Defenseless or making a statement?

Once again, our Nan11 has applied the quill to the parchment and came up with a great post that follows. Thanks Nan, for all your help. J

Even though this was a long day of testimony and sidebars and arguments, a lot was accomplished.

The defense started by calling Krystal Holloway, aka River Cruz, as their first witness. Baez guided her through meeting and becoming friendly with George Anthony, and the possibility of their relationship developing a deeper meaning.

She was given a chance to explain her reason for lying under oath to law enforcement and for selling her ‘story’ to the Enquirer.

I thought Jeff Ashton’s cross-examination was skillful. He kept returning to the transcript of her statement given under oath, in which she stated that George said: ”it was an accident that snowballed out of control.” Further down in the same statement, she explained that George had added: ”I really believe that it was an accident and it just went wrong and she tried to cover it up.”

Afterward Judge Perry read a stipulation to the jury, in which he explained that the testimony of River Cruz should only be considered for the impeachment purposes of George Anthony’s earlier statements regarding their affair. It should not be used to give weight to how Caylee Marie Anthony died.

Second up was Dominic Casey. There was not much in the line of valuable testimony here that I could discern. Baez showed Dominic a Google map created by Luke Philips on Nov. 15, 2008. Philips’ had e-mailed this map to Mr. Casey later that evening and Mr. Casey used ‘pins’ to mark the area on Suburban Drive that he had searched earlier in the day.

Apparently when Mr. Casey had put the ‘pins’ on this map in 2008, his memory would have been fresher than it was when he testified a few days ago. On cross-examination, Mr. Frank George got Dominic Casey to say that nothing was to scale on the Google map.

Next the defense had the judge read a stipulation to the jury, which had been previously signed by Linda Drane Burdick. The stipulation was to enter the video from Click Orlando (WKMG) showing the roll of gray ‘Henkel’ duct tape lying on the table at one of the ‘command’ tent sites. The video was played for the jury.

Following this George, Cindy and Lee, all took the stand in rapid succession. After a short argument with Mr. Anthony over the location of the ‘tent’ and who owned the duct tape, Baez moved on to name many dogs and cats that George had enjoyed as pets over the course of his life. As these pets passed on, Baez was able to underscore a habit that George had perfected when burying his beloved animals: he would wrap them in a favourite blanket; apply duct tape to hold the blanket in place; and bury them in the backyard.

This became a family habit and Cindy next added that she would put the animal in a plastic garbage bag and apply duct tape in three places on the bag for a ‘seal’. She would add a favourite toy and Casey was allowed to watch and partake in the ‘service’ if she so wished.

Reluctant brother Lee also made an appearance and confirmed the family habit.

Right after lunch everyone’s hopes were dashed as Judge Perry had Miss Anthony stand and confirm that she had decided that she would not testify. She stated that she was not forced or pressured into making this decision and it was one she made freely and voluntarily.

Finally, the defense entered into evidence information from the manufacturers of the ‘Henkel’ brand duct tape.

The defense then rested their case.

Next, a rather hard fought battle occurred over whether or not the state would be allowed to enter newly received evidence from Gentiva—the former employer of Cindy Anthony. Besides the records, the state has two new witnesses they wish to call. In the end, Judge Perry did rule in the state’s favour, but the defense has the right to do a deposition and has issued a subpoena of their own for the work records of Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008.

After this Judge Perry ruled that the ‘smell’ cans could not be opened by the jury and they will not even be allowed in the jury room during deliberations. Much case law was cited and a hot debate ensued; but in the end there is too great a possibility that a ‘sniff test’ by the jury could cause a reversal on appeal.

Then the ever efficient Linda Drane Burdick called CSI for the OCSO, Alina Burroughs, to the witness stand and had her identify a few pictures of items that were located in a wooden chest of drawers in Casey’s bedroom. We didn’t get to see them, but they were entered into evidence.

Also entered into evidence were Google maps used by Dominic Casey, and documents from Texas EquuSearch concerning Joe Jordan.

Last, Jeff Ashton entered George’s complete suicide letter into evidence. The jury got to read it page by page, even though they will be given another opportunity to do so during their deliberations.

