Closer to closure for CMA

The trial seems to be heading down the home stretch and barring any unexpected delays, will sparks fly on July 4th? Judge Perry is doing his utmost to keep his promise to the jurors. His words when one potential juror said he had vacation plans in the month of July, “we’ll have you home by then.”

Today, June 27th, 2011, Defense attorney, Ann Finnell filed a motion to get the death penalty off the table. Stated in the motion; “Because Florida’s death penalty is unconstitutional, the death penalty should be precluded as a potential sentence.”

Finnell requested the prosecution file a response and memorandum of law. She also asked for a hearing to be held immediately. She wants the court to declare a mistrial and then pick a new jury that are not death qualified. This would mean starting all over again from scratch.

The big mystery finally was revealed by Judge Perry at the start of court proceedings today, and before the jury entered the courtroom. On Saturday, the defense requested Casey be tested to see if she was competent enough to continue with the trial. Casey was evaluated by three court appointed, independent, mental experts and they all found her fit. IMO, she certainly isn’t one hundred percent competent but she is definitely not insane. She seems to be a mixture of several mental issues which include sociopathy, narcissism, and psychopathy. Casey was well aware of her actions at the time of Caylee’s murder and she is cognizant of her surroundings in the courtroom at the present.

I am beginning to wonder if little Miss Manipulator didn’t like the story about the accidental drowning and sexual abuse and told her counsel a bigger and better tale. It is kind of late in the game to try the ‘mental’ way out. Baez should have taken Terry Lenamon’s advice way back around November/08. When Lenamon was on Casey’s defense team, he suggested mental issues was the route to take but Baez was having none of that. Shortly thereafter, due to the conflict between the two, Lenamon made his exit. Even back then, Baez seemed to echo, “I’ll handle this job all by myself.” Now look where it has got him. He is flailing around like a fish out of water and it leaves only two options, sink or swim.

Yuri Melich was the first witness to be called by the defense. Baez seemed to be in his glory trying to trip the big fella up but with no success in his efforts to implicate Roy Kronk for body snatching. José didn’t seem to be making much headway with the seasoned witness but that didn’t stop him from going after George in his line of questioning. Baez seems to be prone for punishment at the lectern and it all appears to be self-inflicted. Would he be a good candidate to undergo a competency evaluation?

Baez then had several witnesses play musical chairs. They were coming and going so fast, even I lost count. I love the way that CSI, Geraldo Bloise calls Baez, “counsellor.” Maybe that is why José keeps bringing him back. It also makes Baez feel very superior having the corridors outside of courtroom 23 filled with witnesses ready at his beck and call.

I am not going into Dr Furton’s time on the stand. It just substantiated my theory that Baez has a garbage/trash fixation. Jeff Ashton came flying through with brilliance and, once again, turned a defense witness into a state’s witness.

James Hoover and Dominic Casey’s testimony did not bolster the defense’s theory that Caylee’s remains were moved to their final location. Frank George did a good job on his cross while Ann Finnell’s recross seemed to be lame.

Bill Sheaffer and Kathi-Day 40

If you missed any of the trial, you can watch the proceedings.. Here

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  1. Sherry says:

    J~ sez:
    Baez then had several witnesses play musical chairs. They were coming and going so fast, even I lost count. I love the way that CSI, Geraldo Bloise calls Baez, “counsellor.” Maybe that is why José keeps bringing him back. It also makes Baez feel very superior having the corridors outside of courtroom 23 filled with witnesses ready at his beck and call.

    ROTFLMBO~ this is believable!

    And, my favorite quote of the day is that Ashton knows how to make the defense’s witnesses into state witnesses. When Baez was doing his edirect it was a riot seeing Ashton breathing down his neck so he could get a better view of what Baez was up to with the garbage and the doctor. 😆

    Oh, goody! Can’t wait for the day the verdict is read! What will Casey’s reaction be? Do you know about how long it will take from the time the verdict is read and the penalty phase part is started? Do they immediately go into it or is there a wait? I have heard of some time between the verdict and the sentence. I hope its not long.

  2. Sherry, once the verdict comes down, it is my understanding they go right into the penalty phase. I may be wrong about this so don’t quote. It is okay if you quote me on my musical chairs. LOL

    I see a lot of anger building up in Casey these past few days. I expect her to stand up and scream at any time. She appears to be like a loaded time bomb ready to explode. I cannot see the defense putting her on the stand but she does have that choice. Surely she is not that stupid.

  3. Newbie says:

    I’m thinking Casey was bored plus unhappy with her attorneys. They weren’t doing what she wanted them to so, knowing they do not want her testifying, she threw them a curve ball. What better way to upset her attorneys and “gain control” than to say she is going to testify. Thing is she didn’t get the mileage out of her little trick since Mason requested she be tested. He just put a quick stop to her game….maybe.

  4. offthecuff says:

    If Casey takes the stand, what button does the state have to bring up or push to bring out the real Casey in a fit of rage?

  5. It seems the white bearded one opened up a whole can of worms. More sidebars and delays. Joe Jordan did make an illegal tape but his lawyer and Mort Smith signed waivers that they would not bring charges against him. He secretely taped them during an interview they had. Joe said he made the tape because it would help him to keep notes. I thought that was the end of story but I guess not.

  6. Redrelaxed says:

    If Joe Jordan wasn’t a credible witness, then why did the DT call him to testify? Looks like JJ was called only to further nurture the theory of conspiracy in the minds of the jurors. The sad part in all of this is that people who would otherwise volunteer to search for missing children will have second thoughts because of what’s transpiring in the courtroom this morning.

    Fantastic recap of yesterday Jonathon! I thought Ashton did a great job cross examining Dr. Furton. Baez is simply not bright enough, he makes himself look like a complete i-dot competing with these brilliant minds, and lol…yes he could have used a compentency evaluation at the onset of this trial! Touche!

