Russ, alternate juror speaks out…

Alternate juror speaks….

Russ felt it was an accident that was covered up by a dysfunctional family.

He connected the duct tape because that is how the Anthonys buried their pets. George couldn’t remember how they buried them. Cindy said they used packing tape but Lee said they used duct tape.

The jurors felt George was too combative on the stand and felt he was not being truthful.

Russ did not believe that a body was ever in the trunk because they only had one strand of hair. He did not see a stain in the trunk that would be decomposition.

Russ could not comment about George sexually abusing Casey as there was not enough evidence.

One important thing that we all questioned months ago and Russ made note of it. “When George picked the car up at the tow yard, why didn’t he call 911 when he smelled the decomposition.”

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  1. Vicky says:

    I have maintained all along that the family knew Caylee was dead the day they found that car. Then they went into cover up mode. Heck, maybe they sent the month after Caylee died planning this eventuality.
    I think the saddest thing that has occurred in our system of justice is that we have taken the right to a fair trial to a level of insanity. If you ask me, even if Caylee’s death was an accident, any mother who would toss her child’s remains in a swamp to be ravaged by animals and insects should be severely punished and three years in jail does not begin to cover it.
    I realize those who have watched this case since the beginning believe that Casey’s life is ruined, but the jerk that flipped off Jeff Ashton to impress Casey is proof that such will not be the case.
    Now that this is all over and she has been found not guilty, I wonder if she will ever tell the real truth about what happened. Never mind, like Bias said, Casey does not know how to tell the truth.

  2. Newbie says:

    Vicky, she’ll tell what happened in her book.

  3. Sherry says:

    That man was something else. Now we know that common sense has flown out the window. Casey knew all along that her child was dead according to Baez’ opener. I think there should be lawsuits like crazy against her. I can dream…

    I really don’t think life will bode well for any of the Anthonys from here on out. I’m somewhat worried about George-he was not happy at the reading of the verdict.

  4. nan11 says:

    You guys are all great; but Casey Marie Anthony is never going tell the truth–because the truth is she duct taped her baby’s face and left her in the trunk of her car until she was dead.

    Mr. Jeff Ashton was correct all along. One of those cans should have been opened. The state should have been allowed to tell the whole truth–to highlight that stain and show the jurors the shape of that baby curled in a fetal position. Charges should long ago should have been brought against Jose Baez. He should have no right to enter a court of law.

  5. Let’s all try to keep the faith that is case is not over by a long shot. Where is OJ Simpson? Where is Misty Cummings? Let’s let the Higher Powers take over now. I am not about to give up that one day, Caylee Anthony will have her justice. It may take a little time but I am willing to wait.

  6. nan11 says:

    Thanks for the new post, Jonathon. I can’t go to any news sites or put on the TV yet. I’m having such a hard time accepting the verdict.

    I’m the saddest person in town tonight. All I have is my Bible and your blog. I have to find peace with this. I have to. Somehow.

  7. When Judge Perry sentences Casey on Thursday, will the fact that she is a felon come into play. I have a feeling that Judge Perry will see she gets the maximum that he can squeeze out. I am certain that the judge feels as we do in that justice was not served in this case.

    This whole defense strategy was orchestrated by one Cheney Mason and a bunch of liars. They all have to live with their own conscience and that may be the greatest punishment of all.

  8. Redrelaxed says:

    I’m going to go have supper with my very wise friend Alice tonight who’s been following this story only recently and get some much needed clarity. She is as thoroughly disgusted as I am right now, but she thinks this whole family is in on the cover up for the O’mighty dollar. If it’s okay with you Jonathon I’ll report back later on what we come up with. I plan to have a big bejesus martini or two while I’m at it.

    Vicky, that’s one thing I could never understand either, WHY didn’t George call 911 at the tow yard? This family stands to make millions off the death of little Caylee Marie, and as my good friend says, “People will do anything for money”. My daughter feels the same way.

    Bless you Jonathon for keeping the blog fires going so we can have a place to come where there is sanity left in the world.

    This has been a huge lesson for me, I don’t think I’ll ever get so emotionally invested in another trial, but this beautiful little baby Caylee stole part of my heart.

    “Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.”(Martin Luther King)

  9. Red, while you’re sipping that martini, raise your glass and look up. There will be answers come for all of us from the most unexpected places. Injustice is when we accept it and none of us are about to do that. We will find a way to overcome.

  10. Redrelaxed says:

    I will do that J. Count on it. I think a lot of information will be coming out after Thursday. Cheers!

  11. SageMom says:

    J, Nan11, Redrelaxed.ecossie possie……………..
    I am so glad to have gotten the chance to learn from all of you brilliant people! And I have learned so much!!!! Dave Knechel, boxcarbob,.Peggy, Karen c, I just don’t want to miss anyone of you even a few anon’s….I am having a hard time accepting what happened today. I also woke up this morning, knowing I was driving my son to donate blood for his big surgery coming up in August. Right before I left, I was nervous, Nervous about my son, just nervous. I expected a verdict….I just couldn’t focus. When I heard not guilty as I went out the door, my mind could not stop spinning. How could this be? I am going to have to do some deep soul searching to think justice will somehow still yet prevail. I will look to a higher power, but not now. I’m just gonna focus on my wonderful son and thank all of you great people who somehow I feel as if I know. It
    has been a pleasure reading here and I will continue to stop by each night and get my dose of Mainstreamfair! Maybe you could right a li’l something on posterior spinal fusion for me. My son will have his surgery soon. Life will be good again!!!!!! Ain’t life grand?????? ♥♥♥

  12. cali patti says:

    I am experiencing internet problems today.
    Yes Jon thank you for giving me a place to come to.
    I heard the russ, the juror interview and it seemed to me that the jury abandoned common sense. The 31 days meant nothing to them. They did not like George, at all, felt he was covering up something.
    Jon, you have been so right about many things I will trust your thoughts that this is not over.
    I believe in Karma but I find Karma to be very slow.

    Nan, it took me years to feel invested in this case. I am so sad also.
    Heard Ashton is retiring…done.

  13. SageMom, I will be glad to start a thread on posterior spinal fusion. I am quite familar with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and spinal fusion. Maybe it will be a good idea to put up a health talk thread as we are all plagued with medical issues or have members of our family who are. After the verdict today, we may need to discuss mental issues.

  14. cali patti says:

    Theres a lone red breasted hawk in my field.
    Two black crows are chasing it…

  15. SageMom says:

    J, Nan11, Redrelaxed.ecossie possie……………..
    I am so glad to have gotten the chance to learn from all of you brilliant people! And I have learned so much!!!! Dave Knechel, boxcarbob,.Peggy, Karen c, I just don’t want to miss anyone of you even a few anon’s….I am having a hard time accepting what happened today. I also woke up this morning, knowing I was driving my son to donate blood for his big surgery coming up in August. Right before I left, I was nervous, Nervous about my son, just nervous. I expected a verdict….I just couldn’t focus. When I heard not guilty as I went out the door, my mind could not stop spinning. How could this be? I am going to have to do some deep soul searching to think justice will somehow still yet prevail. I will look to a higher power, but not now. I’m just gonna focus on my wonderful son and thank all of you great people who somehow I feel as if I know. It
    has been a pleasure reading here and I will continue to stop by each night and get my dose of Mainstreamfair! Maybe you could right a li’l something on posterior spinal fusion for me. My son will have his surgery soon. Life will be good again!!!!!! Ain’t life grand?????? ♥♥♥ I wouldn’t want to forget Vicki or CaliPatti I., all of you are so amazing to me!! I just want to forget Casey Anthony. 3 Long years of Casey Anthony!

  16. Sherry says:

    J~ their consciences are seared and their hearts are hardened.

    nan11, remember what God says about those who harm the little ones. Justice has not been denied but delayed for there will be a payday someday.

  17. SageMom says:

    I would so appreciate any and all information on spinal fusion and yes, he has kypho-lordoscoliosis. To tell you the truth, I may need a bit of that mental health talk too! This has been one of the most mentally draining events to take place in my life time and I am feeling a bit bipolar about it myself! At any rate, I am still so very happy to have met you all! What an amazing experience it has been!

  18. margaret says:

    Jon, Snoops,Nan11……….. Thank you all for letting me be a small little part of this. I,like Nan11, do not understand this verdict and if I hear one more time that the cause of death was not proven, I am going to lose it. Its like forget the fact that she is dead, her mother did it, but since we can’t show you a video. it never happened. I am cutting off t.v. until……Dear God I can’t understand, but you are right HE is in charge and somehow someday Caylee will get justice. Thank you all for helping me hang on to my sanity right now.

  19. cali patti says:

    Back at you Sage mom. I always enjoyed your words when you stopped by.
    Sending you good thoughts with your son. Please keep us…me posted.

    This verdict really upset me. It wasn’t as if I hated Casey or even looked forward to her going to prison. I definitely did not want her to get the death penalty. Possibly feeling bad about the jury and the defense team. Caylee deserved better but Caylee was forgotten in the courtroom today.

  20. Newbie says:

    Didn’t believe a dead body had been on the car? What about the tow yard person’s testimony? Why did Cindy and George clean the car out….that was part of the testimony or not?? Why did Cindy talk to co-workers about the smell in the car or George tell law enforcement it smelled of death? And what about Cindy’s “smells like a dead body in the damn car”………………………………….

    I’m totally thru……I’m going to go pout for awhile.

  21. Newbie says:

    Sagemom, before I go to my pout, a prayer for you and your son. This is a good place to come when you need info, support and prayers.

  22. cali patti says:

    Going back a few days,
    remember me saying my son said he had a problem with George and the tow yard?
    I asked him about the 31 days and he replied that he did not like George.
    So there you go. Maybe I raised a stupid son.

  23. SageMom says:

    I forgot something. Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick. To hear that he is retiring effective immediately? Broke my heart again. I can think of no two other people to speak for me or my child. What a great job they have done and I wanted to let them know somehow that I am ever so grateful they were there for little Caylee Anthony. Amazing they were in their fight for justice. I will continue to praise them no matter what the outcome was.

  24. Laurali says:

    Newbie~ pout for a while? I have been pouting all afternoon. Now I got a headache. I hope Jeff Ashton writes a book. I will buy it.

    As far as the whole Anthony family goes I hope they all go to he!!. They have done nothing but lie since July 15th. As far as I am concerned they never loved Caylee. Jonathon knows what it is like to lose a child, to say you had the air knocked out of you is a understatement. Looking back none of them ever appeared to have the wind knocked out of them. They knew, they only cared about the lying egg donor.

    Jonathon I will be checking into you mental health facility as soon as it is set up. Make sure the couches are comfy.

    Good to have you back in the fold. Don’t give up that justice will eventually come. Keep the faith, it can move mountains. Hugs~J

  25. SageMom says:

    Laurali???? Howz about a roomie at the ol’ Mainstream Mental Health center?? I am just slightly manic and I DON’T LIE! Anyway…………watching this trainwreck of a family for 3 years? A waste! A total waste!!!!!

  26. shyloh says:

    I don’t believe they even discussed the coverup. DID THEY!!!

  27. There were mistakes made in this trial and sadly to say, by the state. This may sound like sour grapes but I do not think that the jurors were intelligent enough to comprehend the forensics and connect the chain of events. The state should have admitted more evidence and spoke in ‘baby talk’ so the jurors could understand. The state should have put Kronk on the stand. Maybe a lesson can be learned from this case.

