Ripley’s Believe it or Maybe Not

I received the following via email and thought I would share it with my readers. The talk radio took place on 08/08/10 and maybe some of you never listened to it before. Myself, I did not know it existed. I will admit that I am a skeptic when it comes to psychics and am also leery when it comes to private investigators. It is an interesting listen. I am including part of the email which describes a bit of the radio show. I listened to most of it and it does make you wonder. I think the title of this post is aptly called, Ripley’s Believe It or Maybe Not.

This is a portion of the email that I rec’d.

I’m going to give you a link for a “blogtalkradio” show, it’s Steph Watts
He gets Jeanette (Jenny) Lucas on the line–you know, the psychic. Richard Hornsby is also in attendance . At about 19:00 minutes in, she says that Dominic Casey found that body. She backtracks a bit and talks around in circles, but it’s an interesting program.

You know, I have thought for quite a while now that Dominic Casey did find that baby’s skull (sorry for the graphics), and with the duct tape wrapped around it. When he saw this and how badly the baby’s body was spread about, I would hope he cried. (Jenny says this.) Bottom line, tears or not, when he got back to Cindy with this info–they new their party was over. If Caylee’s remains were ever found–they would speak for themselves. And, this is, indeed, what happened.

Here is the link: (she makes her “statement” at about 19:00 minutes) (it might be a good listen for a stormy day?)

Blog Talk Radio

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  1. notdomcasey says:

    I don’t recall seeing any pictures of Dom Casey wearing flippers, mask and snorkel or even a wet suit. I think it will be bought out in the trial that when he was searching there, the exact spot was under a foot or two of water. None of the photos I saw made him look like the jungle explorer that he would have had to be.

    I think also that the lies from Casey, Cindy, George, Baez, and so many more will be matched by Dom Casey, he and the truth are miles apart. Sorry Jeanette (Jenny) Lucas you are now one of the fools of the court.

  2. offthecuff says:

    Why did Dominic and Cindy then leave the body? Did they think no one would find it so just let it be? If my PI had found my grandchild, I would not want to leave her there. For Cindy and her love of Caylee, yet her mindset to save Casey, I would think she would retrieve Caylee and secretly bury her.

  3. notdomcasey~~welcome to my blog. Ginny Lucas will do anything to drum up business and it would not be beneath her to fabricate stories to do so. She has a reputation for sucking money out of unsuspecting people. She was using the blogradio to advertise herself as a dowser, psychic, stewartess and did she say that she worked for law enforcement in some capacity? Dom Casey was so mesmerized by Cindy, that he did her bidding, regardless. Every psychic, even Gale St John, claimed they knew exactly where the body was. They are nothing but con artists and Sylvia Brown is one of the biggest ones.

  4. nan11 says:

    offthecuff: I agree with your points; however, remember law enforcement down on their hands and kness, sifting through ground with sieves, trying to find each and every tiny bone.

    Maybe all he saw (remember this was in November, 2008 and the water was gone by then) was the human skull with duck tape surrounding it. (Sorry to type this, I don’t know any other way to put it.) I’m wondering if perhaps Casey, herself, had told them where to find the remains, but she neglected to mention the duct tape. I suspect the sight of what he “might have found” would be enough to make many grown men and women cry. At least, I hope so.

  5. offthecuff, welcome to my blog. It is not against the law to not report finding a corpse. I do not believe that Dominic Casey found Caylee’s remains. Ginny Lucas is making up stories. She’s a smart operator but does not convince me. If Dom had found the body, Hoover would have been the first to call LE, if Dom hadn’t of informed them. I do think that Baez gave Dominic Casey instructions to call him, if he found the body and not call LE.

    On the other side of the coin, an alive Caylee kept the donations pouring in!!

  6. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: Great title for your post, which I like also. 😆

  7. Laurali says:

    You know I think very little of D.C. and Cindy but I cannot imagine Cindy leaving Caylee in the woods. Cindy is convinced Casey did nothing wrong therefore she would have called the police. With that said did D.C. search the woods in November? Didn’t C&G do a television interview where Cindy absolutely looks drugged? Was the interview in November? I guess with this case nothing would surprise me anymore. Let’s see we have a Nanny that has fallin off the face of the earth. 2 friendly co-workers that could help Casey out by saying yep she told me Caylee was missing fall off the face of the earth.

  8. Nan11, and it was a great lady who sent me that blogradio link but I can’t tell you who. LOL I will make a post out of most anything and this was a good bit of info to discuss. I wonder where Dominic has been hiding this past while. We still don’t know if he was ever deposed by the state attorney or if he turned state’s evidence.

  9. Laura, Dominic Casey searched out at Suburban, in November on three different occasions, as per his testimony. I know James Hoover accompanied Dominic on two of those three times. Yes, there is a video interview, in November and I do believe it was after Dom searched the woods. In the interview, George did all the talking and Cindy sat cradling her arms and looked like death warmed over.

  10. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: I’m thinking that I heard that they have something by Dominic Casey under seal, but now I’m not sure about this. He appears on the States witness list, but I know this doesn’t mean anything. Now you’ve got me curious about this–I’ll keep an eye out to see if I can come up with anything.

  11. nan11 says:

    Just in case anyone wants to see it (or hasn’t seen it), here is the video of Cindy looking very distraught. This video was done November 21, 2008. Dominic Casey had searched the woods November 14 and 15, and maybe other days in this month, in 2008.

    I wonder if George knew about the searching in the woods when this video was filmed, or if Cindy was keeping it from him at this point? Also, I think Mr. NeJame had recently left them.

  12. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: 😳 I’m so sorry. I just meant to post a link. I really didn’t know this was going to happen.

  13. Nan11, yes, part of Dominic Casey’s testimony is under seal. Whatever Dominic said and Judge Strickland was privy to seeing, caused Strickland to send an information letter to the bar association to investigate Baez. You can almost figure out what that info would have been.

    As it turns out, Dominic Casey did not have to report finding a corpse/remains. It is not illegal to NOT report it to the police. Had Dominic found the remains and told Baez, Baez would not be able to report it to police without Casey’s permission. I believe this is why the bar assoc. cleared Baez of any wrong doing. I am unsure if Judge Strickland was up on the laws about reporting a dead body. You would think so. I think Strickland thought Baez may be breaking the law by telling Dominic Casey, if he found a body, do not report it to LE, call Baez instead.

