, how did you feel about that?
    Grace: Well, she also said she is sick at the verdict [and] that she does not believe the mom is innocent. Look, when you walk outside of the building, and you see that there are puddles on the pavement and women are rushing by with their umbrellas and men have on their raincoats, you don’t have to see a storm to know it rained probably while you were inside. Nobody needs to tell me it, right? I can figure it out. This is a circumstantial case, and under the law, circumstantial evidence is as valid as direct evidence. That they couldn’t figure this out?
    End of Quote

  26. Well folks, it appears this case is not going to go away any time soon. I appreciate all the great comments in here. I am not going back to each and every one individually. You all do a good job conversing back and forth with each other.

    I just heard on CNN Prime that Dr Drew is going to have Dominic Casey on as a guest . I didn’t catch when it will be on so if anyone finds out, can you post it here? Dominic is supposed to talk about Caylee’s death. Since he worked for the Anthony’s as a PI, he should be able to reveal things that are not attorney/client privilege. I wonder if Baez ever paid Dominic.

  27. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Thanks for the thumbs up on the Dominic Casey interview. I wonder if it will be tonight? Last night he had on Tracy McLaughlin (boo). And I think it was the night before he had on Jesse and Mr. Grund, Sr.

    The whole video of Mr. & Mr. Grund was up on their web site and at least half of the McLaughlin interview was there. Let me know if you are interested in linkys. 😆

    Usually Dr. Drew is a repeat on weekends but I have a feeling it may not be tonight. Nancy Grace is suppose to be having a new two hour special, so maybe Dr. Drew will be a new one, too.

    If we miss it, it’s quite possible we will be able to find a video of at least some of it. 😆

  28. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Nan
    I especially liked reading the articles that you pointed out about Linda Drane Burdick’s family. Thank you for sharing so much information while we are all recovering from this tragedy.

    I think you and I agree on a lot of things with respect to this case. We both agree that Caylee Anthony died from unnatural causes and that she did not commit suicide. We both believe that Casey Anthony is in some way responsible for the fact that Caylee is no longer with us. You may believe that you know exactly how Casey killed Caylee. I think that Casey killed her but I am not sure of exactly how. I do not think that there is an interpretation of the duct tape that is favorable for the defense in establishing innocence. However, I can’t go so far as to say that Casey deliberately chose to use duct tape as a murder weapon. I think that a rational person (if there is any such thing as a rational person who would try to kill a toddler) would simply smother the child with a pillow. That would not provide incriminating evidence as duct tape would especial if our murderer were able to keep the body hidden until after it turned into a skeleton. I think that you are right that using a car trunk to baby sit a child in Florida summer weather would technically be felony homicide, i. e. first degree murder. I just can’t bring myself to think that anyone, even Casey, could have had the intent to kill or cause severe harm that I associate with first degree murder. Looking back at some of the jailhouse tapes now, I think that Casey was exceptionally immature and lacking in good values and good judgement. I am not sure one way or the other whether she had the capacity to form the intent to commit murder although you are probably right that the intent is not a necessary component of the crime.

    I think when you were young, and when all of us who are particpating in this blog were young, we had infinitely better judgement and values than Casey does now or than Casey did when whatever happened to Caylee happened. I think our standards in general were higher than the standards of the current generation. That doesn’t excuse Casey’s behavior but we can’t expect to explain her in terms of choices that we would make.

    I can understand the outrage you feel at the verdict. I am concerned because I care about the people on this blog. I care about the possible damage that the outrage and anger can do to the cardiac systems and nervous systems of those who are justifiably outraged by the verdict. Our reactions to the verdict will not hurt Casey or help Caylee. I do not think that little Caylee would want her mother to get the death penalty or even spend the rest of her life in jail. I never saw a picture of Caylee with the anger and resentment on her face that we saw on Casey’s face so often through the trial.

    I didn’t think there were any winners in this tragedy. However, I must admit that you are right that a few careers wil soar. Does that make them winners??? I agree with you that Casey probably does not have a conscience or at least she doesn’t view right and wrong in the same way that we do. Does that make her a winner??? I would never want to walk a mile in her shoes.

  29. cali patti says:

    Ok Jon, I did like your post and it makes a lot of sense. Those jurors could have been ticked off for the judge to consider them NOT versed in what was going on. There also was not enough jurors to pick from. Where were the college educated jurors?

    I disagree with people think that a person with a mild run in with the law is not a law and order person. Many people accept resonsibility for their bad actions and hold police in high regard.
    They don’t blame the courts for their bad actions.
    I think people like that juror who wasn’t able to deliberate is a tree hugger and as much as I respect the huggers they often have it wrong. Extremely ant- goverment.

    J. you have a nice day off!
    if that is what you meant.

  30. Amber from Maryland says:

    I think that I heard on HLN today that Dr. Drew would have the P.I. on his show Monday night.

    Nan, could you please give us the pointer to Mr and Mrs. Grund’s interview? I like them and I think Caylee would have been better off if Casey had married Jesse Grund and gone to live with is parents.

  31. nan11 says:

    Amber: Here it is. They did take it down from the main site, but someone posted it on youtube. I do believe the Grund’s really loved Caylee. They have too much sympathy for Casey to suit me, though. MOO 😉

    Casey’s ex on Cindy,Casey and crime

  32. Newbie says:

    Well, I have consoled myself with the belief that those who were sincere in their efforts to do “good things” after Caylee died will have peace and those whose actions were dedicated to gratify their own wants and desires will have empty, shallow lives such as Charlie Sheens.

  33. Newbie says:

    Why is Dr. Drew continuing to be involved in slime. Oh, that’s right……ratings.

  34. Amber from Maryland says:

    Thanks for the pointer. I think Jesse would have been a good father for Casey and that his parents would have been good grandparents.

  35. Amber from Maryland says:


    I agree with both of your posts above.

  36. nan11 says:

    Newbie: Yes, Mr. & Mrs. Grund and Jesse deserve only good things, I’m sure. It’s just that they seem to blame Cindy more than Casey for Casey’s actions. 😉

    I just hold Casey responsible for Casey’s actions, so I hope you will forgive me.

    A question if I may–do posting links boost their ratings? I ask this in all sincerity as I don’t wish to do anything to boost anyone’s ratings concerning their coverage of the Anthony’s.

  37. Newbie says:

    Nan, I held Casey responsible also yet those who lied, those who go for money, those who get interviewed, those who did not want to go over the evidence or give time to really deliberate, those who……oh well, attorneys, tabloids and on and on, I hope they reap what they sow.

    I don’t think ratings are boosted by blogs but I really don’t know. Anybody have the answer?

  38. nan11 says:

    I promise I’ll stop with the links. I’m just wondering about this “Jerry Springer” interview. I notice on the WESH website they still have a write-up posted (last updated at 1:02 pm EDT July 8, 2011) that states “the family will be presented with the offer shortly.” No mention of the offer being withdrawn.

    Anyway, the link below from “The Hollywood Reporter” expresses some other interesting opinions.

    How a Casey Anthony Interview Could Backfire on News Orgs
    7:36 PM 7/8/2011 by Marisa Guthrie
    Representatives for Jerry Springer denied a report on Friday that the syndicated talker offered Anthony, her parents George and Cindy Anthony, and her brother Lee Anthony, $1 million for a joint interview.
    End of Quote

  39. Newbie says:

    Is that one million what the term “blood money” applies to:?

  40. Amber, you are right. Dr Drew is having Dominic Casey on Monday night. His show comes on 10pm here so that i 9pm Orlando time.

    It seems that the bulldog, John Morgan cannot wait to depose Casey. I hear she got a subpoena to be deposed on July 19th. The lawyer, Kasen, represented Casey in the civil suit but later withdrew as her counsel. The deposition will be on video and Morgan and Mitnik are not afraid to ask some pretty stiff questions. I don’t think Zenaida has got much of a case and John Morgan took her on so he could insert himself in Casey’s criminal trial. John is a very reputable attorney and will fight until the bitter end. Look how he deposed George, Cindy and Lee. I would love to see Casey raked over the coals. I am not sure who Casey will get for the lawyer in this civil case.

  41. nan11 says:

    Cali: I went over to the other thread to quote a section of your comment:

    Remember how TV ratings work, TEVO’d wait 3 days to watch and no ratings. Regular viewings wait for reruns, no ratings then.
    End of Quote.

    I know you are going to laugh your head off at me, but I don’t know what ‘TEVO’d’ means. I think it means if you record a new program, wait at least 3 days before watching it–but something tells me I’m not understanding something. 😆

    Also, by ‘regular viewings’ do you mean like the Nancy Grace Entertainment Show? 😉

    What about watching something on a link on the internet? If it’s a YouTube link, I don’t think it would boost their ratings, do you?

    I really am as dumb as you think, so I am hoping for a reply.

  42. Newbie says:

    TNan, you’re not the only one who doesn’t know that stuff…..see me raising my hand ME TOO !

  43. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I have a feeling if Casey can’t avoid that subpeona that Baez and Mason will both show up with her.

    Even though she can’t ever be tried again for the murder of her daughter–I suspect that she would want to be very careful of what she said. After all, there are a whole lot of upset people out there and where Mr. Mason got away with his rudeness–I wouldn’t advise Miss Anthony to follow in his footsteps.

    The best part of her having to be questioned by Morgan and Mitnik is that they will publish it immediately and it will take away from the media’s big ‘exclusive’.

    I have a little bit of faith in the Ms. Gonzales case, though. She said (on Nancy Grace) that people were threatening to hurt her children and were following her in their vehicles and everything. No one should have to go through that because of a nasty lie. Just my opinion, of course.