    Offthecuff, I think if the State brings up the jealousy issues respecting the loving relationship Caylee had with Cindy (the person who Caylee was genuinely bonded with for obvious reasons) we’ll see the defendant come unglued.

  7. Lee Anthony is in the courtroom today.

  8. margaret says:

    HI J. Anyone notice how Casey has an officer close by her today, behind her. They must think after her episode on Saturday that she is getting ready to explode. She looks meaner every day.

  9. cali patti says:

    Margaret, Yes I noticed the officers behind Casey.
    In years to come meter readers will be an obsolete job with smart meters

  10. cali patti says:

    Help me here … Why wasn’t George or Lee asked about the molestation?
    What is going on? Has the defense changed their story?
    What does George’s alleged affair have to do with dead Caylee?

    Kronk as a blue collor low waged worker would of course be aware of a reward money.
    How is all this connecting?

  11. Cali, Jeff Ashton already asked George if he had ever sexually abused Casey and he answered no. This was at the beginning of the trial. If they put River Cruz on the stand, they will ask her if George told her Caylee’s death was an accident that snowballed out of control. The defense put George on and asked him questions about River Cruz to establish a foundation for when they call her. George did good. Lee and Yuri Melich both said Cindy told them that she sent people to the woods to do a walk through. This showed Cindy did not tell the truth or couldn’t remember saying it. Kronk seems to be holding his own so far.

  12. cali patti says:

    Have you seen the raw video of casey Anthony lashes out, WFTV? It is a true look at Caseys temper this morning. Wow she was really ticked at Baez or ? The mean look in her eyes is scary.
    Please someone go look and share.
    Maybe my 3 hr difference is putting me out of the loop today.

  13. Where is Nan11 today? I miss her as she keeps this place hopping.

  14. margaret says:

    I can’t really tell if it is Baez or because LDB was walking by that had Casey so upset. Must have scared Baez, as guards are so close by today. LOL

  15. Redrelaxed says:

    There she sits, not looking the slightest bit guilty, but smug for trying to frame someone else for what SHE did. I think Mason is doing a lousy job of making Kronk look bad. LDB will get to the TRUTH about what happened on cross. As much as CM tries he can’t trip up Kronks story. Three cheers for the good samaritan, Roy Kronk!

  16. Red, Mason is doing a terrible job. Kronk is holding his own really good. I hope the jury will see how the defense is attacking everyone, even the man who discovered the body. When Kronk said he put his meter stick in the eye socket and lifted the skull a bit, Casey didn’t even flinch. I hope the jury keep a good eye on her reactions. She has no conscience. I see Lee left the courtroom. I wonder if River Cruz will testify or Brandon Sparks, Roy’s son. Maybe the defense will wrap up tomorrow.

  17. nan11 says:

    Hi Jonathon: I’m just returning from some pesky obligations I had to fulfill. 😆

    Calli: I’m not sure if these links will be what you are looking for, but they are pretty good. The first one was posted by Sherry on the old thread and the second one is a youtube video that someone linked at Dave’s. This happened Friday. Maybe there is something more recent that I missed.

    WKMG: Anthony’s Demeanor Change, at about 1:04 minutes in.

    Casey Anthony, June 24, 2011

  18. Redrelaxed says:

    Jonathon, I just heard BS mention that Jesse Grund is in the wings, now I guess we’ll see if he’s still carrying a torch for Miss Competent. The Rebuttal by the State is going to be something to behold. I hope this is over soon, my grown kids don’t even bother calling me until well after 2:30 pm, they feel somewhat abandoned but understand that justice for this precious little baby is something I feel very strongly about.

  19. Redrelaxed says:

    Nan, there you are! Isn’t that something, that little clip of her shows the REAL demeanor of this woman. Demanding, angry, vicious, inappropriate to say the least. She gives me the willies. Too bad Baez got his fat head in the way!

  20. kas says:

    Redrelaxed: Nancy Grace played that clip about 1,700 times last night. Regular speed, slow-mo, you name it–she couldn’t get enough.

    Nancy also thinks it was Casey trying to get herself declared, (and I quote):”Incompetent. Street Name: Cuckoo!!”

  21. I seldom watch Nancy Grace and missed seeing Casey look like that. I hope the jurors got a glimpse of it. I am assuming they were in the courtroom at the time. Dear God, I hope that isn’t the last look Caylee saw on her mother’s face but I have a feeling it was if she was smothered before Casey used the chloroform.

  22. nan11 says:

    Here is another version of that same video. This one is from WFTV and last a little longer. It’s kind of interesting to see the aftermath. 😉

    WFTV RAW VIDEO: Casey Ant;hony Lashes Out At Attorney
    Video Summary:
    Casey Anthony became visibly angry during day 38 of her murder. (06/24/11)

    I’m a little uneasy about Jesse’s testimony. Sometimes I think some of the bizarre stories from Cobra are obtained via Grund influence, MOO.

    I’m going to give a little “Woot!” to Mr. Sheaffer for his much appreciated opinions today (and everyday.)

  23. nan11 says:

    Gosh, that vidy is creepy. Has anyone gotten over to read Dr. Glass’ opinions on it? If you are a fan of hers, it’s pretty good. 😆

  24. Redrelaxed says:

    In that last video you posted Nan, it looks like that savage display was directed at LDB and JA. Dot Simms just glances over at her without much regard. I don’t think her DT likes her much.

  25. KarenC says:

    Wonderful post & comments, Folks!
    Listening to this guard now, gosh the DT is desperate!

  26. nan11 says:

    Sheesh! All the good testimony I missed today and now I have to listen to testimony about what a good little inmate Miss Anthony is? I wonder where this is going. And this is being proffer no less.

