Let this picture speak for itself

Day 42

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56 Responses to Let this picture speak for itself

  1. Sherry says:

    She sure is somethin’.

    Does she know that HHJP is watching her? He may have something to say to her at sentencing! He also holds the power to give the death penalty instead of the jury’s recommendation of LWOP. She hasn’t fooled the honorable judge about her having remorse for Caylee’s demise. I bet HHJP can also tell if she is having some form of satisfaction tearing her family and others apart-especially her own father.

    Sick witch~

  2. Sherry says:

    You know, I think George lost his daughter long before he lost Caylee.

  3. nika says:

    You are so right Sherry – Casey has not loved George for a long, long time. He was probably into a more tough love environment and Casey couldn’t deal with that. She also used and hated Lee. I can see her doing her stealing and what-not and blaming it all on him. I am just not sure when the real hate for Cindy started. Unless he is on recall we might not see George again.

  4. Frankie says:

    That picture says it all, doesn’t it? Pain and pleasure. I can’t understand how that sick, evil witch can find one single thing to smile about let alone laugh. She makes me angry.

  5. offthecuff says:

    Perhaps three years has bred even more hate to the point of the opening statement. It’s tough to be in jail when all those “people” are out. Everything is their fault anyway.

  6. Nina says:

    Casey will have her day,and I hope she spends the rest of her sorry life in prison for everything she has done…The pain and suffereing she has inflicted on her family and for what she did to Caylee is unforgivable…She hates everyone of them and it shows…She is one evil being….

  7. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Gosh, it’s hard to not let a very negative emotion take over when I look at that picture.

    Do you suppose we heard a little bit of what George testified to in front of the Grand Jury? Today, he clearly said he smelled ‘human’ decomposition in the trunk of the Pontiac that was driven by Casey.

    I guess today she thought she was repaying him for forcing her to sit in jail for the best part of three years.

    Me thinks her smile will soon be turned upside down when she lands at the big house and her boys aren’t there to support and encourage her. MOO

  8. Redrelaxed says:

    Baez successfully bungled this case beyond a reasonable doubt today. IMO he appeared to be working for the State while encouraging George to spill his guts about the smell of human decomp in the trunk of Casey’s car. Baez was desperate to prove his self imposed burden in his OS, and left George no other choice but to defend himself against the ugly accusations.

    The tears streamed down my face today as George struggled through that testimony, and watched with disbelief as Casey gazed on with utter disdain and aloof detachment while her father was dying a little more with each passing minute. It was just heartbreaking. Not only has George lost his precious little Caylee Marie, he knows better than anyone else that Casey has to be responsible for this crime and said as much today. He wasn’t there when Caylee drowned, and he sure as hell didn’t triple bag her and dump her little body in the woods, 2000 feet from his home.

    George dug deep today to find a way to get through all of this, and in doing so he sealed his daughters fate, which is why he left it for the 11th hour. Baez and Mason have their butts covered, she’s competent, and they didn’t even bother to show up early enough to support their client while Ms. Finnell’s motion for mistrial was being heard by JP. Casey defended herself this morning. She’s completely alone now. There’s no one left to destroy now other than her favorite person; herself.

    Take the stand Casey, please put us all out of our misery.

  9. katfish says:

    I saw that smiling moment in the courtroom today. What I also saw was some blatant flirting with Jose Baez….I’d like to see a replay because what originally caught my eye was Jose Baez standing in front of her when she reached across the table and touched Jose’s hand. As he moved I saw her fluttering her eyes and her smiling face was the visual the camera picked up. Reward for ripping up Daddy? (Her opinion not mine) I remember noting that the jury was out of the courtroom,

    Sherry is sooo right, HHJP can see these changing displays of emotion when the jury is in or out of the courtroom. Hopefully he is taking note whether this results in a penalty phase or when deciding a sentence for her.

  10. offthecuff says:

    The Anthonys have successfully pulled a fast one on all of us. However, by polishing them all up in sympathy, their weasel ways can be moved aside so that the spotlight can shine on the solo perpetrator of this horrific crime.