    Newbie: Yup. I think that is the definition of ‘blood’ money. The shed blood of a 34 month old baby. Shame on them and shame on the jury. MOO

  44. cali patti says:

    Youtube has there own rating systems.
    Youtube will send contributers $$ after I THINK, a million hits.

    When I mentioned ratings, these rating determine number of people watching, where & often who. Low ratings as in an Anthony interview will effect future offers. Others will not make offers or will make lower offers to Anthony,
    advertisers/networks base their fees (both sides) on number of people watching. (ratings)
    You know what I mean, LOL
    Low ratings is what make new programs go poof after a couple weeks.
    Reason I mentioned ratings is, If you want to watch but won’t because you don’t want to
    contribute to Anthony & crew, it won’t help them if you watch later.
    Ratings will determine FUTURE pay checks or if they will be wanted at all.
    Tevo is a recording machine. Most people just say Tevo it.

  45. cali patti says:

    OOPS, AFTER a million hits, not a million $$

  46. cali patti says:

    Yes Nancy Grace is all about ratings. I think cable works the same way. Talking heads are paid in part by their ratings. Ratings are the # of people tuning in each night at their regular viewing time. Unsure how reruns are counted on cable.
    Guessing the same.

  47. Patti O says:

    Like many others I will never intentionally purchase anything that could financially benefit any of the Anthonys or Jose or Cheney. But I do hope the jail house video is released. Why not release something that will make Casey squirm? She deserves it! Plus the more the public can see that is given to them freely the less they all are inclined to put money down for something in the future. I have signed all the petitions at change.org. I find the one that Casey can be tried at a federal level very interesting. Maybe after Caylee’s law is enacted the Federal govt can try her for not reporting her child missing. Casey is not going to have a nice life and I’m glad of it.

  48. Amber from Maryland says:


    I agree with you that Zenaida should have a case. Her children were threatened and Casey and the Anthony family did nothing to clear her name when they could have. If Casey gave the police information about her car that was on her Sawgrass application, that was even worse. I think George was gratuitously nasty in his deposition when he made it clear that Zenaida was not a “10”. Zenaida may not have a big money case, but it should make up for some of what Zenaida suffered. I also think that if the Morgan firm publishes the videos of Casey’s deposition that should give Zenaida and others some satisfaction.

    Patty O
    I hope that none of us do anything to enrich the Anthony family or her attorneys or promote the ratings of certain TV shows. I respect the defense attorneys for doing their best to defend their client but paying their bills is not my responsibility.

  49. People are not allowed to use the ‘N’ word. How about not being able to say Casey Anthony? Wouldn’t that cramp her style?

  50. nan11 says:

    Wow, Jonathon. I just checked out your links. I wonder what made everyone think that guy was a juror?

    Kristen Stewart has a right to be grossed out and I hope she sticks to her common sense and refuses to play ‘that girl. 😆

    Cheney Mason, he just makes me want to vomit–before and after and everything in between. The only regret I have is that the media didn’t photograph him grabbing his crotch. Jean Casarez would have had a harder time explaining that away.

    The Jay Leno bomb–I’m not sure if they didn’t laugh because they didn’t think it was funny; or because they hadn’t heard of the Anthony case?

  51. Nan11, I can’t stand Jay Leno and some of the other stand up comedians. As far as Cheney Mason goes, it is his arrogance that gets to me. He swaggers when he walks as if he is Mr King Chit, himself. You know what I found a bit strange? Baez said he was going to go home and hug his little girl and tell her that he saved a life today. What a hypocritical thing to say! He helped to free a murderer so she can kill again. When all the attorneys gathered after the verdict was read, I would have loved to wipe the smirk off Dorothy Sims’ face. I lost all respect for her. No one is going to tell me that every one of those defense attorneys didn’t know that Casey was guilty. To defend with the passion that they did and downright lie and accuse others of felony crimes, they are as bad as Casey. I hope no one hires any of them to be their counsel.

  52. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: FYI–there is talk over at WebSleuth’s that Morgan and Morgan might be going to stream Casey’s deposition live. I have no linky to support that–but will keep my eye out. 😉

    I wonder if Baez’ ‘little girl’ is the one that went to high school with Casey and helped set up the deal at ABC for pictures of Caylee?

    Sure they all know the horrible crime their client committed, I’d bet on it. They were all pooping in their pants when they rested their case because they knew they lost the case.

    Why the jury did what they did I’ll never understand. But they let a murderer walk free. 😦

    All of the above is my opinion only, of course.

  53. Laurali says:

    Nan and Jonathon thanks for all the links. I have popped in a couple times today but I have been busy. On the hunt for a fifth wheel or travel trailer. I really like the fifth wheel. Lots of room.

    Patty O. I have watched a couple of Dr. Drew’s shows this week. I like him. Casey makes him want to throw up! 🙂 I also like watching HLN when Vinny is on. He really is not pleased with the verdict and he is struggling (maybe biting tongue too) to not disagree with the court system.

    I really don’t understand how or why they did not vote guilty on count 3 (at the very least). It is only like a 5 year sentence but it would have kept Casey from making a dime, possibly. Just depends on Son of Sam Law.

  54. cali patti says:

    I am sooooooooooo sick of Casey & crew. That entire team I found disgusting.

    My neighbor gave me a t-shirt/gift. Its a ladybug shirt. So nice to be thought of.
    I loaned her a lrg. camp stove and she accidentally ran over it. LOL.
    She was in hurry to leave, felt the first bump, kept backing up and felt the second bump.
    She’s good for a new one, it doesnt really matter.
    The manner she explained running over it was hilarious, bump, bump.

    She met most of her family for week of camping just above Yosemite & just returned.

  55. Update on Baby Kate….

    The searchers found the clothing worn by Baby Kate the afternoon Sean Phillips took off with her in the car. Sean was living with his parents at the time of the kidnapping. He is in jail not talking and has retained an attorney. They imposed a $500.000 bond. Sean refused to talk to his parents but Ariel Courtland, Kate’s mother, went to see him a couple of times. Ariel asked if Kate was still alive and he nodded his head yes. The court ordered a paternity test be done to see if Sean is Kate’s biological father. He claims he isn’t. Who does this sound like except Sean is a male?


  56. margaret says:

    Is it me or has anyone else notice this red headed jury mouthpiece seem to have all the right answers for questions. I think she must have been coached by someone. Was she floorperson?

  57. Laurali says:

    LOL Jeff said to ignore her. Do not read any articles about her, do not read her book. He is very graceful. I would be like he!! yes them jurors are dumber than boxes of rocks. 🙂 JK. I actually think they just wanted to go home.

  58. Laurali says:

    J~ Thanks for the link to the update on Baby Kate. I snatched a comment from over there. I totally agree with it and I think someone should do it to Casey to get the truth out of her also.

    “Time to take a power drill to this guys knee cap, that should get him to talk”

    ^ again not my comment but seems like a good idea. Along with micro chipping babies. ^

  59. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I had a strange sinking feeling when I read that article on Baby Kate. They found her clothes? At another point the father (maybe?) says he can’t do this anymore and he hangs up the phone and walks away. The mother just sits in the back of the car looking at Kate’s picture saying she is going to bring Kate home–it almost sounds like she means alive or dead.

  60. Nan11, I am always suspicious. Why do I feel that Ariel Courtland and Sean Phillips planned this? There is a possibility Kate is still alive and hidden with some relatives. Strange that Baby Kate had on the identical clothes that was in the picture that Ariel had. Ariel was not upset enough and it didn’t take her long to start up a fund. Sean and Ariel could have thrown those baby clothes away so it would look like she was deceased somewhere. Ariel is also sticking up for Sean. Something is not adding up. I think these two kids wanted to make some fast money.

  61. Laura, this Sean was due to be shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan in the fall, IIRC. He can wave his military career goodbye now. From what I read Ariel worked at a car wash. I don’t know if she has any family close by. Sean is the father of their 3 1/2 year old daughter, Hayley. This is all happening in Michigan so no Sunshine Laws.

  62. cali patti says:

    Enjoyed Ashton’s video…I read about baby kate… no comment. I just can’t go there.
    I need Sunshine and happyyyyyyyyy…

  63. Laurali says:

    Jonathon ~ I went and read a couple of different articles attached to your link up above. You are not the only one who does not trust the mom. Quite a few people said she does not act like a mother with a missing 2 year old. IMO she is a little to calm.

  64. cali patti says:

    a little to calm … sounds like another mother out of Florida. Just saying!

    think I am using … wrong. Isn’t … a continuation of a previous thought?
    I’ll go look it up!

  65. Laura, if that was my baby, I would be out of my mind. My girls were my life and two of them plus my g/daughter still are. I want to keep an eye on this story and pray to God, it doesn’t end up another cold case with no answers. I don’t think Sean gave any explanation of what he did with Baby Kate. It is all a mystery. Look at Kyron Horman…another cold case.

  66. cali patti says:

    Do you guys think Ashton & crew feel any better knowing most of the country think they were correct and the jury was “dumb as a box of rocks.” I hope that they feel some satisfaction in that.

  67. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Well, as long as they didn’t kill the baby in order to make their ‘fast money’–as wrong as it is, it’s not murder. I’m not sure though, if they have her somewhere hidden in a box or something she might smother or starve. Ugh, it’s just unthinkable.

    On a different note, I did listen to Kathi’s interview with Jeff. Thanks for that link. He makes some very interesting statements–actually I’m a little surprised he is doing so many interviews.

    I found it very interesting when he said that he would hope that the jury was not affected by “comments of counsel that were not in evidence”. I hope he just keeps a few thoughts like this to himself for a little while because I believe that is exactly what the jury did. MOO

    The jury could be watching everything and comments like this would alert them to what statements they should or should not make.

    I would like to see them given as much freedom as possible to do their highly paid interviews–I think will we see clearly that they did indeed arive at their verdict by following ‘facts’ not in evidence.