The judge then dismissed the jury for the day after advising them that the state’s rebuttal should end tomorrow with closing statements being given on Saturday morning. Judge Perry said he hopes to be able to give them their ‘final instructions’ by Saturday afternoon and they will then be able to begin their final deliberations.

Before court was recessed for the day—there was one more matter. A twenty-eight year old man was brought before the judge. He had thought he was being clever as he pretended to rub his face and stick his middle finger straight up with all the grotesque implications of the gesture being implied towards Jeff Ashton.

Because of his actions, the young man will rest in prison for 6 days and will pay a fine.

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  1. nymima says:

    Hi Nan11 – Loved your post! I found the summary to be quite informational. If it can be proven that Cindy did not do the internet searches on chloroform, then it should prove even more that Casey pre-meditated Caylee’s murder – right? I really hope that it doesn’t take till next week to jump through all the hoops to get the information from Gentiva time sheets etc. Hope this makes sense – just came back from a long trip – trying to catch up.

  2. Sherry says:

    Great post, nan11 :mrgreen:

    That dumb-dumb giving Ashton the bird was probably telling all his buddies at work that he would do that and to look for it. Whatever it was, he was quite reluctant to embarass himself further, lol! I shouldn’t laugh about it-he could have caused big problems for the trial.

    Here is CopDoc’s Show on Blog Talk Radio-sorry its not live as i found it in my inbox too late for that! Its a half hour show:

    What is the defense up to in the Casey Anthony Trial? Is Jose Baez in over his head? Why the constant change in strategies? And what’s with the move to question Casey’s mental state? Joining police expert former police chief Dr. Richard Weinblatt, The Cop Doc, to delve into all those issues is famed attorney Ray Giudice. A regular on shows such as “Nancy Grace” and InSession, Giudice, a partner in the Atlanta law firm of Hart & Giudice, brings his years of trial experience to The Cop Doc Radio Show and details what he would do if he were defending Casey Anthony.

  3. nan11 says:

    nymima: Glad you enjoyed the post.

    I think the state is going to present the proof tomorrow that Cindy was at work during the time period when the chloroform searches were done.

    They were even prepared to do it this afternoon, but the judge wouldn’t allow it because the defense needed time to depose at least one of the witnesses and review the spread-sheets from Gentiva.

    The judge didn’t seem that concerned about the defense getting Cindy’s work records for July 15, 2008. He just sort of said if they can get them in time: okay. If they can’t, well they should have been on it sooner.

    The judge experts the jury to begin deliberations late Saturday afternoon. We may have the verdict by Wednesday. Unless Cheney Mason can find a way to put everything on hold while they wait for the records.

    I wouldn’t be surprised, either way. 😆

  4. nan11 says:

    Here is Mr. Sheaffer and Kathi for tonight. The first thing they address is the issue about the defense wanting records from Cindy’s employer and possibly causing a trial delay.
    Kathi Belich: The defense seems to be possibly throwing a wrench into the works here. The judge wanted closing arguments to start on Saturday; but now the defense apparently wants more records from Cindy’s employer–that they say they can’t provide until maybe next Wednesday or Thursday. What do you think is going to happen?
    Bill Sheaffer: Well, I think we have to see how the state presents the evidence to the jury; how the cross-examination goes; and really, if the judge believes that there is potential exculpatory evidence or evidence that the defense can use as impeachment, before he even considers whether delaying this trial or not.
    Kathi Belich: But how can he find that out if they don’t have the records yet?
    Bill Sheaffer: Well, I think he finds out, again, through examining what the state presents as evidence; how effective the cross-examination is; and if the judge believes: “Look, I think you had an effective cross-examination, I’m going to go ahead and move forward with this trial. We’ll see if there is some bombshell–then I’ll deal with it after the fact.”
    Kathi Belich: I see.

    BILL SHEAFFER: Analysis Of Casey Murder Trial Day 43
    Video Summary:
    WFTV legal analyst talked about day 43 in Casey Anthony’s murder trial. (06/30/11)

  5. Nan11, you did an excellent job capturing all the events of today. I really appreciate your help. I got caught up on most of today’s proceedings. When I watch the videos, I can forward and not have to wait for all the sidebars. Well Judge Perry was able to hand out three contempt of court charges since jury selection began. This judge takes pride in his court and doesn’t pass out second chances. I did chuckle when the young fellow was caught right on video giving the finger to Jeff Ashton. I guess he was putting on a little show for his friends who were watching from home. I have a feeling that he wont be using the middle finger again.

