A Means to His End

Do you think that José Baez has been using Casey as a ‘means to his end?’ It wouldn’t be the first time that someone has used another person for their own gain. This can get a bit risky if a manipulator doesn’t realize that the one he has been using was manipulating him all the while. Sometimes the consequences can be devastating. If a verdict of “guilty of murder in the first degree” is read, we may see some dire repercussions.

Casey has been blinded by José from the beginning and it is possible that she has some romantic fantasy about her attorney. Goodness knows what Baez has led Casey to believe in their jail conversations. Rarely do we see a client spending most of the day at their attorney’s office as Casey did when she was out on bond.

José was on a Spanish talk show recently and he admitted that this case has brought him a lot of publicity. I believe he used the word ‘promotion.’

What do you think will happen to Baez when this trial is over? Do you think he will still go on lawyering or end up on some tv talk show as it’s host. I think he would make a perfect stand-up comedian. He could try to explain all the smells that come from trash, impersonate a lawyer or forensic scientist and get a few laughs.

Baez had the opportunity to convince his client to plea when the DP was off the table and, at that time, the remains had not been found.

Do you think Baez is a leech or an attorney honestly trying to get Casey off these murder charges? Do you think he will just become a nobody without Casey to hold him up? Casey has been like his security blanket in more ways than one. Notice the nice clothes that Baez wears now, compared to when he first started out.

The following song reminds me of what Casey may sing to Baez when this is all over.

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  1. Sherry says:

    Telemundo awaits! I don’t know about his law practice and law licence remaining intact after the Florida Bar and contempt charges are over with. I can just picture HHJP sending Baez to jail for 6 months in order to wipe that smirk off of his face and to cool his haughtiness. Maybe he can meet up with a few of his clients. 👿

  2. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: 😆 I enjoyed the tune, and also the post. You know it brought my memory back to a place in time when we realized that we never new the truth about how he came to be her lawyer in the first place.

    The truth of their meeting may shed a lot of light on the intentions of Mr. Baez. Is he an ambulance chaser or a bleeding heart? Regardless, State vs Casey Marie Anthony will be his claim to fame. He has denied this and said that this case will not define him. I believe he is mistaken. A case of this magnitude will most certainly define him.

    Even though many of his inadequacies have been highlighted recently, he soldiers on–seemingly unaware. In the face of contempt charges, he shrugs.

    I suppose I should give him credit for the scrappy little street fighter he appears to be. 😆

    As Casey Marie Anthony grows old in prison, I do believe he will rise to fame. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him land a show on HLN–maybe he will get the slot before the Nancy Grace Show. 😉

    Maybe even a bigger Spanish speaking network will be after him–perhaps they are already courting him. If he happens to pull a rabbit out of the hat and win this, he’ll have his choice of offers.

    There could have been a time when Casey dreamed of him getting all her charges dropped so that she could become his legal assistant. I think reality is closing that door right about now.

    Will there be a time when he is on his way down and will find the time to drop in for a visit with Miss Anthony. Maybe, but by that time she will probably have move on to a new ‘companion’. She appears to get bored easily; she likes to have a backup plan. 🙄

  3. I promised to write a stupid post about a stupid person. LOL Oh well, it is a change of pace from all the crying in my last post. Did I hear that Baez held a black belt in karate? He ends up with a beautiful wife, two homes in foreclosure and gets to go sailing on Geraldo’s yacht. When Baez was a kid, I’ll bet he dreamed about being another Columbo. We must admit that he does have the guts to go up against the best of them. He is not afraid to go against the courts orders and even makes little insults to the judge. It will be interesting to see what charges, if any, he will face when this trial is over. If Baez gets more attention than Casey, she will break out of prison and knock him off.

  4. Here are Casey cell phone records for June 16th when Caylee supposedly drowned.
    Check her cell records here….


  5. I went over to my old blog and dug up the following. I hope they still work. I had posted them in 2009. The first link has her pic but dang, you have to resgister to get into the last two links.

    ~~Christina Baez worked with her daddy, Jose Baez, in his law firm. You can read about her here~~


    Here is a pic of her; cute just like her daddy~~


    ~~And here she is again with her daddy~~


  6. Redrelaxed says:

    Jonathon, found this article written by lawyer Mark Bennett yesterday when I was cruising around the net. I had a return to jesus moment when I read it. Fits in beautifully with your post and thought you might find it interesting.

    “One can see why Baez wouldn’t want the jury hearing that Ms. Anthony chose him based on inmates’ recommendations, nor that her family was concerned that he took her case to build a reputation for himself. But that is, frankly, the least of his client’s problems.”


  7. conniefl says:

    I think Baez will go the way of Mark Furman after OJ and his good friend Geraldo Rivera after he opened Al Capone’s vault and it backfired on him. He’ll live on his fame from this trial pure and simply. Some will want him because of his name while others will shun him for the same reason. You just can’t tell human nature.
    I would think the absolute LAST place to find a lawyer would be in jail. I imagine it was his idea to sell the photos to the media and to keep it “out there” in order to find her at first. I think he fell for Casey’s story hook line and sinker until it was sinking him. After all a lot of defense lawyers don’t ask their clients if they did it or not. He probably didn’t either. I think he’s young, he’s inexperienced to the point it shows. I also think his grades throughout school and law school were borderline. Some of the things he comes up with that are wrong are law101. I get the feeling he depends on others way too much to free up most of his time and suffers for it by not meeting deadlines, etc.. His office, his staff, his responsibility. I am wondering if 90% of this case belongs actually to that little dark haired femal lawyer he has working with him. She seems pretty smart, but fresh out of law school maybe.

    Lastly his ego is doing him and this case in. He’ll be on talk shows, write a book, and live off of Casey Anthony for the rest of his life. Casey, though, will be in prison.

    The important one, though? She got to live the beautiful life for 2 years and got all the love 2 grandparents could give her to make her short life a happy one.