  28. Newbie says:

    Laurali, I had the headache right after the verdict was read. All emotion for awhile I had no control over. The only thing I can do by choice is pout.
    George and Cindy knew when they picked up that car, took it home and cleaned it so thoroughly. Cindy washed all items which included Casey’s slacks. They may have wondered at that time if Casey was dead but I know in my heart Cindy knew when she found Casey and Caylee was not with her. I guess they can claim their cover-up worked. Castard and citch.

  29. cali patti says:

    Jon, I sincerely hope you are right and justice will come to Casey. I just have my doubts.
    Evey time I have disagreed with you I have been wrong so I am holding the faith you are right this time.
    I also agree that this jury was not smart enough to understand the forensics.

  30. Newbie says:

    I would have liked for Tim Miller to have given testimony and hit hard on Casey not saying a word about this accident. I don’t know that I can explain clearly at this time what my thought is but there was no attack on why Casey kept her mouth shut for three years allowing herself to be charged with murder and allowing everyone to hunt for that child !!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Laurali says:

    I am still pouting too! :/

    Jonathon ~ I completely agree. I am holding out hope for ZFG to win. Casey will not have much money left after that trial. Admitted in open court no nanny. Fingers crossed. If that does not work I hope and pray Uncle Sam goes after her.

    I hope ABC has learned a lesson about paying money out. Jose knew all along Caylee drowned yet he collected 200,000 dollars for a missing child. IMO that is fraud but what can you do? I am sure there is one mission excited about a baby killer on the loose but most Americans are sick over this. I am embarrassed that not only is lady justice blind and deaf today she is stupid. Tomorrow I may feel differently but I doubt it.

  32. Newbie says:

    Oh dear, the prosecution should not be critisized…they’ve worked long and hard. Here I am ready to point fingers.

    I think it was Red that made the point of Misty being given twenty five years for selling pills and Casey walking away from this. That hit me hard. What the hell happened.

  33. Newbie, I would be the last one to criticize the prosecution for all their hard work. I am trying to look at this objectively and try to see just what went wrong. Was the state over confident? With only circumstantial evidence, should they have left the death penalty on the table?

    I am as disappointed as you all are but I am forever looking for answers why this happened.

  34. Vicky says:

    The Anthony family is living proof that there is always a family more jacked up than your own. If not that, they are most certainly the poster family for what happens when parents fail to do their job.

    Every day Ithe effects of parents who have failed their children are visited upon society. I would love to be able to share some of the stories I have come to know over the past few months, but the law, combined with the fact that my identity is known does not allow me to do so. What I will say is that the growing numbers of reported cases of abuse and/or neglect in our country will only serve to increase the number of young adults who do the unspeakable. Unfortunately, Casey Anthony is not unique. Compliments of the Florida Sunshine Laws we have been just been afforded the rare opportunity to watch the result of a psychopath unleashed upon society unfold. Casey is the Lizzy Borden of the 21st Century.
    Every day, another Caylee dies at the hands of a person no different than Casey. More often that we want to imagine a child goes “missing” and the parent disposes of the body and moves on with their life as though nothing has happened.
    I do not believe Casey has an excuse for what she has done. But, I know for a fact that given the obvious dysfunction of her famil,y no one should be surprised that she was capable of doing what she did. I wish the jury had been afforded the knowledgeof her prior bad acts. They might have had a different perspective about the indifference she demonstrated toward others and her complete lack of remorse. She might not have physically abused Caylee prior to her death, but she has a long history of imposing emotional abuse upon every member of her family. Fortunately, not all psychopaths kill, but I will assure you that most people who kill are psychopaths or have some other form of borderline personality. And given the fact that there are others who have been raised without boundries, no one should be surprised that there are individuals who are willing to muddy the waters of justice to win. I sincerely hope that Jose Bias and Chaney Mason honestly believe that Casey is innocent. If not, they are no better than she is.

  35. cali patti says:

    I doubt ZFG will win her case. Really, Casey did not mean “that” ZFG,
    it was a prettier ZFG.
    Casey has the luck on her side and will probably go on to be a legal assistant to a law firm,
    marry a up and coming attry then live the good life.

    I am looking forward to the day this verdict is only a passing memory.
    A few years ago I gave up being emotionally invested in our political process.
    I worked our voting centers and I cared.
    I will not become invested in a legal case again, I am done.

    I will be doing home/garden repairs this next year and am praying home values rise enough before this house goes on the market. I want a small motor home and travel to every national park.
    I want this blog, the friends I have made here to remain a viable part of my life.
    I am sad today.

  36. Newbie says:

    I think putting the death penalty out there was a mistake. I also think there was no real attack on it being an accident.
    I have been thinking about how Casey can now go for the finishing touches on her Bella Vita tattoo. I wonder if she’ll also get a new one …….which could be “I fought the law and I won.” I think the song goes I fought the law and the law won. See, this decision is totally wrong.

  37. cali patti says:

    Thank you Vicky, thank you very much for you explaination. It helps

  38. SageMom says:

    Newbie, Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, for my son!!!! This has been the best of places to come. Now, back to pouting. I feel so very sad tonight for Caylee. I feel so sad for all of us. Thank goodness Jon keeps questioning what happened today. We will learn from this and grow and continue to become better persons. I will not sleep well tonight. But tomorrow? I shall look up at the son and thank God I am here. I suggest we all do the same. As for Casey and the Anthony family? How sad that they have to look over their shoulders instead. There are many Casey Anthony’s out there! Let’s all try to be just a little better than we were the day before.

  39. Newbie says:

    Vicky, well said !!

  40. Newbie says:

    My dad always said to make a good memory everyday for that is what we have to live eventually….. good memories or bad memories. Yes, the good memory will be that we had this blog to come to after what we believe is a total injustice.

  41. SageMom says:

    Son? I am sorry. I meant sun. My son is my sunshine. Caylee is our sunshine too. Let’s not forget. Be sad for one day. Then tomorrow, let’s pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move on!! You all are worth way too much to pout for too long! Tomorrow is a new day.

  42. cali patti says:

    Well said Sage Mom & Newbie… I am sad. This site helps.

  43. Newbie says:

    For the past three years I have hoped Caylee’s disappearance and death may have saved some other child. Maybe some grandparents are doing things differently, maybe some parent has learned that covering for your child is not good, and on and on. I am going to stay focused on that as soon as I get done with my pout.

  44. Amber from Maryland says:

    Romans 12:19
    “Vengeance is mine, I will repay sayith the Lord”

    Few or none of us may agree with the jury’s verdict in the Casey Anthony case. We don’t know for sure why they ruled the way they did and we may never know. Perhaps we knew so much more about the case after studying it so carefully for so long but perhaps, since they looked at facts they were given with fresh eyes, they saw something we did not. I will always believe that Casey was in some way responsible for her child’s death but I do not believe in the death penalty.

    Who can say whether or not Casey will get the punishment she deserves? What kind of life can a high school drop out with six felony convictions for check fraud have? What kind of job can she get to support her long term future? Who wants to hire someone who many people think was a baby killer? Would George and Cindy be safe if they allowed her to live with them? Some of us suspect that the search for neck breaking was not meant for Caylee. Do any of Casey’s old friends want anything to do with her now? Life can be lonely without friends or family.

    I will buy a book written by Marinade Dave, but I certainly won’t buy anything written by any member of the Anthony family. I do not care to watch Casey on TV or support the program sponsors if Casey makes the talk show rounds. We may not have been able to serve on the jury, but we can make our opinions known with our pocketbooks.

    I hope that this blog and Dave’s blog are around for a long time so we can all keep in touch and keep up with what is going on.

  45. Newbie says:

    I’ve got to ask this. What was so different in Scott Peterson’s case that he now sits on death row?

  46. Laurali says:

    Vicky our voice of reason with out of control blingers great point! 🙂

    Newbie I have been looking at fifth wheels. My plan is to retire January 1. I have saved my whole life so I could retire early and travel and I intend to do just that!

    SageMom I will try to shake myself off in the morning but to be completely honest this verdict kind off knocked me off my feet. I do not understand how they did not find her guilty of at least count 3. When did it become okay to throw your babies away?

  47. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Newbie
    That is the $64,000 question.

  48. Newbie says:

    Amber from Maryland, how right you are. BOYCOTT ! I know I am sending my friends and family an email asking they speak for Caylee buy not buying anything or watching any shows which involve the Anthonys. I probably will buy a book if Dave writes it but I am not even sure about that tonight. Kinda depends.

  49. SageMom says:

    We are all sad today CaliPatti. My son said he was happy though… Happy that the trial was over and we can all get our lives back. Look at the power we gave this woman and her family! It;s kind of amazing when I think of it that way. If there are books or cheesy movies or any kind of memoirs written, let’s all make a pact NOT to contribute. Let’s not give it a minute of thought. Let’s come back to Mainstreamfair and of course Marindae Dave’s and find a way to make good things become powerful. I suggest we all NEVER EVER give a second of our precious time to a psychopath and her dysfunctional family. And look.Jose’ will now make more money than he can ever use! He will be on talk show after talk show.all the while telling us how the media are so horrible for what they contributed to this trial. Let’s not contribute. I would have loved to see something good happen for Tim Miller of Texas equisearch. I would like to learn more about what he does. I would prefer to talk about Jeff Ashtons stellar record and what passion he put into this trial. I would love to just sit and chit chat with you fine folk and tell you all what an impact you have made in my life. We are all sad today. Tomorrow we shall wake up and smile.

  50. Newbie says:

    lol Amber…..with inflation is that $128,000 question?

  51. Vicky says:

    J- I think part of what might have happened is that we live in a world where too much media attention can backfire. I have some doubt that the members of that jury had not heard all about this case – in detail. They wanted to be on that jury and they wanted to show the world that the court of public opinion is meaningless. Most had their minds made up before that trial began. Mark my words, if they ever speak out about the case in public, there will be several who slip up and talk about what they had heard before they were called for jury duty.
    If that is not the case, then too much media has managed to distort the meaning of REASONABLE doubt. In this case, the defesne team got away with interjecting opinion as evidence and the jurors bought it hook, line and sinker. The human brain is an amazing thing. Once it receives information it perceives to be fact, it is very difficult to put it aside (unlearn it). Jose Bias told them that Casey had been molested. He told them that Caylee drowned. He told them that George helped dispose of the body. He told them that Kronk moved the body. He told them they had every right to hate Casey for her conduct. He told them that being a slut and a liar did not mean Casey was a murderer. The judge told them that Bias did not have to prove anything. Once the human brain learns something new (and the defense case as presented was something new), it takes about 5-7 times as longer to unlearn it. The information presented by the prosecution was not new and quite possibly they had spent some time before the trial attempting to rationalize what might have happened to Caylee. My guess is that “accident” had crossed their minds early on and Bias reinforced that scenerio. Ergo they thought their doubt regarding murder was reasonable.

  52. Newbie says:

    Sagemom, your statements bring back another of my dad’s sayings……Do not entertain bad thoughts……..I left what I call my “safe place” and became emotionally involved. I can’t say that I regret it because of the people at the sandbox, at Daves and at Jons. Yet, today has been difficult.
    I think I will give up my pout and emotion given to the Anthonys. Going back to my “safe place” so all I can say is “you reap what you sow”. This world is not through with the Anthonys.

  53. Laurali says:

    One more comment and I am off to bed.

    Jose Baez makes me sick! He said this has always been about justice for Casey and Caylee. If it were for Justice for Caylee why did he collect a 200,000 dollar check for a missing child, when that child lay rotting in the woods while he did nothing? He has always said it would come out at trial so he knew. He is as sick as Casey!