    I hope you can understand my rambling on…

  14. Nan11, that video is fine, one or two showing doesn’t slow things down much. I can always do an edit and change it to just a link, later. I am so glad you found that so we can rewatch it.

  15. pam2u4u says:

    Does anyone remember around that time Cindy was talking to Sean Krause, a crime writer who has since passed away? They were sending emails and talking on the phone I believe. I have always wondered what was in those emails. They interviewed him but I never saw the emails released. I don’t think she told him anything important or he would have told LE but reading her words at the time could be insightful. Sorry I am off topic but this was during that time line and I have always been curious about them.

  16. Chan says:

    Hi Jonathon,
    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the blog talk radio link that you posted, but it sounds interesting. There’s a 60% chance of rain tomorrow with a cold front pushing through, so I should have plenty of time. I just watched George’s interview. I had forgotten about that one and you’re right, Cindy looks miserable. I remember seeing the video of Dominick Casey (I think taken by Hoover) when he was searching the area on Suburban and the abandoned house, all the while on his cell phone. I don’t recall there being any standing water at the time. I thought the whole search appeared suspicious and I wouldn’t be surprised if DC saw something.

    I hope you aren’t snowed in up there and the storms have passed. Stay warm 🙂 and thanks for your interesting blog!

  17. pam2u4u, you are right on topic and just fine. Yes, I remember Cindy had some dealings with Sean Krause before his passing. If I am not mistaken, there is an audio interview of Krause with LE. I will check for it. If I cannot find it, I know Nan11 will, if it is out there.

  18. Chan, I found the blogtalkradio very interesting. You can hear psychic/dowser Ginny Lucas use words to throw off the questioner’s train of thought. She and Cheney Mason would make a great team. If you listen closely, Ginny trips herself up by saying, “when he found her,” or something similar to that. She then tries to cover it up but, knowing how she operates, it may all have been fabricated to suit her purpose.

    When Dominic Casey was out at Suburban in November, the woods had dried up quite a bit from what it was like two months, previously. The TES searchers who went out there in September described there being feet of standing water in the woods.

    We have a mess coming in for overnight and tomorrow, a snow/rain hodgepodge topped with high winds. Yuk!

  19. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: Ah, ok. Yes, your “ramblings” make perfect sense to me, and I thank you for clearing this up for me.

    I remember them going “off the record” right near the end of one of Dominic’s interviews with Law Enforcement–so, this is probably the sealed part.

    Now, you can discover the remains of a person and legally not have to report it–but you could not move it to rearange or add anything, right? Surely this would be tampering with evidence, at the least. (More, I hope.) If this is correct, then it would, indeed, be interesting to know what instructions were given (if any of this is true).

    And, yep, I am absolutely positive that the esteemed Judge Strickland was up on all the laws.

    I really couldn’t find anything recent at all on Dominic Casey. He has a web site that appears to be up-to-date:

    And, according to this old article by WFTV, he was to be deposed by the State on December 16, 2009. Link:

    I guess he is just keeping a very low profile–probably with good reason.

  20. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: I thought this link might be a nice addition to your new post:

    Video Released of Anthony’s P.I. Searching Remains Scene

    While you’re there, the Bill Sheaffer interview is really worth checking out. He seems a little bit concerned over the conduct of Dom Casey.

    I also noticed that they are referring to this location as the “remains scene”; however, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the area where the PI actually searched was determined to be approximately 20 to 30 feet from the actual location. Still, he was very, very close.

    BYW, if anyone is unhappy with the quality of the video at this link, you can find a better viewing by going to You Tube and searching for “New Anthony Video: Dominic Casey Searches Woods. It’s quite a bit better. 🙂

    Also, there is no sound on either link. At least at one time, there was a video of this search, complete with sound–if anyone has that link, I wonder if you would consider posting it. I would be eternally grateful.

  21. nan11 says:

    And if anyone would like a little bit of information about Ginette Lucas, here is a link to a website with some info and a picture.

    Who is Ginette Lucas

  22. nan11 says:

    Hi, pam2u4u: I had a little free time, so I looked around a bit for those e-mails you mentioned above. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much.

    One thing I did find was a link to a transcript of the JVM show on June 12/09. I will quote a few lines:

    Quote: “Now, in an e-mail, there was also Excel spreadsheets about Casey`s friends and drug use. And she did descriptively tell him that she believed that Casey had something to do with Caylee`s disappearance.” End of Quote

    Also, there was a document dump on the same day as Jane’s show; and, I did look quickly through for the e-mails and spreadsheets–but I had no luck. I’m not that great at searching, though, so maybe this little bit of information might aid someone else who wants to give it a try.

    I am wondering, though, if perhaps, due to the sensitive nature of this material,(unfounded claims of drug use)–this info is even available? And Cindy had denied writing the e-mails–even claiming her computer was hacked.

    Sorry, I couldn’t be of more help; but, here is the link and there is a little more on this story at the link:

    Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell

  23. Nan11, I have a lot of catching up to do and hope to do that later this evening. We have a weather bomb here and I am hoping that I wont lose the power. Thanks for all your help.

  24. Rather than start a new post, I am going to do a bit of a recap right here. I hope you will take a few minutes and visit Nan’s News Nook. She has been one busy lady providing us with the latest information.

    Judge Perry granted the defense motion to not let Tim Miller say that Casey was going to point out on a map where the body was located.

    Judge Perry denied the defense motion to subpoena Joe Jordan and have him turn over pictures that they said he had in his possession of the woods at Suburban. As it turned out, the pictures were of Jay Blanchard park and was available on the internet by doing a google search.

    Judge Perry denied the defense motion permitting any prior bad acts of Roy Kronk to be allowed into evidence. Roy’s birthday is tomorrow and his lawyer remarked that now he can enjoy a happy birthday without this weighing on his shoulders. (not those exact words)

    Judge Perry granted the defense motion to pay $860.70 for transcripts due to Oakridge Labratory. This was over and above the rate that JAC allotted.

    Judge Perry denied the defense motion to reconsider the sanction imposed on Baez.

    There will be a hearing on Monday, Jan 24th and Casey is not due to be in attendance.

