The All American Image

Will Cindy’s lies sentence Casey to death or let her walk free?

Keeping up the ‘ All American Image’ can be lethal. I think this case has demonstrated what can happen to a family when the head of the household, in this case, Cindy Anthony, tried to keep up that image.

With control comes power. In order to combine the two, you must have followers, whom you will eventually render weak so you will be looked upon as the stronger.

In the case of a dominant female, you will choose an inferior male to become your spouse, someone who can be easily led around on your leash. The children you bear will also come under your guidance and dominance. Your spouse will be told that you will handle all of the upbringing and decipiline of your children. You overlook their lies, stealing or even their gambling addictions. You cover for them so they will become dependant on you. It does not bother you at all that you are the sole bread winner in your family unit.

As long as you are in control, you can mold your followers so they will perform the way you want. Your way is keeping up the All American Image.

On July 15th, Casey Anthony told her brother, Lee, “Mom always said I was an unfit mother. Maybe I am a spiteful bitch,” not verbatim but close.

George Anthony, in his suicide note, “I could never live up to your expectations.”

The shocker was Lee Anthony getting on the stand and proving his mother lied when she denied sending two PI’s out to Suburban to search for a deceased Caylee.
There seems to be hope for Lee but he does appear to need some mental therapy to help him deal with his hidden emotions.

Will the jurors see the side of Cindy Anthony that I have described? Will they have sympathy for Casey? Was Casey so frightened of her mother that she had to hide her pregnancy? Did Cindy cover up any misconduct of sexual abuse in the family to keep up the family’s image?

In the closing statements, you can rest assured that Cindy Anthony’s lies will be exposed. She was at work and not at home when the searches for chloroform etc were made on the home computer. She did not call George and tell him someone left the ladder up to the pool.

Cindy Anthony can take all the credit for a hung jury; a death sentence for her daughter; or Casey being found not guilty.

I predict that Lee will move far away from Orlando and George will eventually use that gun.

What do you think?

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  1. margaret says:

    J. I think you have hit the nail on the head. realize I was somewhat a follower until today. I could not believe she had lied all along about the pool ladder.I feel so bad about poor Lee, it seems he may have always had to take the backseat to his sister all her life. I hope Mallory will continue to be good for him. I don’t know what I believe about George and River. Cindy was running the show with Dominic Casey and poor George was looking for someone to talk to and there was River. I don’t think I could ever believe Casey was afraid of Cindy. I would love to know how many letters Baez passed to Cindy from Casey and how many times Cindy met Baez in his office while they cooked up their little plan. Cindy and Baez came up with the ladder issue awful early on, now I believe Cindy knows the truth and has known since she lied about the ladder. Every lie caught up with Cindy, Casey and Baez today.It really makes me angry that Cindy , after all her lies will live off Little Caylee’s dead body for the rest of her sorry life.

    I think Cindy already has brain washed Mallory. I just hope Mallory is strong enough to hold Lee up as he is very fragile as displayed when he took the stand. ~J

  2. Christine says:

    Cindy has always been the ‘supreme controller’ in the family, her word was law and if not
    obeyed, her wrath followed.
    I think once Casey was born, Lee was shoved into the background. Cindy now had a
    baby girl she could mold into what she wanted the world to see…..”Princess do no wrong
    Princess Perfect Casey.
    I’m almost positive Cindy covered for Casey all the while enabling her to ultimately become
    what she is and where she is today.
    Cindy swept up behind Casey dirty lies and pulled her out of many messes (ones that we
    don’t even know about today) so that their picture perfect life would never be viewed by
    neighbors and/or family.

    While we have all heard the many lies spew forth from Casey’s mouth with ease…..the
    very same can be said about Cindy. Like mother like daughter. Both are sociopaths and
    I also think…….Baby Precious Caylee……had she lived…..would have become another
    Casey, a liar and thief.
    Anyone connected with Cindy Anthony and this murder case……has become a victim
    in their own way…..and Cindy made sure of that fact.

    Cindy’s work record lies…….came out in court yesterday……and once again we can
    see that Cindy was covering up for Casey’s dirty work……however, once a liar, always
    a liar.

    Does it bother Cindy that the world now knows she is a consumate liar like Casey?

    Not on your life…….she will continue as she always has…… projecting the “Perfect
    Image as the Perfect Wife and Mother”.

    Welcome to my blog, Christine and thanks for your great comments.~J

  3. shyloh says:

    I couldn’t wait for the end of this trial to get here. Now that it is upon us. I feel a tab bit sick of the outcome because of what the Anthony Family has done. I hope and pray if not death, LWOP!! Then we’ll have justice.

    I am so sick of the media..HLN, NG, ETC. repeating Cindy is a grieving grandmother. SO WHAT! She was willing to have anyone other than Casey Die for the murder of Caylee. That is what makes me mad as heck. She is no better than her daughter in my eyes. And for the injustice, they need to be charged.

    Shyloh, I couldn’t agree more. I would like to grab hold of Cindy and shake her until her teeth fell out along with the wad of gum.~ J

  4. Frankie says:

    Jon, You got that right! I actually know some women just like Cindy. I don’t like them very much. Both Cindy and Casey must feel so lost and out of sorts now that they can’t control anyone. Maybe Cindy can still manipulate George but I think Lee will keep his distance. I wonder if anyone is putting money in Casey’s jail account. Once Casey is settled into her new digs I’m sure she will gather a group of women to be her gang and she can lie and control them. With Cindy’s new fame and fortune maybe she can buy some friends.

    I don’t know if George really loves Cindy or he enjoys be led around on her leash.~J

  5. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: This is a great thought provoking post. ✿ܓ

    You know, I think I’m just plain wore out after following the lies of this family for three years.

    I do have compassion for George and Cindy Anthony over the loss of their granddaughter, but not for the tall tails they have told to protect their daughter who is charged with killing their granddaughter.

    There is a time for truth and the blood of their granddaughter cried out for truth as it spilled on the ground, just around the corner from the only home she ever knew. ◔̯◔

    I’m one of those people, I guess, that think Casey is responsible for what Casey did. Maybe it should be considered as poetic justice that Cindy’s testimony will help seal her fate.

    I hope the jury will remember that Cindy ‘finally admitted’ that Teddy, Caylee’s favorite stuffed animal, went missing from Hopesrping Drive on July 3, 2008.

    I find myself holding my breath as I await closing arguments. I hope Jeff Ashton takes the roof off that court room as he gives the summation of the case for justice for 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony. I hope.

    I heard that on Saturday three members of the jury wore purple, Caylee’s favorite color. Could this be a sign?

    However, I suspect that we shouldn’t overlook juror #4–cleverly selected by Mr. Cheney Mason. 😉

  6. offthecuff says:

    The fact is that Casey, under her own volition, committed the crime…no matter the circumstances.
    For that she should be prosecuted.