  27. nan11 says:

    Here is a tweet quote from Mr. Hornsby. Just adding for a bit of humor. 😉
    RichardHornsby Richard Hornsby
    Breaking News: #CaseyAnthony attorney Jose Baez is a board certified moron, more at the top of the hour. Back to you Jim!
    End of Quote

  28. Redrelaxed says:

    Richard Hornsby is 100% correct! He needs to go back to selling bikini’s.

  29. Judge Perry has to ask Casey if she wants to testify and he said that it must be her decision and he stressed ” her decision alone.”

  30. Why the hoot would Baez bring two corrections officers in to testify about Casey’s demeanor at the jail? This made no sense whatsoever and were rejected by JP as irrevalent.

  31. The motion that Ann Finnell filed to get rid of the death penalty will be heard tomorrow morning at 8:30am. I don’t think the state will budge on this issue. Finnell will be hooked up via phone so this should be interesting. Finnell also requested a mistrial and she wants to have a new jury picked who are not death qualified. I expect this is just a routine procedure since the defense only has around 6 more witnesses before they wrap up.

  32. KarenC says:

    “Interesting” is not exactly the term I’d use to describe Finnel citing case law over the phone, Jon! Sorry… I think I’ll tune in after 11 am

  33. Karen C, I meant to say the “interesting” in a sarcastic way. Finnell rattles my nerves with her low voice and she speaks in monotones. I doubt if I will bother to watch and listen to it. We went through all that with Andrea Lyon. That is when Casey wanted to make Jeff Ashton stop talking about the three pieces of duct tape.

  34. nan11 says:

    J–Here is a link to Mr. Boedeker’s blog. Almost everyone seems in agreement that Mr. Kronk did fairly good.

    One exception–Judge Eaton, Mr. Mason’s buddy, who thinks there are a lot of holes and conflicting evidence. :mrgreen:

    Casey Anthony: Did Roy Kronk hold his own on the stand?
    ☛ — posted by halboedeker on June, 28 2011 5:08 PM
    How did Roy Kronk fare on the stand today at the Casey Anthony trial?
    End of Quote

  35. nan11 says:

    Here is Mr. Sheaffer and Kathi for tonight. 🙂
    BILL SHEAFFER: Analysis Of Casey Murder Trial Day 41
    Video Summary:
    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer talked about Casey Anthony’s murder trial on Tuesday, day 41. (06/28/11)

    While I’m at it, I’ll add a link to their main write-up for today. It contains lots of sub-links to parts of today’s trial and their daily video report; images of Casey, etc.
    WKMG – Kronk: Left Bones Untouched, Tried To Do “The Right Thing

    One last link from WFTV: a copy of Ann Finnell’s motion and Memorandum of Law that will be argued tomorrow. 😉
    Motion To Reconsider Casey Anthony’s Motion To Declare Florida Statute Section 921.141 Unconstitutional Under Ring V. Arizona

  36. nan11 says:

    The talented Mr. Ashton appears to also be a great dad:
    Casey Anthony prosecutor has message for Dwight Howard
    Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton is known for wearing wild ties, and on Tuesday, his tie made a statement.
    End of Quote

  37. margaret says:

    J. Roy Crump stood his ground toe to toe with Mason, It was almost funny at times. I think Roy got Mason as confused as Mason did Roy. Mabe they have the guards in place to grab her when JP asks her if she wants to testify, she might just jump up and do it just because she can. I’ll bet she felt important when JP said only she can make that decision Jesse Grund didn’t last long, is he finished? I can’t wait for LDB to get a hold on Cindy.

  38. margaret says:

    Talking about Casey above, My mind is sick of her name.

  39. offthecuff says:

    imo, Kronk did have a lot of holes. but the defense didn’t capitalize on any of them.

    Kronk came across as confidant and sure under rip-fire, even combating Mason back. He was well prepped. This unwavering confidence made him viable even with his holes.

    He had told Mason that he didn’t know this was Anthony’s neighborhood until later in the day.
    But he told Linda that he had read the Anthony’s meter that day and saw the crowds of media across the street. He also told her that during his training, the Anthony house had been pointed out to him.

    He told Mason he wasn’t very aware of the Caylee drama or that particular Suburban spot. But Dean said that it was big conversation at work, they had discussed this spot as a good dropping place, and Kronk’s girlfriend was suctioned nightly to the TV until 9pm (Nancy Grace)

    He told Mason that in Dec he had to go relieve himself again, and held the found-bag 4 ft off the ground “to see what was in it,” but why was he looking in garbage? Was he trying to find something to wipe himself or recyclables? That was never asked.

    It was never brought up that he was an ex-bounty hunter, used to solving crimes and getting paid for it.

    I guess he felt he had to come across as a boy-scout rather than curious and needing the money.
    But to me he appears just as innocent of this crime whether he needs the reward money and that motivated him, or whether he was merely being neighborly by trying to help solve this global crisis.

    Double shame on Mason. First, for allowing Baez the bumbler do that opening statement.
    Second, for hammering an innocent man to try to fit him into that statement.

  40. Nan11, thanks for the links. Did you hear Kathi say that a couple of people from Gentiva are on the states witness list. This would be for their rebuttal. The HIPPA rules say that all information has to be saved for 7 years. That would include Cindy’s work records. Cindy’s lies are catching up with her and she may end up in the slammer.