    It really, really bothers me that they couldn’t give credibilty to the duct tape being the cause of death when the state showed them the pictures of the skull of the dry boned victim with duct tape matted in the hair and holding the mandible in place; yet, they believed drowning was the cause of an ‘accidental’ death because the defense showed them pictures of a happy healthy Caylee from a year prior, carefully entering the pool with assistance.

    I just don’t get it and I know I never will. I’m not feeling charitable towards the members of the jury tonight. I don’t buy their tears and I hope they dream of that tiny discarded skull and of all those tiny bones strectched out on that gurney and of the hair matt. I hope they have sense enough to realize that that hair was once beautiful and shiny and belonged to a special little girl.

    I hope they have this dream every night for the rest of their lives. That one that took her kids to Disney World on money from an ABC interview–how could she? Thirty-four month old Caylee Marie Anthony is dead and will always be dead and she let her murderer walk free and took her children on a vacation resulting from the bood money of a tiny victim.

    God gave a louse more brains than that.

    All of the above is my opinion (and pain) only and my cat is finally in so I’m going to try to get some sleep.

  68. Vicky says:

    Jeff Ashton is so right. The greatest punishment for a person like Casey is indifference. She is a nobody and should be treated as such. To continue giving her any form of attention, inadvertantly makes her a celebrity. If the public refuses to invest in her grand plans for future fame and fortune, so will the businesses who might consider investing their time and resources in her story.
    If she writes a book, all copies need to remain on the shelf. If she gives interviews and/or sales her story for a made for TV movie, people need to make a point of turning the channel. She has nothing noteworthy to add to what we already know, unless by some miracle she decides to tell the truth; and we all know that aint gonna happen.

  69. Cali Patti, Jeff knows the majority of people think there was no justice for Caylee. He is a class act and did not find it appropriate to say how he really felt about the jury. Ashton, Burdick and George presented a strong case but to an inexperienced jury.

  70. Nan11, the jury believed Baez’ opening statement which was not evidence. This is what Jeff meant. I wish they would make a law so an attorney does not have immunity in a courtroom.

    If Baez said the same things out on the street before the media, he could be charged with defamation. I must go back and take a peek at the press conference Baez gave on Oct 14th when Casey was arrested for murder one. The sad thing is, Baez can say that Casey fessed up to him about the accidental drowning, just recently. The devil is on Casey’s side but a Higher Power sent a lightning bolt down to strike that tree out at Suburban.

  71. Vicky, being the center of attention, good or bad, to a sociopath, is like heroin to a druggy. I wish everyone would just ignore that murdering &^%$.

  72. cali patti says:

    J. I hope Ashton, Burdick & George know that they did not fail or lose or do a bad job.
    That I and I think most people think they were robbed of the verdict they earned.
    I am going to look up the address and possibly send them a card.
    Jobs well done should be reconized

  73. Karen C. says:

    Hi, Y’all. I just had to get away from the keyboard for a few days. Anyone who didn’t catch the Dr. Drew show w/Tracy McLaughlin, it’s good and chock full of real nuggets and insight. A few surprises- I mean I knew Cindy could be horrible to Casey but… More and more I think the fight the previous night was the main catalyst, and George “mis-remembered” (ahem) the day he last saw them, if not the image itself of them at the door. Every time I try to work up some genuine sympathy for any of those lyin’, perjuryin’ connivers they shoot it down again with some unreal action/reaction. The reaction her parents had at sentencing- “Oh, look how long her hair is- isn’t she beautiful?” My God how weird is that???

    I def. want to see the pics of the skull with the tape before they started taking it off- Yes, Yes, Yes. And the “reaction” tape of skank at the jail- by ALL MEANS. And then I want to hunt down each juror personally and rub it in their stupid, blank faces. Can we please agree that jurors in general should all have GEDs at the very least and NO criminal record of any kind? It is clear from all their post-verdict “explaining” that they did not adhere to many of the basic principles they were supposed to- they were to try guilt first w/o consideration of penalty. Did they not understand this? Have none of these interviewers confronted them with any of that- I can’t see it anywhere.

    Sherry- I never thought I’d agree with Bill O’Reilly on anything but knock me over with a feather (before he opens his mouth again!) For one time there seems to be a real consensus that Logic was entirely missing out of that room and those people.

    One thing before my rant is over- I was starting to get twinges of fear about this when I heard the Child-Killing Skank called a “celebrity” twice in one day on the Tube. Robert Blake case, anyone? Where not ONE but TWO buddies of his came forward to say he wanted to hire for a hit on his wife- one had a laundry list of things to get: Shovel, rope, quicklime… and he got off.

  74. Karen C. says:

    Holy Heck- are we SURE this is her? How the H&LL did this happen? Only one year ago????

  75. Vicky says:

    For anyone who is interested, Investigation Discovery is airing a program about the verdict tomorrow night at 9:00. It might be a good idea for the jury to view the program so they can see what they might have missed during the trial. But, I have decided not to give she whose name I will not mention any more Nelson Ratings. I figure the Good Lord will deal with the future of “the one who will forever be known by society as the psychopath who got away with killing Caylee” as He sees fit.
    The chameleon may change her name and her appearance, but she will never be able to change what she is inside until she confesses. She might think she can read from the Bible and quote scripture to her mother and fellow felons without any consequence, but God doesn’t see it that way. He will place stumbling blocks in front of her at every turn.
    IMO, her future in society will be far more dismal than the life she would have lived in prison. I see drugs, alcohol and homelessness in her future, along with many instances of domestic violence unless JB and CM continue to stand by their felon. Jose could hire her as a nanny (didn’t George see that listed on her resume?) or hire her to file fold paper and highlight paragraphs for his law firm. Maybe CM can move her in as their live in maid. Doesn’t the Chinese proverb say that once you save someone’s life you are forever responsible for it?

  76. Redrelaxed says:

    Good morning Jonathon & Everyone,

    Needed a little break, but found Heather Hyatt’s article I’ll share where she puts into words exactly how I’m feeling


  77. Sherry says:

    Well said, Vicky. God is not mocked. Caylee’s murderer has a bleak future no matter how wealthy she becomes.

  78. Annie (0H) says:

    5 days and still feel like depressed. I am in Cleveland Ohio and can’t get to Orlando. But I would do exactly like Mr. Ashton says. Just ignore her.

  79. nan11 says:

    Red: Thanks for that link. Quote: “You can’t fix stupid.”

    I think it was Peggy222 from Dave’s that used to say that all the time. Boy, was she right.

  80. cali patti says:

    Well said everyone.
    I also believe in not supporting the Nielson ratings, that is a good way to show non support of her.
    I think that early low ratings will effect monies forever in every catagory including book deals.

    Getting the idea that there may not be the money the Crew once thought that there might be. It seems to me people are unified on this.
    At some point Baez/Mason crew will set her free and not take her calls any longer.
    Beautiful California morning. Still sking in Tahoe and the coast is warm.

  81. cali patti says:

    Annie, I get sad too. Chin up and walk outside breath in deeply with your eyes closed. Nice? Peaceful?
    That is a feeling SHE will not enjoy with out fear for years, if ever.

  82. margaret says:

    Everyone, I looked up and read the defense lawyers oath of office last night. The mrderer and her team definitely broke #3 and #4 from the get go , big time. Why can nothing be done by the Bar or FBI or someone ? They opened with a lie in July ’08 and carried it all the way to May ’11. It seems the rules only apply to the prosecution. The very fact that she was willing to sit in jail for three years, when she could have had a speedy trial and been freed proves she murdered that child. I have signed every petition and will boycott everything…

  83. cali patti says:

    J. On the booking paper for JENNIFER FORD juror #3 ……………

    #1. Violation of probation #2. Violation of probation &
    #3 failure to appear. Those 3 charges mean she was in trouble prior to this arrest.
    Then the bad checks come into correct?
    If she lied about this is ????

  84. Vicky says:

    Well, it appears that there was one juror on the panel who she could call a peer. 😉 maybe they can become new BFFs.

  85. nika says:

    Today I decided to move on and not give the Anthony family, Baez, Mason or any of the defense any TV time. I will continue to live my life and hope the media begins to shun the players.and virtually shuts them down including jury members. I can’t believe jury member #3 has the record she does and still was allowed to serve. With people like her no wonder Caylee never received justice.
    Just came inside from breathing the mountain air and letting Ali-Rose play in the creek. Didn’t even have a heart atack when her wet body jumped right on the bed. Casey will never know the wonders of nature for dodging all the evils. That makes me feel good.

  86. Nika, you made a wise decision. I am trying to follow Baby Kate but it is overshadowed by the constant talk of ‘What’s her face.” I hope people take Jeff Ashton’s advice and ignore WHF.

    Just a very short write up…how very sad!


  87. nika says:

    I am glad you are keeping us updated on Baby Kate. I hope for a better outcome but the case is getting crazy. I think it is a money deal. Have the parents gotten lawyered up yet?

  88. Nika, Sean Phillip who is in jail got lawyered up. I don’t know about Kate’s mother. Everything seems to be hush hush.

  89. Vicky says:

    Who? LOL… J, is there any news about baby Kate? I really think there is something odd going on there. Shay in the heck is wrong with these parent who view their children as disposable. I just don’t get it. Don’t they ever stop to think that there are plenty of people out there who would do anything to have a child to love? So selfish to opt for murder over adoption. I really hope Kate is safe and sound, but it doesn’t look very promising at this point In time.