    Judge Perry has to rule on Ann Finnell’s motion to remove the death penalty etc. He said he would make his ruling before the verdict is read. I can’t even begin to make a call on the outcome of the guilt phase of this trial but will say, I don’t think there is any possible way that Casey will get the DP.

  6. nan11 says:

    This is a 7 minute video from WKMG with Tony Pipitone doing a segment of it. He even mentions that we could see a surrebuttal–that is like a rebuttal by the defense to the rebuttal of the state. Mr. Sheaffer has mentioned this a few times, too.

    I guess this trial might not end as soon as I thought. 😐

    WKMG VIDEO: Transcript Shows New Allegations Against Casey Anthony
    Video Summary:

    A sidebar transcript obtained by Local 6 shows more allegations against Casey Anthony.

    Quote at about 2:00 minutes in:
    Tony Pipitone: Yeah. I mean it was obviously too risky for her to take the stand and we have been wondering for a week now what was said at a bench conference where Judge Perry, Cheney Mason, Jose Baez and the prosecutors, last week–it happened last Friday–and in this transcript that we’ve just been handed after waiting for it a week; and we could have had it sooner than this but the judge withheld it until the defense rested. We may get a clue into that because the prosecutors–they were talking about this theory of defense that Casey Anthony was abused by her father; that the drowning occurred; and the judge as of last Friday, told the lawyers: “This evidence doesn’t even remotely deal with your theory of defense”–that is Judge Perry talking at a side bar. And Cheney Mason was saying: “Well we want to get it in. You know, the fact that Cindy Anthony was denying the pregancy and it goes to dysfunction in the family and at that point Linda Drane Burdick steps in with a warning: “You’re going to open the door up to her criminal activities.” Cheney Mason: “I’m sorry?” Drane Burdick: “You’re going to open the door up to her criminal activity–to Casey Anthony’s criminal activity, by talking about family dysfunction.” And Ashton says: “You think you are going to be able to keep out all the stealing if you start that? That is what she is saying.” And Linda Drane-Burdick adds: “There is hundreds of checks that she wrote on her mother’s account, hundreds.” And that’s when the court has ruled. Okay. They moved on.

    So the state was threatening if Casey Anthony testified to bring in not just the crimes she was convicted of–the Amy Huizenga convictions, of taking her checks, but hundreds of checks that Casey Anthony wrote on her mother’s account. Stealing that we’ve not confirmed yet, and this transcript for the first time reveals that that was the case.
    End of Quote

  7. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Oh, it’s nice to see you. Sorry about my last comment. I forgot to close it.

    I was surprised by the six day sentence–not saying he didn’t deserve it. Plus the fine was a little bit hefty, as well. 😆

    After listening to Mr. Pipitone and the goings on today over those Gentiva witnesses, I don’t think we are going to see deliberations begin late Saturday afternoon.

    But I do think you are correct–no death penalty for Miss Anthony. Maybe LWOP but I even doubt that.

  8. nan11 says:

    Here is a link to a write-up the Sentinel devotes to George’s suicide note. I feel ashamed for linking it; but all the stations are running with it.

    Casey Anthony Trial: George Anthony’s suicide note

  9. Nan11, I copied the suicide note and, since reading it in it’s entirety, I am very skeptical that this is a man who is seriously about to commit suicide. I see George as having a meltdown and is crying out for help and some attention from his wife. George’s words are just too dramatic. I would love to read Peter Hyatt’s take on this letter. I must check his site.

    Here is the letter…

    Cynthia Marie, As you get this letter, this should be no surprise that I have decided to leave the earth, because I need to be with Caylee Marie.

    I cannot keep going because it should be me that is gone from this earth, not her. I have lived many years, I am satisfied with my decision because I have never been the man you, Lee, Casey & especially Caylee Marie deserved.

    I have never been the man any of you could count on. I have always let each of you down in more ways than I can remember. I do not feel sorry for myself, I am just sorry I burden all of you the way I have.

    My loss of life is meaningless.