  41. nan11 says:

    J: This is a long article but it’s a decent read. It’s gives a detailed account of all of today’s testimony. The video at the top really pertains to yesterday; however, it’s worth a listen. They play clips from an old interview that Tony Pipitone did with Dr. Ryan Hall, one of the psychiatrist’s that Judge Perry recently assigned to interview Casey.
    WKMG: Roy Kronk Testifies About Finding Caylee Anthony’s Remains
    Baez asked to have time overnight to prepare to argue in favor of Grund’s testimony. Perry did not rule on the matter.
    In his prior deposition, Grund said he did not believe Casey Anthony could harm Caylee, but if the toddler had died by some accident, he believed that Casey Anthony would enter some sort of fantasy world in denial of what happened.
    End of Quote

    Jesse cut a dashing figure today on the witness stand, but I will be relieved when his testimony is over.

  42. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I did hear that. I’ve been looking for the links but I can’t find them yet. 😆

    There should be a motion to add them, I think. I suppose the defense will have a right to depose them, as well.

  43. offthecuff says:

    Baez also wanted more time to come up with more support as to Casey’s molestation. Seems to me that the only solid testimony would be Anthony herself. Is he readying Casey?

  44. KarenC says:

    Tell you what, Kronk came off as way smarter than anyone expected.

  45. Kronk said he saw something that looked like a white skull. Unless the garbage bag had a big tear in it, I would say that the skull was out of the bag. One other story was the skull rolled out of the bag.(Dec 11th) How did the skull get back in the bag to coincide with Kronk seeing the ‘something white’, on Aug 11th? Kronk said he picked up the garbage bag about as high as arms length and then lowered the bag. He looked down by his feet and there was the skull. Was this when he took his meter stick and stuck it in the eye socket of the skull and tipped it up a bit? This is total confusion.

  46. nan11 says:

    J: I heard this on HLN so consider the source, but they explained that a possible purpose for calling Sgt. Moonsammy and Ms. Baker would be to show that her response to terrible circumstances is not always normal. (I guess when you are in a tiny cell for 23 hours a day you are suppose to be grumpy and hateful and snarly; but Miss Anthony is pleasant and co-operative.)

    She holds herself above the rest–I think she discussed that in a letter to Robyn. 🙄

    Baez tried so hard to get them to say that she was such a model prisoner that she was a cut above the others, but the best he got was that she was no trouble–just average. 😆

    Judge Perry nixed it.

  47. Nan11, I truly believe that Casey lives in a fantasy world. No doubt, the mitigating experts, Barrett and Finnell picked up on this and that is why Baez used it along with the sexual abuse etc in his opening statement. In her own mind, Casey considered herself a Princess. When another Princess came along and stole her show, she snuffed out her competition. Jesse Grund said that Casey was a chameleon. If her boyfriend liked baseball, she would too. Casey would even adapt to sitting on the top of a flagpole, just as long as she felt that she was getting a lot of attention.

  48. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Yep, I wish we had a little bit more information on the exact location of the skull.

    I think they have confirmed that it was out of the bag for some time. The have a number of photographs to support this. It was partially burried in the leaves and soft muck, with only the top showing. My understanding is there was also roots growing from the natural holes.

    My hope, but honestly I think that’s all it is–is that the tape which we also know was still entangled/stuck to the hair and possibly even slightly underneath the mandible; would have held everything in place as he gently lifted it, probably just a little. Just enough to make out that it was indeed a tiny human skull. 😦

    They suggested that some of the reason he found it that day was because it was raining hard and the color of the bone when wet would have held a sheen to it.

    Also, I believe Dr. G.–and she said that it could not have been moved much because the anatomical postion of the skull and the mandible was correct. I think if he would have lifted it up too much, the alignment would have been out. (If that makes any sense.)

    I don’t know if the state will re-visit this during their follow-up and final argument; or if we will have to settle for what we have. I hope so, though. Especially if the jury is as confused as I am. 😀

  49. nan11 says:

    offthecuff: I don’t believe any of the defense atty’s want inmate Anthony anywhere near that witness stand.

    I think she is itchin’-at-the-bit to get up there, though. I really think that’s what caused all the fuss Saturday morning. Baez went into her jail cell early for a little visit and I think she informed him that she was going to assert her rights and testify.

    As soon as Mason caught wind of it, he whipped up that motion. Then Judge Perry had three different doctors examine her. 😆

    Perry said today that Casey will have to state specifically that it is her decision to not take the stand. He is going to ask her. HaHa–there will be no appeals resulting from this issue.

  50. nika says:

    I agree the defense does not want Casey on the stand but i have a feeling she will go on. They might limit the scope of the testimony so alot of what happened will not be told. Casey is as good at lying as anybody and she will be hard to break. I just don’t know what story she will tell but if she starts with all her little details she will trip up. How will she ever excuse all the telephone/computer time that day.
    Kronk did an excellent job today -Far better than I expected. I can’t believe they have him coming back tomorrow. Do they even know when to quit. I even had to turn it off for while today. It was getting on my nerves – so I just hiked up the mountain with puppy. Glad i didn’t see any dead bodies in the woods- after all this it would be hard to report it.

  51. Nika1, in the state of Florida, it is not illegal to NOT report finding a dead body. If you and puppy come across a corpse run like hell down that mountain and don’t look back. You may end up being persecuted like Roy Kronk. Yes, he did do much better than I had expected. There were a few unexplained loop holes but nothing Burdick can mend.