    I believe Cindy was told and thought it could never be proven whether she did the computer searches. Her lawyer, even, let her fall on that sword. Cindy wanted to keep Casey from the DP.

    Unexpected to everyone, however, is that Cindy’s choice to fall on the “Chloroform” sword actually magnified that piece of evidence. Before Cindy, that evidence was strong speculation only really profitable when accompanied by the high chloroform found in the car and perhaps the 84 times. The jurors might easily waffle on that or place more weight withother evidence.

    But thanks to Cindy, the chloroform evidence blew a loud horn. It ended up stinking almost as much as that stench in the car.
    Thanks to Cindy, the rebuttal had “the last word” that will stick more strongly in the jurors’ minds. Thanks to Cindy, she proved that the chloroform issue was so acute that she, Cindy, would be willing to risk perjury to block it.

    Many have wondered how this young, beautiful woman could lie and even murder for personal gain , but
    Thanks to Cindy, the jury was able to have a Casey actually take the stand. They themselves became witnesses as to what a good liar a normal, middle-class, healthy woman looks like, and how all Casey’s friends, as they testified, were duped. Deceit is very offensive to jurors.

    Ultimately, however, Casey is responsible, not Cindy.

    If Cindy had kept a low profile in the beginning, it would have saved OCSD a lot of extra man hours. Cindy did more harm than good trying the run LE her way.~J

  7. nan11 says:

    I don’t know if Lennie P. has any fans left; however, here is a link to an interview he gave to WOFL (My Fox Orlando). You can just read the write-up or listen to the video, which unfortunately cuts off before the end.

    I would recommend the video, such as it is.

    I head that when law enforcement asked Mr. Padilla if he would give a lie detector test, he said he would only if he could be accompained by the media. After this, no-one really had much interest in what he had to say.

    Leonard Padilla on how Caylee Anthony died
    Padilla believes that Caylee’s death was accidental, saying Casey “Overdosed her on chloroform, not wanting to do it. This is why Casey knows she’s not guilty of murder.” He thinks Casey initially intended to bury Caylee in the Anthony’s backyard, but couldn’t do so because the ground was too hard. “She then says, ‘Okay, what I’m going to do is put her in couple of plastic bags, put tape across her face… it will be a kidnapping.”
    End of Quote

  8. nika says:

    I truly believe Cindy put the final blow with her lying about the computer searches . I do not believe it was an accident. IMO only, I feel Casey chloroformed Caylee, put the duct tape on her just in case she woke up crying, and then placed her in the trunk.
    Cindy and George will probably separate after a while when they both have money to live on. I do wonder where the ABC guy has been lately. Has there been a falling out? Lee will move on, I hope he moves far enough to not be under his Mother’s control and gets some help. Casey has destroyed this whole family but Cindy will always send money and visit if allowed by Casey.

    Nika, I would love to know where Casey got the chloroform. It can be dangerous to try and make it yourself. I still wonder if someone else supplied the chloroform to Casey, not knowing what she was going to use it for. If there was a somebody, they sure as heck would not come forward with that info.~J

  9. conniefl says:

    Sex Lies and video tapes. They could make a sequel to that movie and use the Anthonys lives as the script. I’m wondering who in their right mind even believed Cindy made those searches to begin with. It sounded fake from beginning to end. Even without Cindy’s testimony the state has a solid case, so I just see it as another pathetic attempt to protect her daughter. I mean, did someone with Cindy’s education actually believe the prosecution wouldn’t do a computer search at her work?! She likes control but she has found the one thing she can’t control… the Law. I can see Lee distancing himself for just a little like he has been, but I don’t see him giving up on his parents. I can see him giving up on seeing Casey though. I think this was the straw that broke his camel’s back. He seems to be the sanest one in that family.

    Has anyone ever mentioned why Casey got so mad after the trial was over? WFTV has video of an angry Casey after the trial. I don’t know what she expected from Baez considering his experience. How many more cases does he have to do to become death qualified? Anyone know?

    Conniefl, Casey was not too happy when the trial ended. She was still yakking at the female deputy who I thought was going to shove her head first out the door. I expect many deputies will be handy to Casey when the verdict is read. ~J

  10. nan11 says:

    RAW VIDEO: Casey Gets Angry After Court
    Video Summary:
    Casey Anthony became angry on Friday after her trial. (07/01/11)

    conniefl: I was just watching that video. Something certainly has her animated. One thing for sure, she doesn’t want to go back to her cell. 🙂

  11. Newbie says:

    Excellent post !!!!!!
    I must add a thank you to Jonathan, Nan and all those who comment here. If I followed this trial without you all I think I would be absolutely bats by now.

    I keep thinking about Cindy’s book deal. I am hoping there will be such out rage connected to persons profiting off of Caylee’s death, that any movie or book will be received just like OJ Simpsons “If I did it” book. I still have trouble getting my head around the fact that as they searched for Caylee and identified the bones that Cindy and George were making a book deal.

    My heart goes out for Lee. I would imagine he was the only adult in the house at times while being put aside because of precious Casey. It concerns me that Mallory seems to be tickled pink that she and Cindy have such a good relationship. I agree with all who state Lee and Mallory need to “head for the hills” if they ever want any type of a life.

    I don’t know what I was expecting as far as the trial but I sure wasn’t thinking it would be so shoddy on the defenses part. The prosecution was absolutely wonderful !!!! I am trying not to think about there being one juror who doesn’t “see the light”. The one juror that said she didn’t judge others may be the first to judge as sometimes people who say they “don’t” are the ones who “do”.

    I hope that Cindy’s feet are held to the fire on her lies. She has gotten away with way too much and caused so much grief “in trying to save her daughter” or being “the grandmother in denial.”
    As for George, pa-lease….stop being a victim of life.

    Casey will probably not get the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder. I just wonder how her little act of being the ever caring friend based on lies is going to go over in jail. The fact that she murdered her child is not going to give her a warm welcome……..prisoners watch tv.

    I would say I am not going to watch the penalty phase but would only be fooling myself….again. How many times I have told myself I’m not going to watch or read anything on this case but here I am !!!!!!!

  12. Newbie says:

    Jonathan…..this is somewhat in line with your post. It is a youtube video of Greta Van Susturan’s July 21 2008 interview with Cindy. It starts with Baez first and then Greta’s interview. I believe it shows what Cindy is all about……had no sleep, can’t answer any of the questions and at the end basically gives Greta the ol slap in the face. Oh, don’t want to forget her statement suggesting the whole investigation and getting the kidnapping out there rest on her. Basically, along the lines of “I am so tired but I keep going on because if I stop everything else stops.”