    Cynthia Marie, you have always worked the hardest, given the most to me, and I have never “Thanked you.” 28+ years ago, you corrected me, a man who has now found his identity in life. What I mean is, you always challenged me the right way and I always could never live up to your expectations. You have always been smarter, more knowledgeable & thought things through & I love you for that.


    I cannot be strong anymore. Caylee Marie, our grand-daughter, I miss her. I miss her so much. I know you do too.

    You were always the one that provided for her. What did I provide?

    I blame myself for her being gone! You know for months, as a matter of fact for a year or so I brought stuff up, only to be told not to be negative.

    Caylee Marie, I miss her. I miss her. I want my family back.

    I sit here, falling apart, because I should have done more.

    She was so close to home, why was she there? Who placed here there? Why is she gone? Why?

    For months, you & I, especially you always questioned, why?

    I want this to go away for Casey. What happened? Why could she not come to us? Especially you, why not Lee?

    Who is involved with this stuff Caylee?

    I am going Krazy because I want to


    Go after these people Casey hung with prior to Caylee being gone.

    That is why I got that gun. I wanted to scare these people. You know, they know more than they have stated, you cannot sugar coat, kid glove these people. They need hard knocks to get info from.

    Sure that will not bring Caylee Marie back, but was Casey threatened? You know, Casey does not deserve to be where she is.

    I miss her, I miss her so much. I am worried for her. Her personal safety is always on my mind.

    I try to deal with so-so much, as I do you also.

    I have never wanted to my family for sorrow in any way. I realize families have ups & downs but we have suffered our share & then some.

    Cynthia Marie, you have always deserved more, and with me being gone, you will. I have always brought you down. You know that. You are better off. Lee will be there for you. Mallory is such a great woman. I see how you are with her. She is a keeper. Future


    daughter-in-law. I smile when I say her name. Mallory, please take care of yourself, Lee & Cindy. Someday you will be a great wife to Lee, and a fantastic mom. Cindy is a great “Grammy” and will love you forever.

    Getting back to why I cannot live anymore: I cannot function knowing our granddaughter is gone. Caylee Marie never had a chance to grow. I wanted to walk her to school (the 1st day). I wanted to help her in so many ways….I could go on & on.

    I sit here empty inside for her. For you, for us. Jose keeps calling.

    Yes, you deserve more & you will have freedom to enjoy what you deserve.

    I have taken what meds was given to me with alcohol & I am ready to give up. As I can tell by my writing and thinking, I am getting very stupid. Wow, what a word STUPID. Yes, I am. Again, I do not feel sorry for myself(…unintelligible) I am STUPID. I cannot deal with stuff anymore.


    The loss of Caylee Marie. The loss of Casey. The loss of us, Cynthia Marie, the meds, I am ready.

    Saying good bye, please understand it is for the best. I do not deserve life anymore. Anymore us.

    You are the best, you always have been. I am sorry for all that I have done to us.

    You know I never got to say goodbye. I am at this place and all is getting foggy & my writing is all over the place.

    I love you, I love you, I hope you get to see Casey soon. All the people we met, wow, the writing is getting weird, I love you, I am sorry – I will take care of Caylee – once I get to God “hopefully”

    Another page

    I want to hold her again, I miss her, I will always love us, I am sorry Cynthia Marie, I called my mom today, ….(unintelligible) I am so tired, at least I shaved today, wow – I’m tripping out, I am sorry,

    I love you – Cynthia Marie

    Caylee Here I come

    Lee, I am sorry

    Casey –

  10. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: A long time ago, I used to volunteer at a suicide crisis line. They taught us that suicide is really a cry for help. Most people who attempt suicide don’t want to die.

    It’s almost like a person gets desperate and that’s the way they ask for help but the danger is that if help doesn’t reach them soon enough they can die.

    Interesting enough though, statistics show that most people who are serious about taking their own life do not leave a note.

    So, the grain of salt is there but he was a man in desperate need of help.

  11. Nan11, it is so hard to predict someone who says they feel like ending it all. Some of them really do. We have a certain county here in N.S. that has a very high suicide rate. I know of four members of a family who committed suicide in that county. First was a wife who took her own life and then her husband went out back of his house about ten years later and shot himself. No notes or any indication of what they were about to do. The next was a cousin who lived a couple of houses from the now deceased couple, no note. The last one was another cousin or nephew who lived directly across the street from the deceased couple. He did leave a note in his abandoned truck which read send the RCMP to his camp and please none of his family go there. They found him dead. He was having a hard time with his health and was a school bus driver so was laid off work.