  11. margaret says:

    Poor George, I hope he can finally get a good nights sleep tonight, after facing up to everything today. He broke my heart when he said he wanted to go be with Caylee and he felt he had let her down.AFTER this is over I hope he meets Baez on a dark street some night and scares the life out of him. Casey??? I can’t even think of aname bad enough to call her , but you can see the hate and evil coming fom her eyes as she watched him breaking down. I think Lee and George are starting recovery, they have accepted Casey is Guilty, Cindy will never. Casey probably will be making Cindys life miserable from prison. I would like to be able to have updates on her in real prison and she realizes that “her Boys” are gone and could care less about her. She has no family to coddle her, will she think about Caylee then?

  12. Redrelaxed says:

    Hi Margaret,
    Can’t you though? Evil oozes from her pores like a thick fog filling the courtroom.
    Cindy will be alright, she’s busy working on her book. I think Lee moved on the day he discovered his parents were no longer searching for Caylee. George has to live with these ugly rumors for the rest of life, but hopefully he will get some grief therapy and NOT from that twit that was on the stand today! IMO, I think George has the innate ability to find some light at the end of the tunnel in this tragedy and will eventually do something proactive and worthwhile in Caylee’s memory. One thing is for sure, Casey won’t have to worry about turning out like her mother, because she won’t have to impress a soul where she’s going.

  13. nan11 says:

    offthecuff: I guess that’s about the only way to look at it really. I believe she planned the murder of her daughter and she carried out her plan.

    George’s suicide note is as perplexing as it is sad. From his words he sounds like a man plunged into the depths of despair over the discovery of his granddaughter’s remains so near their home.

    However, if he wrote this in January of 2009 (which I believe)–I can’t help but think back to brother Lee’s testimony where he stated that Cindy told him she had people looking in the woods for Caylee as early as October, 2008.

    So, was George the only Anthony that didn’t know?

    WKMG VIDEO: George Anthony Suicide Try Plays Key Role In Trial
    Quote begins at about 2:57 minutes in:
    Ashton read from page 3 of that note [George’s suicide note]:
    She was so close to home. Why was she there? Who placed her there? Why is she gone? Why? For months, you and I, especially you—always questioned why. I want this to go away for Casey. What happened? Why could she not come to us, especially you? Why not Lee? Who was involved with this stuff for Caylee?
    End of Quote

    Just an FYI: I got a virus from the Click Orlando site when I was looking at their pictures from today-specifically the ones that contain the dude in the red plaid shirt. The virus seems to be in the very first picture of him.

  14. conniefl says:

    Sometimes the most eloquent post is just a picture. You’re right it says it all.
    George not only lost the sunshine of his life but he’s going to lose her mother to the system. This is the face of a defeated man suffering, left wondering why.

    It’s been so easy to forget the Anthonys are grieving grandparents. Mostly I have thought of them as being in lala land. It’s been during these past weeks with the trial opening their eyes and laying it out for them in black and white that I’ve seen the absolute love and grief these grandparents had for their baby. So sad. The thing that irks me the most, though, are pictures like that one above of Casey. She was looking disgusted at George when he was crying. She only turned on the tears for the few minutes the defense questioned the grief expert, turned them off when Ashton took over, then they went back on again.

  15. Thanks, Conniefl. José Baez best keep looking over his shoulder. I was swearing at him through my monitor. There has to be a lot of people livid after Baez’s interrogation of George today. I wonder what was going through Judge Perry’s mind seeing his courtroom turned into a torture chamber. After the trial is over, I hope the judge holds to his promise and has Baez investigated by the bar assoc. and holds him in contempt of court as well.

    I can’t really put into words how I feel about José Baez and Casey Anthony. If I did, it would not be fit to read. Hopefully, the jurors will feel the same disgust that I do.

    I am truly worried about George, hopefully someone will keep a close eye on him. Maybe that is what Baez and Casey are hoping for, push Geo enough and he will complete what he attempted in Jan/09.

    Thanks to all who contributed and to those who just come to read. Nite nite.

  16. one4truth says:

    “In this case, you will hear about dysfunctional defense team that has deep, dark secrets, but in their dysfunction, open them up to the prosecution so that they can be used and abused. You will also hear about Jose Baez, a man who is so “morally bankrupt” that you will not be able to trust anything he says or any witness he brings forth in this case. Further, you will see how inept he is in trying a case that is way out of his league. Ladies and gentlemen, you will lastly meet a defendent who will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, even though she hasn’t told the truth since she was 5………………………………………

  17. terri says:

    Casey has no soul. How could she sit there and just glare at her father as he was falling apart. I wanted to reach through my t.v. and bitch slap her.