  8. nan11 says:

    Before we get too settled into believeing the version of how Jose Baez came to represent Casey Anthony (as per the statements in the jailhouse tape recordings made by Miss Anthony herself to brother Lee), let’s review this old blog by Richard Hornsby:
    Attorney of Record in Record Time
    Dec 28th, 2009 by Richard Hornsby.
    Quote from Richard Hornsby:
    Because I can not think of any sane attorney who would:
    1. Respond to a telephone call from a recently arrested inmate within four hours.
    2. Actually be able to meet with an inmate within four hours of receiving a call (did he not have any other meetings that Thursday or say, court?).
    3. Agree to take on an inmate’s case, without speaking to a third party guarantor.
    4. File a Notice of Appearance without first obtaining a very significant down payment from the Third Party guarantor.
    End of Quote
    And let’s remember that when the lips of Casey Anthony are moving, we can count on every word being a lie. A family trait, it would seem. MOO

  9. nan11 says:

    If anyone is interested in background information on Jose Baez, I would recommend the following links.

    Lawyer of the Day: Jose Baez, Counsel to Casey Anthony
    10 Jun 2011 at 3:38 PM, Crime, Lawyer of the Day, Litigators, Murder, Trials
    An order by the Supreme Court of Florida states that he was denied admission because of his failure to pay child support to his ex-wife and secure life and health insurance for his teenage daughter. It states that he had previously declared bankruptcy, written bad checks and defaulted on student loans, the court said.
    End of Quote:

    Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, rejected by Florida Bar on first try
    Henry Pierson Curtis l Orlando Sentinel, Sunday, May 3, 2009
    Born in Puerto Rico in 1969, Baez told reporters he grew up in the Bronx and South Florida with his mother, a single parent. He dropped out of Homestead High School in ninth grade.

    He married at 17, became a father, earned a GED diploma and joined the Navy in 1986.

    In the next six years, Baez divorced, attended Miami-Dade Community College and graduated from Florida State University. A black belt in tae kwon do, Baez competed with the karate, pistol and crime-scene team from FSU’s chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, a fraternity of criminology majors.

    According to the Supreme Court summary of the case, the Board of Bar Examiners filed formal allegations against J.A.B. in September 1998. In addition to unpaid child support, a personal bankruptcy and default on a student loan, the investigators said he left out parts of his history, including that he wrote a bad check and entered a pretrial program to avoid conviction.

    Investigators also found fault with J.A.B.’s participation in a foreign-studies program in summer 1995 and his leasing of a Mazda Miata in Miami — unnecessary expenses when he owed money to others, they said.

    After a formal hearing, the board found the allegations proven and recommended that he not be admitted to the Bar.
    End of Quote

  10. nan11 says:

    J: 😳 Sorry about the first link in my comment of 11:35 am not directing you to the right place when you click on it. I will place the correct one below.

    Lawyer of the Day: Jose Baez, Counsel to Casey Antjhony
    ☛ By JUGGALO LAW, 10 Jun 2011 at 3:38 PM
    An order by the Supreme Court of Florida states that he was denied admission because of his failure to pay child support to his ex-wife and secure life and health insurance for his teenage daughter. It states that he had previously declared bankruptcy, written bad checks and defaulted on student loans, the court said.
    End of Quote:

  11. nan11 says:

    Here is another interesting link–this time a short video from YouTube. It may prove to be a timely review as it was reported on Saturday morning that Jim Hoover was waiting in the wings to be called to the stand.

    Jim Hoover was the private investigator who was never offically employed as a private investigator for the Anthony’s. 😆

    Instead he volunteered his time and assisted Mr. Dominic Casey. Jim Hoover was the man behind the video recorder while Dominic Casey tromped through the woods. Rod and spade accompanied Mr. Casey as he searched for the remains of the once beautiful Caylee Marie Anthony.

    Now, why would Baez call Jim Hoover to the stand instead of Dominic Casey? Is he stealing a page from the state–ie, Mr. Kronk came with some cumbersome baggage, so the state chose to play his 911 call and have the law enforcement officer who responded take the stand.

    In this vein, is Baez calling Hoover to the stand in order to avoid the incriminating answers that Dominic Casey may be able to provide?

    Did Jose Baez Tell P.I. Casey Not To Call 911?

    Imho, Jose Baez should tread very carefully here, he is outclassed by the assistant state attorneys. Attempting to match them in their tactics could cause a big fall from grace. But then, I have been wrong so many times I have lost count. 😉

  12. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I noticed you mentioned Cindy’s phone records in a comment above. Below you will find a link for a short video from Tony Pipitone, who has done some of our homework for us. 🙂

    Tony Pipitone Dissects Cindy Anthony’s Testimony
    Video Summary:
    A day after surprising prosecutors with her testimony, the mother of Casey Anthony, who is accused of killing her daughter, Caylee, was again called to testify.

    Quote at about 2:01 minutes in:
    Tony Pipitone: But we checked her work records as well. For the day she claimed she was home in March, the day someone searched for chloroform on the family computer–that day showed she did not just put down eight hours a day–on March 17th, 10 hours; and on the 21st, 9.5 hours–not just eight hours.

    And as for submitting for 40 hours a week–that week, the one the state will argue her daughter, Casey, surfed the web for ways to make choloroform three months before they claimed Casey Anthony murdered her daughter, the records show Cindy put in for 48.5 hours; the previous week–44 hours.
    End of Quote

    So, we know she lied–yet again, on the stand and under oath. She does this as her charming daughter, who is now an inmate of the state of Florida, smirks her pleasure at her mother. (Cindy Anthony also said under oath that she thought she had brought her daughter up to tell the truith–example goes a long way, folks. MOO)

    But we are left with only prayers that Linda Drane Burdick can find a way to point this out to the jury. 😕

  13. nan11 says:

    J: This is another quote from the same video as linked in my comment of 12:25 PM. This part of it pertains specifically to the phone records. 😆

    What do you think? Has she covered her lying butt by adding that she may have called her hubby on his work phone? Surely the state hasn’t subpoenaed those? Or have my prayers been answered and we will learn that they did?