  90. Amber from Maryland says:

    Baby Kate and Baby Caylee reminded me of another baby who may have died over 450 years ago. Baby Mary was the daughter of Queen Katherine Parr the sixth wife and the widow of King Henry VIII and Katherine’s husband Thomas Seymour, Uncle of King Henry’s sickly young son King Edward. Times are not always kind to helpless infants. When I heard Baby Mary’s story many years ago I had the distinct impression that at the time, no one wanted the infant or the expenses of raising an infant. It is unfortunate but there have always been helpless infants that no one wanted and potential adoptive mothers who would have given anything in otfer to adopt a child.
    I copied what Wikepedia had to say about Queen Katherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry VIII and it gives a much more pleasant version of what happened to Baby Mary than what I read so many years ago:

    “Catherine gave birth to her only child — a daughter, Mary Seymour, named after Catherine’s stepdaughter Mary — on 30 August 1548, and died only six days later, on 5 September 1548, at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, from what is thought to be puerperal fever or puerperal sepsis, also called childbed fever. Coincidentally, this was also the illness that killed Henry’s third wife, Jane Seymour. It was not uncommon, due to the lack of hygiene around childbirth. Nevertheless, a theory exists that Catherine’s husband, Sir Thomas Seymour, may have poisoned her in order to carry out his plan to marry Lady Elizabeth Tudor.

    “Lord Seymour of Sudeley was beheaded for treason on 20 March 1549, and Mary Seymour was taken to live with the Dowager Duchess of Suffolk, a close friend of Catherine’s. Catherine’s other jewels were kept in a coffer with five drawers at Sudeley and this was sent to the Tower of London on 20 April 1549, and her clothes and papers followed in May.[23] After a year and a half, on 17 March 1550, Mary’s property was restored to her by an Act of Parliament, easing the burden of the infant’s household on the duchess. The last mention of Mary Seymour on record is on her second birthday, and although stories circulated that she eventually married and had children, most historians believe she died as a child at Grimsthorpe Castle.”

    It is just too bad that there has always been a disconnect between helpless infants and women who would give anything to adopt and raise them. Things haven’t changed much in the past 500 years. We watch now and wish that we could have done something to save Baby Caylee, that we could now do something to save Baby Kate and that someone would have tried to take care of Baby Mary. But we can’t. Life has never been fair.

  91. Vicky says:

    Well look whose here to pay us all a visit. 🙂

  92. snoopysleuth says:

    I am busy housecleaning at Snoopy’s blog… I am having a yard sale. Want to buy a cyber bully or two?

  93. cali patti says:

    LOL, cyber bully. Send them to Guardian Angel, she’ll put the hurt on them.

    I left Simon’s talk early, sick of HER talk.
    Who’s Cobra? At times he seems ok & others sort of off the wall.

  94. snoopysleuth says:

    cali patti, are you kidding me?? Cobra??

  95. cali patti says:

    Amber, I enjoyed the story of Baby Mary.

  96. cali patti says:

    Ticked off I have not been able to enjoy whatever is in the box by Snoop (all my outer shows).

    W.Staubs + Cobra?

    If your udder shows, go put some clothes on. ~J

  97. cali patti says:

    I must have something wronh here, jusy shows blank square boxs.
    W. Staubs = Cobra, bounty hunter who got arrested?

  98. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, sorry to tell you this, buy they have no resale value, so It’s probably best to just set them out on the curb with the rest of your garbage.

  99. His Honor says:

    Cali Patti, have you been into the cranberry juice again? When you are not wong, you have to be wite.

  100. His Honor says:

    How did I end up being a judge? I am not wite now. Cali Patti, give me a swig of your cranberry cocktail.

    Vicky, I have so many identities, I might even be wormy ears.

  101. cali patti says:

    LOL, not outer or udders but computer. If I don’t want to wear cloths I won’t. You can’t make me.
    Being the typo fairy that you are, you should have gotten that. Whats wrong with you?
    Hey, I am like HER, passing responsibility on … shoot me!

    soooo many typos too!
    I hate when you are smarter than me, which is always but when my lack of brain cells are so obvious.

  102. cali patti says:

    Yoooooooo, Miss Smarty pants is telling ME to be wite, ho ho to that.

    She of so many identities that with my limited brain cells it has begun to overflow up there and make puddles trying to remember them all.
    I thought I was you elder which meant I had earned respect.

    bbl to ck if everyone is ok….never know in here.

  103. Vicky says:

    SS – You truly are ubiquitous aren’t you! Who knows maybe you are me too!

  104. snoopysleuth says:

    Vicky, if I am you, which side of the bed does your hubby sleep on?

  105. Vicky says:

    SS – While you’re rummaging around in the sand box, please let me know if you find any marbles that don’t belong to you. I think I may have lost a few there.

  106. snoopysleuth says:

    Cali Patti, I thought you were the Energizer Bunny all this time. When did you get the hots for Cobra?

  107. Vicky says:

    Is that a trick question SS? The right side of course. That way he never wakes up on the wrong side.

  108. snoopysleuth says:

    Vicky, I just set the whole Snoopy blog to private. I never realized that I had written so many posts. You wrote a few great ones too. It was sad to see the posts about Haleigh Cummings and Kyron Horman. I also had one on Dugard. Geez, I forget her first name already.

  109. snoopysleuth says:

    It will be interesting to see what becomes of What’s Her Face. I will watch if John Morgan deposes her but I expect she will wheedle out of that somehow. She will keep postponing it due to PMS or a zit on her chin.

  110. cali patti says:

    Dugard had her first interview tonight at 9;00 pm

  111. cali patti says:

    LOL I do pop in and out of here. I don’t have the hots for Cobra, I looked at his photo & I am vain, he’s not my type. LOL I am all about the looks.

    Remember the song by Carly Simon, “Your So Vain”. I recently turned my boys onto Carly and they all love her music. I tell them OUR singers were musicians with talent not celeb’s.
    James Taylor & Earth, Wind & Fire.
    I will see you all in the am…I’ve a headache past few days.
    nitty nite to one of many names & others, lol

  112. Laurali says:

    I am alive and well! Been a little busy today.

    So I noticed we are not referring to someone by name. I think that is a wonderful idea. From now on if I mention her I will refer to her as Caylee’s monster. I think every little child has a monster in their closet or under their bed. Caylee’s did not hide. She drove Caylee around in the trunk.

    Snoopy! I have missed your red hair. Cali good luck finding your marbles. I misplaced mine years ago. I hope your headache goes away. Have you ever tried Excedrin Migraine? They work well for me.

  113. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I hadn’t seen this article I’m linking. I think it was Cali that mentioned something about a red haired juror and I have been keeping my eye out for which juror had red hair. 😆

    The miserable postscript for a Casey Anthony juror
    ☛ By Kerry Sanders, NBC News
    Juror number 12 left Florida. Her husband, fighting back tears, tells NBC News he’s not sure when she’ll return to her home in Florida.
    End of Quote

    This sounds suspicious to me. One goes to Disney Land; one runs and hides. Another (the jury foreman) holds out for money and has an interview scheduled with Greta tomorrow night. Some strange stuff going on, but maybe it’s just me.


    (Just let me know if you don’t want me linking anymore articles about this case. I’ll understand.)

  114. Nan11, you go ahead and link anything you want. I intend to follow this case because I am so curious as to what will take place in the next couple of weeks. I guess some people are putting the pressure on Judge Perry to hold Baez in contempt of court. Over 150 have signed an online petition.

    [edit-my link did not work]

  115. Nan11, that does sound rather odd about Juror #12. It seems that so many people who have come in contact with the Anthonys, even the jurors, seem to become tainted or their lives ruined. I still say that What’s Her Name is the devil in disguise. Nancy Grace was right on when she said the devil was dancing. Shame on Greta, if she is paying that juror to be on her show. I hope her rating drop like a ton of bricks. I wont be watching it.

  116. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I’m so glad the neighbour call the police. That little baby was only 18 months old–probably starving and thirsty. So, so sad.

    And then there is this–I’ll bet Drew Peterson was pleased by the Anthony verdict! Maybe he should try to arrange for the same jury to hear his case. JMO
    Drew Peterson said to be pleased by Anthony verdict
    Sub-Heading: Ex-cop heard the news through jailhouse grapevine, lawyer says
    Among those encouraged last week when a Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder was none other than Drew Peterson, who quickly heard the news through the jailhouse grapevine, his attorney said.

    Joel Brodsky said his client, held for more than two years on charges that he drowned his third wife, was pleased that jurors in the high-profile case based their decision solely on the evidence.
    End of Quote

  117. Laura, my red hair got me in a lot of trouble one time. LOL

  118. I am off to bed so nitey nite to all………

  119. nan11 says:

    PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION: Jose Beaz Needs To Be Held Accountable For His Actions

    J: I just checked on the petition, it has 2310 signatures now. I did read somewhere how many it needed–and it’s a lot. (Sorry, I can’t find the exact number right now.)

    Even the signatures it has now does not equal a drop in the bucket, IIRC.

    I did sign it, though. (I doubt if it will count in the tally to go before the judge, but for whatever it’s worth I added my name.)

  120. Amber from Maryland says:

    It surprised me, but a few minutes ago I looked on line to find out more about Baby Mary from the story I wrote about in my comment a few hours ago, at 8:49. People are still morning Mary Seymour who may or may not have died about 450 years ago, Find-a-Grave has a monument to her that was started last year. I have no idea how to put web addresses in blogs so I hope someone will fix this if anyone is interested in it:


    We may never get over morning for Baby Caylee and, if the worst happens, Baby Kate.

    If anyone is interested, I am copying from Wikepedia part of the entry on Mary Seymour:

    “Mary Seymour (30 August 1548 – ?) was the only daughter of Thomas Seymour, Baron Seymour of Sudeley, and Catherine Parr, widow of Henry VIII of England. Although Catherine was married four times, Mary was her only child. Complications from Mary’s birth would claim the life of her mother on 5 September 1548, and her father was executed less than a year later for treason against Edward VI.