  52. Vicky says:

    Evening All – IMO, The saddest thing about this trial is that if Casey is conviceted, there is every chance that it will be reversed upon appeal for ineffectiveness of counsel. There is absolutely no way an appelate court will be able to get around all of the blunders made by the defense team. There are just too many. Most notably the opening statement that is not evidence, but will never leave the minds of the jury and will not have been supported by the evidence presented. Secondly, the piss poor job the defense did of preparing their own witnesses, thus allowing JA to turn them into witnesses for the prosecution. And then the fact that JB was at the very least threatened to be found in contempt of court during/following the proceedings. By the time this is all over, Casey will have cost the taxpayers of Florida millions of dollars and we will never know exactly what happened to Caylee, Her new attorneys, paid for by the citizens of Florida, will be able to pick and choose the elements of the defense that seemed to be viewed as reasonable and stick to those during the retrial. So, when all is said and done, They might even be able to convince some of the jurors to talk to them about what might have swayed them to vote not guilty and what elements convinced them of her guilt. Jose Biaz and Chaney Mason will have handed that piss poor excuse of a human being a new defense strategy on a silver platter. I often wonder if that wasn’t Mason’s strategy all along. He saw the mess Jose had made of the defense and set about the process of saving Casey’s sorry butt by creating the best trial strategy in history…Ineffectiveness of counsel by design; and nobody will ever prove it.was intentional.

  53. Vicky says:

    I do not believe Casey will testify. There is no reason for her to do so at this point. Her own attorney has already told the jury she is not to be believed, which is another reason I think the verdict might be reversed on appeal. What good would it do for her to try and convince the jury of anything? JB set his own client up for having zero credibility with that jury.

  54. Vicky, but Casey has been declared competent and she has no problem with her counsel. She was asked by Judges Strickland and Perry if she was satisfied with her counsel and her response was a uh huh. Not verbatim. LOL

  55. Nan11, something was bothering me as I had picked up on something that just did not sound right.
    I had to investigate it so here goes….
    Start at around 8:35 into video.

    Alex Roberts, Kronk’s supervisor was asked by Baez if Roy read any meters in that area on Dec 11th and Alex said, “no.” Baez then asked, “as far as you know, he went straight to the woods?” Burdick objected and the judge sustained and told Baez to establish a foundation. Then Baez says “then Mr Kronk could not read any meters that day and you had to get someone else to cover his route?”

    I take it that Roy went directly out to Suburban before he started work??

  56. margaret says:

    J. Great minds think alike!!! In your article you talk about musical chairs. Judge Janine Pirro was on Greta and their discussion was about how strange trial was likened it to playing musical chairs with the witnesses. Judge Pirro satd that if this were not a death penalty case, that Judge Perry would not allow it to be happening. Judge Pirro seems to think Casey may take stand. They also said a mental health Dr. was scheduled for tomorrow. It is so weird but it seems the whole world thinks the DT is doing a shoddy job. Most times the consensus is divided, but not this case. We can’t all be wrong. Wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Vicky says:

    On appeal, it will not matter if Casey was satisfied. The court will only be interested in whether or not her attorneys were efffective in their defense of her. Who knows what went on that inspired Mason to have her evaluated. If I’m not mistaken, it isn’t about the defendant’s impression of whether or not he/she has been properly and effectively represented. It is whether or not the appellate court believes she has been. I will assure you that Casey is vendictive enough to blame her defense team for her conviction, and will request new counsel for her appeal. I doubt JB would volunteer anyway. The first order of business for her new attorney will be a motion for a new trial based upon ineffectiveness of counsel.
    I know the prosecution has done an excellent job, but IMO, the defense has been dismal. Not that I haven’t enjoyed watching them make complete fools of themselves, but if lay people can see what a mess they have made of things, I think there is a strong chance the appeals court will agree and grant her a new trial. This is just my opinion. I’ve been wrong before.

  58. Margaret, maybe Pirro reads my blog and stole my musical chairs. That is exactly how it appeared. The witness chair didn’t get a chance to cool off before Baez called another one. I don’t know what he was thinking. The one taking the stand tomorrow is a grief counsellor. I heard she even has or had a talk show. Her name escapes me but I watched a bit of one of her videos and she came across as a comedienne.

  59. Vicky, I will admit that I know little about the law. I have heard the word, ‘appeal’ so much that I figure they should declare a mistrial and go straight to the appellant court. If Casey walks free, all of the US, Canada and Ecossie Possie intend to appeal her verdict.

  60. Karen C. says:

    Fact is, Jose et al would have to do a Numero Uno HORRIBLE job to get her a new trial on that basis, and as bad as it’s been, worse than this has apparently passed muster in Florida. She is entitled to a fair trial, nothing more.

  61. Vicky says:

    No kidding!
    In many ways I hope she is convicted on one of the lesser charges. Then she will have to find another attorney willing to repressnt her pro bono for postconviction relief. I might be wrong, but I don’t think the public defenders office has to assit indigent clients for that type of appeal. But, I could be wrong. The sad part is that IMO, JB’s representation fits the criterial for ineffectiveness of counsel grounds for appeal in Florida.

  62. Vicky says:

    “In order to establish a claim for ineffective assistance of counsel, you have to prove two things. First, you must show that your attorney’s performance was “deficient.” That means showing that your criminal defense attorney made mistakes in defending you that were so serious that the attorney was not functioning as the “counsel” guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment.”
    (my commentary: Opening Arguement)

    “Second, you must show that you were prejudiced by your attorney’s deficient representation. That requires you to show that the attorney’s mistakes were so serious that you were deprived of a fair trial with a reliable result”
    (my commentary: opening arguement)

    “Importantly, you must prove both of those two things. It is not enough to show that your attorney made mistakes if you cannot also show that the mistakes deprived you of a fair trial. You must make both showings in order to prove that your conviction resulted from an unfair trial. ”
    (my commentary: Jury wasn’t provided with evidence supporting opening arguement)

  63. Vicky says:

    Hey, RH seems to agree that Casey will be granted a new trial for ineffectiveness of counsel. He has listed the top 10 reasons he believes will keep Casey off the witmess stand. Pretty humorous blog entry.

  64. Karen C. says:

    Problem is, is Jose did not dream this Opening all up by his little self- she sat there endorsing it by boo-hooing at the appropriate times and undoubtedly dreamed up the worst details.