    And can Linda Drane Burdick find a way to get these records entered into evidence and make the jury aware of these important facts? And what about the jury–will they take the time to review these records? Will they see the lie or will they see only the pictures of Caylee climbing the ladder to the pool?

    Tony Pipitone Dissects Cindy Anthony’s Testimony
    Quote at about 0:40 seconds in:
    Tony Pipitone: But did she really call her husband, George?
    Linda Drane Burdick: You said that you called George when you made that discovery?
    Cindy Anthony: Yes, I did.
    Linda Drane Burdick: Did you call George from the house phone?
    Cindy Anthony: I’m not sure if I used the house phone or my cell phone; but, I did; but, I did call Goerge.
    Tony Pipitone: Local 6 reviewed all calls from both Cindy’s cell phone and the house phone for that day and found no such call. And clearly the state knows it too:
    Linda Drane Burdick: It’s not like there was a work phone where you could get him at–at his security job. You had to call him on his cell phone.
    Cindy Anthony: He had two phones. He had a work phone and his cell phone, and sometimes I did call him on his work phone if he didn’t pick up on his cell phone.
    Tony Pipitone: If the jury is to believe the defense theory that Caylee drowned–it may have to believe what Cindy said about that call to George; as well as when she claimed yesterday to be home at a time her company time cards suggest she was at work.
    End of Quote

  14. Here is the thing if Casey got Jose Baez number from a fellow inmate or anyone at the Jail ect.Why was she represented by a Lady Public Defender on her first apearance in court?Could be that Jose saw or heard of her an some how enveigled his way into her presance..We know he is a liar an sneaky.

  15. Nan11, I see you have been a busy beaver in here again….good for you. BTW, upthread, I posted Casey’s cell phone records, not Cindy’s. I wanted to show who she called and texted on the morning of June 16th when Caylee supposedly drowned. I hope the state got Cindy’s phone records and knocks her flat on her tush.

  16. nan11 says:

    Ecossie Possie: Oh, good tune. If human man can’t find the courage to set her behind on fire, I hope the big guy in the sky will do so.

    That is one judgement day she will not be able to avoid. 😉

  17. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Shame on me, I should have noticed that. 😳

    Now that you have brought it to my attention, I was once again struck by the sheer amount of time she spent on her cell phone. If we add to that the info from the computer forensics–we have a picture of a young woman who murdered her daughter in a minute here and a minute there mode.

    It still shocks me–the coldness and calculation of it; the determination and focus to complete her goal. {Shudder!}

    The defense was very wise not to commit themselves to an exact time. Small wonder–they probably couldn’t find any free time period that lasted long enough to give their ‘story’ any backing.

    Remember on the day of her indictment, George asked us to pray between the hours of 11:00 am and 11 pm. I always wondered about that. Was Caylee left suffering for hours (possibly under constraint in her mother’s bedroom) as her mother completed the murder of her daughter step by methodical step, just the way she had planned, in between a phone call here and a text message there.

    IMOO, this is absolute proof of first degree murder. The is no reasonable doubt. None. Whether the state proved it to the jury, is another matter.

    I also remember on that day that George asked us to send money and cards to his beloved daughter. 😦

  18. nan11 says:

    Ecossie Possie: He is all that and more, imo. It was also rumored that Casey could have known his daughter from their high-school days. This was never confirmed.

    I always wondered if Casey hadn’t contacted him some months previously when her mother first began to harass her over her thievery. She also had to have been putting some plan in place to protect herself from Amy–in the event she couldn’t convince Amy a second time that she had misplaced her money while sleep-walking.

    This would all fall under the attorney-client privilege and the truth will never come to light. 😐

  19. Nan11, in last nite’s dream, Ann Finnell was sitting in Mason’s chair at the defense table. I wonder if we will find out anything tomorrow. I hope the state will put on a rebuttal with fire and brimstone. I wonder why Jim Hoover was hanging around the courthouse. I suppose the defense will put him on the stand long enough to say Caylee’s remains were not out in the woods when he and Dominic searched. Other than that, I can’t imagine what else he would be good for. Are we going to hear Kronk and River Cruz? It seems like we may be stuck with Dr Furton. I am sure the jury will love to hear more forensic evidence. Not.

  20. calli patti says:

    Hey room, Have you read Dave’s post on Saturdays events? Interesting idea.
    From personal expierence attorneys are hired based severity of crime and how severe “you think your charges are”.
    A first timer arrested for not paying a ticket might go out and hire the best attorney there is. A jail holding cell, even for a few hours can be very scary. Most people that are a “little bit ” intelligent know that the best attorney you can afford will be better than other choices.
    I was shocked that Casey and her family did not do that. As time went on I could somewhat understand. Casey’s need for control and her guilt. There is no way Casey wants her parents involved in her life. Casey really doesn’t want to be near them in any way.

    A good attorney from a good group (proven reputations) would never have tolerated Casey’s stories. A good firm would have handled this case much differently. Better than Baez, I don’t know that?
    However, Casey would not had been the lead attorney.

  21. calli patti says:

    Eccosie, most of the time if your family does not get an attorney into the jail house for you, then the public defenders office has a person in the courtroom that will answer the courts question. At the first appearance the defendant states who their attorney is or if they want the public defenders office. Usually….

    ps…. for a reputable attorney or their firm it can be $500. – $1,000. for a (one) jail visit. Baez at that time, a total guess here, was probably not charging anywhere near that.

  22. Newbie says:

    Okay, I am sure I am day dreaming now with “what ifs” but what if Mason found out that the prosecution team had already obtained evidence of Cindy’s lies. And, what if Lee had just had enough and wanted to tell all. What if Mason wanted Baez and Casey to change course and attempt a plea agreement. And, what if….what if….what if we don’t find out tomorrow !!!

  23. Newbie, whatever it was that the defense wanted to discuss with Judge Perry was off the record and under seal. Now what could that have been? The state was not privy to hearing whatever went on. Once the matter was discussed then the state was allowed into chambers. This is not the first mystery that we have tried to figure out and you may be right, we may never know. Look at the time when Baez left the court at noon and we never ever found out why.

