Just Out of Curiosity

Just out of curiosity, when did you start to follow the Anthony case?
Where did you first learn about it, Nancy Grace, Internet, Other?
Do you look for updates about the case on a daily basis?
What was it about this case that took your attention?
Do you have certain blogs that you visit every day for updates? PLEASE DO NOT NAME THE BLOGS.
Do you feel that both the prosecution and the defense read the blogs about the Anthony case?

I would love to hear your answers. Feel free to throw in a question or two of your own. You are welcome to discuss anything pert to this case.

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18 Responses to Just Out of Curiosity

  1. Linda says:

    You got it -those 31 days are what did it for me. Then when she made her very first court appearence (wearing the infamous short sleeved blue hooded sweatshirt that she bought with Amy’s money) and she entered the courtroom with a smile on her face, I said to myself this girl has got to be a complete lunatic.

    I started following the case from that day on. I have truly become hooked. My heart just aches for that beautiful little child. But actually, after 2 years of following this case and watching the entire Anthony family, as awful as this might sound, and God forgive me, I firmly believe Caylee is in a much better place. This little angel just never had a chance in this life.

    As for the blogs- there are 5 of them that I frequent daily that are very good blogs. It is amazing how this case is going. First you have this highly dysfunctional family and now it seems that the attorney’s for the defense are just as whacked as the Anthony’s. Between the Anthony’s and the defense this has become a real circus.

    I feel the prosecution has a pretty rock solid case, and I do believe in the end when its all said and done, there will be justice finally for Caylee. The defense on the other hand well I would say, they spend an awful lot of time surfing and reading these blogs.

    Actually, so much time that they can’t seem to focus on the trial that’s just around the corner from now. They are far to busy acting like an Anthony with all these ridiculous motions and trying to throw innocent people under the bus that they’ve lost sight of what they should really be doing. With these bafoons defending her we all know what the outcome will be.

    Guilty, guilty, guilty……………………………………….

  2. Hello Linda, and thank you for your great comments. Yes, that blue hoodie with the number 82 and the smug look of defiance on Casey’s face. Casey didn’t mind living on the edge, stealing Amy’s money as if she had a right to it. I understand she emptied Amy’s account on July 15th, writing a check to herself for $200. Amy returned from Porto Rico that very day and Casey goes to the airport and picks Amy up, never batting an eyelash. I understand that Amy has since gone on with her life but she will always be remembered as the ‘friend’ Casey stole from.
    Casey’s defense seems to be coming apart at the seams. I do believe that Andrea Lyon and Linda Kenny Baden made smart moves when they both made their exit. I don’t know if their exposure in the case helped with their book sales.

    Is Dr Henry Lee in or out? He will not settle for oranges.

    BTW, do not apologize for saying that you feel Caylee is in a much better place. Believe me, it has crossed many of our minds. The poor little tyke was a pawn in the Anthony sea of utter confusion.

    Hope you visit again, Linda.

  3. Linda says:

    I think we’ve seen the last of Dr. Lee having any involvment in the case. I guess the payment in oranges was just another lie coming from the defense. God, their pathetic. Dr. Lee wants money to testify.

    Great idea you had here and thank you for the welcome!

  4. Diana says:

    I’ve always had a fascination with true crime stories, and can remember hearing NG one evening saying this mother hadn’t reported her daughter missing for a month, and then , like others ,seeing Casey strutting into court was unbelievable.

    I followed the Pam Smart case that was very simular in the fact that Pam was a habitual liar too, except they wired her friend (who lived by me) in Seabrook N.H. and Pam pretty much sealed her fate by trying to get her to lie when the detectives questioned her. When the tape was played in court, it really was a Perry Mason moment. She got life .

    I think when it comes down to the wire…..and Casey is exposed with no more options, she will take the stand and try to outsmart the prosecuters.