  54. SageMom says:

    To tell you the truth I was mortified at the thought of all these jurors coming to this verdict. You are right. There is no viable explanation for not even one count. We all knew she could lie! That was quite evident. Jose’ lied too! Cheney Mason lied. Lee Anthony lied. Cindy lied. George lied. I still believe Caylee was murdered on the 15th. Yes, I said it.MURDERED! Her mother murdered after Cindy and Casey argued about the money Casey had stolen from Shirley Plessea. Can you imagine getting a hold of your Grandma’s routing number and stealing the money that was saved to take care of your ailing grandfather? CRAZINESS! I, for one, choose not to think of any of this craziness! There is a real sickness in this society. I will not partake. I am sad for all of you today. I do not want to see you all so sad. YOU are all worth so much more than this.

  55. cali patti says:

    Thank You again to all of the words of wisdom.
    I have been aloof as to Justice for Caylee so I have been a bit off balance as to my sad.
    I have had it with this case and reading the above life that Casey might live helps.

    Hey Laureli maybe we can meet at Jon’s one of her short summers. LOL
    Just needing something pretty to look forward to.

  56. Newbie says:

    Well, I’m pulling up my big girls pants. No more whining from me about the verdict. The Anthonys will have to sit up and eat their peas at sometime.

  57. SageMom says:

    Goodnight Good people!! It has been a pleasure and remember, tomorrow is a new day!

  58. Newbie says:

    Night Sagemom. Sweet dreams.

  59. FYI~~ I was just speaking to Dave via phone and he will be coming in here tomorrow morning and telling you some GOOD NEWs. You will be quite pleased! It will involve all of us.

  60. Vicky says:

    Hey Laura – My blingers are my trade mark. 🙂
    I would like to add my amen to the fact that so many of us have been afforded the opportunity to come to know so many wonderful people. I also agree that we need to put the negativity that Casey Anthony has brought into our world behind us, and focus on the good things that can and have come from this tragedy.
    I for one do not want Caylee’s story to be one that is clouded by negativity. She came into this world for a reason, and I refuse to believe that it was to bring fame and fortune to her family or saddness into the world. The noteriety of her death needs to move toward teaching all of us the importance of boundries, integrity and honesty. Her story needs to teach all of us just how destructive hate and animosity can be. Her story needs to teach us to take a very close look at the true meaning of o good mother. Her story needs to teach us about the true meaning of love.

  61. Vicky says:

    Well Darn J – I am pleased to hear that Dave has good news to share, but I will have to wait until evening to read all about it. Whatever it is, I am happy for him and if it benefits anyone else here, I am happy for you too.

  62. Newbie says:

    Vicky, again you are right and state things so well.

    I am a person who relates to words in a song. I would like to dedicate this song to Casey, Cindy and George.
    Jon, I posted this at the coffee bar a couple days ago. My feelings won’t be hurt if you delete it here.

    Tears of the Lonely

  63. Newbie says:

    Whoops, that is suppose to be just a link you click on ……what happened !!!

    Jon, I don’t suppose you can give us a hint?

  64. Newbie, I can’t give you any hints but will assure you….everyone will be pleased. Ta Dum…LOL

  65. Newbie says:

    lol……ta dum to you also….can we guess????? lol

  66. nan11 says:

    Vicky: You said at 11:14 – Her story needs to teach us about the true meaning of love.

    That is so very well said. Her story really did do that, and will always continue to do that if we hold her close in our memory.

    I’m so glad I came back on and read that. Thank you.

  67. cali patti says:

    Pleasantly surprized to find so many of you still here. It is 7:43 pm. here so it must be late for many you.
    J. lol, I know what Dave will say. Caseys coming in here to tell the truth. After all, she can tell how she murdered her child and can’t be convicted.
    I will be back in here hours after Dave … time difference.
    I’ve been getting up about 5:15 am to watch trial live so I am not setting alarm tonight.

  68. redskywoman says:

    Just had dinner with Redrelaxed and we were going over the “mess” and “travesty of justice” that is the not guilty verdict for Casey Anthony. Stunning blow,says Nancy Grace, but I must say while I am disgusted, depressed and was momentarily stunned when I heard the verdict, I am not in the least surprised. I woke this am with the most god awful sense of foreboding…I told my buddy redrelaxed a few weeks ago my sense was that the jury would find reasonable doubt. I believe in my heart and soul that Casey Anthony killed Caylee, but I also think that this “whole entire” family has been lying and that they concocted an elaborate plan to plant reasonable doubt.(with Baez’s knowledge & blessing!) Shades of O J Simpson trial daze…debacle.
    Bottom line the Anthony’s are gonna make millions on this deal, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the plot will thicken in the next days, weeks and months. The truth will out–more will be revealed. I won’t be surprised to see a momentous and happy “family reunion” shortly, where all will be forgiven. They are all a bunch of lying, licentious, money hungry, miserable excuses of humanity that one day will be called to account.
    On that day Caylee will finally see justice , but not one of us will be witness to that. Casey, George, Cindy and Lee Anthony will arrive at their eternal resting place, but there will be no rest for them, here or in the here after. The Anthony’s will all be called to account for themselves one by one, they will have to explain their actions, they will have to explain why they did what they did to Caylee. They will be called upon to testify in a time, a place, a way and before the infinite and the ultimate judges. There will be no escape, no excuse, no rationale, no justification– absolutely no means or method for worming their way out, In the end, the truth is inescapable and unalterable.
    Caylee’s angels wings and her eternal spirit will wend its way continuously into the hearts, souls and minds of her killers, her mother, grandmother, grandfather and uncle and she will take them to the place where they belong..
    God bless and remember Caylee always, and in all ways!

    Welcome and thank you for your great contribution. Sorry you were held up in moderation. Red has been a great friend to all of us as well. I hope you will return again soon~Jon

  69. Nan11, there are many who will go to bed tonight with a heavy heart but we can also fall asleep with a clear conscience. There will be those who will be plagued with guilt as visions flash before their eyes. Punishment does not necessarily mean isolation in a prison cell. We can get away from the evil doers but they have to live with themselves. In that respect, we can count our blessings.

    Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives. I wish that I could reach out and give each and everyone of you a tender hug. I feel honored to have you all in my midst. You are caring and compassionate, so be glad you are who you are and that you are not them. Snoop/Jonathon

  70. cali patti says:

    Ahhh Snoopy, the witty one. Big hugs back at you.
    I have learned through you and your friends so much. Most are unaware of my early struggles and I have forgotten to thank you/them for what they have given me. Night to you also.

  71. Newbie says:

    Cali patti….that was a good one…Dave’s coming to tell us Casey will be here…

    Good night all. As they say, the sun will shine tomorrow. Special good night to you Jon.

  72. nan11 says:

    Snoop: (((H)))’s What would I have done if you weren’t here? Thank you.

  73. Only Casey could end up with an Imaggijury………………………….

  74. Frankie says:

    ecossie, You are so witty. The first happy feeling I’ve since 2:15 PM.
    I said this on OM. When George and Cindy welcome their princess home Cindy will probably say to Casey ” This is the last ——- mess I’m going to get you out of.”

  75. Karen C. says:

    Brilliant, Ecossie! I’m not feeling terribly witty myself, tonight…

    Where the hell do we find reasonable doubt in that duct tape on the face? Now the State should def. release the pics of the skull, the way it was and let us really see what the jury would not.

  76. Ecossie, I wonder how many jurors understood that Baez’ opening statement was not evidence. Baez had immunity and could lie through his teeth and would never be charged for it. I wonder how many jurors were aware of that. The jurors never asked to see one piece of evidence during their deliberations and they did not ask any questions. Their minds were made up before they went out to deliberate. It took them 10 hours to interpret the the verdict form. I know that sounds sarcastic but that is just how I feel. Someone came in my blog tonight from Pinellas County, maybe one of the jurors. They did not leave a comment.

  77. Redrelaxed says:

    Ohhhhh Jonathon…Dave’s got good news for all of us? Lord knows we could use some, eh? What a total treat to get home and read all these posts!

    SageMom, sending oodles and oodles of prayers your way for your son’s successful surgery and a speedy recovery. {{{Huggz}}}

    I added this performance by Pink as a little distraction because it’s just beautiful, and it always makes me happy when I watch it, thought you might all enjoy it too. Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?

    J, if you feel this is inappropriate, please just delete it.

    I know I’m feeling this swift verdict has a lot to do with the jury’s basement level IQ’s. I’m not proud of myself for leaning this way either, but it’s like they were looking for any excuse to get out of there and quickly. My intution is telling me there is more to this story that will be brought out.

  78. Sherry says:

    Thanks, everyone for your comments of wisdom and right perspective on today’s travesty of justice and our feelings about it. I don’t want to dissuade anyone from feeling let down and hurt and kicked in the stomach by the verdist because it means your hearts are soft and your consciences are tender. I don’t think I’ll be able to wake up smiling tomorrow but I will look forward to Dave’s good news.

    {{{HUGS}}} to every friend of Caylee’s here at Mainstreamfair~

  79. Amber from Maryland says:


    Fortunately we all have our group of friends here on this blog to support us emotionally while we react to the verdict in Casey’s Trial. That is more than Casey, George and Cindy will ever have. I think there are more of us than of them.

    Newbie, I think you are right about the $128,000 question. That $64,000 Question Show was on when I was young. With the inflation that went on during the intervening year it could be a million dollar question by now.

    One thing I put in a family history I was working on to trace descendants of one of my ancestors was the quotation, “You are never really dead until the last person on earth has forgotten your name.” If this case is a classic that gets in a lot of law books or is taught in a lot of law schools, people may never forget Caylee’s name. Even if it is not that classic a case, none of us will forget it. I am old and I may have gotten a lot older since I started watching this case, but surely there are some young people on this blog who will remember Caylee for many years into the future.

    There are many bad outcomes of this case. However one good thing it has done was to bring my neighborhood together more. At least four or five evenings during the past week or so a couple of the women in the neighborhood came over and we sat on my front porch discussing our opinions of the case. We all think that Casey was in some way responsible for Caylee’s death. We were all a bit shocked by the verdict. Adversity may help unite people.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow when we hear from Dave.

  80. Sherry says:

    Bill Shaeffer’s take on today’s verdict and Casey’s future.

  81. margaret says:

    Thank you Snoops for all of your uplifting thoughts, tomorrow will come and I will probably wake up feeling that Caylee was murdered and thrown away again today. I think I will wonder for a long time what this jury was thinking. Amber you are so right, Vengence is For God and his wisdom………………..All my prayers Sagemom for your sons surgery, God is a wonderful God. Snoops who will be Caylees next of kin now . Will Cindy and Casey now be fighting over that? Marc Klaas just said Casey was a dangerous person and would be back in trouble.Hugs snoops and goodnite. waiting for Daves surprise

    Tender hugs, Margaret~Snoop

  82. Mr Knechel, the podium is all


  83. conniefl says:

    Think of what Casey has to go home to
    1. her mother has made a shrine to her dead daughter, even wearing her ashes and getting a tattoo.
    2. George is downright angry.
    3. Would anyone ever let her write another check? I’ll bet her face is more recognizable than the governor’s right now.
    4. Zenaida is waiting
    5. the IRS is waiting. She just might have to put forth some effort to do interviews, etc, to pay everyone off.
    6. Can she ever really have another child without Cindy or anyone else for that matter being overprotective and ever watchfull beyond the norm.

    Like someone said above. Even OJ got his day. It was for another charge, but he still got his comeuppance. Old habits die hard and I fully expect to hear she’s been arrested again in the future.