  24. nan11 says:

    J: Have you been dreaming, too? I had one about a serial murderer!! It woke me right up and I had to go around the house checking all my windows and doors. My cats thought it was party time and they had high hopes that I would let them go outside for awhile. Needless to say, I dashed their hopes. 😆

    Concerning Ann Finnell, I believe it was mentioned on HLN yesterday (so,one must consider the source), that she has been missing in action. Some have been surprised by her absence, and are wondering why.

    Personally I think Ms. Finnell has true moral convictions and would have problems defending Casey in the guilt phase (because she, like the rest of them, knows the truth. moo) She will rise to the challenge if a death phase is required; because, after all, it’s apples and oranges. To ask for mercy that even an underserving person’s life be spared is an honorable pursuit. The actions that the defense team of Miss Anthony are partaking in right now are not. MOO.

    Concerning, Jim Hoover–he did make the video and I’m wondering if they will try to play it. I can’t see how it fits in with the defense theory of accidental drowning and incest–but, who knows? I think it would probably raise an objection and will be vetoed by the judge with yet another admonishment.

    I think anything else Hoover might know would be considered heresay; however, it would be interesting (if he would tell the truth under oath.) Also, considering any ‘truth’ he might have–he was lied to many times by Dominic Casey and the Anthony’s, as was everyone else.

    One more thing, he was present on Dec. 11, 2008, when the A’s were celebrating at the Ritz and he did go lock up the home on Hopespring Dr. after law enforcement had completed their search warrant.

    Here is a couple of links for various interviews Mr. Hoover did:
    This one contains sub-links to his deposition by Morgan and Morgan as well as a short video by Kathi Belich.
    WFTV: Anthony Family Private Eye Testifies Under Oath

    And this one contains raw video links to an interview he gave to WFTV and also to another video report.
    WFTV: P.I. Says Partner Knew Where Caylee Anthony’s Body Was

    And last but not least, I think the defense will definitely call Roy Kronk–the troubled Ms. Cruz I’m not so sure about. 😉

  25. nan11 says:

    This is a short video from an eposide of Geraldo which aired last night on Fox News. It’s really worse than JVM–there is much of it that can’t be understood because the two of them are so busy talking over each other. Eventually Ms. Pirro gets around to the duct tape but her argument is weak.

    I don’t understand this. The state believes the murder weapon was the duct tape; but, they too spent many more precious hours discussing the dang chloroform searches. Ugh!!! I’m frustrated.

    Geraldo Rivera & Jeanine Pirro Get Heated Over Anthony Case
    Sub-Heading: Geraldo on why Casey Anthony shouldn’t be put to death

    ‘Attaboy, Geraldo, make your old friend Baez proud.

  26. nika says:

    I can’t believe everyone is dreaming . Mine was the defense was holding Dominic Casey’s depo. It has just been released. I think he stated that Cindy knew where Caylee was and gave the information to him or Baez told him. He just got the wrong spot. He probably would have continued to search if the terrain had been more suitable or if people hadn’t been following him. I think Cindy, Lee and possibly George all knew where Caylee was. Something happened that involved the defense a whole lot more than the State. Someone turned in the whole story. Who is the mystery. It’s just funny that Casey said ” That’s what I’ve been saying” to DS. when she was reading the screen. Cindy received a text and left the courtroom to go to the restroom. Who is telling her the story.

  27. Niki, my gosh what you say makes so much sense. I just hope and pray that the truth will all come out. Of course, we will never know how Caylee was murdered. Casey will take that to her grave.

  28. Nan11, it was hard watching Geraldo and Jeanine Pirro. Listening to people talk over each other is a pain. Geraldo said he was going to Orlando and kick some butt. I expect Florida will change all it’s laws just for him.

  29. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: If you’re interested, WebSleuth’s has a blog talk radio show now. It’s open to everyone and they have a live chat. The guests tonight are Richard Hornsby and Beth Karas. It started 10 minutes ago; but they are still talking about Saturday’s happenings.


  30. For those who think that Lee Anthony’s tears were real…. look at the beginning of this video.. watch Lee deliberately rubs something in the corners of his eyes. Notice how fast his eyes get red. He then takes a kleenex out and sticks it in the corners of this eyes. Lee is one heck of a poor actor. This performance was all orchestrated by Lee and Baez with Casey’s blessings. Here is the video.


  31. Nan11, I am listening to the blog radio now. Thanks.

  32. margaret says:

    O.K. all tell me I’m crazy. All of the A’s seem to be doing an about face on everything, Is it possible that Cindy did forget to put the ladder down because she could not wait to corner Casey about the money stolen from Cindys parents? The neighbors told Mark Furman about the loud argument they had heard that night and it was told by Lee , but when Mark asked Cindy and George about it, they both denied It.Is it possible Caylee could have gotten scared of the fighting and got out to the pool,fell in and drowned. Cindy’s brother knew about the fight too. Didn’t Casey leave for a while that night. Maybe they each thought the other had Caylee and she wasn’t found till next morning and it became a family cover up affair. Still does not answeer the quetionsof duct tape, hiding body and not reporting. It’s just so crazy and the way this family acts it only seems to get crazier. The neighbors told Mark Furman that Casey was saying very bad things to her mother.I know I’ve been watching too much trial, and when it is over I have a feeling I won’t know anymore than I do now. There is a new twist everyday and I know JP can’t wait for it to be over. God bless him.

  33. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I ‘saw’ you over there. 😉 The best part of that was right at the first; but I missed a little bit, too. I don’t know how long it takes before it’s available for replay.

    Anyway, change of subject. Someone in chat linked this youtube video. It is called “Caylee’s Team” and yes it shows the very same picture that Laurali linked for us. Also, it is set to a pretty good tune and it mentions the hawk. I thought you might enjoy it.

    If you think it is more suitable to the Coffee Cafe thread, I won’t mind a bit if you move it over there.