  25. pam2u4u, you had made mention of Sean Krause, now deceased, who was communicating with Cindy. I found a transcript of his interview with LE on Dec 05/08.

    Click to access 47469272.pdf

    Any email exchanges between Cindy and Krause were f’wded to LE. It was around this same time that Cindy tried to say someone hacked her email. I didn’t read anything in Krause’s transcript that would be useful at the trial.

  26. nan11 says:

    Dang, I lost my comment! I’ll have to try again. (sigh) Here goes:

    Jonathan: Here is a quote from the Orlando Sentinel:

    Quote: “Kronk may be questioned about his calls to 911 in which he reported a suspicious bag in the woods near Suburban Drive in east Orange County, not far from where Anthony and Caylee lived with Anthony’s parents, the judge ruled.” End of Quote

    Defense Can’t Accuse Man Who Found Caylee’s Remains Of Killing Her

    This could lead to a very interesting line of questioning by the State.

    Now, I don’t want to start going on about a “daisy chain” and sound like Mr. Padilla. 🙂

    I do want to say that Mr. Kronk is a bit of a hero in my opinion; and I wish him the happiest of birthdays.

    However, let’s suppose for the sake of argument, that he overheard a conversation at a restaurant, or in the men’s room, or while around the corner of a building–when this occurred could be very relevant.

    Or, maybe it didn’t–but, we still have the following:

    We have Mr. Kronk first trying to report this around August 11, 2008. We have tropical storm “Faye” rolling in shortly thereafter. We have Mr. Hoover suggesting that Texas EquuSearch look in this area on November 8, 2008. (I do have a link to support this–I’ll add it later.) Next, around November 14 & 15, 2008–we have Dominic Casey, Jim Hoover, and the psycic in the area. (With how many phones?)

    Then, finally, we have Mr. Kronk (walking in the grace of God), making the discovery and phoning Law Enforcement on December 11, 2008.

    On second thought, maybe the Defense will be very careful not to go near this topic while they are cross-examining Mr. Kronk.

    I thought this was all very timely, considering the topic of your post–Ripley’s Believe It, Or Maybe Not.

  27. Dominic Casey has various storys why he was searching that area…Story one he was attending a meet an greet at Hopespring an decided to checkout Caseys old teenage hangout mentioned by Kio Marie…Problem is the area Kio Marie talks of as there hangout was on highground behind the school,,,Dom searched lowground in front of the school..Then Dom mentions he was directed by a phycic to search the location…I dont belive either version…..He was following directions from someone though with information thar originated from Casey I M O…He did not find what he was looking for though…

  28. Here is a video of Bill Sheaffer being interviewed by Kathi Belich about Ginny Lucas and Dominic Casey. If Dominic had a throw away cell phone, what was he trying to hide. Towards the very end of the video, Kathi tells how Ginny scammed a woman out of $5000.

    Bill Sheaffer and Kathi Discussing Dominic and Ginny

  29. Kathi Belich interviewed a woman via telephone who was scammed by Ginette Lucas. This woman feels that Ginette would have lied and said she was on the other end of the phone with Dominic Casey just for the publicity. It is an interesting listen.

    Kathi Belich and Mary Thweatt-WFTV

  30. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: Thanks very much for the links. I hadn’t seen either one, so I really appreciated them. One thing I wanted to mention (but I’m guessing that you already know this)–law enforcement actually subpoenaed the psychic’s records, and they do show a call to Dominic Casey on the right date, at about the right time. IMO, this only shows they were very aware of the consequences of what they were doing. But my question is–how many other phones did he have? It was stated that he received more than one call during his search (and maybe made calls); he could have had a couple of those “bat” phones that the Anthony’s are somewhat famous for having. 😆 Who knows? Hopefully law enforcement!

    Below is my promised link for the Tim Miller article:,2933,479750,00.html
    Quote: “VAN SUSTEREN: Did you receive a tip on November 8th, your organization, that was the least bit instructive in this investigation?”
    All sentences are quoted from Tim: “MILLER: I’m going to answer the question that is yes. (snipped)
    It was not to there by Jim Hoover. I can say this, it was close to there. (snipped)
    And you know, I’m working very, very close with law enforcement on this. And law enforcement does have that written report from that lead that we got from Jim Hoover.” (snipped and end of quote)

    So, we can be sure law enforcement was working on this, at that time.

  31. Ecossie, I am trying to put myself in the mindset of Dominic Casey. If I had a tip from a family member that Caylee’s body was out in the woods at Suburban, I would have to do some juggling things around as to how I would proceed. If the tip came from Casey via Jose Baez, I would have to do things under wraps and cover all my bases. When you picture those woods out Suburban and most of us watched the videos that Dave made, that would be considered a big area. All the vegetation would make locating the body not an easy feat, unless there was some specific markers placed near the body on purpose.

    Cindy did tell LE that she had someone do a walk through out in those woods. Like Casey, you cannot believe half the things Cindy says. I think Ginette Lucas was instructed to call Dominic at a specific time that day and to make sure records of that phone call would be available, if necessary later.

    As per James Hoover’s testimony, Dominic met James at his office and said that Caylee was deceased and he knew where the body was. James offered to accompany him and, from what I have seen of Dom, he strikes me as being timid when it comes to dead bodies and snakes. Dom said he talked to his daughter that day and also to a Ginette Lucas, the psychic. Now, this is JMO but I do not believe that, whoever was giving instructions to Dom, where the body should be located, was not Lucas. I honestly believe it was a family member or Baez and Dom was using a Bat phone. Dom just did not follow the instructions very well or the one giving them to him was just making an uneducated guess from what Casey told them. It even may have been Cindy or Lee on the phone trying to give Dom directions but I do not believe for a second, it was Ginny Lucas.

    Now, if Dominic did discover the remains and left them, as per Baez’ instructions, this would be a reason to go to that old abandoned house on Brakenwood and have Hoover film while he was digging around. He knew darn well that the video would surface and it would throw LE off the trail of finding the remains. Once the video surfaced, searchers would concentrate their efforts on or near that old house instead of back at Suburban.

  32. pam2u4u says:

    Mainstreamfair and Nan11 thank you very much for looking for Cindy’s emails, I read the transcript of the Krause LE interview and JVM, thanks for the links, see you soon.

  33. nan11 says:

    Hi Jonathan: That is such a sobering video. Every single time I watch it, I get goose bumps and start shivering.