  12. KarenC says:

    Oh, Jon, what a sad story!
    Personally I’m sure George likely felt he just couldn’t live with the developing understanding he had that Casey did this horrible thing- given the timing and also the ambiguous way he ends the letter- it is really damning to Casey’s side.

  13. nan11 says:

    Here is a link to a video from CNN last night on the Casey Anthony case. The surprising thing about it is that it has actual footage of an old video of Casey herself when she was not quite six years old.

    The only purpose I can think for this is to drum up sympathy for Miss Anthony. I wonder how much they paid for it?

    CNN VIDEO: Defense rests in Anthony trial
    Video Summary:
    CNN’s Martin Savidge reports on the last day of testimony in the defense case during the Casey Anthony trial.

  14. nan11 says:

    Well, there is now a major road block caused by the defense. Judge Perry has recessed the court subject to call. But, he is not pleased and; as usual, he is taking it out on both sides.

    One can say that Baez is objecting to every witness the state wants to call for rebuttal.

    Baez started whining yesterday about the Gentiva witnesses and their testimony–he continued that today. He has now added to his list of whines new testimony coming from witnesses the state wants to call to dispute the ‘black sticky matter’ supposedly found inside the skull and also one to dispute that it was necessary to open the skull.

    The judge says this better be ‘real’ problems not ‘imaginary’ problems.

  15. nan11 says:

    Awww, Mr. Sheaffer wished all Canadians a happy Canada Day. 😎

  16. Karen C. says:

    May I echo that? Happy Canada Day, Y’All!

    Now, did you guys SEE that? Casey has a knot at bottom of this yellow blouse, to show off her boobies again! Unbe-bleeping-lievable!

  17. nan11 says:

    I should add to my comment of 10:27 am. A recess subject to call is apparently a recess with no specific end time.

    Whenever Baez is finished deposing the witnesses that he has already deposed–and has delayed as long as possible (or until he can find a new reason to whine),–court will be recalled.

    The judge said everyone will be working late; so, I guess we just need to wait this out. It could resume at any time.

    However, I think they have at least four witnesses to depose–so, I would think the delay will be a few hours, at least.

  18. nan11 says:

    WFTV RAW VIDEO: Casey Enters Court

    WFTV IMAGES: Casey walks in

    Karen C.: I had not noticed that this morning. 😆

    Her defense team must be shocked at the sight of her some mornings.

    Now, I say to myself, if I was on trial for my life and my case was not going so well; would I take the time to tie a knot in the back of my shirt so it would be more form fitting? For some reason, I just think not.

    Even Susan Smith didn’t do that.

  19. Karen C. says:

    Which reminds me, is it possible that Jose et al had no idea this grief counselor had worked on the Smith case? Is that even possible? I mean, he single-handedly has provided the State with, like, half their case…

  20. nan11 says:

    Mr. Sheaffer said there are two depositions to be taken (I guess they did the Gentiva people yesterday), and they are going to do them simultaneously.

    He thinks at least two hours for this plus time to get back to court, etc. He then thinks there will be more arguments–he almost seemed to be saying that not much in the line of testimony will be happening today.

    Karen C.: Where was Cheney Mason, though? Bill Sheaffer said he is one of top defense attorneys in the United States. How could he hold his tongue and watch Baez march the defendant toward a guilty verdict and say nothing?

    That opening statement by Baez was almost criminal–the only thing that saves him is that the court protects him. I just can’t see Mason not advising against that. But, maybe, big headed Baez would not listen.

  21. kas says:

    Nann11: There was a rumor (and I think Schaeffer even repeated it) that Mason had no idea Baez was going to “go there” (the molestation, body hiding) in his OS.

    I can see the not knowing about the body hiding, but they’d been dancing around the molestation for a while in pre-trial, although it could have been Mason thought they were just going to hint at it, which when you think about it, is ALMOST all they’ve managed to do.

    Trying to figure these people out will drive one to drink.

  22. Redrelaxed says:

    Morning Everyone, and Happy Canada Day!