  13. Newbie, that video of Cindy and Greta speaks volumes. Cindy was dowright nasty and it really went to show her true colors. A person may be very distraught but they don’t have to come across with being a sarcastic bitch. Greta was trying to help Cindy but there was no way Cindy was going to even suggest that Casey may have done something wrong. When Cindy said that if she collapsed that Greta would have sensationalism, everything had to be Cindy’s way or no way.

  14. katydid says:

    I looked over at the JB Mission and they are all giving themselves high fives….they are sure of a not guilty verdict.

    Me I am not so sure…..IMO there was more circumstantial evidence in this case than in the Scott Peterson case…also in the Peterson case there was no cause of death. I believe she will be found guilty or I should say, I am hoping she is found guilty…but no death penalty…LWOP…is what I believe she will get. As far as the Anthony’s goes…Dysfunctional is all I can say.

  15. Newbie says:

    Jon, I think she knew from the very beginning Caylee was dead….oooh, somehow typing “dead” is hard. She would not have been avoiding the questions otherwise, imo. I still think Cindy should be on trial just as Casey was/is. Shooo George on down the road.

    Is it Judge Perry or the prosecution who decides on charges against Cindy for perjury?

  16. katydid, I think JB is cloned from MichellefromMadison. JB stands for José Baez and that speaks for itself.

    I believe that the state has a good chance of getting LWOP for Casey. Cindy and her lies really clinched it. The state’s closing arguments would summarize things and paint an accurate picture for the jury.

  17. Nan11, Leonard Padilla, the big shot from California, IMO is just another one who inserted himself in this case for the notoriety. He had Caylee in the dumpster by Amscot, in the Econ River at Jay Blanchard etc etc etc. He is nothing but a big blow hard. His theories were and still are outrageous.

  18. Newbie, I believe lying under oath in a court of law would be the court’s decision to charge someone with perjury. Since Judge Perry is the court, I expect it would be him.

  19. Newbie says:

    Thanks for the answer. I started off thinking Judge Perry and then confused myself in thinking more…lol.
    Judge Perry is such a delight. I thought the judge hearing the Zenida G. case was going to be like Judge Perry. Now, in my thinking, Judge Perry will not let Cindy lie in his Court without repercussions, If the young man who gave a gesture got jail time and a fine, I’m thinking Judge Perry won’t just give Cindy a good scolding. I hope he throws the book at her.

    I just got through reading Lillian Glass’ take on June 25 2011 testimony. Most brutal is her post about Cindy throwing Caylee under the bus. Anyone going to Glass’ site to read may want to avoid that post……pictures of the bones and hair are included.

    Is anyone else starting to get somewhat anxious about Monday? (I believe that is about the time the jury will start deliberations. )

  20. nan11 says:

    J: It really encourages me to hear you say you think the possiblilty of the verdict being LWOP is looking good.

    I’ve gone over it and over it so many times now; but, at least for this moment, I’m with you.

    I think they are going to get her under Aggravated Manslaughter of Child and that is a felony of the first degree punishable by death or LWOP.
    (3) A person who causes the death of any person under the age of 18 by culpable negligence under s. 827.03(3) commits aggravated manslaughter of a child, a felony of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.
    End of Quote

    Here is the definition of culpable negligence under Florida Law:
    The part I have quoted below defines the difference between aggravated manslaughter of a child being considered murder in the 1st degree or murder in the 2nd degree. If I’m reading it correctly, it appears that when Casey inflicted chloroform upon her baby daughter, she committed felony murder in the 1st degree.
    (1) Whoever, through culpable negligence, exposes another person to personal injury commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
    (2) Whoever, through culpable negligence, inflicts actual personal injury on another commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
    End of Quote

    I don’t believe the state has left any reasonable doubt that Casey Marie Anthony used chloroform on 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony.

    She searched for recipes on how to make it, her car reeked of it as well as decomposition, her baby’s remains were found in a bog used as a garbage dump–in an area that Miss Anthony was very familiar with.

    I do believe it may very well be LWOP.

  21. margaret says:

    I hope Judge Perry will punish Cindy somehow, wihout her co-operation with Baez lies Casey may have broken and told the truth long ago. I am so sick of the news saying that it was an accidental death, because Casey gave Caylee too much chloroform and did not mean to kill her.When is it O.K. to give a child Chloroform????????? The sad part is that no one knows how many times that baby was put to sleep in that car trunk. If Casey and Tony watched movies and then stayed in bed all day the next day, even if she didn’t overdose her she would have suffocated in the car trunk. Casey was having her ” beautiful life” as that baby died. I think she deserves the DP, and I hope Cindy does some time too. I hope they get to bunk together . I am sorry but I have no sympathy left.

  22. Newbie says:

    margaret. I totally, totally agree with you !!

  23. Nan11, I am anxious to hear the closing arguments. I wonder if Jeff or Linda will make them. I cannot see Baez sticking to the rules set out by Judge Perry. Tomorrow should be an interesting day. If only we could observe the jurors during closing arguments.

  24. katfish says:

    Great post J!
    Here is a link to a flowchart of possible penalties that puts everything in easy to understand terms.

  25. katfish, thank you very much. I am still keeping my guard up about the verdict. Once bitten, twice shy since OJ’s verdict was read.

  26. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I heard it was going to be Mr. Jeff Ashton, but I don’t have a link or anything to support that.

    I’ll be equally happy with Linda, though. 😉

  27. nan11 says:

    Here is the weekly recap video from WFTV:
    WFTV Special: Casey On Trial – Weekly Recap
    Video Summary:

    Watch a WFTV Eyewitness News Special – Casey on Trial – a weekly recap. (07/02/11)

  28. katfish says:

    I know what you mean J. That is one reason I thought this chart was well made, it shows the elements that must be proven to reach a conviction or not…..

    At the end of Phil Spector’s first trial I thought for sure he would be convicted but it ended up
    11 – 1 for guilty…. Hung jury…Arrgggh…all it takes is one.

    .At least in FL, lessors can be considered, even those that aren’t in the indictment, if the jury need to compromise to reach a verdict. In Spector it was 2nd degree murder or nothing.
    OJ’s acquittal sure eliminated the rose colored glasses that many viewed our justice system through…we can never predict what 12 people will do.

    That does work both ways too, I saw a guy in SC (or TN?) convicted for a double homicide where the only direct evidence was 3 drops of the victim’s blood on his shoe AND LE had let him walk through the crime scene to get his GF’s car keys. In no way was that case proven in my opinion, I have no idea if he was guilty but IMO it was definitely not proven; however, the prosecutors convinced those 12 jurors.