  5. Hilde says:

    Nancy Grace was one of my favorite Shows when it came to criminal Justice. Lately she is falling behind when it comes to my Expectation of her.
    I started to follow the Anthony Case from Day one when the infamous
    911 Call from Cindy Anthony was played on the Nancy Grace Show.
    It amazed me that it wasn’t Casey Anthony making the Call reporting
    her own Daughter missing it was Caylee’s Grandmother! Also it took 31 Days to report Caylee missing. Unbelievable!
    Then came all the Lies and Excuses from Casey Anthony and no Help on her Behalf to help Law Enforcement to help her missing Daughter, instead she was misleading LE every Chance she had in their Investigation. I followed that Case on a daily Basis and more and more Evidence started to come in pointing straight to Casey A. as the Person involved in her own Daughters Disappearance. I am still following this Case and will till the End and Justice is finally served for the Victim Caylee Marie Anthony.
    I am convinced Casey Anthony is the One who is responsible for the Murder of
    her own Daughter!
    All we have to do is wait till the Trial starts and the Voice of Caylee will be heard loud and clear through the Prosecution and their Evidence they collected.
    I realize the Defense will do all the can to defend their Client, that is after all their Job.
    Do they do a good Job, that is debatable, myself I thing they are on a fishing Expedition. If there is any Justice at all the Truth will prevail in the End! JMO

  6. Hello Diana and Welcome. I think this Anthony case will be the trial of the century. There are so many players and wouldn’t we all love to know what really happened but like Scott Peterson, it may remain a mystery unless Casey takes a plea towards the end. If that is the case, she will have to tell the presiding judge the truth. Casey has herself convinced the Nannie killed Caylee or someone else did the crime. It seems she cannot distinguish fantasy from reality. I believe Casey will end up getting LWOP. That fate can be much worse than death.
    Please do come back again and thank you.

  7. Hilde, welcome and thank you for your great comments. I believe most of us heard about this case on the NGrace show. The third 911 call will be etched in all our memories. That call will be introduced and played at the trial. The defense tried to get it thrown out as being an ‘excited utterance’ but the judge denied their request. When the jury hears Cindy’s word, it will definitely make an impact on them. A grandmother having to be the one to finally report the child missing when all the time, the mother should have done that 31 days ago. Casey felt she could murder her child and throw her away like garbage and that would be the end of it. It was almost good riddance so she could go on with her life as if her child never exisited.
    It is too bad that NGrace does not treat her guest panelist with a little more respect. It is definitely a turn off. I have a feeling Nancy’s ratings have taken a considerable drop.

    As far as Casey’s defense goes. The lead attorney has been way too inexperienced from day one. Jose Baez should have taken the advice of Terry Lenamon. He also should have insisted Casey take the plea that was offered back in Dec/08 when the DP was taken off the table. Once the remains were located and the DP put back on in April/09, it was game over. Most of the good attorneys who worked pro bono have since left and the defense is just flailing. Sadly to say, Baez seems to put his own notoriety before the interests of his client. The only one now who may be able to help spare Casey from the lethal injection seems to be Ann Finnell but is it too late?

    I hope you visit again soon, Hilde, and thanks again for your contribution.

  8. pam2u4u says:

    Hello Mainstreamfair, I watched Nancy Grace until things died down and continued watching for updates on tv. Then last year my daughter bought me my first computer, I really didn’t want a computer, didn’t know what I was missing, well when it finally dawned on me that I could get info online and so much of it. Well I had a lot of catching up to do. I watched the jail visitation videos and the interview at Universal studio, OMG I could not believe my ears! So of course I have been reading everything I can find on this case. And the defense knows what is being said, they have someone keeping up on that. Things are going to get crazy when the trial starts, just trying to keep up with it, I hope I will get to watch some of it. Well I have to go the babies are waking up, but I will be back often. I don’t really post much by the time I read something it’s way after the fact usually. I’m glad I found your blog, see you later.

  9. Welcome pam2u4u! It is great to have you join us. If there is any particular information that you may have missed out on, just let me know and I will be glad to try and find it and post it here to save you time. Some of the videos have been deleted. I searched high and low for the original bond hearing, but in vain. It was a great portrayal of Linda Drane Burdick in action as she crossed examined, a defiant, Cindy Anthony.

    Take care of your babies and hurry back soon. We discuss alot of things after the fact and each time, we find something we may have overlooked previously.

  10. Jonathon says:

    This case seemed bazaar right from the beginning. An attractive young woman, a beautiful child missing and then all the lies. It just seemed unfathomable that this could happen in, what appeared to be a normal family. The demonstrators outside the Anthony home acted so barbaric in this day and age. The radicals were emerging from every crevice to yell and scream for a cause that they had no clue what it was even about.

    Of course, the Sunshine Law gave us access to all the nitty gritty details of every little thing such as the jailhouse calls etc etc. It seemed like the beginning of a soap opera and we became curious as to what really happened to Caylee.