    Think about Dominic Casey and Jim Hoover–in there in November of 2008, with their video cameras and their cell phones. And their plans to do what?

    Did they know how close they were to all that was left of beautiful Caylee? How could they have walked away and left her there?

  34. Nan11, I don’t know if we will ever know if Dominic Casey found those remains. I understood that he went out there with Hoover on two occasions and once by himself.

    If Dominic turned states evidence, we may know the answer. BTW, I rec’d your email with the VERY interesting info. I am going to just hang onto it for now and may plan something later when it will come into good use. Thanks.

  35. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: Your welcome.

    Yes, he went out there at least once by himself–at least once; but possibly more than once.

    I know, I keep going on about this because I can’t get it out of my mind.

    I came across another video tonight on “you tube” (so I know better than to link it)–but, it’s Kathi B. from WFTV with a couple of little statements from Bill Sheaffer. They are talking about the abandoned house and why the PI’s would go there.

    Kathi makes the possible connection to the non-existant nanny–house is owned by a Hernan Gonzalez. (That made me think of one of Dave’s videos, also.) Bill says he feels this was all staged for the Defense.

    If I get time tomorrow, I would like to find the video on the WFTV site because I would like to hear the full interview with Mr. Sheaffer. Plus, I could link it. 😆

    I’ll just end with another little quote from my favorite radio show:
    Quote: “Cobra: this is just verbatim what he told us; and, of course, we have viable proof, too, to this conversation; that Lee travelled to Atlanta, Georgia, where Jessie Grund was working for a private investigative agency. ” End of Quote

    He says they have “viable proof”–so, those in question must have had some kind of plan, but I’m not sure how sold it would be to this part of the equation.

    Oh, well. I think the hearing is at 4:00 tomorrow; so maybe something exciting will happen to get my mind off this.

  36. katfish says:

    Very interesting topic and great videos. I visited Nan’s New Nook and and it looks like Johnathon gave you a nice space and the view is great! Thanks to you both, JLS and Nan11 for all of your efforts 🙂
    Weren’t parts of Dominic Casey’s interview deemed to be “protected work product” from the time he was on payroll for the defense? If memory serves me right that is why parts are sealed. Not to say that things can’t be sealed for more than one reason…
    I’m not even sure DC has ever done a deposition yet??? I remember his attorney, Diana Tennis(sp), was in the courtroom when Judge Perry told both parties if they had problems getting anyone to comply just let him know.
    I haven’t read all of the comments closely, you may have the answers to my questions there already. LOL

  37. nan11 says:

    Jonathan & Katfish: Well, I had to give in to myself and go back and re-read Dominic Casey’s interview (for about the 4th time).

    If the implications weren’t so serious, this would have to be considered funny. I can “absolutely” understand how he and Mrs. Anthony could become “friends”. Let’s just say they share the same curious habit of “double speak”. 😆

    At the end of this interview, he raises his right hand and swears that he is telling the truth. (Just like someone else we know.) Now, bear in mind (I’m borrowing that phrase from Judge Perry), that on the top of page 65, Sgt. Allen comes right out and tells him that they are only asking questions to which they know the answers.

    At about page 70 they (Sergeant Allen and Nick Savage, FBI) begin pressuring him with regards to what his intentions were if he had found the baby’s remains—near the end of page 74, Mr. Casey says: “No, I’ll tell you right out. I’ll tell you right out.” And they go off the record. Now, if my thoughts are in order, this is the part that is sealed—possibly as work product. It is also my understanding that this could be the possible reason for Judge Strickland to have filed the bar complaint regarding Mr. Baez. Ok, alright. (sigh)

    Also, the rest of this interview is very interesting. Law enforcement continues with questions concerning a point in time when a search warrant was executed at the Anthony home. Dominic tries to explain why George was upset with this. It seems George feels that law enforcement’s need to gather evidence from the possible crime scene of a murdered toddler, is an invasion of his privacy. On page 77, Sgt. Allen says: “What, what the, I’m sorry, I may have missed you. What was the invasion of privacy?” I thought this was a very classy statement. Next, Sgt. Allen gives a little more—he quotes a statement in which Mr. Anthony said: “Take your F*#@*%g flunkies and get out of here.” Sgt. Allen would like to know if anyone in particular was being referred to, or if George was referring to “all of us”? (Phrase in quotations is an actual quote from John Allen.)

    This is a very well conducted interview, and well worth a read, if anyone hasn’t, yet. I’ll add a link:

    (PS–an FYI–in my comment above the comment from Katfish, the last line in the second last paragraph–should read “solid”, not sold. Sorry. 😳 )

  38. nan11 says:

    Hi Jonathan: Here are the links to the motions to be discussed at the hearing this afternoon. Defense is requesting more funding for both the trial and the penalty phase, if necessary. There is some talk about this being a “telephonic” hearing–but I don’t know for sure.

    Third Motion for Additional Hours

    Motion for Approval of Investigative Hours for Penalty Phase

  39. nan11 says:

    Third Motion for Additional Hours of Investigation

    Sorry, here is the working link for the first motion. 😳

  40. nan11 says:


    Casey Anthony team wants $12K for investigative costs

    This is just a brief article on the motions to be discussed at the hearing today. I won’t post it in the news nook 😆 until later; because, they will update it several times today. (If that makes any sense.)

  41. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: Me again. Now I really am confused. Here is a link from WFTV where they are saying the hearing is Friday and it will be telephonic.

    I’ll check around a bit. BBL

  42. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: This is from yesterday on Wesh. It contains a good breakdown of what the money should be appropriated for; and, an hourly rate. The only problem is–it says the next hearing is on Feb. 4/11. “lol”

    (I’ll also post this one in the news nook thread, for reference.)


  43. Lucy says:

    In this link for the hearing today it says that Wesh will provide live coverage of the hearing today.

  44. nan11 says:


    Thanks so much.

  45. Lucy says:

    Casey Defense Gives Evidence Flash Drive To State
    Items Include News Reports, Photos

  46. nan11 says:

    Did anyone check out the evidence list on the link from Lucy? There is quite a few video’s from WFTV and one from WKMG. I’m thinking this is odd because I just read where they haven’t investigated any of the States discovery for months and months. Maybe not, though.