  29. katfish says:

    Nan11 and J,
    It’s my understanding that LDB, Ashton and George will all contribute to the first closing argument. Jose complained to the court and HHJP said he didn’t care how the first close is split up for either side, but the state’s rebuttal close must be done by just 1 attorney.. Baez still complained to the court but, but, that gives them 4 closes and us only 2???

  30. katfish, thanks for that info. It is hard for us to judge what is going on in the individual juror’s minds. They may think that the state came across as too cocky and felt sorry for Baez with all the Objections from the state. There will be certain things that stick with the jurors. I think we may all be a bit tense wondering what the outcome will be. They jury did not get to see 10% of what we have these past three years. I do think a few of the jurors may have known more about this case than what they admitted to at jury selection.

  31. Nan11, thanks for the link to WFTV’s recap. How are you holding up now that the end is fast approaching? I think we all will go through withdrawal or have nervous breakdowns if the verdict comes back not guilty or a hung jury.

  32. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I’m a nervous wreck. Honest, I can’t believe how worried I am. 😮

    I transcribed the part of WFTV’s recap video where Mr. Sheaffer gives his breakdown of the charges:

    Quote: At about 17:53 minutes in:
    Kathi Belich: Well, legal analyst Bill Sheaffer, what would the jury have to find to convict her of first degree murder; and then, I think we know the possible penalties, but what are they?
    Bill Sheaffer: Well, first degree murder; premeditation first degree murder; or felony murder—which does not require premeditation, it just means that the child died in the act of committing a felony; in this case aggravated child abuse. Her sentence would be, on first degree murder—either life or death by lethal injection.
    First Degree Murder
    Premeditation proven
    Casey killed Caylee on purpose using duct tape or chloroform
    Sentence: Death by lethal injection or life sentence

    Kathi Belich: Now, if they don’t find first degree murder, if they find second—what’s the difference between the two? What is second degree murder and what are the possible penalties there?
    Bill Sheaffer: Yeah, second degree murder, again, does not require premeditation—it is more toward a reckless act. But, having said that—it’s not a real victory for the defense. The reason being—the maximum sentence is life in prison without the possibility of parole. I think Judge Perry would give her that sentence based upon the evidence that we’ve heard.
    Second Degree Murder:
    Premeditation not proven
    Casey killed Caylee using duct tape or chloroform
    Casey acted with imminent disregard for human life
    Sentence: Miximum life in prison

    Kathi Belich: There is also a possibility of aggravated manslaughter and what does that mean exactly—what would the jury have to find for that and again possible penalities?
    Bill Sheaffer: Yeah, in addition to the manslaughter there is an added element that the child was of a certain age—under a certain age—which Caylee was in this case. Now that would be a victory for the defense in this case because the maximum sentence for that would be thirty years; and she is eligible for early release after about twenty-seven and a half years.
    Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child:
    Up To 30 Years
    Additional Prison Sentence

    Kathi Belich: But what would they have to find for aggravated manslaughter—how is that different from second degree murder?
    Bill Sheaffer: It is different and it’s different by the actions of the defendant. It’s a lesser action than a second degree murder. And it’s more technical, but just generally it’s a lesser act.
    Kathi Belich: If the jury finds—she has admitted she has lied to investigators—if they only find her guilty of lying to investigators, what happens then?
    Bill Sheaffer: Boy, that’s a real victory because the maximum sentence would be four years total. She’d walk out of this court—out of this jail—shortly after this conclusion.
    End of Quote

    (Thanks for fixing my blooper. I’m praying this turns out in some kind of decent form.)

  33. Sherry says:

    Great post with equally great comments. What we have watched over the last three years has been a family of co-dependants with Cindy and Casey at the center of it all. We’ve seen the destruction of a family right before our eyes because of a sociopath who had a mother excusing or dismissing her conduct and a father who had no backbone with his wife or daughter. I don’t doubt that Lee was tossed to the side. He can tell the truth without it costing him much. I’m glad George did the right thing-kinda. He has realized that there’s no saving Casey at this late stage in the game. J~, you are right about that comment George made in his letter. He is under Cindy’s control and has no idea how to man-up anymore.

  34. Frankie says:

    You talked about perjury charges for Cindy earlier. I read or heard on a TV show that it is up to the prosecution to press perjury charges. A lot of people lie in court but perjury charges are seldom laid. They said that there would be many charges in every court case but most are just let go. I don’t know for sure if it true but that is what I heard.

  35. nan11 says:

    Here is a post from Mr. Boedeker on July 1,11. Apparently Mr. Hornsby doesn’t think Cindy will have to face purjury charges. 😦
    Casey Anthony: Whose pants were on fire today?
    — posted by halboedeker on July, 1 2011 6:57 PM
    Will Cindy Anthony face perjury charges?
    Hornsby said that was unlikely because the state has to focus on bigger issues, such as if there’s a hung jury or there are appeals if Casey is convicted of first-degree murder. The state would need Cindy to testify again, Hornsby said, and she wouldn’t be inclined if she faces perjury charges.
    End of Quote

  36. nan11 says:

    Here is a link to a short video of Mr. Hornsby doing the interview with WESH news:
    Casey Anthony: Day 33, Are Cindy Anthony’s Pants on FIre?
    From: hornsbylaw | Jul 1, 2011 | 498 views
    Video Summary: Orlando criminal lawyer Richard Hornsby breaks down testimony for WESH 2 News reporter Bob Kealing in day 33 of the Casey Anthony Murder trial.

  37. Sherry, George’s ex wife said their marriage went on the rocks because of George’s lying. It seems Casey inherited her lying from both her maternal and paternal genes. No wonder she was a professional at fabricating stories.

    Cindy controlled George when they lived in Ohio. She asked him to quit being a detective and go into the car business with his father. A strong man would have put his foot down as the head of the household. Cindy had visions of lots of money and possibly the inheritance of that car business but we know how that turned out. Money seemed to play a big part in Cindy’s life and still does. I often wonder if this is why George thought his online gambling would be a quick get rich to make Cindy proud of him. That all backfired. Geez, Cindy found it cheaper to keep George under the same roof rather than divorce him. Cindy must have felt like she was playing a bad game of Monopoly, George stole it from one end and Casey from the other. Look how much a deceased Caylee raked in for the Anthonys. I understand blood money does not spend well. If the jury will just come back with, ‘go directly to jail, do not pass GO and collect $200.’ I am leery that she may get a ‘get out of jail free’ card. We will soon find out.

  38. Frankie, thanks for that info. I understand it is very hard to get perjury charges to stick. Cindy will just go on her merry way but one day she may have to answer for all her lies and will not be in a courtroom.

  39. Nan11, did you read the interview that Pam, Rick Plesea’s ex wife gave? If there is any truth in it, there are a lot of liars in this case. You can read it here…

    Pam Plesea-Interview

  40. Frankie says:

    Jon, You are right about Cindy answering for all her lies. I also believe in Karma. We get what we give.