  84. Biff says:

    Hello, I stumbled upon this blog but thought I might just add my bit after reading the above post^:

    Casey will struggle to do any of the things she likes again, make friends, go out, be indulgent in her own sense of greatness, because everyday she is out of prison and attempting to live within society she will be reminded that people see through her. You do not need DNA samples to put two and two together, the story is obvious and she will have to live with what she has done for the rest of her life. No one will forget her name or face, so in some respects she is going to have a much harder time outside than in.

    The sadest part of this is the unaswered questions, I wonder if the jury understood that by saying she was guilty of 1st degree, manslauter and child abuse that she could never ever be associated to the death of that child reguardless of what evidence they find in the future. Ultimately that child has been murdered and dumped and the jury has shrugged their shoulders and said “hmm dunno, not sure” and now there will never be answers.

    Anyway we must all move forward, sadly injustice happens everyday all across the world, the only justice I see here is that now Cindy and George Anthony may be able to with time get their life back on track. I hope they have nothing to do with their daughter, whose venomous life has taken from them their granddaughter.

  85. Annie (Cleveland,OH) says:

    Please Snoopy, I am very deep in depression. I turned off the TV @2:20 when I heard. Shut down the computer, will not speak to anyone about the case. I need you with a little bit of encouragement that this little life and my own life has not been wasted for the last three years?

  86. Annie, read some of the comments in here. I can understand how you feel but please don’t give up that justice will prevail. It is just not going to come in the way we expected it to. Hang in there honey!!

  87. Annie (Cleveland,OH) says:

    Thanks I did just read them, somewhat better but I am really waiting to hear good news from Dave.

  88. There’s no doubt that most of us are a bit angry and confused over the jury’s decision to exonerate Casey of murdering her daughter, Caylee. Alas, what’s done is done and we cannot change it. This has been one incredible journey for me and many others, including Jonathon. We spent hundreds and hundreds of hours sifting through thousands of pieces of evidence and interviews. It’s over, so where do we go from here? I imagine some will want to continue discussing every aspect of the case, but I won’t be doing that.

    I should be finishing up my contractual obligations with Orlando Magazine this week. The editor and I are discussing how to end it, and after that, I’m free to go back to my blog and do what I do best — blog! I will write one last post about the case on my Squarespace site reflecting what happened yesterday, plus a few other things I want to reflect on. Then, I will take a few days off. There are personal issues that need to be addressed that have been on hold since the trial began.

    I’m going to continue writing, so don’t worry about that, but there will never be a case like this one again; so close to home I was able to cover it with such intensity and determination. I do have a few ideas in mind, so you won’t be rid of that easily. I want to wrap up this case before I do anything else, though. I will be at the sentencing tomorrow and there are people in the balcony I want to say good bye to. Believe me, because of them, I had the best seat in the house.

    Thank you for having so much faith in me and my work. Remember, my blog would have been nothing had it not been for you. You contributed to my success and that’s something I’ll never forget.

  89. Annie (Cleveland,OH) says:

    Thanks Dave, I will be back to your site. I was hoping you got a book deal. Make some recoop money.

  90. Redrelaxed says:

    Good morning J & Everyone,

    Watched Jeff Ashton on the Today show earlier this morning. What a class act! He planned to retire before this case but took it on as he felt it was a prosceutor’s dream due to the complex nature of it. He reiterated that he respects the justice system, and the jury’s decision. He was very surprised by the outcome but doesn’t appear at all bitter in spite of the hard work he and the OCSD have put into this case for three years. Didn’t expand on any future plans.

    Jesse Grund was on too, and said the PT made an error in painting the A’s as a loving family, they are anything but. Seems Jesse has a lot more to say, but of course has to be circumspect in his public comments. He blames Cindy, and doesn’t like that woman one little bit.

    LKB had her face on the Today show this morning. Surprise, surprise!

    We are not alone in our outrage and pain over the not guilty verdict handed down. High profile individuals are tweeting their shock at the outcome. It appears our little Caylee Marie has captured the hearts of millions all over the world.

  91. cali patti says:

    I dont want to discuss the case in the future either. I sort of get it. It is always best to toss your weakness’s out there first. Had the prosecution done that, no cause of death, possibly the case would have been different.
    I would like to KNOW how rotten Caseys life is going but that is probably to much to ask for also.
    I also think that a few jurors will lose friends. I don’t understand them.
    Hey Dave… any new marinade recipes?

  92. cali patti says:

    ps I am still so dam* sad.

  93. Newbie says:

    Hey Marinade ! So, back to the blog in a little while. So good to hear. Will be looking forward to your return.

  94. Karen C. says:

    Cali Patti- See, here’s the thing I don’t get. They had TWO causes of death- that does not equal to NO COD. If you stab someone and then shoot them too, and the ME can’t determine which actually caused death, that doesn’t mean you didn’t murder ’em. Doesn’t matter in the least which one COD “worked”. Two positives do not equal one negative!

  95. cali patti says:

    karen, i agree with you. Even if there was NO cause of death there was still a dead daughter with casey being the parent that had control of the daughter. Jury guy also said it was probably a horrible accident that went wrong. There was NO proof of an accident.
    Oh well we all know what happened.
    Casey that by this verdict will become even more arrogant and do something else that will put herself behind bars.
    ZFG lawyers filed papers this morning.

  96. nika says:

    Dave – It’s great you will be back with your blogging again. We have really missed you. I was shocked at the outcome but in my heart I know Caylee was loved so much by so many people – Casey will never feel the love Caylee generated and someday will probably end up in trouble again. She will slip up and this time people will be watching. It did my heart good that the Cummings family ended up in jail even though we will probably never know what happened to Haleigh.
    Go Gators Dave – The season will soon be upon us.

  97. Redrelaxed says:

    Morning Dave,

    Well I was more than a little bit angry, but I’ve accepted the unacceptable, and am finding that doesn’t sit well with me, nor has it ever. I take solace in the fact that Casey Anthony will live out the rest of her miserable life as a free woman who will walk the earth as one of the most notorious child killers who will require body guards and food testers. She will embrace the kind of people who will use and abuse her mercilessly, as I truly believe that like attracts like.

    I am not confused. IMO, I feel this jury was unsophisticated and ignorant, further they were anxious to go home, and quite honestly resented the opportunity to do their civic duty sequestered in another county. Something has to be done about the future of jury selection process. Perhaps IQ tests will be required in order to determine a jurors level of comprehension. If Russ is any indication of the average intelligence of this jury, no wonder they couldn’t be bothered to to examine every aspect of the evidence and testimony. I’m mad that Caylee Marie Anthony didn’t receive justice and was all but forgotten during this process.

    The TH’s are speculating that Casey Anthony will have to go into the witness protection program to start her life over again. So the system will continue to protect this killer on the tax payers dime!

    Jeff Ashton, Linda Drane Burdick and Frank George worked tirelessly with LE, the OCSD, FBI and countless private citizens and volunteers to bring justice for this precious child, and they tried their darned best. Thank you, and may God richly bless all of them for their futile efforts.

    Cindy was right, it pays to lie, and pay it will. At the end of the day this has been all about money. Thing is, who will buy their books? Does anyone here think they’ll ever tell the truth? Not me, that’s for sure. Dave, I thought sure you were going to announce you were writing a book as you’ve been the fairest in Caseyland, and hopefully you live happily ever after my friend. Thank you for your contributions in helping me to digest this very strange story.

  98. Laurali says:

    Tim Miller is considering lawsuit to get back over 100,000 dollars for cost. Since Jose said in opening statements Caylee was never missing Tim wants to see what options he has to recoup some of the money. Tim would like the public’s opinion. If you get a chance email him. I am 100 percent behind him. Other families lost out because of the money he wasted in Orlando.

    Dave glad to hear you are coming back!

  99. Laurali says:

    Also Casey was served last night in jail, she will have to answer questions about what happened to Caylee in a deposition. ZFG is continuing with her lawsuit. I am beginning to think the whole drowning is going to bite Casey in her butt.

  100. cali patti says:

    I wish I could paste comments in here.
    Mark Nejamme works pro bono for Tim Miller & Texas Equusearch just donated the money he was paid for doing Casey Anthony interviews to Texas Equusearch.
    Tim Miller is considering a lawsuit against Casey Anthony to recoup the $100,000 plus he spent looking for a lost child when Casey knew that Caylee was not lost.
    That would be a law suit I would love to see happen.

  101. cali patti says:

    Sorry Laureli I didn’t do my reading.
    oops sorry a duplicate commet.

  102. Redrelaxed says:

    Laurali, that whole issue with a missing Caylee because the Anthony’s wanted to finish what they started with the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation has frosted my onions. I think that’s why I was so outraged at Baez’s OS. Tim Miller said they spent in excess of $113,000. to search for Caylee. So I hope he gets back every dime. Baez has some money coming from ABC to the tune of
    $700,000., so he can surely afford to repay TexasEquasearch out of this blood money to where it will go to a higher and better use in searching for people who are really missing.

    I hope ZFG gets a bundle too. Jesse Grund, Roy Kronk and anyone else who got dragged into this mess. Wouldn’t it be ironic if at the end of the day Casey owes more than she can ever repay and ends up right back where she belongs. Prison. I have a feeling that Baez has his work cut out for him over the next few years.

    Anyone know if a civil suit can be filed in this misjustice, like the Goldbergs did with OJ? I suppose only George and Cindy would be able to file a civil suit against Casey. Thoughts?

  103. conniefl says:

    Well welcome back Dave. You two have been through a whole lot more than just blogging the past 3 years haven’t you? Now, hopefully you can both settle down to your previous lives and stop worrying about all the crazies out there. Frankly, for me, I discovered the best blogs out there when Judge Stan Strickland stepped down. So good does come from irritating actions.

    We were all right in so many ways and there is a judgement day coming for Casey from one Judge who CAN’T be recused. She’s the one who has to live with her actions.

    You, Dave and Snoop J will be safe from the crazies now. I appreciate all the efforts and I do mean EFFORT on some days to get a blog up and out there for us to read. Now, instead of tuning into WFTV, though, I will be watching the NOAA website for hurricanes.

  104. cali patti says:

    Red, I read a new? comment released by the Anthonys and it said that they had hoped for a sliver of information from the trial as to what happened to Caylee. It went on to read to sound like they think Casey is guilty and unwelcome. I only caught the end of segment so I might have it wrong.

    Hey NAN you doing ok?

  105. Laurali says:

    Red if I remember correctly Dave said grandparents have no rights in Florida so I am guessing no on the civil suit.

    For me personally I would love to see George and Lee Anthony take a polygraph. It would be wonderful if George can prove he did nothing to help Casey in this cover up. I would also like the truth about the molestation. I do not believe it ever happened, just another excuse. I just think 12 people excused her actions because they could not see past the lies in o.s.

    Cali~ it is okay! I think everyone is just excited to help Tim because he is a victim of Casey also!

  106. Redrelaxed says:

    Cali Patti, can you let us know where you read that!? If George wasn’t there when Caylee drowned and he didn’t put her in the woods, I think the A;s have a pretty good idea WHO killed their granddaughter and it’s the unwelome house guest.

    I’m worried about you too Nan, I’m sure some of us have been curled up in the fetal position in a corner playing with our lips since 2:15 pm yesterday.