    “In 1549, the Parliament of England passed an Act (3 & 4 Edw. 6 C A P. XIV) removing the attainder placed on her father from Mary, but his lands remained property of the Crown.

    “As her mother’s wealth was left entirely to her father and later confiscated by the Crown, Mary was left a destitute orphan in the care of Katherine Willoughby Duchess of Suffolk, who appears to have resented this imposition. After 1550 Mary disappears from historical record completely, leading to the conclusion that she did not live past the age of two.”

    I am guessing from tonight’s research that those of us who care about helpless infants will care forever and those who don’t care don’t care at all. I would never have believed that some people still mourn Baby Mary. In many ways, Baby Mary may have had a more difficult life that Baby Caylee although no one knows where Baby Mary is buried or what really happened over four centuries ago. I don’t know what could have sparked someone to give Baby Mary an on line memorial but other people have contibuted to it so it isn’t just a lone spark in the sky.

  121. Karen C. says:

    For what it’s worth, many sightings over literally centuries have been made of Catherine Parr with a toddler (presumably Mary) on the grounds of Sudeley. I imagine such stories amongst the locals would keep Mary very much on their collective mind. She was close to the throne, certainly, though not in Succession, and would likely have needed Royal Approval on marriage, etc. so it is very odd she vanishes so thoroughly from the Record. Being a Seymour and with Court positions ever so slippery and one’s fortunes likely to rise or fall at any moment, there’s every reason to suppose she would have been considered a “catch”; Seymours were as often on the upswing as the downswing. Who knows but someday a repair might be made to a stone wall or an old pipe system and the whole thing be made known.

  122. Dave Knechel says:

    What a shame your fictional account turned out to be real. The state didn’t prove its case? I sure was hoping Ashton would have passed around those cans. Open, of course. The State did a great job. Too bad the “Baez Bling” blinded the jury.

  123. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I can’t bring myself to click on the video. I had respect for him once; but no more. I’ll forever hold onto the visual picture of him giving us all the one finger salute and my internal picture of him grabbing himself in public. This is the measure of the man–that and the disgusting client he chose to represent.

    I don’t care how respected he is in his field–he should have been thrown in jail like the 28 year old. Only for much longer. MOO

  124. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Now, this lady knows pain; but she will probably end up doing some time because of neglect. Back in the day when Court TV was allowed in our area, I watched a trial where a man was charged under very similar circumstances.

    He had worked all night, drove his wife to work in the morning, got back and went to bed. Problem was–their baby was in the back seat of the car.

    When the little one was discovered–it was far too late. This man was in great pain, as well. However, he was convicted by a jury of his peers and sentenced to 10-15 years, IIRC.

    Casey Anthony threw her daughter in the woods to rot; lied, drank, danced and partied on her daughter’s grave–she will walk free. Enough said. {deep breath}

    Two moms, two felony charges, worlds apart
    ☛ By Petula Dvorak, Washington Post
    Karen Murphy reacted differently to the horror of her child’s death. Neighbors said they could hear her screams throughout the neighborhood when she discovered Ryan’s body.
    In Murphy’s case, it’s made worse by the fact that she had the same huge lapse in January, when she left Ryan in the car for 30 minutes before realizing her mistake. That’s part of what prompted Prince William (Va.) Commonwealth Attorney Paul Ebert to charge Murphy with murder.
    If convicted, Murphy could get 40 years in jail.
    End of Quote

  125. cali patti says:

    There is a FACEBOOK app that reads, watch Casey Anthony confess a video,
    MALWARE Virus. Do not open!
    Was reported on Robin Meade show this morning

  126. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy
    I listened to the Cheney Mason interview and did not quite understand it. I was not sure which part of Casey Anthony’s stories Mr. Mason believed. I do think that, in her law enforcement interviews, Casey always told the truth about how to spell her name and Caylee’s name, as well as her birth data, and her daughter’s birthdate, height, weight and hair color. I doubt that Caylee was the victim of an accidental drowning although I have to admit that accidental or forced drowning was a possibility. The remains were not enough to show the cause of death conclusively and the duct tape strongly sugested a possibility but not a certainty. I cannot believe that George was the one who found Caylee’s body. He would have tried to revive the child and called 911, in my opinion. Caylee would have had a decent burial or disposition of ashes, not lesser treatment than he gave to pets and no memorial, not even equivalent of the dog statue he bought for his dogs. I think George would have seen to it that Caylee had at least as good a treatment in burial as the family gave to their pets if he knew Caylee was dead and found the body. I would not nominate any member of the Anthony family for an award for honesty, but I do believe that Tracy McGloughlin had no reason to lie about George’s reaction the first morning Tracy was in the house. If Tracy told the truth, why would George scream at Casey and ask her what she had done to Caylee and where Caylee was if he had already disposed of the child’s body? I do believe Tim Miller of Equisearch and his story about George and Casey would not have been consistent with man who knew what had happened to his grandchild. Do you think Mr. Mason believed Casey’s whole story about Caylee’s death, or just the drowning part, or just that Caylee died on June 16?

    I think that if we were on the jury, we would have rendered our verdict with even more speed than this jury. It would not have been the same verdict probably except for the lying to law enforcement counts. However, I do not think anyone has a right to harass the jury. They did not see the same information that we saw and they did not interpret the information that we all saw in the same way that we did. They were sworn to develop thir verdict in accordance with the law as they were given the law and evidence. We have no reason to assume that 12 people individually and simultaneously decided not to follow their sworn oaths. If we vilify this jury or some other jury because we don’t believe in the verdict, we won’t be able to get juries and our legal system will be in even more shambles than it already is. At some point we have to “let go and let God.” Who knows what he meant when lightning struck the tree by Caylee’s memorial?

  127. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Karen C

    Thank you for the information about the sightings of Catherine Parr with a toddler. I am fascinated by stories of the Tudor queens. Life was very unfair back then and is still very unfair, but I am glad that we live in our era instead of in theirs. I guess if people have seen little Mary Seymour over the centuries, that explains why they still care about her and her fate enough to give her a memorial on Find-A-Grave. There are probably many of us who develop deep concerns for the welfare of helpless babies whenever we hear about them. Maybe that is one good thing about our world and maybe it makes our world a little better than it would be if no one cared.

  128. Redrelaxed says:

    Good morning,

    I’m not happy, and I’m thinking there’s something very wrong with this jury.

    So juror number 12 would rather go to jail than sit on a jury “like this” again? Something stinks to high heaven. She’s afraid to face her co-workers? If this jury is so sure that Casey Anthony was not guilty what in the sam hill is going on here?! I’m thinking that there were one or two very strong personalities on this jury and Jennifer Ford wasn’t one of them, nor was number 12.

    Define “Like This” if you please juror number 12.

    I think one or two of em are going to crack and tell what really happened during those “deliberations”. A stealth juror or two could have been sitting on that jury for personal gain and judging by the aftermath, it appears to me that this is what is unfolding. No juror ought to paid one penny for their thoughts, never mind six figures… however if they wish to come forward without personal gain that’s the honorable thing to do under the circumstances.

    Was this jury tampered with? I put nothing past Baez and company, and have nothing to back up my suspicions other than the fact that there is a LOT of money to made here. A guilty verdict which is what the world expected wouldn’t have surprised anyone, but this bombshell verdict almost feels orchestrated IMO. One that is paying off a lot more than a guilty verdict. IMO.

    Honestly, how on earth can 12 people not ask one question or for any clarification from the judge, not examine one piece of evidence and spend just 11 hours on three years of evidence. They were too confident in their verdict because they didn’t want to see the big picture and understand the forensic evidence and they wanted out of there, and some of them wanted to cash in. If Jennifer Ford is the average mentality of this jury, God help us. She didn’t even understand the concept of “reasonable doubt”, but she sure enjoyed her all expense paid trip to Disneyworld, plus the money she’s getting for interviews. She’s a bad joke.

    My little grand daughter Emily has been aware of my interest in this case and asked me yesterday, “Grama, how come they didn’t put that bad girl in jail?” What do I tell her? How do I explain to an 8 year old that we live in a world where people don’t value the truth and let killers go free? Even an 8 year old knows this is so wrong, and she’s as bewildered as I am.

    I hope to God that this jury is discovered to be dirty, that they’re found out and this monster is tried again after a long cooling off period. I’m willing to wait for justice.

    This jury failed Caylee Marie Anthony. I am paying attention too Jonathon, because I think there is way more to this story that is going to come out in the light.

    I’m so done with trying to accept the unacceptable, to go along with the crowd because the jury has spoken and that’s the system. I am watching what happens now. I apologize for this outburst, but I hope I’m not the only that feels this way and by not expressing our true thoughts and gut feelings we buy into this system that is corruptible by our silence.

  129. nan11 says:

    Red: I share your feelings and have really since verdict day. How many times can society turn their backs on one little baby?

    I feel also that Jeff Ashton’s advice was sound; however, I’m trying to understand how I can stay informed without my interest contributing to high-priced media interviews and the like.

    I remember that there was a whole day after jurors were selected where they were sent home to pack their things and make the proper arrangements for their absence.

    Jennifer Ford has come out and said that Nancy Grace is responsible for all the media hype that surrounded this case and she should be held accountable. During the voir dire she said she never watched that show.

    Why is this now becoming about Nancy Grace? What about the thousands and thousands of pages of discovery and police interviews that were released to the public and we all devoured? If any of us ever took the time to watch Nancy Grace, we gave her a thumbs down because her news on the Anthony case was always old. Pictures? Whatever pictures Nancy Grace showed we can times by at least a hundred as to what was available on the internet.