  41. nika says:

    I do not beliieve Cindy will be charged with perjury. They will need her if a mistrial or an appeal comes up.
    It’s just a few hours until the final day. For some reason I’m getting nervous. Maybe because it’s finally about to be over.I can hear the hawk crying outside the courthouse window. I just wonder if Baez will write the closing or will it be Lyons or Baden.

  42. Karen C. says:

    Wow, Jon- thanks for that Plesea interview link. That poor woman, Cindy’s Mom. After hearing that rather long litany of “passed over the Rainbow Bridge” dead pets, I wonder what else Casey has done we don’t know about. Wonder if necropsies had been done on any of them…. although what vet in their right mind would think….

  43. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Thanks for that link. I had never read that, and I do think it’s interesting.

    I agree that there are a lot of liars in this case; but, I’m always leary of ex-wives and ex-lovers. These people have axes to grind, IYKWIM.

    Two things that popped into my mind–I think law enforcement followed the trail of the check Casey cashed on her grandfather Plesea’s account and has paper documents to prove that she used the check to pay her cell phone bill. There was a rumor very early on in the case that Casey had bought the second cell phone with this check, but later document releases proved this not to be true.

    The next thing is–and this I’m less sure of, but wasn’t Lee out of town on June 15, 2008? He used to have to travel a lot for his ‘Click and Park’ job. It’s been a long time, though, since I read any of Lee’s interviews or his deposition.

    I think law enforcement would have squeezed him and squeezed him hard if they would have believed he had first hand knowledge of that fight. At least they got him to say that Cindy thought Casey was a spiteful biotch and an unfit mother.

    I hope these statement reverberate louder with the jury than mistruthin’ Mallory’s statement about Casey being the amazing mom.

    Not long to go now before we hear closing arguments; so maybe I’m not thinking clearly. Mostly I’m walking the floor and wringing my hands. 😆

    I believe the case the state put forward; but because of all the lies, they didn’t have that much to work with. I hope they put what pieces they do have together for the jury and I hope the jury brings back a LWOP verdict. If they decide to throw the death penalty in as well; you won’t find me crying, or second guessing them.

  44. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I just came across this. I guess it’s a follow up to that article you linked above. Apparently she was on Nancy Grace last night and is retracting her statements. 😆

    Shocking Allegations In Casey Anthony Case
    Posted by Tommy Garrett on Jul 3, 2011 – 10:57:49 PM

    The sad part is, this is kind of stuff has only just begun.

  45. nan11 says:

    This from the Sentinel. So, Baez gets to make his filthy accusations and the ignore them!
    Casey Anthony trial: Prosecution, defense get last chance to make their case
    Sub-Heading: Closing arguments expected today
    ☛ By ANTHONY COLAROSSI and AMY PAVUK, Orland Sentinel
    Lurvey and others suggest that during closing arguments, Baez must abandon the claims he made at the start.
    “In light of the missteps,” Lurvey said, “looking back, yes, he has to ignore it.”
    End of Quote

    And this, also from the Sentinel. The jury has already been sequestered for a long time. Just sayin’.
    Casey Anthony trial: Top questions and answers on jury deliberations?
    ☛ By AMY PAVUK, Orlando Sentinel
    If they find her guilty of first-degree murder, they must stay on for the penalty phase of the trial, which would start about 48 hours after the verdict is read.
    End of Quote

  46. KarenC says:

    Well, dang, on that second Pam Plesea interview. Pro side must’ve sensed problems with her.

  47. nan11 says:

    The Judge Perry has called court to order. Casey has the yellow blouse on again. I couldn’t tell if she had it tied again. 😆

    (I don’t mean to make light of this.)

  48. nan11 says:

    The judge is being strick and appears to be in a bad mood. He is giving the state a hard time already.

  49. nan11 says:

    Good Heavens! The defense has Lizabeth Fryer arguing the ‘charge’ instructions for the court to read the jury.

    She only passed the bar April 14, 2011. (She works for Cheney Mason.)

  50. nan11 says:

    The judge is warning Baez that there was absolutely no evidence of sexual abuse. Baez is arguing the issue; but, so far, the Judge Perry is not amused.

    Baez is saying there is as much evidence of sexual abuse as there is of chloroform.

    He is citing the ‘deep secrets’ she shared with Tony L. (Even though the jury didn’t hear the testimony of the secret, just the mention that secrets were kept.)

    Finally Jeff is up.

  51. nan11 says:

    Judge Perry has spoken: No facts in evidence that Casey was molested by George or Lee.

    The judge has researched this. Mr. Ashton asked if the state could bring to the jury’s attention the molestation charges that the defense made. Nope–the state can’t mention anything the defense mentioned in their opeing statement unless the defense opens the door for them.

    There is five minutes break and then closing arguments begin.

  52. Sherry says:

    Bill Sheaffer said in the WFTV chat:
    She is a lawyer who graduated number one in her class and when she took the bar she scored the highest of all those who took the admission test.

    She is Lisabeth Fryer and B.S. is a big fan. He says she will be the one to watch in Orlando. Oh! And this is her first case!

  53. nan11 says:

    The train, Jonathon. Do you hear the train?

  54. I’m watching and listening.

  55. nan11 says:

    I guess this is going to be comedy hour coming up? I mean, a great big poster of child Casey and her imaginary friends? Really?

    They ought to thank their lucky stars I’m not on that jury.

  56. nan11 says:

    Well, I admire Bill Sheaffer but there is absolutely nothing that I admire about Baez. Not even for Mr. Sheaffer will I reconsider.

  57. nan11 says:

    Besides explaining who has the burden of proof, has he made any points. HaHaHa! I guess this is what you talk about when you have nothing to say.

    Oh, he we go with HIS biggest fear.

  58. nan11 says:

    WFTV RAW VIDEO: Day 13 In Casey Anthony Murder Trial, Part 6
    At about 12:26 minutes in:
    Frank George: The times that you knew, for the weeks that you spent acquainted with Miss Anthony; did you ever have the occasion to ride in her car?
    Maria Kissh: Yes, sir.
    Frank George: When was that?
    Maria Kissh: I can’t remember the exact date.
    Frank George: Was it while she was staying with Clint and those guys, or was it before?
    Maria Kissh: It was while she was staying there.