  65. Newbie says:

    Good evening all. As I read comments I am trying to think of how you would form a defense for Casey Anthony. Not a whole lot comes to my mind.

  66. Good evening Ms Newbie.

    Richard Hornsby has a great sense of humor. I had to swipe this one….

    8. Cheney Mason is so close to death, blow flies are circling over his head.

  67. KarenC says:

    I really wonder about her jailbird reading material. Jose has brought up the book “Flowers in the Attic” twice at least during trial. I’m not familiar with it myself but there’s a reason for everything…. Anyone read it?

  68. Vicky says:

    Unfortunately, Casey’s demeanor on video during the trial is not part of the trial record.
    I agree Newbie. A ne DT would be hardpressed to come up with a defense. But, the accidental drowning, allegations of abuse and admission of improperly disposing of a corpse w/o the outrageous allegations about who discovered Caylee in the pool and RK hanging on to the body for six months, might convince one juror that she is not guilty of murder. It wouldn’t convince me, but by the reaction of some people who knew little about the case pretrial,there are those more predisposed to believing the unbelieveable.

  69. Newbie says:

    I’ve read it and I think they had a tv movie based on the book. Three children were kept in the sprawling attic of their rich grandmothers home. It has been quite a while since I read the book but as I recall the basis of the story was mom came from the rich family, married a regular man against her parent’s wishes. When her husband died she had to return home and I want to say keep the children’s existance a secret so in the attic they went. Mom eventually meets a rich man, starts mistreating the kids (no regular food, medical attention and poison I think) so she can be rid of the kids and be with her new found love.

  70. Newbie says:

    Vicky, I agree. I was at the beauty shop today amongst people I did not know. I was totally surprised that some of them are absolutely sure it was an accident. Others just are tired of the whole thing as every time they turn onto a show it seems like there is talk about the case. There was only one other lady who half way followed the case and she is positive she is guilty.

  71. Newbie says:

    By the way, I think Flowers in the Attic was a stupid book. I read it because one of my daughters was reading it and found it interesting……ugh.

  72. Frankie says:

    I just googled Flowers in the Attic. A grandmother poisons her four grandchildren with arsenic on powdered donuts. There is a lot more to it but I’m sure Casey would enjoy it.

  73. Newbie says:

    lol…..well, I wasn’t too far off….the grandmother instead of the mother….hmmm….

  74. Newbie says:

    How is Baez going to try to connect this book to Casey???? Maybe he didn’t read it and was told about it by someone who has a memory like mine ! Is he suggesting that Casey’s pregnancy was somewhat like Flowers in the Attic?

  75. Frankie says:

    I was just watching (recorded) Baez arguing about a deposition grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I really wish someone would smack that stupid grin right off of his face. Smug idiot that he is. MOO.

  76. nika says:

    I really hope all of the defense witnesses will be off the stand by tomorrow or noon Thursday. I imagine the jury is getting tired of the musical chairs. I good lawyer knows when to quit before the jury stops listening.
    J – I am at my little mountain cabin in NC right now. I don’t know the rules for dead bodies here but I am still running down the mountain.

  77. Newbie says:

    In the clip showing Casey being angry with Baez, did you notice how Casey pulled on the left top of her blouse to cover her chest. Made my mouth drop open. She is upset with him and covers herself when he looks towards her???? And Baez doesn’t even realize she is mad or is smirking because she is?
    Has anyone heard what made her so angry?

  78. Newbie, I think it was something she read on the monitor that was said at the sidebar that preceded her frothing at the mouth and covering her boob.

  79. Newbie says:

    Thank you.

  80. nan11 says:

    Below are a few quotes from Jonathon’s link, given in her comment of 1:38 am:

    When she returns, she [Corrine, children’s mother] has been savagely horse-whipped by Olivia [children’s grandmother], who explains to the children that their parents were half-uncle and niece; their father had been Malcolm’s half-brother.

    Cathy and Chris begin to mature and enter puberty. Cathy in particular is curious and unsure about the changes in her body. This leads to an incident where she is admiring her naked self before a mirror. Chris accidentally walks in on her; after getting over the initial shock, he proceeds to stare at her and tell her how beautiful she is becoming. The grandmother comes in and catches Chris watching Cathy, and seems almost triumphant as she calls them sinners.
    End of Quote

    I think the reason Baez brought up the book “Flowers In The Attic” is because of the in innuendo of incest. It may be more than just ‘innuendo’–I never did finish either the book or the movie.

    It is of a family way beyond the ‘normal’ dysfunction. It’s hard, hard to digest. Who knows–at the conclusion of this tial I may be of the proper mindset to actually finish reading it. (after all these years.) 😕

    But I do believe Baez wanted us all to believe little Casey was treated as a ‘flower in the attic’. I guess Lee was there with her? It was a creepy day for me when brother Lee talked about seeing Casey’s ‘bump’. Just sayin’.

  81. nan11 says:

    J: You said: “I take it that Roy went directly out to Suburban before he started work??

    I remember from discovery that the state had Mr. Kronk’s work schedule for that day. I almost believe, due to Baez’s sharp change in direction, that he had got in a little work. I’m not sure, though. (Some men buy huge coffee’s before the start of work–it’s been rumored that Mr. Kronk had male prostrate issues, so he may very well have had to take a quick break. IYKWIM)

    I hate to admit this, but I always did believe a tiny little bit of Lennie P.’s story of the daisy chain. Baez, himself, is involved in this at least knee deep. Remember Judge Strickland’s bar complaint concerning Baez?

    Still, Roy Kronk found that precious child. He brought her out of those dank, dark woods and into the light so her soul could recieve justice.

    I haven’t given up–I’m still praying for justice. I believe in Judge Perry. His record is eight for about seven and a half. (I believe he had one conviction partially overturned.) That is a tremendous record and during the course of this trial he has shown time and time again, that he has been conscious of appeal issues.