  107. Redrelaxed says:

    i agree Laurali, the molestation lies were part of the elaborate plan to get the MOTY off, and it worked. My pal Redskywoman came in last night up thread with her take on it, and I agree wholeheartedly with her. A polygraph would certainly exonerate George and Lee of any wrong doing, but why didn’t they take it before the trial? Because Lee convinced them not to. We’ll never know if Casey was sexually abused all those years, but even if she was, that was a lame excuse for the bizzare behaviour she displayed after Caylee accidentally drowned. I do agree that this family is beyond dysfunctional, and that is the mistake that the State made. To portray this family as the average loving American family was unwise. They are not. Baez had the advantage as that’s one thing he partially disclosed in truth.

  108. Amber from Maryland says:

    I was glad to see Dave’s post in this blog and relieved that he will not be leaving us.

    Hopefully, we can all keep together on these blogs. I think it is a good idea for Texas Equisearch to try to get their search money back. The time and effort and money they spent trying to find Caylee could not be spent on some other equally deserving child or children. Who knows what good may have come if the resources weren’t wasted on trying to find poor Caylee. Tim Miller is a good person. I would believe him much more than I would believe any of the Anthony family. Leonard Padilla might not be the “soul of accuracy”, but I would also believe him and those who worked with him much more than I would believe any of the Anthony family. That being said, I think that we can all be thankful that we do not have to walk in the shoes of George, Cindy, Lee or Casey Anthony. I think Snoopy made an excellent point at the end of her blog above:
    Why didn’t George Anthony call the police immediately from the towing lot when he smelled decomposition in the trunk?

    George will have to live with that, and many other issues, for the rest of his life. Maybe he would not have been put through the horrors he was put through in the trial if Casey’s behavior had been nipped in the bud as soon as the car was discovered in the towing lot before she had the chance to develop so many new and improved versions of her story.

    Throughout the time we have been monitoring this case, Cindy and George helped Casey do so much damage to so many people. Our main sympathy should be with Caylee, but we should not forget Tim Miller, Zenaida Gonzales, Jesse Grund, Roy Kronk, the man with the unfortunate cell phone number, Amy, and any others who almost drowned in the Anthony family’s wake. Trouble comes home to roost.

  109. cali patti says:

    I t was probably HLN I heard that on. The only part of comment I can swear to was the words “sliver of truth”. The word sliver caught my attention.

    Hey anyone think Casey has Tony Lazzarro’s phone # yet? LOL

  110. nan11 says:

    Cali: Yep, I’m hangin’ in with you all. (Thanks for asking.)

    I still can’t look at her or read any articles about her; but I heard Mr. Ashton was on “The View” so I did watch that.

    He is a king among men and the ‘acceptance’ he showed helped me.

  111. cali patti says:

    hey Nan, after this I will be done for time also. Tim Miller on HLN said that Fox affiliate out of Huston called him and a relative of Cindy’s in the Huston area has said Casey can go there and live.
    Ck with HLN for more about that. I heard that, turned off the tv, came here and now I am finished with Casey for today.

    Going to clean out an old car I want to donate. LOL Having a few acres allows friends to leave items for just a few days. I put a stop to it years ago but my sons did not know I meant them too. Wash and vacumm car out before pick up.
    Treat yourselves well today my blog family.
    I still feel sad and sick.
    Come on lady Karma….

  112. Lucy says:

    Now I think this might help us understand what these jurors are all about. It is disgusting!

    Report: Casey Juror 6 Will Talk For Price

    Juror 6’s Publicist Sends Out Letter To Media

    ORLANDO, Fla. — A publicist for juror six in the Casey Anthony murder trial, who is still unidentified, has sent out a letter to the media stating his client is willing to grant interviews, but only if he is compensated, according to a TMZ report.
    The letter from publicist Rick French states: “Our client – a married, college-educated, 33-year-old white male with two young children – is willing to consider granting one or more media interviews so long as the opportunities are paid, which I know is always a sticky subject.”
    TMZ reports the juror has already received high offers in the mid 5-figures and an offer from at least one major network.
    French continues in his letter to reaffirm his client will not take any offers that don’t include compensation for a “myriad of reasons.”

  113. cali patti says:

    Lucy, Hilarious, This crazy has only just begun. A sticky subject? Hilarious.
    Can’t a verdict be overturned if a juror says the “wrong” thing?

  114. Redrelaxed says:

    In a nutshell, jury nullification occurs in a trial when a jury reaches a verdict contrary to the judge’s instructions as to the law. Wouldn’t it be just grand if JP overturns this verdict and orders a new trial because at least one of these jurors appears to have served the court for self serving purposes before sentencing? I know it’s a long shot, but I wonder what’s going on in Judge Perry’s head right now?

    “Sticky subject”, Right, gottcha.

  115. Red, if we all put our heads together, maybe we can come up with a way to get that child killer locked up yet. I have a feeling Judge Perry is very disappointed with the verdict.

  116. cali patti says:

    If our system of justice works as well as it claims to work then there should be something.
    What about a civil suit? Couldn’t Caylees dads parents be proven thru DNA and they could file suit? Yeah I know that won’t happen but be nice. In a civil suit a defendent has to testify.

  117. Redrelaxed says:

    Most uplifing and thing I’ve read all day folks! If as a collective society we all worked to institute this new idea for “Caylee Law”, perhaps this little child did not die in vain afterall.

    “If a jackass can get 6 days for an obscene gesture towards the prosecution how much more so should the Anthony family have received who derailed justice for a tiny murder victim? If the states have the perjury laws on the books, it is time for prosecutors to implement them.

    In fact, the State of Florida needs to file charges against the Anthonys TODAY to send the message that Caylee was worthy of the fight, and that those who ‘cheated’ in the trial in order to pull the wool over jurors who were unable or unwilling to follow an argument, will not go unpunished.”

  118. Whats the betting that one of the first things Casey does on regainging her freedom is issue a writ against Cindy to hand over Caylees ashes?Cindy when forced to comply with court order will hand over a jar containing cat litter.

  119. redskywoman says:

    Coupla’ thoughts….lotsa’ scuttlebutt and media hype about letting poor little Casey out on the street tomorrow without protection…lol…I say open the door and say, “See ya’ honey and good luck”…Not another penny of tax payer money should be wasted on her!
    Surprise, surpise a juror wants to cash in on his experience and opinion of this trial?! Get in line buddy, cuz the scavengers are circling and ready to pounce!
    I heard Jesse Grund on HLN with Nancy Grace, he’s right on the money, cuz this whole deal is about 2 things, “winning and money”…there are those who would sell their soul for a buck or two and ya have to admit there is definitely money to be made cashing in with Casey…
    I for one will not forget Caylee Anthony, the real and true victim in this disgusting, perverted debacle… an ongoing and endless American soap opera without end…If I sound cynical and jaded I am…however, I also believe that the “truth will out–more will be revealed” and at the end of the day Casey Anthony will get what’s coming to her.

  120. Redrelaxed says:

    Lol, Ecossie Possie, what would we do without your sense of humor? Used, smelly cat litter?

    Jonathon, I can’t give up yet, and if there’s a slim chance that this jury didn’t follow Judge Belvin Perry’s instructions to the letter of the law, then there’s a glimmer of hope here. Not one of those jurors asked one question, nor did they examine any evidence. Come on! I find it hard to believe that 12 people within that time frame ALL came to the SAME conclusion of not guilty on all counts expcept the 4 of lying to LE without some prior discussion, and they’re now willing to give paid interviews before the sentencing tomorrow? Sheesh…it ain’t over til it’s over.

  121. Redrelaxed says:

    Well, Redskywoman, hello and welcome!
    Whatcha think? Do we have a snow ball chance in hadees of even thinking those jurors didn’t follow Judge Perry’s instructions?

  122. Sherry says:

    I sure would love to see that, red~ and Red~, that the jury did not heed the instructions. Nice to “meet” you, redskywoman!

  123. Sherry says:

    Oops! I forgot to say that since hell froze over when Casey was found not guilty that snowball may very well have a chance! :mrgreen:

  124. redskywoman says:

    hey redrelaxed! Am thinkin’ the best I can hope for today is that JP hands down the maximum re the 4 misdemeanors, which means she would stay in jail a bit longer…the other thing I am hoping for is that JP orders Casey Anthony to pay the state $$$$$$$$, also to the outfit that searched for Caylee, hit her where it hurts her most in the pocketbook…also be great to see people line up to civil sue her, hopefully she faces obstacles in every area and endeavour of her wretched life, including breathing!!

  125. cali patti says:

    OMG I need to stop coming in here. I’ve heard at HLN that Judge Perry can sentence Casey to a little less than 2 years if he wants. There’s an arguement out there since the lying happened at the same time it should have been one count not four counts. Guess time will tell.
    A year or so in a womens prison just might do Casey some good.
    I have little faith left in this case.

  126. Frankie says:

    ecossie, You are too funny. I wouldn’t put it past Cindy. She has done something similar in the past, so I heard. Ha! Ha!

  127. nika says:

    I hope Judge Perry sentences Casey to as much as he can and fines her to cover all the expenses of looking for Caylee.. After all she drowned in the pool and was not missing. If she had told this in the beginning all the trial expenses would have been avoided. Of course the reason she didn’t tell was because this was a murder but that is beside the point now. I also think a law should be made that no one serving on a jury should be able to profit from it. I want perjury charged to everyone that they can and all people who can sue to sue.. I guess I am being a spiteful b—-.

  128. Annie (Cleveland,OH) says:

    Can someone give me Tim Miller’s e-mail addy? 100% behind him. I donated while he was in Orlando for $100.00 I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

  129. conniefl says:

    Interesting. I hope it passes. On the WFTV video it says some want the law to include it to be a felony for the family to profit from images of a missing child.

    video is about halfway down on the left with the videos.

  130. conniefl says:

    Don’t you think the indigent defendant should be required to pay the taxpayers back if someone profits from the crime they were found “not guilty” of? I do. Especially if they make big bucks off of a movie deal and book!

  131. Annie (Cleveland,OH) says:

    I am off to bed. Still depressed. Still want to scream. Still an not turn on the TV. Still really won’t talk to my friends about all this. Still waiting for some light. Thanks to all my friends here,

  132. Laurali says:

    Annie if you google Texas Equisearch you can select to email them and it gives a list of volunteers, including Tim.

  133. Redrelaxed says:

    Jeff Ashton is on Dr. Drew for those of you on Pacific Time. HLN.
    For the entire hour without any blathering i-dots.

  134. Sherry says:


    The double jeopardy clause of the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides, “Nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.” The state is forever barred from prosecuting Casey Anthony for any of the offenses arising from the charges contained in the indictment. — Judge O.H. Eaton


    Juror misconduct will not change the verdict. Juror misconduct only becomes an issue if there is a guilty verdict. — Judge O.H. Eaton

  135. margaret says:

    Well peo[le I did not sleep at all last night..around three O’clock this morning I just gave up. I got up and crocheted til daylight. Around ten o’clock I went to wal-mart for groceries. Guess what I saw when I raised my head from unloading buggy??? A photo of CASEY ANTHONY with the headline of ” CASEY TELLS FELLOW INMATES SHE IS PREGNANT”. I know it is a lie but this pile of trash is why that baby had to die????? She should not be allowed to speak that babys name , let alone make money off her.. Oh I want justice really bad.

  136. Newbie says:

    Okay, primetime, juror said “when you’re taking someone’s life”….something like that….

  137. Newbie, IMO keeping the death penalty on the table was the main reason the state lost the case. I did not want to see Casey put to death. The girl is a psychopath and she will kill again. It is just a matter of time. Maybe someone can see she gets some help with her mental issues. That is her only hope but no doubt, everyone will be using her to make money for themselves instead.

  138. Newbie says:

    Baez wants her to talk to some people….indicating mental help….