  18. nan11 says:

    Even Dr. Phil thinks Casey would be making a big mistake if she takes the stand!
    VIDEO – Anderson Cooper: Dr. Phil weighs in on Casey Anthony

    FYI: Bill Sheaffer is saying that River Cruz is now in the hallway ❗

  19. nan11 says:

    So Cindy, George, and Lee all scheduled to take the stand again today? Please, please: may justice prevail for sweet baby Caylee.
    Tweet Quote:
    Anthony family attorney says all 3 Anthony’s (Lee, George, Cindy) will be called to testify. #CaseyAnthony -jfell
    by cfnews13casey via twitter at 9:45 AM
    End of Quote

    FYI: George has a tie on today. It’s been a while since we have seen that. I’m getting nervous now.

  20. nan11 says:

    Well, so far we have had Ms. Cruz coming across as the scorned harlot who wants nothing more than to stick it to her former lover or maybe not. 😉

    Jeff made it pretty clear, at least to me, that George said he thought Caylee’s death was caused by Casey having an accident that snowballed out of control.

    {sigh} Even Mr. Sheaffer appears to disagree with me today, though 😕

  21. KarenC says:

    Clearly conflicted woman- but if she did have a criminal record Ashton would have brought it up by now, oui?

  22. nan11 says:

    Judge has read an ‘instruction’ to the jury that Ms. Holloway/Cruz’ statements are to only be considered as to matters of impeachment of Mr. Anthony. They are not to use her statements as proof of the truth as to what happened to Caylee.

    Mr. Sheaffer agrees that this is very important to the state. I am lovin’ Judge Perry today. 😆

  23. Redrelaxed says:

    Baez seems a little agitated and short on patience today.

    As far as the jury considering Crystal Holloway’s statements today to impeach George, she did say under oath on her statement to LE that she and George were not intimate. She only altered the facts tho when the very reliable National Enquirer offered her $4,000. for her “story”. I could care less IF she and George were heing and sheing. Her testimony leaves no great impression regarding all the combined facts and evidence in this case.

  24. Redrelaxed says:

    Holy moly a roll of duct tape lasts the A’s a long time! We call it Cariboo Chrome up here in BC, a staple of every rednecks tool box. I’ve even seen it used to bolster a brides bosom to fill out her wedding dress.
    Looking like Baez may be making the case for the State that Casey may have copied the way the A’s disposed of their pets. Good lord, where would Baez have gotten this info on the pets? One guess and the first one doesn’t count.

  25. nan11 says:

    Next up was Dominic Casey. I always hold my breath during this testimony. Today, I think Baez was alluding to the fact that the area searched was much closer than the state is aware.

    He produced a ‘ping’ map exchanged between Dominic Casey and Luke Phillips on Nov. 15/08.

    Frank George did the cross and he pointed out that nothing was really done in scale. 😐

    At least it was short.

  26. nan11 says:

    Bless Mr. Ashton’s heart. His only question during the cross of George was: Did you ever take a dead pet and throw it in a swamp?

    ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘ Woot! Woot! ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘

  27. KarenC says:

    I can’t believe Jose has opened up this particular door- whet’s Kio today?

  28. nan11 says:

    Well, shoot. Apparently the Anthony’s have been burying their family pets in their backyard for years and using duct tape to bind the bags in thirds.

    Casey witnessed this many times. Reasonable doubt raised for purpose of duct tape?

  29. nan11 says:

    Recess until 1:30. Bill thinks either the defense has another witness that is not ready or the defense may want to wait until after lunch to call Miss Anthony?

    He further states that he is pretty sure that Casey will not take the stand. He thinks the defense is going to rest very soon.

    (It’s just that there was a strange sidebar and then the judge dismissed the court for lunch.)

    We’ll see soon. 😀

  30. Karen C. says:

    Nope. It’s how she learned to do it- but in her case the tape is on the face! Now, where’s that Kiomarie?

  31. Karen C. says:

    Actually I’m NUMB that Jose has opened this particular door- who’s going to recall anything about River now? And they’re (Jury) at lunch- that’s the big impression right before they tuck in?