    Caylee’s Team

  34. nan11 says:

    Margaret: I share many of your feelings, believe me.

    However, if the baby drowned why wrap duct tape around her face? Why roll her in a blanket and drive around with her in the trunk of the vehicle? Why triple bag her and throw her in the swamp?

    The facts don’t fit a drowning. Remember the words of Dr. G–the facts fit a homicide.

    Cindy is/was a licensed RN. And most likely a very good one–these professionals are trained to focus on details. We saw from the pictures the great care Cindy was exhibiting towards Caylee as she helped her in the pool. Nope, I’m not buying that Cindy forgot that ladder that night or any night.

    After Casey murder Caylee, she put that ladder up to the pool for some nefarious reason. She told Tracy McLaughlin she need the shove to get the ladder out of the pool. So, who knows.

    Another thing, the day Cindy noticed the ladder up to the pool (and she really is not sure what day it was), the gate to the backyard was also left open. It’s just another strange little fact that doesn’t fit.

  35. Nan11, that was a good radio show. I couldn’t get my chat to load at Simon’s this afternoon but had no problem with Websleuths. I tried to register at Websleuth almost two years ago and was rejected but do not know why. Some of the links you post, I cannot see because it says I am not logged in. Beth Karas seems to be very sharp and not dramatic, thank goodness.

  36. I typed out the following from Casey’s cell phone records. I would love to know in what time slot Caylee may have drowned on June 16th. I still maintain that Caylee was murdered close to midnight on June 15th and will believe that until can prove otherwise.
    June 15th…Casey talked with Tony on her cell until 3:22am

    June 16th….
    7:45am……..Anthony home calls Casey’s cell
    7:45am……..retrieves voice msg
    8:46am……..Casey calls Tony
    11:43am…….Casey texts Tony
    11:47am…….Tony texts Casey
    11:52am…….Text msg
    12:53pm…….Casey calls Tony
    12;55pm…….Tony calls Casey
    1:00pm……..Tony calls Casey
    1:26pm……..Casey calls Jesse
    1:27pm……..Jesse calls Casey
    1:44pm……..Casey calls Amy
    2:52pm……..Jesse calls Casey
    3:04pm……..1-404-403-3564 calls Casey
    3:23pm……..Casey rec’s text msg
    3;35pm……..Casey rec’s text msg
    3:35pm……..Casey calls Tony
    4:10pm……..Casey calls George at Lexus
    4:11pm……..Casey calls Cindy’s cell
    4:11pm……..Casey calls Cindy’s cell
    4:13pm……..Casey calls Cindy’s cell
    4:13pm……..Casey calls Cindy’s cell
    4:14Pm……..Casey calls George at Lexus
    4:18pm……..Tony calls Casey
    4:19pm……..Casey calls Tony
    4:21pm……..Casey calls Jesse
    4:21pm……..Casey calls Jesse
    4:25pm……..Casey calls Cindy’s cell
    4:53pm……..Casey rec’s text msg
    5:57pm……..Casey rec’s text msg
    6:31pm……..Casey calls Cindy’s cell
    6:32pm……..Casey calls Cindy’s cell
    6:33pm……..Casey rec’s text msg
    6:34pm……..Casey rec’s text msg
    6:34pm……..Casey rec’s text msg
    7:06pm……..Casey calls Anthony home
    7:20pm……..Casey calls Amy
    7:21pm……..Casey calls Amy
    8:03pm……..Annie Downing calls Casey
    8:03pm……..Casey retrieves voice msgs

  37. nan11 says:

    Margaret: Cindy’s brother Rick heard about that fight from the “Scared Monkeys” forum. He used to comment over there.

    The neighbours could not confirm what night that fight occurred. Various neighbours heard them fighting at different times, IYKWIM.

    Lee apparently told Jesse about ‘the’ fight on the 15th of June; but Lee wasn’t there. George wasn’t there. Only Cindy, Casey and Caylee were home that evening–and it was after 7:00 pm before Casey arrived.

    Casey talked practically nonstop on her cell phone that evening right up until about twenty minutes after three in the early morning hours of June 16, 2008. In her free time she was uploading pictures and things on her photobucket account. Who knows how much time she spent on MySpace.

    When or who got Caylee ready for bed, I have never heard. Cindy testified that Caylee slept in bed with Casey (which I find horrifying), but a ‘bedtime’ was never mentioned.

    I believe George got home from work around 11:00 PM.

    Seriously, if someone put their hands around your neck and choked you, there would be bruises. Tony Lazzaro reported seeing no such thing. If there was a fight, it was one of many and if Cindy choked Casey, she didn’t choke her long enough to leave marks.

    We now know for a fact that Lee is as big a liar as the rest of them. The only way he could know about a fight is if Cindy told him–Cindy the queen of denial and the master of lies.

    The car smell like there had been a dead body in it. Five months later they found the baby’s skull wrapped with duct tape wrapped around it. Discarded in a swamp.

    Please. This was no accident. This was murder. A heinous, atrocious, and cruel murder. Committed in cold and calculating manner.

    Murder in the first degree.

  38. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I have quite a bit of problems getting that chat to download at Simon’s, and I have never tried at WebSleuths.

    I have found that I end up missing half the radio show while I fuss with the chat loggin business. I have decided I would rather hear the radio show. 😆

    Usually there is no problem joining WebSleuths–but they require your main e-mail address. For example–the e-mail address you have for me is my main e-mail address and that is the one I registered with at WebSleuth’s. I don’t think they will take Yahoo or anything like that.

    You can feel safe to give it to them–they will never, ever publish it or give it out. They have something they call Private Messages or PM’s so that members can exchange private e-mails with one another. Also, everyone has their own blog page if they want and everone has a personal page where they can list their interests and a few things like that.

    They are very strict, though. They will give time-outs if you don’t follow their rules and sometimes they outright ban people. They give lots of chances, though.