    Richard Hornsby is young and bright–but he is no Judge Perry. He has tried to point out Judge Perry’s errors before and he has been wrong. MOO

  82. Redrelaxed says:

    Omg…did you see how close George got to Baez when he walked up to take the stand!? I thought sure he was going to attack him. Baez looked a little scared!!!

  83. Redrelaxed says:

    Bill Shaeffer says that Baez could be used as a model for terrorist interrogation, and this line of questioning wouldn’t be allowed as it’s inhumane. George being tortured on the stand. One thing for sure, Baez has made darn good and sure that this jury will understand that there was a decomposing body in the trunk of Casey’s car. Baez just shot himself in both feet, that are covered in squishies.

  84. nan11 says:

    I’m in an out today like a pop tart myself, but I wanted to drop in with my prayers for George. I suppose he would be impeached, but I wish the dam would break and he would tell the whole truth, everything that he knows–darling Casey be darned!

  85. nan11 says:

    Tweet Quote:
    PamelaLeeShow Pamela Lee
    #caseyanthony I dont know who wants Baez’s throat more…Geo or Mr. Ashton!
    End of Quote

    I have to admit I’m right there with Mr. Anthony and Mr. Ashton. 😐

  86. nan11 says:

    Ahh, this from Mr. NeJame.
    Tweet Quote:
    MarkNeJame Mark NeJame
    Cops screwed up/Not…Family helped coverup drowning/Not..Sex abuse/Not..Kronk moved body/Not…Defense making any points/Not #caseyanthony
    1 minute ago
    End of Quote
    Beautifully said, MOO

  87. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Do you think he is going to make it? I’m not so sure I am. I’d have to leave the courtroom.

  88. Redrelaxed says:

    Casey, no reaction to her father breaking down. Tears streaming down my face. I want George to get through this too.

  89. nan11 says:

    Hear the lion roar? The lion is Mr. Jeffrey Ashton.

  90. I’m watching….

  91. nan11 says:

    J: They are saying the inmate winked at Baez when he ‘finished up’ for lunch break.

    This is one bad, bad evil girl. She is not satisified that she took duct-tape and wrapped it around her baby’s head, now she intends to destroy her father. If she could, she would physically harm him.

    I hope they lock her up and throw away the key. MOO

  92. calli patti says:

    Briefly … I read Flowers In the Attic years ago. I think there were 1 or 2 more books in the series. I read them as fiction. As all fiction I read, a human, that I assume does not stand alone, wrote the words. In that context I believe people are able to do what I read. I also have a positive outlook towards life so I never assume all are evil.

  93. nan11 says:

    The following short videos are from WFTV:
    The souless Miss Anthony speaks. MOO
    RAW VIDEO: Casey Tells Judge She Agrees With Motion For Mistrial
    Video Summary:
    Casey Anthony stood up and told the judge that she agreed with her attorney Ann Finnell and her motion for mistrial on day 42. (06/29/11)
    And the pain here is so raw and real, folks, I don’t recommend watching.
    RAW VIDEO: George Anthony Cries During Testimony On Day 42
    Video Summary:
    George Anthony became very emotional during his daughter’s murder trial on Wednesday. (06/29/11)

    Surely, someone will take George to the hospital–he shouldn’t be alone for one minute.

    (I hope there is rat poop or a great big cockroach in Ms. Anthony’s dinner. MOO)

  94. calli patti says:

    OMG…Casey I have come to believe is absent of normal human emotions. Casey it seems to me to copy’s the emotions and behavors of people around her. Casey was taught right from wrong and acceptable behavor. Those teachings have served her well until now.

    I believe some people are born minus ? what the rest of us know makes us human.
    Years ago I read a few biographys on people like this. They are actually born unable to feel what we do. They also know right from wrong they just dont care. They really dont care what others think of them either. The only person that matters in their world is themselves. They usually “behave” ONLY because it serves them to follow the laws.

  95. nan11 says:

    This is an excellent write-up from WKMG on this mornings events. There is also a good video discussing Mr. Kronk’s testimony from yesterday (right at the top.)
    WKMG: Geroge Anthony Testifies About Suicide Attempt

    This is an intersting short video as well. Mr. Pipitone talks about Juror #1 and mentions that she has experience as a ‘grief counsellor’.
    WKMG video: Tony Pipitone Analyzes Jurors Reactions To Kronk’s Testimony

  96. KarenC says:

    Good Golly. Fifty points from Slytherin! What the h@ll has Jose done today to his own case?!!!!

  97. Karen C. says:

    Are you guys catching Jean C’s comments right now, on break? How Casey was smiling behind her hand leaving Court? She seems pleased to be torturing George. There’s a case this girl reminds me of… I’m going to go look it up- about inappropriate reactions. Jose et al had better get that grief counselor on that stand pronto before the Jury forms an even more solid impression of her demeanor. Actually, after this morning’s torture session I think it’s too late.

  98. Casey got a sneak preveiw of things to come as she sat all alone at the defence table this morning as A Finnell phoned in her motion….Anyone else think Casey sounded a lot softer an gentler in voice tone compared to her jailhouse vists with her parents.

  99. calli patti says:

    Casey could be smiling because of the possibility of this trial being tossed due to the death penalty being overturned in Florida.
    I would have thought that the Miami judge that made that ruling would have done it for future cases not past cases or cases in trial but apparently not.
    Casey’s smiling is so inappropriate that she could be smiling about her lunch.
    Goerge would have done better with shorter answers then allowing Ashton to do the follow up to clarify Georges answers.
    I want to scream at him to shut up and just answer….