  32. nan11 says:

    The speculation is really wild that Casey will take the stand. Mr. Sheaffer says the reason for the two hour lunch break could be to give her atty’s time to try to change her mind.

    Bill believes strongly that it will be disastrous for Miss Anthony to testify. Prior to today, I have heard him say that Linda Drane Burdick will do the cross.

    Now why do I think Ms. Burdick is prepared and will be delighted with the prospect of cross examining the witness. 😉

    Also, Mr. NeJame has been stating all week that he believes she will take the stand.

  33. nan11 says:

    Karen C.: If you wrapped duct tape around a plastic bag and pitched the bag in the swamp for six months, do you think I’m right if I say that some evidence of the plastic would be left on the duct tape?

    I really hope so, because I’m one that really believed that the duct tape was the cause of death–maybe the only cause. And, yes, I am suggesting that I think Caylee was alive at the time the duct tape was placed over her nose and mouth. 😦

    The defense just might have raised reasonable doubt in my mind–I’m fighting it though.

  34. Karen C. says:

    But Nan11, that’s not how she was found- the tape was around the facial area and involved the hair (which if you haven’t seen the pic of the hair mass is really something to shake you). The jury has seen what we have not- the pics of the skull WITH the tape, in situ. Baez trying to muddy waters here. I SO want the little skanky psychopathic b*tch to testify!

  35. calli patti says:

    River Cruz is the example of what price a woman pays for sleeping with a married man. I believe a man betrays his contract and so much more. It begins and ends with the man being responsible. However as a woman we need to be supportive and loyal to each other. I do believe there is a special place in hell for women that sleep with married men. River Cruz got what she deserved on the stand.

  36. nan11 says:

    Karen C.: Yup, I’ve seen the pictures. Just wondering if, as the bags were pulled away by animals, could the tape have ended up circling the skull (without leaving any traces of plastic on what was the sticky side. Probably not–I’m hoping for more info from the state on redirect.

    I’m hoping she is going to testify, too. Don’t think so,though.

  37. nan11 says:

    Well, Geraldo says no. 😉
    Casey Anthony: Will she take the stand? Geraldo Rivera says no
    ☛ — posted by halboedeker on June, 30 2011 12:48 PM
    Geraldo Rivera on WOFL-Channel 35 just predicted she won’t, and I’d say pay attention to him because he’s a close friend of defense attorney Jose Baez.
    End of Quote

  38. Redrelaxed says:

    KarenC, I want the skanky little effort to testify as well. She chomping at the bit to tell her bigger and better lies that even her DT doesn’t believe, hence the competency evaluation last weekend. In her mind she thinks she can convince one juror it was an accident and that she is a victim of sexual abuse. If she does testify I can’t wait for LDB to get her explain those 31 days of bizzare coping.
    No one would act the way she did under the same circumstances unless they were a cold blooded killer who didn’t give a rats azz about their child. That baby wasn’t of any value any longer, she was a hindrance and Cindy had cut off the Bank of America account and started in with the tough love routine.
    Okay, I’m rambling and nervous as heck. Sorry folks. Group hug and a prayer for little Caylee Marie.

  39. nan11 says:

    She looked so smug and confident when she walked in this morning.

    WFTV: Casey Walks In Images

    WFTV RAW VIDEO: Casey Walks In

  40. nan11 says:

    The defense rests. No Miss Anthony.

  41. Sherry says:

    one4truth says:
    June 30, 2011 at 4:07 am

    Good one! 😆

  42. nan11 says:

    Okay. Judge Perry has ruled that Linda Drane Burdick can call the IT witnesses about Cindy’s work records.

    Statement of the day from Ms Drane-Burdick: “I would never argue that Mr. Beaz would try to ‘dupe’ the jury.” BraHaHa!! 😆

    The defense wins a small victory because the judge is awarding them more time to depose the witness. Judge even saying he will force the witness to miss his doctor’s appointment. He, in a not so subtle way, asks the defense to quit playing games.

    Ms. Sims says she just doesn’t know. (MOO–she is more right than she knows.)

    The state is now checking with the witness to see if his doctor’s appointment can be rearranged.

  43. nan11 says:

    Well, they all dropped the above mentioned issue and the state is ready to begin their rebuttal.

    They plan to call a witness that will be on the stand about 30 seconds. Then the state will call Michael Vincent.