  39. Re Casey’s cell record…. there is a time slot between 8:46am and 11:43am…. I wonder if there was computer actvity in that time span. I guess the defense really studied the phone records to pick a good time for the accidental drowning. I hope the computer forensics will save the day.

  40. Nan11, since the trial will soon be over, I wont bother to register at this time. I seldom venture too far away from this blog. I read at a couple WPress blogs and Dave’s OM and his SSpace.

  41. Could Jeff Ashton and the state be in serious trouble? I noticed something in the courtroom that makes me suspect that this could be the legal issue that arose. It was Jeff Ashton’s quick reaction right after Baez threatened that he was going to file a motion re Rodriguez and Ashton wanting the 24 hrs to review the depo. It would be cause for a mistrial.
    Read on….

    Rather than get him fired, Defense attorneys dropped Rodriguez from the witness list. But they raised questions to Judge Perry about the circumstances of the Defense Department contact with Ashton. They also questioned why Ashton asked for, and received, an additional 24 hours to review Rodriguez’s deposition after he already knew Rodriguez was unlikely to testify.

    The issue is potentially serious because any contacts made on behalf of the state attorney’s office with the intention of preventing Rodriguez from returning to the witness stand could amount to a form of witness tampering.



  42. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: The defense didn’t give a time–I’m guessing they were vague for a reason.

    I honestly think she was a busy girl on the computer that morning–that is just going from memory. I’ll try to come up with some info on the computer forensics.

    I just went through your link for the phone calls and I found a little gap between 11:44 pm and 1:05 am. I think George used the home computer until about midnight that evening. I got to wondering if she whipped up a batch of chloroform and went to work before she resumed her convo with TonE.

    The rest of it was so terrible that I deleted my post. 😆

    I think my serial murderer may visit me again tonight. Yikes!

    I know what you mean about not venturing too far away from your blog. I don’t know how you keep everything up as it is.

    I seldom comment at WebSleuth’s. It’s contains a tremendous wealth of information, though. And not just on the Anthony case–I don’t think you could name a case that they don’t have a thread (or many threads) on.

  43. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Well, we should have something more solid to go on by morning. I reviewed that very part of the trial around 4:00 this afternoon.

    I don’t really believe it was that, the defense was going to file a motion and they were going to have a hearing on it–either at 8:30 am or at the end of a trial day.

    I may eat my words but Jeff Ashton is the shining light in this trial–without him the state would be nowhere. I simply do not believe he did anything that he should not have–he challenged the defense to investigate. He told them to bring it on.

    It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been wrong though. 😐

  44. At 10;14 into video, they start to discuss Dr Rodriguez. At around 15:34, is when Ashton tries to smooth things over. This is what I found suspicious.


    I did notice that when Baez went up to the podium, Mason did not stick around.

  45. nan11 says:

    J–There is more to that at about 24:38 minutes in. ‘Nite. 😉

  46. Nan11, that is about the evidentiary hearing…. hmmm

    Nite nite

  47. Sherry says:

    J~ I was at Andrea’s blog and a commentor named RahRah mentioned that it may be that Casey wants Mason to take the lead. Then I went over to Kim’s and a couple of commentors had this video posted-and now I’m thinking that is what happened-that Casey wants Mason as lead counsel.


    What kept bugging me was that the court day was cancelled and I knew that HHJP meant business about working Saturdays. If this is the case then the Saturday was spent with Baez helping Mason to take the lead.

  48. margaret says:

    Sherry that was a vicious look. I had not seen that video, she was ready to duct tape Baez!!!!!!!Thats probably the face Baby Caylee saw.

  49. nan11 says:

    The wait is almost over.
    Testimony Continues After Abrupt Recess In Casey Trial
    Video Summary:
    Casey Anthony’s murder trial continues to day 40 on Monday, after court was abruptly recessed 45 minutes after it was supposed to start. (06/27/11)

  50. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Please forgive me if this is a blog you would rather not have linked here. This particular post has some real good comic relief in it; albeit ‘dark’ humor.

    I’m just trying to pass some time as I wait for Mr. Sheaffer to begin on WFTV.

    EggTree News Blog: Hurricane Casey Highlights
    According to Cindy, whose memory is the only one that gets better with time, the stain in the trunk with an outline of a small child in the fetal position was there when they bought the car years ago. You know, the stain that reeks of decomp to this day.
    End of Quote:

  51. nan11 says:

    J–Interesting, no?
    Ann Finnell is here. This is the first time she has been here since jury selection. #CaseyAnthony -jfell
    by cfnews13casey via twitter at 8:19 AM
    End of Quote

  52. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Bill says the fact that Ann Finnell is there is very concerning. Now he even thinks a plea may be forthcoming.

    Wowzers! Justice for Caylee.

  53. nan11 says:

    My, my. In walks Casey all smiles in a crisp white blouse. ❓

  54. nan11 says:

    Now Mr. Sheaffer is saying Casey’s body language doesn’t work with a plea.

    He is almost suggesting a mistrial. He says he does not want to sepculate any more. He says maybe a legal issue is to be argued.

    They just said Dominic Casey and Jim Hoover is in the hall. Furton is there, too. Bill is now saying witnesses wouldn’t be lined up if there was going to be pleas or mistrial.

    He thinks Ann Finnell is going to argue a motion to dismiss.

    Oh, dear. Not much longer. Please.

  55. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I don’t know who tweeted this but here it is for what it is worth:
    #CaseyAnthony Breaking News: Prosecution: Defense again asking for mistrial over jury/death penalty qualification issue. Finnell requesting,
    End of Quote
    Yuck, my tummy is upset.

  56. nan11 says:

    Nine minutes past the hour and no Judge Perry. I think that worries me more than anything else.

  57. nan11 says:

    WESH: Casey Defense Files New Motion For Mistrial
    Sub-Heading: Motion Cites South Florida Judge’s Ruling”
    Casey Anthony defense attorney Ann Finnel filed a motion for mistrial Monday morning based on a recent opinion from a Florida judge.
    The motion asked that a new jury be seated in the case that is not death penalty qualified.
    End of Quote

  58. nan11 says:

    Okay. There was a ‘competency to proceed’ motion. The court ordered 3 independant experts to take a look at Ms. Anthony. The reports are under seal but the court finds the defendant competent to proceed.