    This is also an insult to all of us who spent a great deal of time struggling through all the document dumps and all the motions–trying to understand the facts. A good many of us have a brain and our decision of guilt was not reached on emotion, contrary to what the members of the jury think.

    I ask who was the real hater of the Nancy Grace “Entertainment Show”? 😉

    All of the above is my opinion only, of course.

  130. cali patti says:

    Red, When I say I am sick of this mess, her & her crew I mean that. I don’t want one more juror to tell me why they voted as they did unless it is the truth. I am with you that something went on in that jury room. Possibly just 12 brainless twits!
    I don’t want to rewatch the trial or listen to the talking heads. I don’t want to hear one more time that the system worked, NO, it did NOT.
    I have to accept the verdict as it stands but not how it was reached. The evidence was there.
    If a person or persons reached this verdict after a week or more of deliberations then maybe,
    but not 11 hours.
    I want to know how she/her is doing. I am guessing at first she/her will do fine. It is in 8 weeks or in 3 months, that is when I want to know. I heard a talking head say they thought Las Vegas or LA would be a good option. Probably true. There are neighborhoods where a person could get lost in. If she goes out and party’s well even there that won’t work.

  131. Karen C. says:

    Redrelaxed- You are not alone. NO WAY I accept this, although I can accept the broad concept of- Hey, sometimes the system screws up. But I am beginning to question the overall notion that this is the best system we can get. Must all judges, because of fear of reversal issues, withhold so much evidence from the Jury? Aren’t they supposed to be, as Judge Perry so often said, “the Triers of Fact”? Can’t we keep potential jurors off the panel if they have criminal records themselves? If a potential juror makes it manifestly clear that they have plans that would interfere with deliberations, isn’t that grounds for strike? Can a rule be put in place to keep all jurors off the Market so-to-speak for at least 6 months post-verdict- if they have something important to say there will be an audience for that later.

    I just find the whole idea that anyone here knows way more about this case than any of the jurors more than a little shocking. If we studied the depos we didn’t they? Or, why couldn’t they? Why could we get info about sidebar discussion and they must remain ignorant? Why is it that the whole goal of the Court seems to be to keep those people in the dark on major points? Where in any of our Founding documents does it say that our “peers” have to sign up to some “theory” as opposed to studying a case, more as though it were a college course.

    My Hubby actually had a Caylee dream the other morning- he was walking along a road he thinks was Suburban Drive, and she was wandering around on the road in front of him, looking lost. And he hurried up to her to pull her out of the roadway and ask her where she belonged, and she said something about not being sure where she should go. He woke up crying very hard, not like him at all.

  132. Newbie says:

    The only satisfying thought for me is that Ms will stand before the Almighty one day and I will be there to watch.

  133. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Nan and Redrelaxed

    I am very concerned about the effect of your shock, disbelief, and anger over the jury’s verdict will have on your health and blood pressure. If you could help Caylee by suffering the ill effects of your very justifiable rage over the trial outcome, I would say go for it. We all want to help Caylee and all of the countless other helpless babies who have suffered inexcusable treatment over the centuries. There may be some things that we can do to prevent a small number of helpless babies from suffering in the future. When we find effective things we can do to help these children, we should do them, even if it means a personal sacrifice on our part. I know that if you had been there when Casey went crazy, you would have offered to babysit Caylee or do whatever you could to get that child out of Casey’s clutches. If you had heard a child or anyone else crying out from the trunk of a car, you would have called the police immediately and done what you could to save a life. You would have offered to buy diapers for Baby Kate if that would have made her parents behave in a more responsble manner. But you weren’t there and there was nothing you could do.

    I hope that none of us will contribute in any way to the financial success of those we believe did not do right by Caylee. I know that with the exception of Dave’s potential book, I will not buy or read at the library any book written on the Casey Anthony story. I will not go to any movies or watch TV specials that might profit the guilty. That will not help Caylee, but it limits the rewards for the guilty. We need to find out how and when our watching a tv rerun or a computer rerun of a TV presentation contributes to a show’s ratings. That is something concrete that we can do to help us know an effective way to avoid rewarding the guilty.

    We all have to react with rage and dissappointment when we have to react so it may be better for you to vent about the jury now. We all have to be concerned about your health as a result of your natural reactions to this major injustice because we need to keep you healthy enought to do effective things to prevent more injustice in the future if we find that there are effective things we can do to prevent injustice.

  134. Amber from Maryland says:

    Karen C

    I felt comforted a little by what happened in your husband’s dream. I think he was there giving a little comfort to Caylee’s spirit. Someone cared about her enough to try to help her. That is the best we can hope for. Thank you for letting us know.

  135. For some uncanny reason, I had prepared for this verdict. Don’t ask me why as I am unsure myself. Do I accept the verdict? Nope. I am just going to bide my time and let the Higher Power take over. I will keep the faith that Caylee will eventually get her due justice. It may take a while but it will eventually come in the most unexpected way.

    Karen C, what you mentioned about your hubby’s dream does not surprise me. When someone is murdered, their soul (spirit) will never rest until the one responsible for the murder pays for that crime. Caylee’s spirit may appear to someone in a dream or a bolt of lightning that strikes a tree near her memorial. The spirit will try to contact someone who is caring and compassionate to seek their help.

    I think a couple of the jurors will crack and tell the truth. Don’t be surprised to see this case reopened if it can be proven that this jury was tainted by a select few, including the defense.

    I don’t often pour out some of my beliefs. I do not feel rage or anger because I have a deep faith and am confident that this whole case is far from being over.

  136. Frankie says:

    Hi Red,Nan, Cali & Jon,
    Red, I get a kick out of you saying good morning cause I’m east and its about 2:00 ish here. I totally agree with everything you said. I liked it so much I read it aloud to my hubby. I’m starting to calm down, not there yet though.
    I asked this before and maybe no one knows but, did the jurors share two to a room? How closely where they watched? Did they ever have any privacy other than the washroom in the hotel room? Did two or more jurors ever have any time alone when they could express their opinions? I really think “something is not right” with the jury. IMO
    I still want to keep an eye on “the thing, her, it” because I want to see the smile wiped off of it’s face and whatever other bad karma befalls it. I guess the pleasure I would get from that makes me not a very nice person but that’s how I feel right now.

  137. cali patti says:

    jurors = one to room

  138. cali patti says:

    Jon, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have come to know that you did see this verdict coming. That is why I went back to read your past comments.
    I believe in Karma, that evil will get its due, in time. I may never be there to see it happen and I have been ok with that. This time I want to see or know and I don’t like that feeling but it is there.

    I don’t know anything but it “seems ” the offers for her/she they had planned on are not there.
    Guess the Orange Co. jail want her gone… sick of her arrogant manner.

  139. Redrelaxed says:

    Nan, and others, thank you, I am grateful that you shared your thoughts far more eloquently than myself. If this story hadn’t been so high profile, I wonder what verdict this jury would have reached?

    Jennifer Ford is blaming Nancy Grace?! That’s as laughable as the verdict. Nancy Grace broke this story, and most of here know how sensationalistic the Nancy disGrace show is. All of the stations are and were flooded with this story for ratings, not just NG. JVM, Dr. Drew, Joy Behar, Good morning America, Today Show, Geraldo Rivera, CNN, Anderson Cooper, the View, and on and on. This story captured and kept us riveted because we couldn’t possibly understand how a young mother with all the promise in the world would repeatedly lie to LE after discovering she had not reported her child missing for 31 days.

    For six months we listened to more lies from MOTY, watched the jail house tapes where her parents and her brother begged and pleaded for a tiny lead, anything to undestand what had happened to Caylee Marie Anthony and why she was decomposing in the trunk of that Pontiac. Then we knew.

    On December 11, 2008 we saw that Caylee had been tossed away like garbage in a swamp not 15 houses away from home. I don’t believe that George Anthony a former homocide detective would frame his daughter, make an accident look like murder and toss his grandchild away like trash so close to home. If 12 people can honestly swallow that theory then George Anthony missed his calling and should head to Hollywood. All this because he was afraid that Cindy (the human helicopter) would find out that he had been sexually abusing his daughter Casey all those years?! Would Casey Anthony, the self centered narscissit of the year, sit silently in jail for three years while she, her lawyer and her parents tried to frame anyone and everyone for this murder?

    Cindy Anthony hired Dominic Casey to dig up dirt on all the players, and it was Cindy who discredited LE publicly, and it was Cindy who master minded the cover-up. It was and is Cindy who desperately wanted just a look from her sociopathic offspring in the courtroom. It’s Cindy who gets turned away at the courthouse on Mother’s Day and then again this past Friday. Cindy openly purjured herself to save this monster she created. Cindy denied the fight that took place on June 15, 2008. Cindy has denied Caylee’s death all along and up until two months ago was still actively looking for Zanny the Nanny. Why? She can’t accept that her daughter hated her more than she loved Caylee, and proved it.

    We’ll never know what happened to Caylee Marie Anthony. Power, winning and money is what this trial became all about. This precious angel like child has touched our hearts like no other, and represents all the disposable children of the world in my heart and mind anyway. There will be good come from this travesty of justice. The Caylee Law would make it a felony not to report your child missing after 24 hours. At the very least parents who think they can get away with copy cat crimes will not, people who haven’t got the good sense to report their children missing or even notice they’re gone will be punished. If one child is saved because of this new law people are demanding then Caylee Marie did not die in vain.

  140. Laurali says:

    I am sad the jury only spent 10 hours to decide this case. I have decided if they can live with it then I will have to. Wonder how they will feel if and when Caylee’s monster kills again? I believe she will. She has rage issues.

    Nancy Grace! Wow I heard about this on my local news. 31 days is what got my attention and kept it. So for one of the jurors to say NG is the reason this case is so big well I say consider the source! This from a person who could not give a murdered toddler more that 10 hours of her time. This from a person who has blood money on her hands! Disney and ABC.