    Jeff has the ‘stink’ cans out and Baez has some objections. Thus, they have to straighten this out before the jury can come back. 🙂

  44. Karen C. says:

    OK, Everybody, singalong now- “Is that all there is? Is THAT all there is…?”

  45. nan11 says:

    Oh my, this issue is getting a big ‘whine’ out of Baez. He is all excited because he wants to be able to tell the jury that his big picture of the ‘wet, juicy garbarge’ (which is really trash) is the cause of the smell of decomposition.

    Mr. Ashton says the jury should have the right to use their olfactory sense to help them decide if there is a difference between the smell of garbarge and the smell of human decomposition. He says if one smells the can, they all should.

    Nope–Judge is grumpy and he is not even going to allow the cans to go back to the jury room.

    Oh, I’m annoyed now. He is not even going to let Mr. Vincent testify.

  46. nan11 says:

    Jeff is getting Mr. Anthony’s suicide letter entered. And they also entered some other exhibits: pictures from Casey’s bedroom, google maps which Dominic Casey already testified to (if I understood that correctly) and some Texas EquuSearch documents concerning Joe Jordan. This last exhibit was entered in as ‘modified’. It apparently didn’t suit the defense in it’s original form.

  47. nan11 says:

    Tweet Quote:
    This young man flipped off Ashton during lunch. Perry dealing with him now
    by Jessica Steck/WESH.com at 4:35 PM
    End of Quote

    The judge is not amused.

  48. offthecuff says:

    Maybe he will get Baez for a public defender.

  49. nan11 says:

    Oh my goodness, Jonathon. The Judge gave him 6 days in jail plus a fine. They slapped the cuffs right on him and I think they are going to cart him right off to jail. He does get a public defender.

  50. nan11 says:

    Court is finally in recess. Baez is trying to subpoena Gentiva for records from Cindy on July 15, 2008. The gentleman is trying to co-operate but says that due to the long weekend, he is not sure he will be able to get them until Wednesday of next week.

    I guess the Judge is going to allow the subpoena but he said if he is able to get them in time–good. If not, that seems to be okay, too.

  51. calli patti says:

    Everyone has great comments.
    I so agree with One4truth also…

    J…. yes today was torture for George led by Baez. How Baez could continue on George after everything Baez has already done to him I don’t understand.
    There is nothing for George to add that will help Casey or the defense. Baez/Casey are done, kapoot, fini. No last harahs.
    It seems to me as if Baez blames George for Baez losing the trial and wants to destroy
    George out of revenge.

    Hello to J’s family…..

  52. calli patti says:

    KarenC I am singing with you ……..

  53. nan11 says:

    This is so eloquently written by Mr. Anthony and so very sad. Perhaps it is wrong of me to link it; however, at least it is not shown in it’s entirety.

    WESH: George Anthony’s Suicide Letter Shown In Court
    “I sit here empty inside for her,” George Anthony wrote. “I do not feel sorry for myself, but yes I am stupid.”
    End of Quote

  54. nan11 says:

    I don’t see a video from Mr. Sheaffer and Kathi Belich yet; so I will settle for the main write-up from WFTV. It contains lots of good links and Mr. Sheaffer’s video will be added when it becomes available.

    Casey Will Not Testify In Murder Trial; Defense Rests
    Casey’s decision to not testify has unsubstantiated her attorneys’ contention that Caylee wasn’t killed, but accidentally drowned.
    End of Quote

    Also, I’ll stick in a separate link for this short video of the ‘flipper’ who is now residing in a jail cell. :mrgreen:
    RAW COURT VIDEO: Man ‘Flipping Bird’ To Casey Prosecutor
    Video Summary:
    Judge Belvin Perry sentenced 28-year-old Matthew Bartlett to six days in jail for giving prosecutor Jeff Ashton the middle finger while court. (06/30/11)

  55. nan11 says:

    This is worth a read. I’m on my way to see if WKMG has anything more up on their site about this.

    Casey Anthony: Why didn’t she testify? WKMG points to sidebar
    ☛ — posted by halboedeker on June, 30 2011 6:46 PM
    WKMG-Channel 6 investigative reporter Tony Pipitone found a possible explanation in a sidebar from last Friday: a discussion about Casey’s criminal activity.
    End of Quote

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