    I guess it would depend on what their strategy is–I hope they have one.

  47. nan11 says:

    From chat room at WESH
    Quote: “No video or audio today until later. This hearing room in the courthouse does not have that capability
    by Gabe Travers/ at 4:49 PM”

  48. nan11 says:

    Gab Travers says he is going to keep us to date by posting. Here is the link if anyone is interested.

  49. Lucy says:

    Wesh is now saying that due to the room the hearing is in that there will not be a live feed.

  50. nan11 says:

    Waiting for this to get underway.
    by Gabe Travers/ at 5:02 PM

  51. Hi Nan11, I see you have been busy. I got a chance to watch the feed from Gabe. I had a feeling that Judge Perry had little choice but to grant that motion for the money. He knew he was up against a brick wall. The state of Florida may go bankrupt before this case is over. I wonder who the defense is investigating now.

    I had a busy day in the real so have some catching up to do later on. Thanks for all your help. I found the chat was going so fast, so many just making stupid comments.

  52. nan11 says:

    Thanks, Jonathan. After I saw how many comments there were, I got a little uneasy thinking maybe you wouldn’t appreciate my efforts. 😆

    Yes, it was fast in there. I didn’t sign in, I just kept grabbing his comments and posting them here.

    It does make one wonder what or who they might focus on next. I think the Judge keeps granting their request for more funding because he wants them to have as little a chance at appeal as possible. Does that make any sense?

    Have you ever read (or watched any thing on You Tube) on the Nelson Serrano case. I was shocked to learn that Mr. Mason didn’t even put on a defense.

  53. Nan11, I don’t mind you putting all Gabe’s comments in. I was lucky that they came into my mailbox in one big bundle instead of individually. I get to read the comment in my mailbox and can approve the newbies from right there.

    If Casey gets sentenced to death, there is an automatic appeal. We just don’t want to see a retrial or a mistrial. Judge Perry is doing things the right way but I bet he growls under his breath when he leaves the courtroom.

    I don’t know anything about the Nelson Seranno case. I mainly following crimes involving children. Maybe when the trial is over, I will look at some of these other cases. I would prefer they be in the state of Florida because the Sunshine law has us spoiled.

  54. Casey Defense Motions Granted At Taxpayer Cost

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Judge Belvin Perry granted two defense motions in the case against Casey Anthony on Monday that could cost taxpayers up to $17,000.

    One of the motions set a $5,000 cap on investigative hours for a possible penalty phase in the trial.

    Perry said he believed the request was reasonable.

    Read more and view short video clip-WESH

  55. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: Apparently, the JAC can even do an audit after the trial is over and demand any money that was not appropriately spent be returned. So, I guess the Defense will need to keep their records in good order.

    Yes, I admire the sunshine law. I’d settle for even half of it–heck, I’d be happy if we could get In Session again.

    I just came across a link to a 48 Hours Special on You Tube to the Serrano Trial–so I watched it. I was totally surprised. The State called approximately 60 witnesses and the Defense called “0” witnesses. Zero, zilch, nada. I was wondering if they would try something like that with the Anthony case.

    Also, and this is just my own opinion, I think the State in the Anthony case has a much better chance at getting a conviction. Nelson Serrano was found guilty and sentenced to death. It is under appeal now, or going to appeal. (Don’t quote me 😆 )
    I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, however, it’s better to wait and see.

  56. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: I forgot to ask–was that you that sent me that message (twice), telling me I was posting too fast? Sorry about that–I’m not sure what was causing it.

    For a while, everything was just running slow–I don’t know if it was my computer, or if it was because there was so many people on WESH.

    I just remembered, they’re actually telling us to try to conserve our power because it’s so cold out. Do you suppose it was some kind of problem like that causing everything to be slow? I really hope not–surely the powers that be can find a way to keep us in electricity? It’s not like we don’t pay for it.

  57. Nan11, the only thing I mentioned was the chat at WESH was going so fast. I never said anything about you posting too fast. I did mention that the commenters at WESH were just posting stupid things. Where did you get the message, in a comment or an email?

    BTW, I deleted the Quotes from Gabe as we found out Judge Perry’s Decision and they were no longer needed.

  58. If anyone is sentenced to death, it automatically goes to an appeal.

    I would love to see Jose Baez have to prove where all Casey’s money was spent before she was declared indigent. That is one pile of moola and the defense didn’t have much to show for it. I think Baez padded his own pockets really well for the check/fraud trial. Oh, I wish that I could be the one to audit his books. LOL

  59. I am putting a link in to a post that Andrea wrote. It is worth a read and sort of fitting for Ripley’s Believe it or Maybe Not.. this is about a motion Linda Drane Burdick just filed.

    There are just no words by Andrea

  60. The following comment was sent to me today along with a picture of a child’s skull. The comment is an interesting theory so I felt like sharing it with you. It goes to show we have some great minds out there really pondering what may have happened that led to Caylee’s demise. Thank you to the sender!

    Now, the following is just my own theory and I have never seen anyone else suggest it (and I have read a lot of “theories” regarding this case). So, I always wonder if this baby was outside playing in the backyard, say on the afternoon of the 16th. I think it only started raining that day around 4:00pm. Maybe she had a little pair of sandal’s on, tripped on one of those pavers in the backyard. She could have fallen face forward, striking her mouth, and damaging her teeth. Perhaps knocking some right out and loosening others.

    What comes next is almost too grizzly to imagine–so you may stop here! Continue at your own risk, ok?
    I think she could not stop her from crying and didn’t want to take her to the hospital because she had a hot date that evening. Thus, she went into the garage, got the duct tape, and placed it tightly over her baby’s mouth, nose, and then eyes. I pray she used a bit of chloroform first. The first group of phone calls around four that afternoon might have been prior to her doing this and maybe she was seeking assistance. When her calls went unanswered, she found her own solution. The next group of calls around six (I’m just going from memory, here), could have been to tell her parents–don’t worry, you’re services are no longer required. I’m off to bond with my daughter. But at that time, her daughter was decomposing in the back of her trunk, double bagged and inserted into a canvas laundry tote.

  61. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: Sorry I mentioned about receiving that message. I was joking, but I see that I didn’t express myself very well.