  141. nan11 says:

    Red: Here is what really bothers me, though. I think we do know what happend to Caylee–the evidence is in the document dumps and it was proven in a court of law.

    Casey murdered Caylee with duct tape. As per the words of Jeff Ashton, we can only pray that she used chloroform to knock her out first.

    They found that baby’s beautiful bones–her tiny skull with the mandible still in the anatomically correct position, surrounded by duct tape still clinging to her hair.

    They have the photographs done by the crime scene investigators to ascertain this.

    They have a young woman who went into hiding and lied to her parents from the day after the baby was last seen alive by anyone outside the family unit.

    They have a car reeking of human decomposition driven principally by the young woman. They have the baby’s dry bones found in a dump the young woman used to play near when she was a girl.

    These pieces fit, they are not made up. This case was proven in a court of law in front of the nation. Many, many intelligent people know this.

    To believe otherwise is to disregard common sense or enter a rabbit hole–as the prosecution team so succinctly phrased it.

    The members of that jury panel were all fairly well educated–how could none of them have grasped this?

    Now we have the spirit of a tiny little girl, lost and alone–seeking our help; and we have nothing to offer. Our promises have all fallen short. What good are we?

    J: I try so hard to have faith. After that verdict was read, I grabbed onto my Bible and I prayed. And prayed some more.

    The peace I find is skinny, though. 😦

  142. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Well, this was too be expected. Cindy intends to have the bella vita for herself

    Could Cindy Anthony Profit From Casey Anthony’s Trial?

    Airdate: 7/11/2011
    Casey Anthony’s mother Cindy was spotted meeting with a top Florida financial advisor.
    Her sit-down with J. Michael Bass, president of PrimeQuest Wealth Strategies, is triggering speculation she may have signed a lucrative book or movie deal.
    End of Quote

    I had to delete second link as it would not work and I was unable to fix it~J

  143. Redrelaxed says:

    Nan, I totally agree with you. Any reasonable person would put the pieces together as you have, we have, the PT did. All but these 12.
    My faith is running around in the shower trying to get wet. As well.
    Intersting article here ~

  144. nan11 says:

    Red: That was a good read even though I think there is a whole lot more to this verdict than falible people and a falible system.

    I could let it go if I felt that; but there is a much bigger stink here. And this one is not coming from the car trunk. MOO

    Quote from Red’s link:
    My read on the case? Guilty of murder beyond a reasonable doubt. You don’t make an accident look like a murder, and you don’t place duct tape over the nose and mouth of a child who is already dead. I simply think that you had some jurors like the ones I’ve described. These things happen. People are fallible. Our system is fallible.
    End of Quote

    One more thing, he mentions he was fooled by a case when he was a ‘young federal prosecutor.’ Even though we are talking about state prosecutors, this was not the first rodeo for Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick. I’m not sure about Frank George. 😉

  145. Dave, sorry for being late letting you out of moderation… To show you just how apologetic I am, I will transplant it here ….

    Dave Knechel says:
    July 11, 2011 at 12:21 pm (Edit)
    What a shame your fictional account turned out to be real. The state didn’t prove its case? I sure was hoping Ashton would have passed around those cans. Open, of course. The State did a great job. Too bad the “Baez Bling” blinded the jury.

  146. Newbie says:

    Well, I am in shock after talking to my oldest child who did not follow this case but was on vacation during the trial. He and his wife were visiting his mother-in-law who watched “every bit of the trial.” In his opinion, there was reasonable doubt !!!! Needless to say, we were on the phone for a long time…..unbelievable. This is an intelligent, fifty year old, successful man. I can’t even explain his thinking at this moment !

  147. Vicky says:

    There are several things we need to remind ourselves of when it seems that Caylee has been lost in all of this. All things happen for a reason and we cant always make sense of them in the short term. Sometimes we just need to be patient. Because of Caylee, several states are proposing new legislation that makes failing to report a child missing within 48 Hours a felony. Perhaps these new laws will not only make certain parents report in a timely fashion, but will help the parents of missing teens as well. Maybe now LE will be forced to begin their searches for teens right away, rather than assuming the child might be a runaway. Because of Caylee, people are taking time to think about the value we place on children, not just in death, but in life as well. Perhaps parents who have taken their children for granted will hold them a little closer and tighter. Perhaps they will cherish the time required to raise them rather than viewing it as just one more thing they have to do in a day. Perhaps more parents will take time out of their busy schedules to spend quality time with their children. Because of Caylee, Perhaps we will all take more time to look for signs of abuse or neglect in the children we have contact with. Perhaps we will all take time to check on the young mothers we know to see if they need a break or someone to listen. Because of Caylee more people will understand the importance of jury duty and will embrace the sacrifices that must sometimes be made in the name of justice. Maybe now more people will know that statements made by attorneys are not evidence or testimony. Maybe now people will more clearly define the meaning of reasonable. Not just in a trial, but in their everyday lives.
    Unlike J, I do not believe Caylee is not at peace. I believe she is right where she belongs and is blind to all of the evil that has surrounded her death. The Angels took Caylee under their wings the day she left this world and she has been sheltered from all other harm, sadness or fear ever since. IMO. If there is any negative energy floating around, it is generated from those who have disrespected her memory. There is evil in this world, but it does not come from Heaven. It comes from human beings like Ms Thang, and the forces of evil they align themselves with.
    No offense intended, but IMO, Caylee is not seeking justice, she has already found it. She has also found peace, and to truly honor her, those who have watched this story unfold need to find peace as well. It is okay to feel anger as long as it is used to accomplish something positive. If by chance I am wrong and Cayee’s spirit is still in this world, perhaps it is because of all the people who won’t let her go. We all need to give her permission to rest in peace.
    We can’t change the past. It is something we must deal with. The future on the other hand might be a little brighter for another child because his or her parent thinks for a single moment about what happened to Caylee because of her mother’s abuse and/or neglect.
    The jury rendered a verdict and there is nothing that will be done to unrig that bell. There was no jury misconduct, just apathy and ignorance. Neither of which is grounds for a mistrial. Those were adults in that jury room and if any or all of them lacked then strength of character to stand up for themselves, then that is something they will have to live with. I am not angry with them. I feel pity for them just as I would for anyone with limited: intellectual capacity, attention span, deductive reasoning skills, cognitive development and personal conviction.

  148. Vicky says:

    Sorry Newbie, no offense to your daughter’s FIL intended. I might have been able to find reasonable doubt on murder one, had I not followed this case, but I would have been hard pressed to ignore that duct tape and those 31 days and arrive at not guilty on all counts. I wonder if the FIL would have arrived at the same conclusion without the defense opening statement.

  149. Newbie says:

    Vicky, no offense taken. Your comment was excellent. I loved your last statement !!!!
    Quick question …..did your cookout get rained out?

  150. Vicky says:

    I have one final comment to make about the members of the jury. If their doubt was truly reasonable, not a single one would claim that they felt bad about their decision. That makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever. If after renering their verdict, they believe Ms thang is actually guilty, then the doubt they used to set her free was not reasonable. A jury should never leave a courthouse with any regret. If they do, they have failed to render a just verdict. They have been thought to be foolish and several members of the jury have opened their mouths and removed all doubt.

    Newbie – Nope,the rain stopped just in time.

  151. HJ says:

    Hi! Just wanted to clarify some stuff from the original post. I’ve lived in Pinellas county for 45 years…since I was a child. I feel bad that all of Pinellas has been painted stupid with such a broad brush or considered lower economically than Orange County. Our demographics are similiar to Orange County and certainly have our share of affluent residents. We made of the small sleepy cities of St. Petersburg and Clearwater with many small beach communities.

  152. snoopysleuth says:

    HJ~~thanks for stopping in to my blog. I don’t think anyone is putting down Pinellas County. People wonder why the 12 jurors did not take time to deliberate longer. They never asked to see any transcripts or pieces of evidence. When one juror put out a request asking for a five figure fee in exchange for an interview, that did not sit well with many people. HJ, you have every right to be proud of where you live and I am glad that you voiced your opinion here.

    I will add that I am totally against death threats made on anyone, jurors, defense lawyers or the Anthonys.

  153. Laurali says:

    HJ~ I agree with Snoopy about death threats. That is beyond normal.

    I love Clearwater vacationed there many times. I think most of us here were disappointed that the jury completely ignored the obvious evidence and believed the lies. I hope we did not offend you and if I did I am sorry.

  154. nan11 says:

    I agree with everyone–no one’s life should be threatened; however, I hope we will all do our best to avoid helping the murderer parlay her actions into $$$’s.

    This is the only way we have left of helping to find a bit justice for beautiful Caylee.

    I have visions of the murdering tot mom–bathing in sunshine, whilst poolside in a secluded backyard; clad in a bright red bikini. I choke on this vision. ॓_॔

    Less than three years ago, law enforcement crawled through the muck on their hands and knees searching for the tiny bones of a 34 month old baby who had been in her mother’s care–that baby was found to have been suffocated by duct tape. George didn’t do it; Cindy didn’t do it; and brother, Lee, didn’t do it. They helped cover for the murderer–after the fact; but they did not do it.

    What are the odds of 12 people, almost all of whom have secondary educations, forming into a click and setting a murderer free? What could have been their motivation? Why did they choose to overlook all the circumstantial evidence? Why did they choose to believe the fabrications of her bellowing defense attorney? Not murder one, you say–well, read her indictment! Murder in the first degre was not the only option. I assume these 12 jurors were all capable of reading and comprehending the words printed before them in black and white.

    I would hope no-one from Pinellas County takes this personally–statistically speaking, 12 people chosen from anywhere in the US should have come to the same conclusion. I just can’t swallow that, though.