    The whole case became so intriguing when so many players became involved, Leonard Padilla and his crew, Cindy and that hammer and, of course the Nannie story. Things started to snowball in every direction and made for some lively discussions, here on the blogs. We all became armchair detectives, in our own way.

    It does not seem fair that children are murdered every day and we never even know their names. There are a few like Haleigh Cummings and Kyron Horman, yet to be solved, and their cases have gone cold but did make the news.

    We have had so many weird characters come out of the woodwork from Joy Wray hanging from trees to James McIntyre who still has Caylee alive living in CA, I believe. George and his alleged mistress.

    From child neglect, check fraud etc and then Murder 1, this case has hit on just about every law in the books. I guess that is why we got hooked and still are.

  11. Sharma (WA) says:

    This is my first time discovering your blog, but I like what I read. You seem to be level-headed about this case. I don’t approve of other blogs saying nasty things about someone’s physical look, and things that had nothing to do with the case. How someone wears their hair or clothes shouldn’t even be something to comment on.
    I started following from the first day on Nancy Grace, as tiring as it got with the everyday “Bombshell!” that was the only program at the time really reporting on it. When other media jumped on the wagon, I quit watching her. I was irritated by having to listen about the twins, and how rudely she interrupts her interviewees after SHE asked them a question. I wanted to slap her via my TV screen. (Same with Cindy & Baez now).
    I will add you to my “Casey Anthony blogs, & look forward to reading more.

  12. Hello Sharma and welcome! I do not permit anyone to call the players in this case, anything other than their proper names. It is very disrespectful and says alot about the writer. No one has the right to make fun of any one’s physical appearance. When Cindy was being deposed by Morgan & Mitnik in the civil trial, Zenaida vs Casey, she had on a green top. I found a lot of people were more interested in the perspiration stains in her armpits.

    Oh, Nancy Grace, I am among the many who had to give up watching her and for the reasons you stated. I am shocked that the producers let NG be so rude to her guest panelists. NG would ask a panelist a question and then cut them off and answer it herself. I love little children but feel NG was exploiting her twins by putting their little faces on the media. I am sure the pedofiles loved every minute of it. I must admit that I did like to watch Nancy in the beginning to get the updates on the Casey Anthony and other cases. I was not too pleased the way she interrogated Melissa Duckett. Actually, I am glad she was charged by Melissa’s family had to pay a hefty fine. Hopefully, she learned a lesson.

    Sharma, I hope you will visit often.

  13. margaret says:

    I first saw Caylee at the table with her book singing “you are my sunshine” and she said “are you tired papa?” I looked at those big eyes and she had me forever. I could not grasp Casey’s attitude,two and a half years later, I still can’t understand her cold, vicious, me me me attitude. I could not hear much about Caylee on t.v., so I searched the blogs . I found two wonderful ones, SnoopySleuth and MarinadeDave. I can now keep up with case in a fair manner. Now I just want Justice for tha baby.

  14. Margaret, welcome to my new blog. I was so busy at my latest post, I missed seeing your comment here. I hope you will jump right in with your thoughts on any of the post topics. The name may have changed but the person remains the same. Hugs from Jonathon Livingston Seagull and Snoop.

  15. Sherry says:

    Okay! I know you but I don’t? LOL!

    Jumping in late because I had no idea until tonight you had a blog. I “see” you at Andrea’s.

    How’d I get caught up in this case? I was channel surfing and ran across NG’s show and before I could surf past her I heard Cindy Anthony say the smell in the car was of rotting pizza and had maggots on it. Then I heard that the mother of Caylee was lying to LE. The child had not been found so I figured I keep on the story until the baby was found, and now I can’t leave this story until Caylee gets her justice.

  16. Hi Sherry, we have shared many hours together here and there. I thought that I sent you an email when I started up this blog explaining the circumstances. I do not discuss it on my blog but you will know who I am referring to. If you notice the map in the sidebar at your right, you will know where this old seagull hails from. *wink

  17. I am putting a link up to Andrea’s latest post. It is worth a read and almost another Ripley’s Believe it or Not… it involves Baez and the defense…

    There are just no words by Andrea

  18. Sherry says:

    Okay, You are one I can safely send a hug to! Hugs. Please feel free to edit if you must. You know I understand quite well why you would have to do that. I didn’t receive an email but then it may be because my email changed. I don’t know why it does that when i do anything with WP, lol. Take care!~

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