  100. calli patti says:

    ecoossie…Casey is in her glory being center of attention. I think … lol … its Casey, who knows.
    Hi Nan, thanks for links I ck’d one of them out thanks again

  101. All I can say is Good Grief!! The doctor is even chewing gum. ha ha ha ha

  102. nan11 says:

    Good golly Miss Sally! I used to like the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books. I don’t know what to make of this, though.

    I hear River Cruz is waiting in the hall and she is not in a good mood. 😉

  103. nan11 says:

    Tweet Quote from Mr. Hornsby:
    RichardHornsby Richard Hornsby
    I fully expect #JeffAshton to cross examine her with Dr. Seuss’ book “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” #CaseyAnthony
    32 seconds ago
    End of Quote

    I can’t understand how anyone who cares about their reputation would do what this lady is doing.

  104. KarenC says:

    That’s where I know her from- Susan Smirh case. Not sure I’d want the Jury to make that link in their heads…

  105. margaret says:

    ” magical thinking” , Don’t you just love these Defense witnesses helping the State win its case. You go Jeff, Linda and Frank George!!!! Little Caylee is watching and her justice is almost here.

  106. calli patti says:

    I saw that gum chewing also. Where were some of these people raised. I don’t know why gum chewing is bad but I know it is. From a young child I knew that and I think that is why I never picked up the habit.
    Casey is a very angry woman. I wonder if we will see that anger when the verdict comes in.
    I heard on one of the shows how the in the womens prison that they are already waiting for Casey. The woman had served 15 years, she had never been a tarket but how she knew Casey was on the prisoners radar already. One reason was her crime and the second her attitude. Casey dearest will have a tough few years.

  107. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: In spite of a rather exciting day in court, it doesn’t seem that there are many interesting write-ups just yet. I’ll link WESH for now and go back and check to see if Bill’s video is up yet.

    WESH: Day 31: George’s Suicide Letter, Case Timeline
    Sub-Heading: Jury Could have Case By Monday
    Casey Anthony’s defense plans to rest its case Thursday, defense attorney Jose Baez told the judge late Wednesday.
    End of Quote

    WESH – Ask The Judge: Jury Deliberations, Court Clerk

  108. nan11 says:

    Still no Mr. Sheaffer video, but I’ll post the link to the WFTV write-up for today. Eventually Bill’s daily video will show up here. 🙂

    WFTV: George Says He “Failed” Caylee In Tearful Testimony
    Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, wrote in a suicide note that he had unanswered questions about what happened to his granddaughter, a revelation that undercuts defense claims that the toddler drowned accidentally and he helped cover it up.
    End of Quote

  109. nan11 says:

    J: The first link is a good snap shot from today. The second link is from Fox news. What’s most interesting about it is that it really does not favor the defense and you can bet that if any site is blowing the Baez horn, you would find it here.

    I guess Baez finally succeeded in stunning even those who tried so hard to support him. 😀

    Cindy Anthony comforts her husband Geroge

    George Anthony’s suicide note is setback for Anthony defense
    Casey Anthony’s father wrote in a suicide note that he had unanswered questions about what happened to his granddaughter, a revelation that undercuts defense claims that the toddler drowned accidentally and he helped cover it up.
    End of Quote

  110. conniefl says:

    To me the good doctor looked and talked like she had had one too many cocktails at lunch. That entire exercise seemed to be a wasted testimony to me. Had to laugh when she said it sounded like that person needed help when Ashton described Casey’s actions to her. Why anyone would put themselves out there like that I have no idea except one.. self promotion. Seemed like she wanted to do quite a bit of it til she was reined in.

    Glad the suicide note finally squashed George rumors and innuendos. No wonder Baez wanted it kept under wraps. Doesn’t fit in at all with his theory. Neither does Roy Kronk or anything else. I have a feeling there are going to be fireworks in the old jailhouse July 4 or therebouts.

    Bill Shaeffer mentioned when she had the competency tests done that sometimes they do that if the defendant is insisting to be heard on the stand. I can just see that with Casey. After all she thinks she is “such a good liar”.

  111. nan11 says:

    Ahh, all is right with my world now–Mr. Sheaffer and Kathi’s nightly video has finally appeared.

    BILL SHEAFFER: Analysis Of Casey Murder Trial Day 42
    Video Summary:

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer talked to reporter Kathi Belich about George Anthony’s emotional testimony on day 42 of Casey’s trial. (06/29/11)

  112. Sherry says:

    conniefl~ haha! I just read someone else comment the same thing – it did seem like the doctor was a little tipsy. She certainly was animated! IMO, she came off as a bit of a fraud.

    It cracked me up when Ashton asked if she had any peer reviewed papers and she mentioned Barnes and Noble. Ashton then asked if she knew what a peer reviewed journal was and she said “yes”. Oh, brother! 🙄

  113. calli patti says:

    thanks Nan for the link to Bill. The trial has had its moments and I knew trials can be tedious but this trial had very few over the top moments for me. Casey has been well behaved, the Anthonys sort of what I expected and the defense, I dont know. The defense had little to work with and they muddy up their own case. All of the accusations/stories had to be put out there by Casey. I do wonder if George knows that it is Casey not Baez who said those awful things about him?
    Casey not only had to say them but ok Baez’s defense strategy.
    Just rambling, its been a long week.

  114. Hello everyone. Anyone up to writing a post for me?? My daughter arrives from Chicago shortly so I will not be as attentive in here. If anyone decides to put the pen to paper, I will copy it and paste it in a new post. Good luck!

    The post must be related to what went on in court today. Now don’t everyone go into hiding because I will find you.

  115. Redrelaxed says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Now as if this case couldn’t get any more convoluted. You won’t believe this!
    This young man could possibly be Caylee’s Daddy, as he has a colorful family background.

  116. Frankie says:

    Red, WOW! Thanks for the link. Another piece of the puzzle, maybe.

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