    Whatever was behind that verdict–only 12 people from Pinellas County are responsible for it and they were the members of the jury.

    The beauty of the county will always be intact–neither its wealth nor intelligence level has been affected. It’s just those 12 questionable human beings that failed so miserably in their duty.

    They should hang their heads in shame; not appear on national TV shows trying to justify their amazing level of ineptness.

    My Opinion Only, of course.

    Hopefully this will be my last rant. Yikes, have I said that before? 😉

  155. Laurali says:

    Hopefully this will be my last rant. Yikes, have I said that before? 😉

    I don’t remember did ya? 🙂 I think we are entitled to many rants.

  156. Sherry says:

    Please don’t say it will be your last rant, nan11-you say it so well what I believe we all are feeling concerning this travesty of justice!

  157. Newbie says:

    You can paint me stupid because I don’t understand what a secondary education has to do with this.

  158. nan11 says:

    Awww, Newbie: It really has nothing to do with it; but, usually (not always, though) people with secondary education are more inclined to connect the dots.

    Didn’t happen with the Pinellas jurors, that’s all I ment. 😉

  159. Newbie says:

    Thank you Nan. I just get totally confused when “blame” is put on someone’s lack of education or accomplishment in education, or on someone’s status in life, or on how much money they have or don’t have, etc etc.
    I have given serious thought to “what went wrong”. I don’t even want to begin to comment on what went wrong with George, Cindy, Lee and Casey. The things that happened prior to the trial I don’t want to even try to comment on as just starting with the trial itself is enough to give one a headache.
    Starting with the charges, I don’t know that the death penalty should or should not have been one of the charges. Personally, I think there were way too much of what I call “game playing”. You know, put the death penalty out their for leverage to gain a plea possibly or at least get a jury for a death penalty case because they are more likely to convict on something; no gag order ; an educated person and experienced Judge who put a time table on jury selection and avoiding appeals into play; a prosecutor, Jeff Ashton, who was so sure of hlmself that he laughed at a defense lawyer; add on no adjustment by the prosecution after defense’s opening statement……should I go on. All parties were playing the “one up” game and now we blame it totally on the jurors?
    My main complaint about the jury is why someone convicted of bad check charges and someone who had a cruise date in July were sitting on that jury

  160. Newbie says:

    I will add that I find the prosecution, judge and defense all in on the “one up” game.

  161. nan11 says:

    I don’t know how to fault the state for putting the death penalty on the table. The aggravating factors were there and they were proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

    The prosecutors put together a difficult case brilliantly. I don’t believe that any prosecutors, anywhere, could have done a better job. And yes, I have seen Richard Hornsby’s latest blog and the other one.

    I’m not saying the justice system does not work. Of course it does. But it did not in this case. It did not. Why? I don’t know but I think the jury holds the answers. Other parties might also share the blame.

    All of the above is my opinion only.

    (5) AGGRAVATING CIRCUMSTANCES.—Aggravating circumstances shall be limited to the following:
    Quoted and snipped:
    (h) The capital felony was especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel.
    (i) The capital felony was a homicide and was committed in a cold, calculated, and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification.
    (l) The victim of the capital felony was a person less than 12 years of age.
    (m) The victim of the capital felony was particularly vulnerable due to advanced age or disability, or because the defendant stood in a position of familial or custodial authority over the victim.

  162. snoopysleuth says:

    I may as well throw my nickel’s worth in here… I fault the jury and also Judge Perry.

    Judge Perry set a time limit for picking a jury and people were allowed on the jury that should never have been selected. All the jurors were supposed to believe in the death penalty. One woman could not stand in judgement of anyone. I am surprised she voted guilty to the four charges of Casey lying to LE. You had one juror wanting to go on a vacation. Three jurors had prior convictions. One lady had never ever been away from her husband. I realize Judge Perry said money was tight and they only had the courthouse facility in Clearwater for a certain length of time. He should never have let that be an excuse and seated a proper jury.

    Even if the death penalty had been taken off the table, this jury would have found her not guilty. They had a foreman on that jury with an agenda….”let’s get this over with and go home.” This particular foreman couldn’t wait to put his feelers out to get a 5-figure interview. The other jurors were easily led and should have stood by their own convictions, deliberated longer and weighed the evidence. This has nothing to do with how much education the jurors had. It was all about their group mentality and not being able to think as individuals.

  163. Newbie says:

    Nan, I respectively disagree. …..at least today I do…..lol.

  164. Frankie says:

    Hi Snoopy, Newbie and Nan11,
    I agree with all of you. I have said all along that the whole thing is like a comedy of errors. It started with the judge rushing through the jury selection to rushing through the court case for the sake of the jury, vacation date ( like one’s vacation was more important than the death of a beautiful innocent baby girl) and being away from loved ones. In my opinion the judge should not have done that. Too much was at stake for him to put the jury first and if the case was not done when the court room was no longer available then so be it. They could have found another one or the up coming cases could be scheduled for another room. The state should have had more choice of lesser charges to choose from and the defense and witnesses told so many lies that the jury took for truth. One thing after another combined to make the final outcome. I know, there are so many more flaws to mention but we all know that and what they are. Lets hope that an important lesson was learned by all the players in the comedy of errors. I’m still angry about what these so called professionals did. Jose thinks he is the best lawyer in the world now which I believe could not be further from the truth. He just got lucky with a lazy easily swayed jury. I can’t say what I really think about the jury individuals or you might banish me from your sandbox.

  165. Newbie says:

    You know I have always been one to look back at how I might do something better the next time if I was disappointed in a result. When my kids went thru consequences of their actions which were negative my main thing was to ask them if they learned anything and we would discuss what they had learned, not the negative of what had happened. I think I am doing this with the Anthony case….what could be learned. My Lord, how many things have happened in this case that impacted the outcome. Kronk not being the type of person who insisted an officer go further in investigating what he had seen. Lesson, if you believe something you have seen or heard is important enough to report it to the police, don’t let them “sluff” you off. Go ahead and push it til you are satisfied even if you end up the fool. That is just my example of what I can say to myself.
    I hope parents are learning from all of this that you need to “parent” a child. Know what they are really doing and especially if they have a girl that is pregnant and in Casey’s situation, put your own feelings to the side and if needed, get help in a decision concerning what is best for your daughter and the child.
    I am rambling. There has to be some good come out of this someway, somehow !

  166. Laurali says:

    Newbie you said it “parent your child” something Cindy did not do. Something George was not allowed to do. Casey needed to have her head thumped for stealing. Before she ever turned 18 she stole from Lee. Juvenile would have been a good lesson. All the lies. Lord my girls would be walking around with no teeth. #1 Rule in my house do not lie to me, Ever! I had my first one at 19. It was not easy going to college with an infant, but I did it. Jose and Mason talk about how young Casey is. My mom had my brother at 16! He is still alive. Age does not matter. Morals, values, respecting someone’s life that matters. Casey has no respect for anyone. Not even herself. What kind of mother bed hops with a toddler (girl)? Not that a little boy would be okay but I thought parents wanted better for their child? Who bed hops with a baby?

    As far as Casey being pretty goes, wth does that have to do with anything? I find her to look like a monster with her jacked up eye brows, horns on her forehead not to mention her pointed ears. Mason is always talking about Casey being tiny. WTH does that have to do with anything? Caylee was tinier!

  167. Newbie says:

    Laurali, I said “parent your child” since if I start on Cindy and the relationship she had with George, Lee and Casey……well, I can’t even go there except to say I think Cindy and George should have been on trial just as Casey was. I think Cindy would have warped sweet baby Caylee also. Casey was no more than Cindy’s toy. I have ranted before about mothers, Cindy, who don’t even know what is happening with their kids. For crying out loud, look at how Cindy did not know that Casey would not graduate from highschool and look at how she handled it. If that doesn’t tell you big time even before the no job Casey happened.

    Oh, I’m stopping there. I will say I believe a child is a gift from God and needs care. The simple way of looking at being a parent is to put it in terms of a flower bed. You can’t just plant a seed and expect it will grow into a beautiful flower when you do not care for it as it needs, not as you care to take the time to do as you want in that flower bed..

  168. Newbie says:

    Hi Frankie….missed your comment totally. Now I need to go read what you wrote….lol.

  169. Frankie says:

    Hi Newbie, You are so right about Cindy. Sounds like it was her way or the hi way. Love your comments. I still can’t believe what has happened. I just can’t accept it in my own mind.

  170. Newbie says:

    Yup, Frankie, I agree.

    Well, it is easy to point the finger. You’ve heard I’m sure the one about when you point the finger you got three pointing back at you and one pointing towards the heavens……..the thumb built that way to remind you of being judgmental. Well, my thumb has had its workout today. Gotta go back to talking about …..about…..facts? The fact is this case has been crazy from the beginning to end. Fact two, it isn’t over yet.

  171. Newbie says:

    lol….Frankie….do you feel like you’re kind of running behind on “outraged”. Prior to my long posts, I was able to read what Nan, Snoop and others were writing and get relief. Now, I read and my mind turns ugly and my thoughts are being spewed !

  172. Frankie says:

    Yes Newbie, crazy. It isn’t over yet. How scary is that? I am hoping it spends a lot more time in court and that it drives it crazier. After what it has done I want to be witness to it getting what’s coming to it. It took a life and it should not enjoy it’s life. I’m not usually a mean person but it just isn’t fair to Caylee and I want to see some justice…. I mean Karma.

  173. Newbie says:

    Well, with all my good judgment Frankie, I would like to just go knock the chit out of Cindy and slap George silly and I don’t believe in being physical out of anger….lol.

  174. Frankie says:

    Ha Ha! Newbie, Can I help? I’m there. It would feel good, for a minute.

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