  139. Newbie says:

    I’m wondering if Dr. G had a replica skull and used it to show what she was talking about with the tape and how the mandala (sp) would have been if not taped……..

  140. Newbie, IMO again! I think Cheney Mason was the director of the defense team. He wanted to have some fun and so he wrote a script for his mini movie that would be played out in the courtroom. For weeks, Cindy, George and Lee memorized their lines. They were taught how to turn on the water works and put on a performance. Mason told them to keep a visual in mind. He wanted them to picture Casey being strapped down on a gurney, about to receive the lethal injection. If you watched Lee when he took the stand, he poked at his eyes. He actually rubbed something into his eyes because they became red right away and you could tell they were smarting. The Anthonys put on the performance of their lives so much so, the jurors began to sympatize with Casey, not condemn her. Cheney Mason was shrewd and he appeared to be just sitting back gathering dust. He orchestrated this whole thing. Yes, he sure as hell had his fun and yes, Casey will walk out on his arm.

  141. Newbie says:

    Okay, I thought the three years was being applied to the time on the forgery…..why can’t they add onto that… use the three years for her forgery conviction and for the four counts of lying…….what is this ?????????????

    And where did everyone go?

  142. Cali Pattie posted the following on What’s ailing you?

    WOW, Orange County just filed papers on Casey Anthony to recoup some of the money they spent. The papers say they will need about 60 days to figure up the amount but papers are filed. Whooppee!
    Guessing it is because Casey admitted it was an accident.
    Heard this on CNN.

  143. Newbie says:

    Wow, I hope they include the police protection given since the trial….every little penny spent anywhere !

  144. Redrelaxed says:

    Jennifer Ford, juror #3, have a listen to this. These jurors slept through this whole trial. They wanted to go home. I-dots. Seriously if they were all like this one who did the best she could…
    alrighty then. These people needed a bloody video showing Casey putting the duct tape on her face. Sounds like a lot of back peddling and something smells to high heaven.

  145. margaret says:

    That jury never considered Caylee, could only spare 10 hours of their time for Caylee. Once again Casey ran the show. I will pray for Tim Miller. Linda Burdick, she filed for States moey back. IRS is already on board. I pray they all win big time.Baez is going to stop Cindy from money off Caylee and then Baez Will be waiting to take it from Casey, Sounds like fun to me.The jurors must have put #4 in charge. Jeff ashton said their biggest surprise was Lee doing A 180 on them at the end. The Justice system lost a good man this week. He said we should put all our anger into doing something for others to honor Caylee. So I am done with it Caylee will never be forgotten. Good night Sweet Baby.

  146. Redrelaxed says:

    Casey Sentenced To 4 Years For Lying To Investigators

    “Casey was sentenced to four counts for lying to detectives who were investigating her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony’s 2008 disappearance. She could have gotten a maximum of four years. She has already served almost three while awaiting trial. Casey was also fined $1,000 for each count.”

    Judge Perry, while sentencing MOTY this morning, said “C a y l e e M a r i e A n t h o n y”
    four separate times for each count, slowly and distinctly as it relatd to the lies Miss Anthony told during the investigation as it related to a missing person report. IMO, although JP hands were tied, and he made no comment as to the verdict, he made good and sure that Caylee was the victim here, not Casey. So she didn’t get to walk out on Mason’s arm, at least not today. Small victory, but a victory just the same.

    I’m so tired of hearing over the last couple of days that we must put this verdict aside, and simply accept it. It’s like a mass brain washing that the public as a whole must just sweep this whole mess under our moral carpets and ignore the pile gathered there as best we can. I would really like to see a Caylee`s Law come into effect, if nothing else.

  147. Amber from Maryland says:

    The die has been cast! Judge Perry did the best he could do today for Caylee and the citizens of Florida. I appreciate Redrelaxed for giving us the pointer to the video about Juror #3. I also believe that based on what Juror #3 said, the jury did the best that they could based on the admissable evidence they were shown. They were not convinced that Casey was innocent. They thought that her guilt was not proved. We reached a different conclusion, but most of us have studied thousands of pages of transcripts, evidence, police reports, etc. and we have listened to talking heads, videos of tv appearances, depositions, etc. so we may feel as if we knew some of the key players as well as we know our immediate families. After watching hours of George’s talking on our computers or tv sets it is quite logical that we would view what he said at trial differently than people who only heard him at that trial.

    We will never forget Caylee but we can’t do anything more to help her now. We need to put any negative thoughts out of our minds so we can focus positive energy on hoping that Sage Mom’s son does well in his operation. Some studies show that people do better when other people are praying for them or thinking positive thoughts about them. We cannot afford to let dissappointment in the Casey trial outcome stop us from doing the best we can do to help Sage Mom’s son. We can do something to help him. He needs us!!! Caylee, unfortunately, is beyond our help.

  148. nan11 says:

    So, you can duct tape your baby’s mouth and nose then throw her in the garbage dump around the corner from home–but don’t lie, folks. Have your lawyer do it for you.

    WFTV: Casey Gets 4 Yrs., May Be Freed Late July Or Early August
    Defense attorneys countered that Caylee accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool. They said that when Casey panicked, her father, a former police officer, decided to make the death look like a murder. They said he put duct tape on the girl’s mouth and then dumped the body in woods about a quarter-mile away.
    The defense said Casey’s apparent carefree life hid emotional distress caused by sexual abuse from her father. Her father firmly denied both the cover-up and abuse claims. The prosecution called those claims absurd, and said no one makes an accident look like a murder.
    End of Quote

    The above is the story the jury bought; the story the atty was allowed to tell in a court of law. The prosecutors stuck to the truth, fought hard, and presented a brilliant case.

    Who won? HaHaHa

    J. Cheney Mason gives us all the finger. He got ‘basta$ds!

  149. Judge Strickland gave Casey time served for the check/fraud so where do they start counting from for time served?

  150. Karen C. says:

    Did anyone just catch the 2 tv producers who were interviewed, and what they had to say about G&C’s reactions to the sentencing and Casey this morning? They were sitting right in front of them, 2nd row from back, and they both say that Cindy was going on about how beautiful Casey looks, with her hair so long. Say WHAT?

  151. Redrelaxed says:

    Bravo Nan, couldn’t agree more on your feelings surrounding this miscarriage of justice. The jurors generously provided 10 hours of their precious time in reaching their decision. One of them left on their cruise today. If those 12 people were not convinced she was innocent why didn’t they at the very least revisit the mountain of forensic evidence, the tapes, the testimony. They were focused on the lies that the DT told in the OS, that`s why. George, Cindy and Lee were not credible witnesses who championed how messed up and dysfunctional this family is, and that`s what the jury saw, nothing else. The was a complex case, and the PT had little to work with and the DT used this family`s dirty little secrets to free a killer.

  152. Redrelaxed says:

    Morning Jonathon, she`s served 997 days, so they`ll do the math on that figure as far as I can tell.

  153. What about when Casey was out on bond? I guess that counts as time served?

  154. I don’t think Casey will be in protected custody for what little time she has to serve.

  155. Redrelaxed says:

    Yeah I think she will be Jonathon, as the 4 charges she’s guilty of today are misdemeanors and she’ll serve the rest of her time in the county jail. They had 18 deputies mulling around outside the holding area this morning with shotguns to protect her if she was released today. One of the spectators had a sign that read, “Will you marry me?”
    I just hope that the media and public interest will wane while she’s in incarcerated until July 13th. That’s the word. Six more days, that’s it folks.

  156. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: If I understood correctly, Orange County Jail allows you 10 days for every 30 you serve, so, for example, if you serve 30 they give you 10 and it counts as 40 days served.

    Also, I hope you are correct about the protected custody, but someone said that they are obligated to provide Miss Casey Anthony with protected custody.

    I started to watch this morning but I turned it off after about 2 minutes–she wasn’t even in the court room yet. I went over to WebSleuths and just read the comments until it was over and WFTV had their article up. (That’s just to explain where my info comes from–it just opinion though.) 😆

  157. nika says:

    Just heard on Fox News she gets out July 13th

  158. nan11 says:

    J: This is suppose to be an interview that Judge Strickland did on the Nancy Grace Show last night. I heard that his version agrees with Dave’s, totally. I never thought anything less. 😉

    My ‘puter won’t let me watch any videos for some reason and I’m going to have to call for help. That is why I say “suppose to be”–I have no way to be sure, but I think I got the right link and that it will work for everyone else.

    Judge Stan Strickland: Nancy 7/6/11

    If you have a minute, let me know if it works. Thanks. 😆

    Thanks to Sierra1947 for recording this and adding it to YouTube ❗

  159. Redrelaxed says:

    I watched Judge Stan Strickland last night, and was so happy he publicly exonerated our Dave of any wrong doing and that he was telling the TRUTH all along. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  160. cali patti says:

    Maybe Casey being on the outside she will no longer be able to live in la la land. Going home would be Casey’s last choice. Maybe Baez and Cheny will get her forever. Exchange her every 6 months like a relative no one really wants but takes in.
    Casey has a temper and that temper will show itself soon enough.
    I remember Casey saying way back how people should get a life and Casey having not a clue why everyone was so upset with her. I will never be there to see it but when Casey is rejected everywhere but home maybe she will get it.

  161. conniefl says:

    Loved the interview with Judge Strickland. We all thought Cheney Mason didn’t like his rulings and “went looking” and we were right. Glad Dave and Judge Strickland were vindicated once and for all. And from what I read good ole Cheney Mason was reported to the bar because of giving the finger to the press! Too bad more can’t come.

    So the princess gets out July 13. If we start tallying the fees and lawsuits she will owe a bunch to just about everyone. So far it’s Zenaida, the state of FL, Texas Equasearch, and the IRS. Not to mention the “world according to Casey” has changed dramatically in the past 3 years. Her friends are gone, the clubs she frequented are gone, her parents are downright mad, and her brother didn’t even come to the sentencing hearing. If I were her I’d change my name and move to Idaho or someplace notorious people escape to. She might think “well I’ll just declare bankruptcy”. Too bad on that one. Legal fees, IRS and lawsuits aren’t dissolved that way I don’t think (don’t know for sure but I can hope). She can do interviews, write books, star in her own movie and she’ll still owe. Mostly she’ll owe one little person who will never be able to live her beautiful life.

  162. cali patti says:

    Connie, from what I know you are correct, IRS & law suits can not be dismissed in bankruptcy. I also doubt many publishers will want to do a book deal, at least not for a ton of money, there are no secrets left. Casey will never say she killed her daughter or how. Casey will stick to the lies. Lies have been proven to work for her.
    In California there are almost always court costs. It is seperate from the fine and the victims compensation fund. If those payments are not made then ? goes back to jail on a new charge of failing to follow court orders or something like that. Not sure what the courts call it.
    I do not think Florida works like that.
    I heard Baez say on the Barbra Walters special that Casey needs professional therapy, LOL, really?
    Will the state pay for it or Baez?
    Guessing that Cheney and his wife will be taking financial care of Casey for a time.

  163. cali patti says:

    Jon, sorry I am slow to respond but I saw Lee rub his eyes also and it sure looked like he rubbed something in them. Played right into family disfunction. WOW. I heard Ashton was surprized by Lee’s testimony changing the most.

  164. cali patti says:

    That aunt from Huston that said Casey could live there…how dumb. Texas is an extreme law and order state. Spent some time there and that would be the last state Casey should go. Had the trial taken place in Texas, Casey would be on death row.

  165. Casey has to be deposed on July 17th by Morgan & Morgan. They issued her a subpoena for the Zenaida case.

  166. nan11 says:

    Disgusting and pathetic.