    Frank George: Other than that did you ever stay, ever go in the car?
    Maria Kissh: No.
    Frank George: When you were in the car, who were you with?
    Maria Kissh: I was with Casey, obviously: Tony, and Clint.
    Frank George: Okay. Thank you very much.
    Judge Perry: Cross examination.
    Jose Baez: Good morning, ma’am.
    Maria Kissh: Good morning.
    Jose Baez: Where did you go when you—in the car?
    Maria Kissh: I believe we just went to get something to eat.
    Jose Baez: And Casey drove?
    Maria Kissh: I can’t remember who drove. It was either Casey or Tony.
    Jose Baez: And you sat in the passenger side or in the back?
    Maria Kissh: I sat in the back seat.
    Jose Baez: And when you sat in the backseat, did you smell any foul odor?
    Maria Kissh: No, sir.
    Jose Baez: And Clint was with you in the backseat?
    Maria Kissh: Yes.
    Jose Baez: And did Clint say: “Boy something stinks back here!” or anything like that?
    Maria Kissh: No, sir.
    Jose Baez: And what about Tony, did he say: “Boy, this car stinks!”
    Maria Kissh: No, sir.

  59. nan11 says:

    The trouble with the testimony from all these young people was all the time that passed between Caylee’s murder and Casey’s trial.

    Even Tony in his original statement to law enforcement–stated that he stood on the curb while she poured the gas. After passing her the second can, he headed back to his vehicle.

    Time can play tricks on even the memory of a young person.

    These events weren’t important to them at the time–they had no idea that little Miss Anthony had murdered her baby daughter.

  60. nan11 says:

    Lethal Injection Procedure

    Sorry I just can’t control myself. (I do realize that this is most likely not going to happen.) It is, however, a most chilling read.

    I’m heading out to catch some sun rays. :mrgreen:

  61. calli patti says:

    Well, well, well, here we are after so many years, still wondering if Casey will be convicted. I thought it was a slam dunk, boy I was wrong. My oldest that just got in from Guam, and yes this case is on Guam tv (OMG), said, (who has partially watched the case) said the burden of proof has NOT been met. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

    True George comes of as a grieving Grdpa but why didn’t Geo call 911 at the tow yard?
    That made no sense to him. He said a few of the engineers talked about it and no way would they have picked that car up if they knew it was the smell of death.
    Out of fear of being implicated in something later.
    Why is Geo so spineless he is not screaming NO at Baez when questioned about the abuse?
    Plus son had more to say. He said if Casey can ‘act’ so can George.
    My son has been home one day and I wanted to send him back. Seriously!
    He actually said maybe manslaughter but nothing more … I am sick!
    This son knew of case but never followed it much until trial.

    I am going to eat som e6thing, my way of handling stress.

  62. calli patti says:

    Honestly room, this son’s opinion matters. He is smart and the men who watched are also but they ONLY saw part of the trial and that the state did not prove their case. Son also said that they felt Casey did something but so could have George. That if Casey is convicted it will be based on emotion not just facts.

  63. nan11 says:

    Calli Patti: That’s okay. Your son is just drinking the Baez kool aid. Baez fed the media certain facts and the media did a good job for him.

    I have to admit I’m on pins and needles though; I believe the state has proven their case (and Mr. Sheaffer said he thought so, too); however, they say it only takes one member of the jury…

    Why George drove the car home, bugged me for a long, long time. Ask you son, if he discovered his daughter’s abonded car in the tow yard and as he walked towards it he smelled death, what would he do? Remember now, this is his own make-believe daughter’s car? What would he do?

    I think I might drive it home and hide it in the garage until I found my daughter and got her a lawyer, no?

    Now, the Anthony’s had their baby-granddaughter missing as well; so, they phoned the police once they got her in the sights.

    The Anthony’s are like any family, really. They’ve got their problems, and big ones–but it’s their daughter that’s the bad, bad evil girl. Well, ask your son to forgive, because that is my opinion only. 😉

  64. nan11 says:

    RAW VIDEO: Casey Walking Into Courtroom For Closing Arguments
    Video Summary:
    Casey Anthony walked into an Orange County courtroom on Sunday for closing arguments. (07/03/11)

    RAW VIDEO: Casey Angered During Closing Arguments In Murder Trial
    Video Summary:
    Casey Anthony became visibly upset and seemed to hold back tears as her face turned red and she became angry when the state played video of Caylee and Casey together. (07/03/11)

  65. katfish says:

    I have no doubt that your son and his co workers are very smart people, but as a long time trial watcher I have seen more than one trial hung up by an engineer on the jury. Folks in engineering tend to look at things in black and white and in circumstancial cases like this things are not black and white. I hope you don’t take offense to my comment because I very much respect anyone the right to their own opinion…..but I have heard attorneys say the same about an engineer on a jury. I don’t think there are any engineers on this jury though so maybe…..

    George “could” have done something but there was no evidence presented in court to support that allegation.

  66. nan11 says:

    Oh, I love, love Jeff Ashton. Did you see his response when baby Baez whinned about his facial expressions?

    ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘ Woot!! Woot!! for Jeff!! ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘

  67. calli patti says:

    Nan, I so agree with you. My sons an idiot, honestly. I think him not having children he does not know parent love. I recall holding this screaming baby with a dirty diaper feeling over whelming love. Its parental love that he does not know.

    What I found scary was his conclusion. Is there anyone on the jury that is NOT a parent?
    I know his generation is effected by any misdemeanor crime on their record and that is why he said they would have called LE at the tow yard.
    Also he did not see all the trial and evidence. I know he thought Lee was strange. He said no guy he knows is going to cry over not being included in a sisters pregnancy or baby shower. I said maybe Lee was crying over the total situation and the response was still negative towards Lee’s demeanor on the stand.
    Maybe it is because my son is in and raised in the construction trade that he thinks George and Lee are both strange.

  68. nan11 says:

    WESH: Casey Anthony’s Jurors: Who Are They?

    Calli: There are three or more jurors, IIRC, that have no children. And no-one knows if #4 does or does not.

  69. Redrelaxed says:

    Do you think Baez is going take up the entire 4 hours whining and snivelling, miscontruing the facts, trying to persuade the jury that Casey was the MOTY? I am so disgusted. The facts are that Caylee is dead, she was found tripled bagged in a swamp after 6 months had passed with duct tape on her tiny skull. I don’t give a tinkers damn how dysfunctional this family was, the facts speak for themselves. IMO Casey killed this baby because she was a hindrance to her and no longer a financial asset. Period.

  70. nan11 says:

    Richard Hornsby Tweet Quote:
    RichardHornsbyRichard Hornsby
    LDB: OBJECTION: Paragraphs 1 through … Aw, hell Judge, he’s violating the whole damn order! Judge Perry: Sustained.
    2 minutes ago
    End of Tweet Quote

  71. nan11 says:

    Another tweet quote from Mr. Hornsby. This one made me laugh out loud, seriously. 😆
    RichardHornsbyRichard Hornsby
    I think I dated one of those girls once, the faceless one on the left…
    8 minutes ago
    End of Quote

  72. Frankie says:

    Red, Baez will probably try to go over time. He is not good at following the judge’s rules and orders, is he? Talk about twisting the facts. What a guy.