    I believe it came right from the “server”–possibly “Word Press” or “WESH”? When I hit “post” a bank page would appear telling me I needed to slow down. I heeded it’s warning and everything was fine. 😆

  62. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: If you don’t mind, I’ll jump in and add to that theory you posted. 😆

    A bit of background–sometime around eight that moring (if my memory is serving me correctly), there was a call from the Anthony home phone to Casey’s cell phone–it went unanswered. Casey had talked with Tony until about 3 am the previous evening (the 15th)–so, could this strange call have been her father’s way of saying get up and watch your daughter?

    Casey was very busy on the computer that morning–Caylee, if still alive–must have been left to play by herself, with George possibly keeping an eye on her. Now, not long after George leaves for work, he calls Casey. This is very unusual, he rarely called her. She takes his call but they just speak briefly. Do you suppose he could have been saying something like: “Caylee was out in the back yard playing when I left. Go check on her.” His concern here could have stemmed from the fact that he knew all morning Casey had hardly taken time to glace at her daughter. (I remember in one of the old videos, he says Caylee could open the back door by herself.)

    Ok–the rest of the above mentioned theory can fit right in here. (It’s rather gruesome, so I won’t repeat it. 😥 )

    However, it does make use of those much mentioned “pavers” that the A’s “replaced” around July 3rd, 2008. Maybe they were stained with a little blood from her fall, maybe Casey, herself, used the shovel to pry the stained ones up which she then placed in her trunk to dump with her daughter. (In the Dominic Casey video–he is definitely looking for pavers.)

    Or, maybe before she did the deed, she had already taken Caylee’s bloodied clothes off but, whoops, she forgot to bag them. Not wanting to open the bag, maybe she burried the clothes in the backyard. The soil is nice and sandy and this wouln’t have required a deep whole; but, (I think) would cause the cadaver dogs to “hit”. (Remember her statement to Tracy M. saying that: “they haven’t even found her clothes yet?”) Maybe the clothes found with Caylee were added later? (No, I don’t mean in November–but whoever did this had a whole month to add and/or remove things.)

    Other than accidentally meeting her father on the 24th of June, 2008, she never again meets face to face with them until July 15, 2008. (I do believe she met with Lee on July 3/08.) She does, however, continue to go to their home, in the afternoon of almost every day. She never stays long–she mostly seems concerned with searching for any “plastic” charge cards, even calling from the home to make sure they are still valid. She helps herself to food, whatever else she can find to make her life more pleasant.

    There is something, however, that really bothers me and I do believe it will be addressed at trial because this came out clearly in the discovery. The pink t-shirt found at the remains site with the saying: “Big Trouble Comes In Small Packages”.

    Those words from that little t-shirt were separated in two piles. One pile contained the words: “Big Trouble Comes Small”. The second pile contained the words: “In Packages” . This could not be accidental. For one thing, they had to have been hand cut by a human. The second thing–fate or four legged animals could not have arranged these letters in that order.

    Many of us have seen the photobucket account of a certain person–we know that person was very into “clever” sayings. 👿 Just sayin’, folks, she had enough time to do this.

    Whether or not her and Cindy fought the night before–most likely, but I think they fought on a regular basis. Why would Lee tell Jessie about this terrible fight? I think we can all see now what motive the “A’s” had in mind when it came to this young man.

    Princess Casey was most likely pouting the next day–showing her displeasure by ignoring her daughter.

    Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Sorry to have gone on so long.

  63. Karen C. says:

    Nan11- LOVE it! Very good theories here. I do think the ground was likely too hard for her to work with, though. I think she may have tentatively started and then gave up quickly. She couldn’t take the shovel back right away though (she had to make a show of getting rid of “roots”!), and used the time to work out her next moves.

  64. Karen C. says:

    JLS- Just read that (above)! You know, that really puts it into perspective, don’t it now? A thumb-drive, going into evidence. I can’t help but wonder if eventually Dave’s videos might make it in, maybe as rebuttal by the State. I can see that as evidence way more than a Psychic News Show! Poor Judge Perry, what he has to deal with, from Jose.

  65. nan11 says:

    Karen C.–Yes, the purpose of that shovel always makes me ponder. She told her mother, and I think this was witnessed by Tracy M.–that she used the shovel to “fish” the ladder out of the pool. Sometimes, I wonder if she wasn’t tell the truth? (Do you suppose that’s even possible. 😆 ) For example: suppose she was looking around to make sure everything was cleaned up, and she discovered a bit of blood spatter on the ladder. Perhaps she did slip it into the pool to clean it up in a hurry, and then had to go get a shovel to retrieve it. I’m not sure about this any more, but I think she only borrowed it for about 45 minutes? I remember Mr. Burner saying it was dry and clean when she returned it–so, I suppose she just set it out in the sun to dry for a bit.

    However, this doesn’t really make sense; because, what was the ladder doing down in the first place? Mrs. Anthony was sure she had removed it from the side of the pool on the 15th of June, 2008–when her and Caylee had finished their swim. I do somewhat believe this.

    One this is for sure, the shovel is coming in at trial–so we will get to hear the States theory on this. 🙂

  66. Lucy says:

    Casey Defense Wants More Time For Expert Reports
    Defense Says One Expert’s Report Is ‘Moot’

  67. Nan11, you are cracking me up and I can’t stop laughing. I don’t know whether I laugh at all those little smileys or how you go about describing different scenarios.
    That little smiley blushing when you said ladder instead of shovel…ha ha ha I fixed it by the way but could hardly see from laughing so hard. I love your comments.

    I don’t think it would be an easy task to try and get a dead body or a ladder out of a swimming pool with a shovel. That crazy Leonard Padilla was hell bent that Caylee fell in the pool and Casey scooped her out with the shovel. Caylee disappeared on June 15/16th and Casey borrowed the shovel on June 17/18th. I do not recall Casey ever telling Tracy McLaughlin that she scooped out the ladder with the shovel. I may have missed that. Casey may have used the shovel to pry up a paver.

    I do not believe the ladder was ever taken away from the pool as per Cindy and George. I also do not think George saw Casey and Caylee leave at 1:50pm on June 16th and remembered exactly what they were wearing and the exact time of day, a month later. No way!

    The phone call that was made to Casey’s cell at around 8am, and went unanswered, may have been made by Cindy or George to see if Casey was in the bedroom. Possibly they did not want to open the door an wake Caylee. JMO

  68. nan11 says:

    Thank you for fixing that for me, Jonathan.