    Too bad the photographers didn’t capture the lewd gesture–maybe his wife would have liked a framed copy. She could have passed it around for their dinner guests to view as he told the story of how he got the ‘basta$ds’.

    Afterwards, they could have all taken a ride down to Suburban Drive and walked about the acre where law enforcement got down on their hands and knees and searched for every tiny bone in 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony’s body–in the pouring rain.

    Maybe they would be titillated again to sip expensive champagne and make lewd gestures.

    Disbarred Attorney’s ‘complaint’ about Cheney Mason not under Bar review
    Sub-Heading: Cheney Mason flipped off a photographer and grabbed himself at an Orlando restaurant after client Casey Anthony was found not-guilty of murder and other charges.
    ☛ By ANIKA MYERS PALM, Orlando Sentinel
    At one point, Mason made a lewd gesture with both hands at spectators who gathered outside the restaurant.
    At some other point, Mason made a different gesture with his middle finger. That move was caught by an Associated Press photographer.
    End of Quote

  167. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Even if it is arranged for her to leave the state, she would still have to appear right?

    I heard somewhere in passing that she told Dorothy Sims that she couldn’t wait to drive a car again. I believe, at some point, it was rumoured that she had let her license expire.

    What’s a little matter of a valid driver’s license–I wouldn’t be surprised if Baez has her a brand new car already purchased with money paid in advance from her first interview.

    Or even if the money wasn’t paid in advance, that most likely wouldn’t pose a problem–after all he sported around town in a fancy sports car while refusing to pay child support. IIRC and MOO and IYKWIM.

  168. cali patti says:

    I tried to sign the Caylees Law petetion at but the site is down due to an attack out of China. Thats what the site said.

    Ok NAN, MOO for the longest time I thought you were saying moo as in a cows noise. Then I figured out you were saying My Own Opinion, right? I liked the cow noise.
    WT* does IYKWIM mean?

  169. Redrelaxed says:

    Morning Cali Patti, IYKWIM=If you know what I mean
    Sometimes these abbreviations can be sooooo confusing, eh?
    I have a hunch the gang is over at OM with our man on the ground, Dave!

  170. Amber from Maryland says:


    Thank you so much for putting the reference for Judge Strickland on Nancy Grace. We all knew that Dave was in the right all along but it was so nice to see Judge Strickland be able to get in the last word so long after the motion for recusal. I was impressed that when Judge Strickland pointed out that he didn’t know ahead of time when he said the “truth and Miss Anthony were strangers” they would use that in her defense at trial. During closing arguments, didn’t one of the prosecutors use “the irony is rich” phrase? Judge Strickland and Dave Knechel are both honorable men!!! We knew that from the beginning. I am glad that others may know it now.

  171. Laurali says:

    Good Afternoon friends. I am sad she gets out so soon, but such is life. Her life is not going to be beautiful. Casey will forever be known as Caylee’s killer. I wonder if the State could have found a link between Casey and the other inmate that had a son drown, if that would have made a difference with this jury? Probably not. They would actually have to be able to follow a link to see how Casey stole someone’s tragedy.

    I am glad JS set the record straight about all the drama surrounding him and Dave. I would imagine a few are eating crow today. 🙂 Probably choking on it.

  172. Vicky says:

    I am so glad Judge Strickland set the record straight. Not a single one of those morons will ever admit they made complete fools of themselves. Crow isn’t exactly what I think they should eat.

  173. nan11 says:

    Cali: Sorry to be so long getting back to you. I took a little ‘down time’ to get myself back in some kind of decent humor. 😆

    MOO – My Opinion Only
    IIRC – If I recall correctly
    IYKWIM – If you know what I mean (Thanks, Red.) 😉

    Here is a link where it lists some of them; however, I see that it gives the definition of ‘moo’ as ‘mud, object-oriented’. Yikes, I had no idea.
    Internet Chat Acronyms – “Shorthand”

    Another thing you can do when you see one you don’t recognize is type it right into your Google search bar–it brings you up an answer. Sometimes a surprising one–I just Googled ‘iirc’ and I discovered it can mean many things, for example: ‘If I Really Cared’ and also ‘Isn’t it really cool’.

    Who knew? I’ll try harder to type them out. I usually only use them when I’m grumpy anyway. :mrgreen:

  174. cali patti says:

    Nan, you are a delight, thanks for the info. Please use the abb. at least with me whenever you want.
    IYKWIM was a term I used so often that I had to work very diligently at breaking myself from saying it. It is strange how the human mind works, because when I read the words to the letters IYKWIM it was as if I had a physical reaction. It was a phrase I over used and now never say.

  175. margaret says:

    Well it looked like Miss Anthony came dressed to PARTY today.I tried to stay busy canning my tomatos today.I flipped on t.v.and they are talking about protection for Miss Anthony… OH, THE IRONY IS RICH INDEED……. Who protected Caylee? I loved hearing Judge Strickland talking about Dave last night. I predict that Mrs. Baez needs to start packing her bags. That piece of trash was flirting openly with those two lying men, no jury, Judge Perry could do nothing. Poor Judge Perry sounded as sad as we all are……… Cheney Mason just called all of us idiots for hating her. WGACA….. what goes around comes around..

  176. nan11 says:

    It seems that even the Higher Power is not happy with the recent events. I guess He has decided to put up with it, like the rest of us, for the time being. 😕

    Lightning strikes near Caylee memorial
    Updated: Thursday, 07 Jul 2011, 5:37 PM EDT
    The tree is about 5 feet off the pavement on Suburban Drive and the memorial is another 10 to 15 feet beyond that and down into the woods. A short trail which leads down into the woods to the memorial site is essentially at the foot of the tree.
    End of Quote

    Just some photos if anyone wants to take a look:
    WOFL Photo Gallery: Caylee Anthony Memorial, July 6-7

  177. Laurali says:

    I feel exactly the same way about Mason. Idiot for loving baby killers!! No wonder he is losing friends. They never said innocent, just not guilty.

  178. nan11 says:

    Margaret: Did you see the hairdo? Someone was wondering if she was hiding a roll of Henkel duct tape under there, (or maybe a half of one?) 😆

    Anyway, that’s silly I know–but I thought I would take a last shot.

    One way to look at it, I suppose–I doubt if she will be the first guilty person to walk free and sadly she probably won’t be the last.

    Poo Poo happens. 😦

  179. cali patti says:

    LOL, hiding the duct tape in that hair, probably close to the truth.
    Between July and December Cindy did lots of cleaning out in that house.
    I still hold Cindy and George partially responsible for Casey walking.
    As a wiser person wrote in here, what goes around comes around.

    Caseys life is over in any form that she wanted to live. I do not believe Casey realizes how bad it will be for her. Cheney will become responsible for her for years to come. I doubt Baez’s wife will want her around. Atty’s do help more often than people know. Maybe not quite like this but they do assist a few clients long after trial is over.

  180. cali patti says:

    A Huffington Post blogger wrote an article on how we should send the Casey Anthony jury to Washington to solve the national debt crisis’s. lol They’ll have it done in 11 hours.

    Laureli, Sorry you are still sad.
    First, Casey asking one of the attys if she can drive thier car maybe just around block and them telling her no, she doesn’t have a current license. Take some joy in imaging her at DMV renewing her drivers license. DMV’s out here are not the nicest places to be on busy days. She would get booed out of the here.
    Casey appeared to be smiley face at Baez today in court. Wait until the day he has to tell her to back off! Fur will fly that day. These little joys make it for me me.
    There is also Caylee’s Law to sign.

  181. cali patti says:


  182. Laurali says:

    Cali if IIRC Casey license were suspended for not paying her fines from the check fraud. She will need to pay that before she can get them back. 🙂

  183. Laurali says:

    Should have read all comment first. Mason said she could stay for a short time, but I get the impression he really did not want her there.

  184. You just know Cindy has been chompin at the bit to get round to suburban dr an tear down that memorial for CAYLEE….Just like she did to the first memorial even had George an the Millsteads hang out in the undergrowth to spy on anyone whom dared place more there afterwards an chase them down…You can bet your bottom dollar she will be telling George the lightning strike is a sign from her God that he wants that memorial tore down an quick smart .

  185. margaret says:

    Anyone ever see the movie Ya Ya Sisterhood? Next Tues. July 12 is my birthday. Everyone gather at my house in N. Fl. We arrive in orlando in time to pick up MissAnthony..Won’t she be impressed that all of us want to take care of her? By the way I have a huge trunk in my car, if she needs exersize, we can tether her to car and let her walk back to N. Fl., if she gets hot she can float around in the ditch water after it rains. I’ll bring along a package of cheese for her to eat and smell in trunk. When we get her back here, she will have her own room in my old barn, I have a family of four bears that like to sleep there sometime. They are pretty quiet and hopefully eat before they show up. I will hang Caylees Team pictures up everywhere to keep her mind stimulated. She can go fishing in my pond if she will be really Quiet, I have two big old gators that are quite possessive of that pond.but she’ll be fine . I have a great idea, let Casey fish, she can keep the water dipped out of boat,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lets go back and get Mason and Baez, They’ll fit quite nicely…………………………………………. OOOOH Who woke me up ??? The perfect birthday party maybe my wish will come true!!!!!!!

  186. cali patti says:

    margaret, you just tickled my funny bone. A lovely story.

    I still get ticked off when I see that smiling Casey after verdict was read. Its difficult for me to find solace that Casey will have a tough life. Many of us have not had a easy road but we did ok. I learned years ago that life was never meant to be fair however this is an injustice I have had trouble accepting. This verdict does NOT affect my life so I am puzzled at my continued sad feelings. I have been doing more outside than usual, guess time will give me a better perspective. Also I don’t normally wish anyone bad so I am confused why I wanted Casey punished so badly. I truly need time.

  187. Johnathan July 17th is a Sunday so I doubt Casey will be deposed on that day she will be far to busy attending Church.

  188. cali patti says:

    Margaret, my B’day is the 16th, cousinhood!

    J. I have not been able to see or hear ‘boxs’ for sometime. I will take this machine in soon.

  189. Dave just said on OM that Casey is getting out of jail on July 17th…they recalculated.

  190. Laurali says:

    Margaret~ I am so on my way! I will just drive around N. Florida until I find ya. 😉

    Cali~ I get it. I feel like some how all of us let her down. ( I am not taking the blame alone, you all are going down with me) I am sure we are just need time to accept it. Eventually we will move past it. I find comfort in knowing one day Casey will realize what she did and she will have to live with it. I find comfort in knowing Casey is a documented thief, liar, uncaring the list goes on. Can you imagine the friends felon will make? Not that I am knocking Mc Donald’s but do they even hire felons?

    I just had a thought.. oh boy. She is going to get a job at a Flying J as a lot lizard. Now I am off to bed. Sweet dreams! Night Snoopy

    smooch kiddo~granny

  191. cali patti says:

    J. I was rereading at the coffee cafe. You warned Nan on June 25th to be ready for this verdict. Remember? You were right.
    I have noticed that you will insert you thoughts or idea very quietly for us to accept or not. You never ever say I told you so. You never demand we listen to you.

    Every time I have continued on in my own way, to later realize that I should have paid more attention to you when I first read your words.
    You have quietly been right most of time with this case.
    DO NOT get a BIG HEAD. A seagull with a big head will nose dive.

  192. Cali Patti, I will forever have a pea size bird brain, just for you. If this seagull could have one wish, I wish that I could fly over California and spot you in the back pasture and chit right on your head. Splat !