    Woot! Woot! Ploy didn’t work.

  59. nan11 says:

    The jury is back and the defense calls Detective Yuri Melich. {sigh}

    I’m relieved.

  60. Redrelaxed says:

    Plop plop Fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is!

    I nearly fell off my couch laughing, she’s competent! No kidding. Now the question begs is Baez?

    Dominic Casey is outside and will hopefully testify today!

  61. Baez drank too much Red Bull this morning.

  62. WaNana
    June 27, 2011 – 10:39 am
    Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure

    3.212. Competence to Proceed: Hearing and Disposition

    (a) Examination by Experts. Upon appointment by the court, the experts shall examine the defendant with respect to the issue of competence to proceed, as specified by the court in its order appointing the experts to evaluate the defendant, and shall evaluate the defendant as ordered.

    (1) The experts shall first consider factors related to the issue of whether the defendant meets the criteria for competence to proceed; that is, whether the defendant has sufficient present ability to consult with counsel with a reasonable degree of rational understanding and whether the defendant has a rational, as well as factual, understanding of the pending proceedings.

    (2) In considering the issue of competence to proceed, the examining experts shall consider and include in their report:

    (A) the defendant’s capacity to:

    (i) appreciate the charges or allegations against the defendant;

    (ii) appreciate the range and nature of possible penalties, if applicable, that may be imposed in the proceedings against the defendant;

    (iii) understand the adversary nature of the legal process;

    (iv) disclose to counsel facts pertinent to the proceedings at issue;

    (v) manifest appropriate courtroom behavior;

    (vi) testify relevantly; and

    (B) any other factors deemed relevant by the experts.

    (b) Factors to Be Evaluated. If the experts should find that the defendant is incompetent to proceed, the experts shall report on any recommended treatment for the defendant to attain competence to proceed. In considering the issues relating to treatment, the examining experts shall report on:

    (1) the mental illness or mental retardation causing the incompetence;

    (2) the treatment or treatments appropriate for the mental illness or mental retardation of the defendant and an explanation of each of the possible treatment alternatives in order of choices;

    (3) the availability of acceptable treatment. If treatment is available in the community, the expert shall so state in the report; and

    (4) the likelihood of the defendant attaining competence under the treatment recommended, an assessment of the probable duration of the treatment required to restore competence, and the probability that the defendant will attain competence to proceed in the foreseeable future.

    (c) Written Findings of Experts. Any written report submitted by the experts shall:

    (1) identify the specific matters referred for evaluation;

    (2) describe the evaluative procedures, techniques, and tests used in the examination and the purpose or purposes for each;

    (3) state the expert’s clinical observations, findings, and opinions on each issue referred for evaluation by the court, and indicate specifically those issues, if any, on which the expert could not give an opinion; and

    (4) identify the sources of information used by the expert and present the factual basis for the expert’s clinical findings and opinions.

  63. Thanks to Wa na for above info…………..I think thats what the shouting by C Mason could have been about on Sat,,,Casey informed him she wishes to take the stand .He yells an tells her oh no you dont no way She says yes way.So he then moves to have her declared nuts ..I M O…………..

  64. Furton is boring the jury and me too.

  65. nan11 says:

    Motion To Determine Competency To Proceed, Signed by J. Cheney Mason on June 25, 2011

    Page 3 of link contains: Emergency Order Appointing Expert For Competency Evaluation

  66. Woulldnt Casey have been sent to a secure mental hospital if found in competant to understand proceedings?Ed Gein was found incompetant an spent his life in a max secure mentallt hospital..Or would she have been released into the care of her very normal family?

  67. The competency evaluation was a waste of the courts times and just meant for a delay.

  68. It was Ann Finnel’s effort in trying to get the DP off the table and having to get a whole new jury that was not DP qualified. It didn’t work.

  69. Redrelaxed says:

    Ecossie, maybe she’s lied and changed her story so much; her DT can’t make heads nor tails out of what’s true or not at this venture. I feel that Lee’s recent testimony or lack thereof had a lot to do with the filing of this incompetency motion. Oh oh, Daddy and Bro Lee are not going to explain away the bizarre coping during the 31 days after Caylee “drowned”. I feel based on her narcissistic tendencies, she definitely wants to spew her new and improved lies to the jury. Thanks for the explanation re ~ Wa Na.
    Oh J, the dull and arrogant Dr. Furton is going to wish he never took this job when Ashton is finished with him.

  70. Well it is getting close to a lunch break. The defense will never wrap by Wednesday. I want to see Dominic Casey on the stand. I wonder how Cindy will feel seeing her old flame.

  71. Redrelaxed says:

    Could Mason be bowing out afterall? Ann Finnell is taking part in the side bars where CM is not. Lots of tension between Baez and Mason. ??? I understand that CM is presently battling prostrate cancer.

  72. Red, I know that Mason also had skin cancer removed from his face. I do think Mason wants out. I do not know how he can tolerate Baez. Ann Finnell’s role was really the penalty phase and she is death penalty qualified.

  73. calli patti says:

    I was reading the live blog at wftv and someone said there is a story on video that aired this weekend on wftv. I will be gone but maybe watch when I return

  74. The defense wants to change their story and one way to do it if Casey has come up with another story on how Caylee died. The defense can say that she lied to them about the accidental drowning or sexual abuse. Maybe she will just go with the accidental drowning and eliminate George. This may have been what Lee was discussing with Baez… “get me and dad out of this mess” and show Casey is mental. It seems like a last ditch effort to run the competency test to show Casey continues to lie. JMO

  75. nan11 says:

    Here are links to a couple of interesting write ups by WKMG.