  73. OMG Baez is losing it …calling Jeff a laughing guy

  74. nan11 says:

    Who could help but laugh? Bill is breaking my heart with his criticism of Mr. Ashton. He did have his hand covering his mouth. (At least that is what I saw.)

    I’ll say it again, who could help but laugh.

  75. nan11 says:

    I’m hearing the judge has both Baez and Mr. Ashton back in his chamber. He has called some kind of recess because the court room is emptying out.

    Surely, there won’t be a miss trial over this?

    One thing, I’ll bet they are both getting a tongue lashing from the judge right about now.

  76. katfish says:

    I’ve got HLN and WKMG on. WKMG has a camera in the hallway outside of the courtroom. Jeff Ashton has walked back and forth a few times (both the men’s room and possibly Ashton’s office or a room for the state is the direction he came from.) Ashton was laughing…a bit.

  77. calli patti says:

    Ashton needs to stop with the faces and the laughing. Yes I agree with Ashton it is unprofessional.
    I am guessing after 3 plus years Ashton is sick of Baez’s voice as I am.

  78. Jeff Ashton was definitely laughing and trying to cover his mouth at Baez. He is at fault.

  79. Redrelaxed says:

    Baez is an ass, and so out of his league. One more thing, he doesn’t know when to shut up. Sadly…to be continued. Hang in there folks, LDB is here to save the day!!! *insert image of LDB charging into court on big white horse packing the scales of justice! (Horse rears up and scales swing in tune with the William tell overture of course.)

  80. calli patti says:

    Your right about engineers that they think often in numbers which I find very strange … LOL.
    They also tend to think they know it all so often that makes him wrong. When people know it all I find those types are often wrong.
    My scary thought was is there anyone on the jury like that.

  81. katfish says:

    Jef Ashton does seem to wear his heart on his sleeve…probably not the first time that has got him in trouble….can’t help but wonder if he was laughing to keep from showing his anger….he was being attacked by Baez….me I cry when I get mad :`)

  82. katfish says:

    Ruh Row….sounds like they are both in big trouble……sanctions?

  83. Mason will ask for a mistrial

  84. katfish says:

    Cali, LOL, I checked no engineers but there is an IT guy ????

  85. katfish says:

    Kind of a flash back to how the judge dealt with finger boy 凸(¬‿¬)凸…..did you not see my orders? Frankly they should playback some of the defendants expressions when the state was closing too.

  86. calli patti says:

    mistrial going to happen? This could be grounds.
    Was that a true words LBD said about Baez and objection or just a comment?

  87. nan11 says:

    Katfish: You said: “Frankly they should playback some of the defendants expressions when the state was closing, too.”

    Well said, and I agreee with that.

  88. calli patti says:

    Hey, I wish I could be like Cindy A. and live in la la land concerning my boys. Often I find them arrogant know it alls with a demeaning attitude towards me. Then I remind them, the son that is the nicest will inhert the most … I also tell them that I can cut them out of my life so fast it will make their pinched heads spin. I am serious.

    I do love them bunches but not one of them is a girl so
    they are second class citizens anyway. LOL Yes I tell them that.
    As you can read this case has me a little crazy.

  89. nan11 says:

    Oh, this is too much. His little client who sits in her lowered chair has accused her father of forcing her to put his you know what in her mouth. This is disgusting to listen to this offensive, ignorant man who call himself a lawyer.

  90. katfish says:

    George looks like he is just shut down 😦 I think he is a jerk but I don’t believe the carp Baez lays on George,

  91. katfish says:

    cali haha! I’m so glad this case is almost over (?) but who will we blame our crazies on then??? You have your sons to fall back on, me? Hmmm….I guess all go with the zoo we have here in katfish’s pond.

  92. Redrelaxed says:

    Yeah, this is just way over the top. George not “willing” to fall on the sword like Cindy and Lee? Baez has lost his faculties. Sensationalistic BS, not facts. I’m so done with this, can’t wait for the end of this baizadiatribe once and for all.

  93. katfish says:

    Any new tweets Nan?

  94. calli patti says:

    It was good to read a few others are finding Baez difficult to listen to. No really it is diificult, my stomach hurts.

  95. katfish says:

    Whatever happened to the complaint Judge Strickland filed because Baez told the PI’s to not call police if they find Caylee’s body? I know the Bar dropped the complaint but Baez has a lotta kuhunas….sure wish someone would actually tell the truth. If Cindy’s saving it for her book I guess I’ll live without knowing it. Gah!

  96. katfish says:

    You know what’s really sad….truth be told Baez probably advised the Ants to do some of the crazy stuff they did when “Caylee” was still missing.

  97. nan11 says:

    Katfish: I can’t find any good ones. (tweets) Everyone just wants this to end–including me. 😆

  98. calli patti says:

    Baez just solved the case, the person who moved the tree killed Caylee. Bombshell…Breaking News!

  99. calli patti says:

    What is sad, Baez had a few good points that might have stuck if Baez would have shut up then.

  100. nan11 says:

    Katfish: Sure he was. Why did Judge Strickland file the complaint against Baez for telling Dominic Casey to call him before he called 911 if he found Caylee’s body?

    Who got the most money for sell Caylee’s photos? He even had Casey and Cindy fighting over who owned what photos.

    Who was at the Ritz with the Anthony’s on Dec. 11/08? Who went to the Anthony home for a private dinner on the night little Casey got bailed out for the first time?

    Who secretly transported letter after letter between the inmate and her family?

    I’m sure I’m forgetting some major things, but that’s the best I can do right now. He is a very shady individual, in my humble opinion.

  101. katfish says:

    Thanks for checking Nan 🙂 Just when it looks like he is going to wrap it up he pulls out another poster board ◔_◔ I love how Red described this closing, “baizadiatribe” good one!

  102. nan11 says:

    Well, I’m not drinking Mr. Sheaffer’s kool aid right now either. Mr. Ashton owes Baez nothing, nothing, nothing.

    We don’t know what was said behind those close doors. Baez was not humble like that unless the judge took a big piece out of his ego. This is just may own opinion, and I’m a little bit upset right now.

  103. nan11 says:

    Oh, I just saw Dave coming out of the court room. He is all dressed up today. He has his nice blue shirt and tie on.

  104. Redrelaxed says:

    Omg gawd…FINALLY, did you hear that boisterous cheering that erupted out of the heavens over Orlando?

    I dunno, looks like George has been a pretty good sport considering he didn’t get out his sword.

    I’m going to miss you all when this is all over, but for today I am sooooooooo thankful it’s done.

  105. Red, I may stick around for a bit after the trial and write on other things. You will have to check in and say hello.