    Honestly, it’s been quite a while since I read Tracy’s interview–so you might have caught me there. 😉 Someday soon, I’m going to go back and take another look at that.

    I’m in total agreement that George’s statements about the events of June 15th, 2008 are inaccurate.

    You don’t remember Cindy saying that once Caylee got old enough to climb the ladder herself, they always made sure it was promptly removed and placed in the shed as soon as they vacated the pool? Apparently, sometime around June 17, 2008; Cindy called George and asked him why he had left the ladder out and he didn’t know what she was talking about. I think this is where the original idea came from that Caylee had drowned. This was a long time ago, though. A lot of what I wrote today, I didn’t fact check. 😯

  69. Lucy, thanks for posting that link. Dr Lee is now gone bye bye along with his 17 hairs and some cheese and soder cleaner. The defense is getting weaker as each day passes. Even Dr Lee doesn’t want to jeopardize his, already iffy reputation, by being on a losing team.

    Here is an excerpt from the link that Lucy posted…..

    Defense attorney Jose Baez also asked the court for an additional 45 days to comply with a court order for reports from two defense experts, Dr. Bill Rodriguez and Dr. Kathy Reichs.

    Baez was fined by Judge Belvin Perry for not providing the reports in a timely manner. Perry said that any information that was not in the reports could not be presented at the trial.

    Baez said that Rodriguez has not yet had time to review all of the relevant materials. Rodriguez specializes in taphonomy, or the study of decaying organisms.

  70. Nan11, I stand corrected… I meant to say that the ladder was left at the pool and not put away. Yes, I do remember George saying that Cindy called him about it. He also said something about the gate being left open. I tend not to take what they say as gospel because Geo and Cindy seemed to be doing damage control.

    You have mail.

  71. Here is some info that you may find informative~~

    Sunday, 6/15/08
    @ ~9:12AM Cindy and Caylee left for Mt. Dora (see Conway toll 9:27AM – 15 mins to toll from G&C’s per Google Maps)
    Per E-Pass records here
    @ ~9AM Casey left G&C’s and arrived @ Tony’s ~9:15AM.
    @ ~2:48PM Cindy & Caylee returned home to Hopespring. Per E-Pass records (and consistent w/ statements) (see matching Conway toll @ 2:33PM + 15 mins to toll from G&C’s per Google Maps).
    @ 3:35PM Cindy called Casey’s cell from the Hopespring home phone. Casey let this call roll to vmail, and Cindy left a 36 second vmail.
    @ 3:45PM Kyle called Casey’s cell phone and Casey let this one roll to vmail also. At no time during this period did Casey interact w/ her phone.
    @ 5:06PM, w/o checking vmail, Casey called G&C’s Hopespring home phone from her cell phone @ Tony’s apt. for a 3 minute conversation, or left a 3minute answering machine message.
    …2 hours passed, w/ no activity on Casey’s cell…
    @ 7:06PM Casey began a text dialogue w/ Tony while she was still near his apartment. The pings from this conversation indicate Casey left Tony’s ~7:06PM.
    @ 7:10PM Casey already enroute & unprompted, called G&C’s Hopespring home phone for a 1 minute conversation or answering machine message.
    @ 7:36PM Casey arrived @ G&C’s Hopespring home.
    …between 7:06PM and 9:26PM Casey was engaged in a continuous texting conversation w/ Tony (and a little w/ Amy). The single greatest lapse between their texts was 11minutes @ 8:56 w/ most of them in the 2 minute range.
    @ 9:26PM a period of cell inactivity lasting 39 minutes began (Inactivity Period I) . (IMHO, this seems to be a good candidate for “the fight”)
    @ 10:06PM Casey ended the cell inactivity when she received a text from Tony by placing a call to Tony and talking w/ him for 10minutes (IMHO, this also would seem to be indicative of the fight having just taken place)
    @ 10:25PM the heavy texting between Casey and Tony resumed for the balance of the night…with a 40minute break @ 11PM. “(Inactivity Period II)
    @ 11:44PM Casey called Tony for an 80-minute marathon phone call.

  72. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: Thank you for that. It’s a great time for a review, with the trial coming up in May. (Well, that is if Mr. Baez doesn’t manage to get it delayed.)

    Quote #1 from above: “@ 7:36PM Casey arrived @ G&C’s Hopespring home.
    …between 7:06PM and 9:26PM Casey was engaged in a continuous texting conversation w/ Tony (and a little w/ Amy). The single greatest lapse between their texts was 11minutes @ 8:56 w/ most of them in the 2 minute range.” End of Quote

    Now, according to one of Cindy’s interviews–when Casey arrived home, Cindy and Caylee were in the swimming pool. It is turning cool, so Casey does not join them. (Ha, Casey was too busy texting to get in the pool, moo) Cindy and Caylee end their eveing swim, and Cindy states she is sure she removed the pool ladder.

    So, by now, it would be about 8:00 pm. Casey is texting; thus leaving Cindy to get Caylee ready for bed, wouldn’t that make sense? Cindy says Caylee always slept with Casey. This little fact always bugs me–wasn’t Caylee old enough to be sleeping in her own bed, in her own room? But, maybe that’s a personal thing. 😆

    Quote #2 from above: “@ 9:26PM a period of cell inactivity lasting 39 minutes began (Inactivity Period I) . (IMHO, this seems to be a good candidate for “the fight”)” End of Quote

    I agree–this would give them plenty of time for a knock ’em down, drag ’em out fight. Assuming Caylee is sleeping by now, Cindy and Casey are alone. Cindy has had a somewhat exhausting day–keeping up with a 34 month old, dealing with aging parents, suffering from menapause (that’s all I will say on that 😉 ), possibly wondering where her husband is. But, it was one of many, imho. (Cindy herself, apparently, talks about this fight with Mark Fuhrman; but, I don’t believe I have seen this video. If I ever come across it, I will link it for you.)

    The only other things I would like to add to the remainder of the evening is that George apparently arrived home around 11:00pm. (I’ll check more into this, but I think he was working?) Also, I’ve seen it mentioned (and supported with links) that Cindy, herself, “may” have left that evening, possibly to calm down after the big blow-up. So, if that is true–that leaves short periods of time where Casey was: 1) alone with Caylee, 2) was not texting, and 3) would have been in a “spiteful” rage. (Albiet, well masked from her texting partners.) 👿 (I digress, but I believe Caylee made it through the night.)