    Psychologists Determine Casey Anthony Mentally Competent
    One of the psychologists, Dr. Ryan Hall, was interviewed by Local 6 in 2008 about his experience with studying women who have killed. At the time of the interview, Hall had not interviewed Anthony.
    End of Quote

    And, a link to that write up in 2008 where Dr. Hall was interviewed:
    Mental Health May Determine Fate Of Mom Of Missing Caylee Anthony
    “You have to have a severe mental illness, and two — due to the severe mental illness — you have to not realize what you were doing was wrong,” Hall said.
    “People found insane go to the state mental hospital, but that’s reserved for truly psychotic people. Casey just doesn’t seem to fit that bill,” Pipitone said.
    End of Quote

    Clearly, Casey’s action during the ’31 days’ indicate that she new the murder of her daughter was wrong and that she was hiding from her parents and able to creat elaborate lies. MOO

  76. Casey is not insane. She is a psycopath and they are competent to stand trial and face the consequencies. Casey is now trying to manipulate the court system. Finnell is probably trying to get her to plea but only if the DP is off the table and the state will not take it off.

  77. Baez has to continue to bring on witnesses to try and prove that the whole investigation was botched to try and cast reasonable doubt. The jury does not know about the competency evaluation so they cannot take that into consideration. We will see Ashton go after Fulton after the lunch break. It seems that they have another issue to discuss before the jury returns. I wonder if it may be related to Dr Rodriguez?? The defense may go for a mistrial again due to witness tampering. JMO

  78. nan11 says:

    Here is Mr. Boedeker with a few good quotes gleaned from popular sites. This needs to end though. I wonder what Judge Perry’s true feelings are.
    Casey Anthony: Could competency news mean she’ll take the stand?
    — posted by halboedeker on June, 27 2011 11:17 AM
    The news that Casey Anthony was examined for competency this weekend stunned TV analysts.
    End of Quote

  79. nan11 says:

    Here is a link to Judge Eaton’s page of questions and answers. Some of them are worth a read, but the one I quoted gave me a little laugh. His answer is so short it is almost abrupt–I wonder if he was not amused with the question, or was it the antics of his favorite defense team. MOO
    Ask The Judge: Competency, Alternate Jurors
    Sub-Heading: Judge O>H> Eaton Jr., WESH Legal Analyst
    Question from Kathleen, St. Cloud, Fla.: Why would the defense wait until this late in the trial to claimthat Casey Andhony may not be competent to stand trial? Do you think this is some kind of defense strategy or would you believe this is a way of preparing her to take the stand?
    Answer from Judge O.H. Eaton: Something must have happened Saturday to make the defense concerned about her competency.
    End of Quote

  80. Redrelaxed says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Miss Competent really comprehendss the gravity and seriousness of the acts she’s charged with. What?! Caylee was mine, not my mother’s, and if I wanted to get rid of her to life my beautiful life, what’s the big deal? This girl did whatever she wanted to do, including murder. Can’t wait to see Ashton in action after the break, brace yerself Furton, a freight train with no brakes is heading your way.

  81. nan11 says:

    ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘ Woot! Woot! Jeff even gets to pass a wrapper to the jury for inspection. I love it. Woot! Woot! ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘

    Baez not pleased.

  82. nan11 says:

    WESH: Casey Defense Preps For Possible Penalty Phase
    Sub-Heading: Jail Records Show Anthony’s Latest Jailhouse Visits
    While Monday marked Casey Anthony defense attorney Ann Finnell’s first appearance in the courtroom since the trial began, jail records show she hasn’t been a stranger to Anthony.
    End of Quote

  83. nan11 says:

    Judge OKs Funding For Unused Expert Witness
    Sub-Heading: Expert Removed From Guilt Phase Witness List
    Taxpayers will foot a bill for more than $6,000 for a Casey Anthony defense expert who likely won’t even testify during Anthony’s first-degree murder trial.
    An itemized list of the costs includes:
    •A 5-hour examination of Anthony for $350
    •$320 to review a CD of a Caylee Anthony memorial
    •$640 to review Anthony’s academic and childhood record
    •$435 to travel to and from Highland Beach
    End of Quote

    Link also includes secondary links to: Motion For Reimbursement and Judge’s Order.

  84. nan11 says:

    An ‘interesting’ tweet:
    interesting aside..Hoover, on stand right now, tried to sell this video 2 NBC News. He sat in my car but I never saw tape. it ended there.
    by kerrynbc via twitter at 4:05 PM
    End of Quote

  85. nan11 says:

    Dominic Casey up next. I guess they are working overtime. 😆

  86. Newbie says:

    What happened? There was a sidebar when I left my computer and now there is the sign of a break. Are they returning?

  87. Newbie says:

    Sorry bout that….a little patience on my part and my question was answered.

  88. Cindy said Teddy disapeared an yet D Casey facilitated the sending of teddy to a phycic so she could get a reading of Caylee from it.Maybe D Casey found Teddy in the woods haveing a picnic with his freinds?

  89. Ecossie, you are killing me…ha ha ha ha ha I love you, Matey!! What would we do for a good laugh without your visits? Now get out of here. I am trying to write a post and can’t see the type for laughing.

  90. Vicky says:

    Evening J – Well, I might have been wrong about the defense telling JP they needed to prepare Casey to tesitfy, but if the latest rumor mill is correct, then I wasn’t way off the mark. Sounds like she may be insisting against the advice of counsel. One thing for certain, if Casey plans to testify, the defense is right on the mark if they feel that she won’t be assisting in her defense. By the time the prosecution finishes with her, she will become their star witness. I guarantee you Casey wasn’t having a melt down. She was probably throwing a temper tantrum that her attorneys were letting people talk about her, and not supporting her desire to defend herself.
    I did notice they brought Grandma Anne in to give the twit a pat or two. I wonder if she will be the one to question Casey should she decide to testify.

  91. Vicky says:

    The again, maybe the defense is wanting to put her on and she is freaking out. Can you imagine having to keep all those lies straight under a rigorous cross examination? She will never be able to keep that nasty temper in check, and the jury will get a first hand view of that spark of pure evil that comes across her face when provoked.

  92. Great comments, everyone!

    New Post

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