    Last night I revisited the plethora of letters that Casey wrote to Cookie/Robin on the sly in jail. It doesn’t surprise me at all, at this late date that she knots her blouses to show off her figure in the courtroom. She at that time had transformed herself into some kind of spiritual vigilante who continued to thrive in a shallow fantasy world where her appearance and self gratificaiton are of the utmost concern. As Tracy says below in this interview, “she was excited about the media”

    Posting an interview video of Tracy McLaughlan who describes how Casey acted during the nine days when she was out on bail. More sickening accounts of the MOTY while we pass the time.

    Also some new sidebar transcripts…

    How about that Baez this morning?! I think it was Eggtree News who said that JP is ready to give JB an atomic wedgie right about now!

    Justice is coming little Caylee Marie.

  23. nan11 says:

    Kas: Yes, I need one of those Rum Runners that a great poster gave us the recipe for. :mrgreen:
    Also, I would love to have one of those “Team Ashton” t-shirts! Woot!

    I hadn’t heard that Mr. Mason hadn’t known what Baez was prepared to do. I do not find that hard to believe.

    Here is a link to the June 24 sidebar. I had heard it was 25 pages–this one seems to be 17 pages.
    Jury Trial Excerpt (Bench Conference) Before The Honorable Belvin J. Pery, Jr.

    Mr. Sheaffer just reported that Kathi Belich has it confirmed through Ms. Levy that the jurors are now eating their lunch. As it’s a bit early, I wonder if we could take from that they are planning on making an appearance in court this afternoon?

    They are now predicting maybe testimony beginning between 12:30 and 1:30 Florida time.

    Poor jury–Judge Perry is very concerned about them though.

  24. nan11 says:

    😳 Sorry Red. I should have refreshed before I posted my comment. Thanks for the links. I had heard that Tracy McLaughlin gave an interview this morning, but I hadn’t seen it.

    I’m looking forward to checking it out.

  25. nan11 says:

    This is really bugging me so I have to comment on it.

    They are saying how much Caylee looked like her mother. I disagree. Absolutely. Well, maybe a little through the eyes when she has her big mouth closed, but once that mouth is opened–all resemblance vanishes. Yes, even when she was not quite six years old.

    There, I said it. MOO

  26. Redrelaxed says:

    I posted this here a couple days ago at the end of a thread. I think Caylee looks like Michael Duggin.

  27. nan11 says:

    Ugh. I just watched the Tracy McLaughlin inteveiw. She thinks she knows more about how Caylee died than the State Attorney’s Office.

    I wonder why no-one has asked her why she disguised herself as Casey so Baez could take Casey where? Or, why she assisted Baez in digging up all the dirt she could find on Roy Kronk?

    She doesn’t like us no-life bloggers because we are intelligent enough to sit down and read the discovery of the case. The info she spews today were theorys that many bloggers shared years ago.

    The fact that her little theory does not support the theory that the prosecutors have put forward would factor in how? Perhaps the reason behind the interview? Or maybe she wants to gain experience on talk shows to better aid her in her next round of interviews–as author of a book on the Casey Anthony case.

    I notice she had her body guard, Rob Dick, with her. What a close knit little family they are.

    When she closes her eyes at night I wonder if she ever thinks that she may have slept for nine nights in the room were the charming Miss Anthony murdered her own helpless daughter in cold blood. I hope so.

  28. nan11 says:

    Red: Well, I can understand that woman’s need to know the truth. And I agree that Caylee does look like him, at least from the pictures.

    I don’t know if you caught it, but Nancy Grace devoted some time on this. At least I think that is where I saw pictures of the lady that could possibly be Caylee’s paternal granddmother.

    She showed an old picture of the woman when she was around 5 or 6 years old and she did look like Caylee, also.

    But still, the lady should really get some DNA testing done before she gives interviews. I wish her well, though.

  29. Redrelaxed says:

    That’s where I heard it first Nan, then I googled.
    I don’t imagine Cindy would be overly cooperative in sharing the Cayleedollars with anyone. Other than knowing for sure who Caylee’s father was, it’s a mute point now IMO.
    I’m excited for the rebuttal stage of this trial, and hope this Gentiva thingy doesn’t backfire on the State. I think the jury had a pretty good idea that Cindy was lying due to the 20 second Myspace searches done at the exact time. But hey, I’m just a regular gal who has been so wrong about many tactics and issues regarding this circus!
    Oh and by the way, thanks for holding down the fort! You’re a gem.