  193. cali patti says:

    LOL, whatever, you are best and brightest I have met in a very long time.
    I adore your witty mind.

    What would I do without you to tease? You are a sweetheart but let that be our secret~ From the Seagull

  194. Frankie says:

    Hi J and All, Real life kept me away from my computer all day so am playing catch up. I notice that some people are concerned that Casey will move to another country. Because of her criminal record I don’t think she would be able to enter quite a few countries. I don’t know which ones but I think we are safe in Canada.

  195. Cali Patti, I had to go back and find that comment. Here it is….

    mainstreamfair says:
    June 25, 2011 at 9:47 pm (Edit)

    Nan11, try your best to keep your guard up and prepare yourself for a verdict that is not favorable. It is so evident that Cindy, Lee and even George have lied repeatedly to cover for Casey. By helping Casey, they are condoning the murder of their g/child and niece. I don’t know if they are just trying to get Casey off death row or hoping she will be set free. How could they welcome a killer back into their home? If that comes about, they better all sleep with one eye open. Casey will kill again.

  196. cali patti says:

    Yes, J. that is the comment I was referring to. In it you seem as if you were listening to the evidence in a manner most of us were not. You often hear or see what we do not. Is that a trait you have always had or a trait you developed?
    If that question is to “heavy” for in here I understand that also. I have several friends that are very intelligent. I believe they were born that way however thru hard work they also developed their minds. I often have thanked them for allowing me to use their brain cells.

  197. conniefl says:

    Watching Casey with her lawyers today and watching the video tonight about her not getting out on time reminded me of something. I was also watching the video of the Zenaida lawsuit and it occurred to me that the ONLY people Casey has had on her side these past 3 years have been her lawyers. Now I don’t know about you, but my experience with lawyers is that they only handle one kind of case. It seems she considers these lawyers friends and she’s going to find out she’s going to be friendless after all the murder case stuff is over. They won’t take her calls if the state sues her, or if TES sues her or when Zenaida sues her. Like Judge Perry said “do you want a public defender, we will grant you one because these guys won’t be able to handle it”. Not only that but a lawyer’s time is money and so far they donated it because the notoriety of the case will bring them bigger bucks than if they took some joe schmoe out of the lineup and gave them their card. They might help her get in touch with people who can help her get housing, etc, but “friendship” and “free client” just don’t last and she’ll be finally on her own.

    One last thought. I read somewhere where she told her female lawyer the first thing she wanted to do was DRIVE… ahem.. no license? I was wanting her to say the first thing she wanted to do was visit a beauty parlor and donate all those inches to locks of love. Expected too much huh? lol

  198. Cali Patti, I do not possess any special talents. I am just an old backwoods Canadian. Remember?
    Now get to bed.

    Connie, Casey may not have been sent to Lowell Women’s Prison but I think she would have been much safer in there. When some people do not see justice take place in a courtroom, they have a tendency to take the law into their own hands. From what I have viewed of Casey in the courtroom, especially her trial, I see a sophisicated psychopath. It does not take much to drive them over the edge. I wonder if any of those lawyers, especially Dorothy Sims, will see to it that Casey gets some mental therapy. There will be many money grabbers that will exploit Casey for their own gain, including lawyers. I doubt if she will ever be loved for herself.

    It was so very bizaare when the lightning struck that tree out at Suburban today. It struck right near the memorial people set up for Caylee. Apparently, there were even wood chips from the tree scattered on the road. It is a myth that lightning never strikes the same place twice.

    Nite nite to all… I am sleeping in tomorrow…zzzzzz

  199. cali patti says:

    G’morning all,
    Being on a different time zone I can stay up later than the time stamp states.
    Hope everyone is feeling a wee bit better.

  200. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: It seems I feel the need to keep sticking my tongue in my aching tooth. 😆

    I wonder if you have heard this. It’s from Fox News, which I seldom listen to and rarely agree with; however, this is one of those ‘rare’ moments.
    Bill O’Reilly VIDEO: Good News and Bad News in Casey Anthony Trial
    There is no evidence that Caylee died from an accident. It was a theory from the defense team but they couldn’t back it up.
    End of Quote
    I’ll add–besides the outrageous opening theory which should not have been considered as fact by the jury, they were shown a few pictures of Cindy intelligently and safely assisting Caylee with climbing the ladder and entering the pool. This was somehow ‘evidence’ that Caylee drowned? Please. 😦

    And, while I’m here, I’ll stick this in as well:
    UPDATE: Paradigm Signs And Then Unsigns Casey Anthony’s Defense Attorney As Client
    No matter what you think of the jury verdict, Baez is hot and in demand by the media because he’s controversial, so the Hollywood agents came calling. Jim Griffin was the signing agent. For 5 1/2 hours.
    End of Quote

    One last thing–have you been over to Dr. Glass’ blog lately? If she is serious about what she is pushing over there, I think Dr. Glass needs a doctor. :mrgreen:

  201. Finally! Some freedom and fresh air. Now I can fix my tail light that’s been out for a month.

    Well hello there, stranger! I had a feeling that there was something wrong with your tail. You better rest up and get some fresh air. We have quite a few ladies here that want to leave this orphanage and come back to you.

  202. cali patti says:

    Davey is back with Snoopy. Whooppeeeeee!
    Morning to you Big Guy.

  203. cali patti, Dave said he needs freedom and fresh air and a little spark in his tail. Now behave yourself.

  204. Patti O says:

    Hey Snoopy & Dave!
    It’s Patti O checking back in with you all. Casey does have to thank her parents because they were instrumental in getting her off. So many ‘errors of judgement’ contributed to her acquital.
    1. Officer Cain (or anyone in the OCSO not responding to a skull finding down the street from the Anthony home).
    2. Kio Marie said early on to check the area by the school because they used to play there. That tip should have been followed up on and the area dredged regardless of the water level.
    3. Cindy lying and covering up for everything Casey did before and after the murder.
    4. George being so hen-pecked that he didn’t call police right away when he found the car or having the cahoneys to investigate Casey’s antics when he suspected she didn’t have a job all along.
    5. All the Anthony’s lying for Casey to get her out of trouble.
    6. The prosecution should never have gone for the death penalty. It added a cumbersome layer to a circumstantial case.
    7. George & Cindy should never have waited 31 days to track down Casey especially after her travel tales and the you can’t talk to Caylee stories. They knew Casey didn’t work. Had they ever seen a paycheck? Did someone who worked need to steal from her parents like she did?
    8. Yes, the Anthonys knew far more all along than what they ever revealed to police. They can congratulate themselves on getting their daughter acquitted. I hope they watch Casey like a hawk if she ever has another child and don’t let her babysit any of Lee’s children. Casey was extremely jealous of Caylee. Caylee’s gone and Casey is still mentally unstable. She might play the princess for the next year but Karma is going to get her.

  205. Nan11, just checked out your links and they are very interesting. It gave me food for thought for a post that I have been mulling around in my head. Thanks so much!

  206. Patti O, so nice to see you again. I must say that I totally agree with all the points you listed. We learn by our mistakes so just maybe some good will come out of this case.

  207. margaret says:

    Snoops good morning, Have you read article from Marcia Clark on The Daily Beast. Miss Ford, juror, Said it was” not their job to connect the dots” WHAT??????? Now I am mad again. Sounds like they only listened to Baez lies. George for once did the right thing and they believe he lied. There is something bad wrong here, wish I could prove it…………………………………………….Thanks for listening ,

  208. margaret says:

    HLN says Casey just denied request to Cindy for visit!!!!! Dear Lord forgive me of my thoughts.

  209. cali patti says:

    Nan, I opened Bill”s link but closed it before reading, The Paradigm link I enjoyed. Shows there might be hope yet. Yeah, a little good news
    Snoop, this is home for me not an orphanage, so hush. Yes Dave’s place is home also. It is like having relatives that live on opposite coasts. Dave’s tail is your business, however until I am told not to touch all is fair. hee hee
    Margaret, I heard about that Beast article but not doing more reading unless it is TMZ or a entertainment type article. I need this hard core news out of me. Went back to Bravo tv this morning. I gave those shows up about two yrs ago but going to return for a few weeks.
    PattiO, I so agree. The Anthony’s have gotten what they have worked so hard for since July 08.
    J. has asked that we treat George and Cindy with respect or something foolish like that so I honor her/his request. I believe the Anthonys have worked harder than Baez for this aquittal.

    I need a camping trip to the ocean…or maybe Yosemite.
    I need a hike along the water line or hike a back trail.

  210. Laurali says:

    I for one am loving the backlash that Jose and Casey will be getting. Nothing sicker than more lies surrounded by the “murder” of Caylee. If they “ain’t” willing to tell the truth it will never get better!

    Patty O. I do not wish to speak bad of G and C but I agree their lying helped Casey. I think at this point Cindy should give up the idea of writing the book. The wounds are fresh and all the parents in American (actually all over the world)do not understand how anyone could turn their backs on a toddler. And turn their backs they did. George needs to find him a good polygraph guy/gal and take one soon. The jurors are saying they believed opening statements! IMO he needs to prove he did not cover Caylee’s death up and he needs to prove he did not harm his precious monster! If he does not I believe people will always wonder. In his professional field it could hinder him gaining employment. A sex offender is nothing to ignore. jmo

  211. Laurali says:

    Jonathon I think I can say most of us are here because we love you! This is the best half way house in the country. I am not leaving unless you serve me with eviction papers signed by Judge Strickland!

    One more thing did Cindy really believe Casey would see her as if nothing was wrong? They started this whole mess by calling 911. Casey lost Tony because of them. Plus it looks more believable of abuse and all the other b.s. if Casey moves on in her life without her parents. jmo

  212. Sherry says:

    You know, George should do the polygraph and do it on live television for a price. I would watch it because its not off of Caylee’s blood but to prove his innocence. Anything else, fergittabowdit

  213. Laura, Casey does not want to make her debut on a jailhouse video with her mother. Casey has a dream of becoming a movie star etc etc and making big money on books and movies. Cindy loves money and I think there will be a big conflict between the two of them as to who has the rights to Caylee’s story. Casey wanted to revenge her mother on June 15/16th and she is not finished with her yet. JMO

  214. margaret says:

    J. I have read Daves article ” End of an Error”, Very appropriate title” . I have realized that it is not so much the justice system that I am so angry about. IMO it was this jury alone that turned its back on Little Caylee. They were not supposed to discuss the case even among themselves after court each day. So when did they discuss, read the transcripts ,look at the evidence and discuss opinions, They could not even look at all the pictures in the amount of tjme they used. Common sense was never considered. I don’t know who floorperson was but they did not have time to give Caylee the decency of a fair deliberation. Someone took cotrol and just led the others in. I hope the first thing they think of each day is the fact that THEY let Caylees murderer walk to do it again.

  215. Margaret, the jury took Baez’ opening statement as evidence even tho they were instructed otherwise by Judge Perry. They felt that a lawyer would never dare tell a lie in the courtroom. Little they knew that a lawyer has immunity and can spin any yarn he wants, true or false. The jurors were not qualified to deliberate and decide this case. JMO

  216. cali patti says:

    JFI If Casey Anthony or ? gets a TV deal of any type, RATINGS are what matters. If you do not watch when first aired but wait for rerun then your viewing does not count in the ratings. If you tevo it you must wait 3 days for your viewing not to be counted.
    TRhought you might want to know this.

  217. cali patti says:

    The Jerry Springer show has offered The Anthony family (all of them) thru Casey’s attys a million dollars to be on The Springer Show.

  218. Cali Patti…we are all over at the new post I put up…. come on and join us.

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