  106. I wonder if Linda will bring in the cell phone records for the morning of June 16th. It is entered into evidence. This could be the bombshell.

  107. Baez knew darn well that he would have been held in contempt right along with Jeff. That is why he gave his little heartfelt speech.

  108. nan11 says:

    I had to modify the ‘language’, but I think it’s acceptable now. I have to admit I stopped listening. I was checking back in to see if the state was up yet.

    I’m glad the judge decided to give the jurors a break. I couldn’t take anymore,either.

    Tweet Quote:
    RichardHornsbyRichard Hornsby
    If Mason keeps it up, George, Lee, and Kronk may admit to molesting each other just to get him to shut the f*** up!
    31 minutes ago
    End of Tweet Quote

  109. lol Richard has a great sense of humor.

  110. KarenC says:

    Well, I would echo that 1 1 = 2 line of G’s and point out the obvious- two possible causes of death does NOT equal NO causes of death.

  111. Redrelaxed says:

    My dear Jonathon, if you are hanging around a while after the trial, you can count on me to stick around and say more than hello! Although the last two weeks of this trial has been gruelling on all of us, I think I can say that we have made some fabulous strides in cyber connections while keeping each other sane throughout.

    We’ve practically watched Mr. Hornsby grow up into a pretty darn good big boy lawyer, and he does have a great sense of ha ha, who’d thunk it at first? I’ve come to appreciate him on many levels.

    I think I’m having a itsy bitsy emotional break down…all this sappy nonsense. Must have been all that raw meaty passion that oozed out of Baez today, like a blue rare steak. The networks are replaying his outburst over and over. I’ve got the telly on mute, but his voice is still ringing in my head…

    So, I am readjusting my thinking with this little tune!

  112. nan11 says:

    RAW VIDEO: Baez Calls Ashton “Laughing Guy” During Closing Argument
    Video Summary:
    Prosecutor Jeff Ashton bellowed an objection after attorney Jose Baez referred to him as a “laughing guy” and pointed to him. (07/03/11)

    FYI: According to Bill Sheaffer, Mr. Huber from the Orlando Sentinel is not very pleased with Baez using his photos for his little magnetic display today.

  113. nan11 says:

    Well, here is Mr. Boedeker’s latest on Baez. Was he like the little dutch boy? I think not, in fact I think that is an insult to the little dutch boy. In my opinion, he was more like the horse’s rear end.

    Casey Anthony: Was Jose Baez like the Little Dutch Boy?
    –posted by halboedeker on July 3, 2011 at 4:33 PM
    Jose Baez was getting mixed reviews for the rest of his closing argument this afternoon at the Casey Anthony trial.
    End of Quote

  114. What a long day!!!

  115. Yes seagull what a long long day apart from when J Ashton got up to speak..J Baez was ??? I think he said it best …..THE TRUTH STOPS HERE……..On an on an on an then C Mason but its over finaly the defence is out of options out of words an out of time…Tomorow Linda Brain Burdick will speak for Caylee,J Perry will Instruct the Jury an fittingly on Independance day the Jury will begin there discussions an ensure Casey is never Independant again.

  116. Was Baez like the little Dutch Boy? Ermm no as he was ubber concerned at a sidebar over Casey in a .photo danceing with another girl.He didnt want the Jury to think Casey was a lesbian…So he may have fingered Casy but she is no Dyke.

  117. Ecossie, I will have to give Baez some credit. One fault of his was hollaring at the jury. His voice cracked at times. Another fault is that he does not know when to shut up. He was beginning to repeat himself and the jurors were probably getting bored. I am anxious to hear Linda and yes, she is a brain. LOL

  118. Here is a song for Caylee, a little girl who has many many people praying she will finally get justice.

  119. Photo of Cindy when she was in senior year of nurseing collage

  120. Side by side photos of Casey aged 5 an 25………..

  121. Ecossie, is Cindy posting her pics on the internet now? I expect Cindy to play herself in the upcoming movie.

  122. nan11 says:

    Kathi and Bill for tonight. Bill seems to have come to his senses. It least he admits that Jeff Ashton never trashed Ms Anthony.

    I can’t find a single point that Baez made. Blah, Blah, Blah Caylee drowned. Blah, Blah, Blah George is a monster & Cindy left the ladder up, plus they are all liars. (Except Lee.) Blah, Blah, Blah it was necessary to crack Caylee’s skull. Blah, Blah, Blah the state tried to hide evidence. Blah, Blah, Blah Kronk is a man of ill repute.

    No wonder Jeff Ashton was laughing. (My Opinion Only.)

    BILL SHEAFFER: Analysis Of Casey Murder Trial Day 45
    Video Summary:
    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer talked about day 45 in Casey Anthony’s murder trial. (07/03/11)

  123. Nan11, you are a hoot!! I am going to have nightmares tonight. I swear that Baez could ramble on for 24 hours non stop and never say anything. He was so animated, his voice kept cracking.

  124. nan11 says:

    Oh, really, Jonathon. I thought it was disgraceful. His tone, his language, his nonsensical arguments.

    The whole thing was a waste, a huge waste. And Linda Drane Burdick will mop the floor with his ‘argument’ tomorrow.

    Personally, I wish it could be Jeff but I know they have to take turns.

    I don’t understand all the criticism of Jeff. I had heard that smirking and smile at certain times during an opponent’s argument was sometimes used as a tactic. Baez is just a baby who couldn’t stand it.

    He shouted his displeasure and he caused the uproar. MOO

  125. Jeff was just paying back José for all those smirks. I think Jeff should have reined his smiles in a bit. Both of them would have been found in contempt of court. I think Baez realized that.

  126. nan11 says:

    This is interesting, but she doesn’t comment on all the jurors.
    Casey Anthony trial: A recap of who the jurors are
    Sub-Heading: As deliberations get under way, a jury consultant and body language experts weigh in.
    Jury consultant and body-language expert Susan Constantine has sat through the duration of the trial and closely watched the jurors.
    Here are some short sketches of the 12 jurors in this case and, where applicable, Constantine’s perceptions.
    End of Quote

  127. Frankie says:

    I know it wasn’t proper but I can’t blame Mr. Ashton for laughing. Jose was over the top. It’s not like Jose has been without facial reactions throughout the trial. I did my fair share of yelling at Jose today whenever he said something stupid. I yelled a lot. Another thing, how can Casey cry, wipe her eyes and her nose all day long and yet not smudge her makeup or wet the one tissue she used for the whole day? I wonder what she is looking for or at on the tissue or her fingers after rubbing them on her face, eyes and nose? I expect she is looking at imaginary tears and snot but one can never be sure. I must calm down. I’m looking forward to the rebut. I hope they tear the defense’s theory to shreds. I feel better now.

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