  30. nan11 says:

    These are links provided by WFTV of the now emerging home video of a 5 year old Casey. Just an FYI–she speaks in the link to the CNN video in my comment of 9:37 am.

    WFTV: Images of 5 year old Casey

    WFTV: Home Video of 5 year old Casey

  31. nan11 says:

    Ohh, WFTV is reporting there may be some activity soon in the court room. Bill expects the lawyers to argue ad nauseum, though. His word, not mine. :mrgreen:

  32. Karen C. says:

    OMG- Just watched that short vid clip of little Casey- is that “You Are My Sunshine” being played in the background?

  33. nan11 says:

    Almost ready for court to resume. A smiling, smirking Miss Anthony is now in the house. 😉

    Karen C.: I’m not good with tunes so I can’t help you out there. Don’t miss the original if you haven’t checked it out yet.

    WFTV is now reporting that there will be a surrebuttal. The defense will not stop until they have the last word.

  34. nan11 says:

    You know, I just can’t help but think how much Cindy’s actions in regards to her employment recrods reminds me of her daughter’s actions.

    It first struck me this morning when WFTV replayed her earlier testimony when she lied about doing the chloroform and etc. searches.

    Now, as she sits there shaking her head suggesting the Gentiva expert has given the incorrect login information–I’m thinking Cindy may be at the end of the hallway. 😆

  35. nan11 says:

    Twitter Quote:
    Juror 10 leaned up in his chair and looked to the side in #CindyAnthony direction. 11 just did too. #CaseyAnthony
    by bobkealing via twitter at 1:24 PM
    End of Twitter Quote

  36. nan11 says:

    A Tweet From Ms Kathi Belich 🙂
    KBelichWFTV: Cindy’s work computer shows she changed patient profiles from 141pm to 222pm on March 17 2008 when Cindy says she researched chloroform
    KBelichWFTV: At home, also shows same thing 113pm, 227 thru the end of the day Mar 21 2008 when she claims she was home looking up chloroform on line [via Twitter]
    End of Tweet

  37. nan11 says:

    Wowzers!! The defense had absolutely nothing for a re-cross. Baez confirmed when he was contacted and sat down.

  38. nan11 says:

    Ohh, Ms Polisano is up. Woot! Woot!

  39. nan11 says:

    Another tweet from Kathi Belich;
    KBelichWFTV Kathi Belich, WFTV
    Cindy could not logon from home and work.. Against policy for someone to use Cindy’s computer on her user name to change patient records
    End of Quote

  40. nan11 says:

    A Dr. Bruce Goldberger is up now. Jeff is doing the direct. He is a forensic toxicologist. Baez just object and there is a sidebar.

    He is going to testify about the saline washes of the skull I think.

  41. nan11 says:

    It’s hard to put up with the cross-examinations by Baez. He has nothing so he is resorting to being rude, suggesting things like: “You can’t answer intelligently because…”

  42. nan11 says:

    Well, Dr. Micharl Warren, forensic anthropologist, cleared up the matter of whether or not Caylee’s tiny skull should have been opened.

    It should not have been, just for what happened to it–remember the fracture. A child’s bones are thinner and newly formed thereby being more delicate.

    Mr. Ashton did a great job of pointing this out for the jury. He walked around with one of Jose’s great big blowups of Caylee’s skull showing the fracture.

  43. Karen C. says:

    They just replayed the swearing-in of Dr. Spitz. I swear it looked for all the world like he was giving the Heil Hitler salute.

  44. nan11 says:

    Sheezes! Real life intruded and I missed the last few witnesses. I did a quick review, though.

    I was real pleased with Yuri Melich’s testimony. He cleared up that ladder issue supposedly occurring on the 16th of July. The phone records prove that there was no telephone call that day from Cindy to George. Cindy was positive that on the day she found the ladder up she had immediately called George.

    Just a thought, the judge seemed to manage an incredible feat today. He managed to get the rebuttal done in a timely manner; give the attorney’s a day off to polish their closing arguments, and has arranged for court on Sunday.