    Here is a few things I will add from “Hinky Meter” timeline (which is excellent-btw. Here is link if that is ok with you:

    The remaining is for the midnight hours between June 15/08 and June 16/08–and, in all probability, and in my opinion only, Caylee was still with us.

    From midnight to 1:00 am, there was high user activity on the desktop in the Anthony home. It is thought this was George, as he is now home, and Casey is doing the cell phone marathon with Tony. At 3:08 am, Tony calls Casey for a 14 minute conversation–I believe he stated that he actually fell asleep during this call. (The two of them have been pretty much talking and texting since she left his apartment around 7:00 on the 15th. IIRC, the texts of these calls have not been released, but I could be mistaken. 🙂 )

    Next, we have high user activity on the desktop beginning at 7:00am. I seem to remember that Cindy has already left for work. Call comes into Casey’s cell at 7:45am from the Anthony home and leaves a voicemail. Casey gets the voicemail. Now, I will have to check the “computer forensics” 😆 to see if it is plausible that it was Casey, herself, on the computer. Because, if so, that would indicate that she is up (after about 4 hours of sleep). So, where was Caylee? Suppose she was up doing things that one does when one is 34 months old, and her mother was in the computer room with the door closed–couldn’t one conclude that George could have texted Casey to say “come out, come out; where ever you are?”

    Now, I’ve got this long and rambling post to submit (yet again). Sorry for that, it seems to take so long to explain my thoughts. If you have stayed with me all this time, thank you. 😎

  73. nan11 says:

    Baez Talks Defense Strategy With News 13

    Jonathan: Perhaps you have already seen this, but it is an old article (by Adam Longo–I’m ducking 🙂 ) about a case Mr. Baez defended successfully in 2009. (Just food for thought, I guess.)

    Maybe this is why he hasn’t quite caught up with the State’s discovery in the Anthony case? (I’m just grasping for straws, here.)

  74. Lucy says:

    More Casey Evidence Expected Friday
    Latest Release Includes Interviews Regarding Anthony’s Jailhouse Letters

  75. nan11 says:

    Jonathan: I’ve been reading some of the discussion concerning Mr. Baez’s motion to obtain more time to file the reports from his experts.

    Apparently, early in a murder trial, the Defense will contact several experts and place them under a contract. They examine the evidence and discuss their findings with the Defense. At this point, the Defense does not want them to write reports; because, if their opinions do not agree with how they intend to defend the case–they will not use them. Having them under contract ensures that they cannot discuss their findings in the media, etc. (If they put their reports in writting at this point, it may possible become part of discovery.)

    However, you are supposed to select the ones that do agree with your defense, have them write reports, and make sure they understand that you will call them to testify at trial, and request them to be prepared to be deposed by the State.

    Also, the Defense in most criminal cases will usually keep their “expert” witness list private until they have to disclose it. This really matters because the State is watching and any known experts that they see leave the Defense team they conclude that the expert in question does not agree with the Defense theory.

    And the “expert” list is not like the regular witness list. If their name appears on that list, they should have been advised by the Defense that they will be called to testify. The State has a right to depose all named on the “expert” list.

    It doesn’t look like Mr. Baez followed this procedure. His experts are all deserting him–as if they never agreed to testify. Strange, isn’t it?

  76. Nan11, your comments are great and explain in detail how the experts are chosen by the defense and how they end up on the witness list. It seems that the defense’s expert are getting quite scant. I wonder which experts they plan to use and what they will try to prove. We have a child who did not die of natural causes so how can they prove otherwise? I think they should put all their concentration on the penalty phase of this case. Casey was and is her own worst enemy except I am beginning to wonder if I should add Baez to her list.

  77. Lucy, thanks for the link and info. I don’t know if I can handle reading any more of Casey’s jailhouse letters. I had company this evening so I am late getting caught up. I also am trying to figure out what the buzz is all about that is circulating the internet.

  78. Lucy says:

    MSF, this is what Wesh is saying is going to be released in the evidence. Not sure it is letters that are going to be released, but instead it is having to do with the people involved with investigating her secret notes and letters. Also has to do with TES. Below is a snippet from the Wesh article. It should hopefully be more interesting to read than the leters.

    The discs contain interviews with those who were involved in the investigation into Anthony’s secret notes and letters to inmate Robyn Adams at the Orange County Jail. Other material concerns Texas EquuSearch.

  79. Whats Buzzin Johnithan……..?

  80. Ecossie, I read a few things and don’t know what to make of it all. I am certainly not going to dirty up my blog with discussing that nonsense. From what I read, it sounds like a no win situation anyway.

  81. No Clues then? Unless your talking about the football team I support..No win situation..Sounds like them….

  82. Oh Ive been looking over the Orlando Sentinel site….I think I know what your refering to…An email….That may be the letter that Dave said was brought to his attention…Yup you certainly dont need that drama over here ..More finger pointing an name calling YAWN………….

  83. Lucy says:

    Jonathan, are you going to be posting the links to the documents being released tomorrow instead of a bunch of us putting the links here?

  84. LCoastMom says:

    Great write ups! Sorry to be a day late and a dollar short (as always) but in reference to your “Ripley’s” piece. On 12/11/08 during the local, live coverage of suspected human remains recovered on Suburban Drive; a young boy (appeared to be 12 or 13 yrs old), a female reporter and a cameraman – came out of a backyard (through a gate) that opened to the lot where Caylee was found. The house was further up the street than the recovery spot; as they approached “the area”, the boy was pointing out and explaining most of the lot was still underwater, as of Thanksgiving weekend. Once they were seen by LE, they were removed from the lot and live stream was cut. I’ve never seen the clip again, so I’m assuming it was confiscated by LE.

    Point being, it appeared that the site would have still been “mostly” underwater, in early November, when Dom Casey made his foolish attempts to please Cindy and/or Jose.

  85. LCoastMom, welcome to my blog! I know exactly what you are talking about. The young boys seemed to be around 13-15 yrs old and they were describing things for the interviewer while it was being filmed. Once that area was declared a crime scene, LE would have confiscated that news clip.

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