    Only Judge Perry could accomplish this, I’m certain. 😆

  45. calli patti says:

    Did anyone catch Judge Perry at the end of one of Baez’s – Ashtons go around reply, “I don’t care.”

  46. Sherry says:

    Thanks for all of the updates on what happened today, nan11 and everyone. It was kinda sad to watch the video of Casey as a little girl. It makes it hard to believe she would grow up to kill her child.

    Happy Canada Day!!!

  47. calli patti says:

    On HLN it was reported that Judge Perry gave each side a 60 point review of closing of what is and is not allowed. They were told to not violate any of the points. Judge Perry does mean what he says.

    Nan, For the longest time when you wrote MOO or similar I thought you were mooing like a cow making fun of the defense. I recently figured out what you were saying. Just kick me…

  48. Nan11, thanks once again for holding down the fort. I am gradually getting caught up on today’s proceedings. It appeared that Judge Perry may not have been feeling all that well. I hope this trial has not taken it’s toll on him. So much pressure weighs on his shoulders in his decision making. Baez, being so inexperienced, added to a lot of the problems arising in this case.

    Will Cindy Anthony be charged with perjury? I doubt it but the court should use her as an example that you do not lie under oath in a court of law. I cannot see Baez adhering to the rules set out by Judge Perry re the dos and donts of the closing arguments. Baez looked like he was going to have a tantrum right in the courtroom today and I noticed Casey got into a bit of a snit at the close and was ushered out by the female deputy who generally seats the witnesses.

  49. Sherry says:

    I thought he was doing that towards Baez. HHJP had dismissed him from the witness stand and did not say, “Subject to recall”. I loved that moment! But I really thought George was looking at Baez at one point, not Casey, so that’s where I figured it was aimed at him after all of the grief Baez put him through. BTW, George walked up close to Baez again and Baez stepped back. 😛

  50. Frankie says:

    I almost believed Cindy’s story about her computer searches. Cindy is as smooth a liar as Casey. The untrue words just flow out of her mouth like she was telling a true story that had been rehearsed many times.
    Why should Cindy not be charged with perjury? So what if she was trying to protect her daughter. Every person that lies on the witness stand has a reason for telling lies. Why is she special? Sorry if it sounds harsh but if it was you or me telling lies we would be charged wouldn’t we?
    HAPPY CANADA DAY to my fellow Canadians!


    This is what burns my butt. If people are allowed to get on the stand, lie and get away with it, why bother to have an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. I believe Cindy even added after the I do, God help me. Cindy has lied since July 16/08. The poor grieving grandma was in denial to which I say, bull. Cindy is no better than Casey in a lot of respects. Maybe she didn’t commit the murder but she was willing to sacrifice others, Jesse, Amy, Ricardo, Richard Grund et al, and have them possibly put to death for a crime her daughter committed. Cindy dominated her family and she had them all cowering. A couple of them sought revenge, George with his gambling and possible affair and Casey with her lying, stealing and eventually murder. Cindy was writing the scripts and George and Lee memorized them. Cindy will come out of this smelling like a rose and collecting a couple million bucks for movie rights.

  52. Frankie says:

    Jonathan, you are so right on about Cindy.
    I mentioned over at Dave’s OM that I wondered if River Cruz and her twin sister really look a lot alike. I ask that because I saw her on a talk show and she looked light skinned and her voice was soft and strained but in court she looked a lot darker and her voice sounded different than before. Not that it is here nor there but it’s been bugging me. They would be crazy to try and pull off a switch but crazier things have happened in the past three years. I just couldn’t believe that it was the same person.

  53. Frankie, I found that River Cruz and her twin sister, Skye, do not look anything alike. They come across as being two con artists. I kinda think that George had a little hanky spanky going on with River. Cindy was busy with Dominic Casey so all is fair in love and war.

  54. Jamie says:

    When looking for the testimony of Dominic Casey I came upon your website and wondered if anyone may be able to answer a question for me. I swore that I heard Dominic Casey say at one point that he was searching the area because of info that CASEY said she received from a psyhic? I meant to keep that days recording on the DVR to review it again for this reason but somehow erased it. Would anyone have this recorded and be able to check this. Maybe it was just my imagination but it seemed like maybe he “slipped” and quickly corrected it. I just keep thinking about this. It just seemed to be said so quickly you sort of really had to be listening for it.???

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